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Larry Kudlow
  White House Driveway Stakeouts - Larry Kudlow  CSPAN  March 29, 2020 7:55pm-8:00pm EDT

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confidence. we should just tell the truth as best we know it. as best of the scientists know it. we should let them speak. we should be doing all in our power right now to deal with being able to confine the spread of this disease. we need significantly more testing kits across america. bey should -- we should rushing the supply of those all over the country. it has gotten better. look at what is happening. you have nurses showing up wearing garbage bags over their bodies as protection. we need to get them the help they need right away. and we know there is going to be more need for not just ventilators, but icu units, more need for beds, etc. we should be telling the american people the truth. they are strong, they will get through it, they have never let their country down. never, ever, ever. mr. kudlow: the paramount concern, the president said this again and again, is the health and safety of the people.
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over time, economic security goes with health security. but right now, as we are trying to flatten the curve, the health security comes number one. and i suspect that whatever judgment he announces this coming week, you will hear him say that. that is the way we are looking at it. we would love to open up, want to get business going, but the , $6.2 trillion ain't nothing. i was saying, i looked at the numbers, we are actually going to be giving tax rebates to roughly 175 million people. and then comes a week or two later, the unemployment compensation, which will be whatever is necessary.
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and the small business, the small business assistance is predicated on keeping the payrolls intact. those are for up -- are forgivable loans. that number will come up to 400 billion. we are trying to do both sides. but really, we can't move -- i mean, the assistance package we on. be moving in terms of reopening the economy for economic reasons, we can't move on it until the health and safety criteria are satisfied. >> do you think there needs to be a fourth bell? -- bill? mr. kudlow: the answer is, i don't know. the second answer is i hope not. i will say, we will do whatever it takes. we will do whatever it takes to help people get through this. right now, we are focused on the third bill. >> can you talk about the other companies and ceos the president is consulting with? you mentioned black rock. can you share any of the others?
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mr. kudlow: i would rather not. it is private conversation. there is a whole gaggle of them. there are people i know quite well, people know steven mnuchin well, people the president knows well. we will bring in experts -- they are consulting in terms of the strategies, but we will have to bring a lot of them in. you are sending up a lot of facilities through the treasury and the federal reserve, a lot of facilities and we will need some added expertise. this is totally nonpartisan, has nothing to do with which party you are in. just the best guys in the business to do the banking and the execution. >> and logistics? mr. kudlow: and logistics. it is a very big task. i was asked this question about how to get this done. so i've been around a long time. this is my second task in government. the president is moving the machinery faster than anything
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we have ever seen before. the president, he's a hands on guy, and he is moving the machinery inside the government faster than anything. youn't want to get into know, what the others did before us, whether it is bush or obama or whoever, i'm just saying it is faster than anything we've seen before. i think that is his hands on management. >> thank you. mr. kudlow: good to see you. thank you. appreciate it. announcer: here is some of what is coming up on c-span this evening. q&a is next with author and economic historian amity shlaes, who talks about the history of the governments's responses to economic crises, including the great depression, the 2008 global recession, and the present coronavirus pandemic. after that, prime minister's questions from the british house of commons with british leader borihn