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tv   Washington Journal Bill Press  CSPAN  March 8, 2020 10:14pm-11:01pm EDT

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>> monday, bernie sanders puts out a get out the vote event. online at, or listen live at the free c-span radio app. >> monday night on the communicators, susan estrich about ways to reduce hate speech and extremism online. when they find , so that content others don't copy it, there is much greater cooperation and we had two years ago. but there is still a tremendous amount to be done. >> watch monday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span2.
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we would like to welcome back radio talk show host , let's talk about some breaking news, first from the sanders campaign, reverend jesse jackson endorsing senator sanders. >> this is huge. he has a significant following. prominent african-american. one of the leading african-americans in the country. and a politician who has also ipealed to the working class, think that's very good for bernie sanders going into the -- what do we call this tuesday?
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pretty important sites, particularly the state of michigan. >> does jesse jackson still have a following? is he still relevant today? maybe his peak was when he ran for president in 1988. that magnificent speech at the .emocratic national convention my doctor the state of california, having been there 30 years, being democratic chair of california, the state of delaware happens to be the adopted state of joe biden. maybe theesting, future and past leadership of the african-american community jesse jackson in one direction
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and kamala harris coming up, i think it's very significant that she endorsed joe biden. she did not endorse right away. i think she wanted to see who was able to bring in the new democrats, energize the democratic base, particularly do well in south carolina where she had hoped to do well. i was wondering what you might has -- fact that she it's huge for joe biden. very significant. video in this announcement release this morning from the biden campaign, senator kamala harris. herere in alabama, arrived to commemorate the 55th sunday, of of bloody people walking across the independence bridge with john
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lewis, so many great, great leaders and fighters. just here thinking about all the folks who for generations have thought and died for our civil rights and fought to help our nation achieve its ideals. and you guys know we still have yet to achieve those ideals, but one of the great things about it is we are willing to fight to get there. i just wanted you guys to know because you have been supporting me for so long, and i just wanted you guys to know i have i am with great enthusiasm going to endorsed joe biden for president of the united states. i believe in joe. i believe in joe, and i have known him for a longtime. right the things we need now is a leader who really does care about the people and who can therefore unify the people. i believe joe can do that. i am supporting joe because i believe that he is a man who has
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lived a life of great dignity. he has been a public servant who has always worked for the best of who we are as a nation and we need that right now. there is so much at stake. join me in supporting joe and let's get this done. come join us monday night. i will see you later. >> we will be covering that campaign rally in detroit. why today, why not a few days ago before the california primary? >> i was wondering the sam -- the same thing. a very powerful video. i think sheof it, will be very effective in michigan. you could've been effective in california. i don't know why she waited. i was waiting for her right after south carolina to come out, or somebody, with the california primary. she chose not to.
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, harris is significant. warrenting for elizabeth . i think it is a really important question. she ran a tremendous campaign and made a great impact on that race. at one time it looked like she was going to be the progressive alternative to whoever emerged as a more centrist candidate. the fact that she did not endorse bernie sanders right-of-way is significant. .'m not saying she will not she could still end up endorsing joe biden. you wrote the following, it's looking more and more like biden can motivate democrats to come out, that's why i cast my super tuesday ballot for joe biden.
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abandoning bernie sanders. forink we have to step back a second and give credit to bernie sanders. think in many ways bernie sanders has one his crusade. he has reshaped and reformed the democratic party, which is what which isd out to do, why support him and 2016 because i felt the democratic party needed a kick in the as and they needed a shakeup. the two parties were too much the same and the democratic party has moved away from its base which is real working-class americans. he talking about running? very a matter fact, the first, if you will, kitchen cabinet meeting, campaign strategy meeting both at our house on capitol hill, which
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carolyn and i hosted over carol's beef stew at dinner with 12 veteran campaign, political campaign aids put together to listen to bernie and hear his ideas about whether it was realistic or not, but his mission again was to reshape and redirect the democratic party to get back to it roots. that is happened today. everybody is talking about the bernie sanders -- running on the bernie sanders platform. there may be differences in how far and fast they go but everyone is talking about raising the minimum wage, everyone is talking about universal health care. everyone is talking affordable college tuition and getting rid of college debt. this is the sanders agenda, whether he ends up being the person to carry that agenda into november 2020 is the question. i contact to when i look at what happened in these primaries, turnout is so important. there was a surge of turnout. 70% up in virginia over what we
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saw for barack obama in 2012. that turnout went to joe biden. turnout went to joe biden. new voters went to joe biden. i think the person who demonstrated that he can bring out the disaffected, bring back those blue-collar working-class americans, boulder americans, african americans in particular who really could decide this election, joe biden is the one to deliver on them. as far as i'm concerned and every democrat i've talked to feels the same way, there's one issue, it's not our youth of the left or the right or the center of health care, it's who can beat donald trump. who can get bit of the most incompetent corrupt president we've had in our lifetime. host: david wasserman saying this race is close to being over. if joe biden is michigan is an owner for this visit over for bernie sanders? guest: i am not the statistician
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. the people you and i would look to, david wasserman being number one, save joe biden wins michigan in effect bernie sanders could never catch up. joe biden walking to the convention with enough delegates to secure the nomination. from eric is joining us bill press his adopted home state of california. caller: thank you. bill press back in the day on kmbc. .- k abc i'm working on a unity issue. how do we bring this country -- of question is, i see one the biggest unity issues we -- -- militarys support -- nondemocratic military support that it is
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attack against the christian church. supplying arab muslims with non- -- with weapons is attack against the christian church. it will bring all the evangelists to the issue. let joe biden and bernie sanders know that this is an issue. when trump is dancing around with the arab muslims. this is an attack against the christian church that we need to say something about an being attacked all across africa, even back to america. they are attacking the church with this money and we can stand united and be bold with it. i thank you for the opportunity to speak against this battle. upst: i think you're getting early in california as well. thank you for getting up
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early in the state of california. you are right. the challenge is to unite the democratic party, young, gay, latino,, white, asian, everyone. i do believe the person who has the best chance of doing that is the former vice president joe biden. he may be second on that list. the number one person, i think, who can unite the democratic party is donald trump. i think he will be the number one motivator for people getting out to vote in 2020. on the point of saudi arabia, i would say it is long past time when it does not matter -- a republican or democratic president of the united states -- has to say a lot of what saudi arabia -- it has been a great ally for us a long time, but a lot of what they stand for, a lot of what they represent, a lot of what they mn wrong. is just da
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we should say so and call them out. look at the war on yemen which they are pursuing with our tax dollars and equipment they bought from us and look at the latest where in bs, the crown prince, has again locked the members of the royal family, put them in exile because they there disagree with some of the things he is doing in the government. this has never been a democracy but this is getting more and more of an extreme authoritarian role, not to mention the murder of jamal khashoggi, which donald trump has never condemned in bs for being behind and there's no doubt he was behind it. it is time we stopped looking gather way when it comes to saudi arabia. you can listen to bill press on the bill press pot, which is downloaded twice a week. he is the author of a number of "buyers wars: a
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look at the trump presidency." just a moment. buyer's remorse was about the obama presidency. i felt he left -- let progressives down. and the early bernie sanders meetings, getting together. host: and your other book "toxic talk," which came out in 2010. guest: about talk radio. still toxic. host: what you think of rush limbaugh? guest: a fading giant. i do not think anybody has had the impact of talk radio the american people that rush limbaugh did. he has lost a lot of his clout. he has become just a toady of
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donald trump and when you just jump into the pocket of any one politician or political party, you lose your credibility as a talk show host. het: that moment when got the congressional medal of freedom? guest: i think it is one of the most disgusting moments in my lifetime and the history of this country. rush limbaugh is an out and out racist, and to be honored with the presidential medal of freedom, which has gone to such great americans as martin luther king jr. and rosa parks or great people like mother teresa -- rush limbaugh does not the long in the same building with them, let alone to wear the same honor. host: certainly part of the motivation by the president is because he is battling stage four cancer. guest: i'm sorry. there are a lot of people with coronavirus today, too. that does not mean they deserve the medal of honor. i have a friend who is dying as we speak of pancreatic cancer.
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with thething to do awarding of the medal of honor. host: let's go to akron, ohio. good morning. caller: yes, good morning. thank you for c-span. really like the idea of talking to bill press. i still think of myself as a young whippersnapper. i import -- i'm 56 years old. mcgovern whenorge i was 19 years old back in 1972, and of course, shortly after that defeat, i played the song "massachusetts" on my turntable about 40 times a day. my first four elections, my candidates won a total of two states. sanders reminds
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me a lot of george mcgovern. i admire them both. but i don't think i can vote for him. othersthe democrats or would live up to the idea as bad as the democratic party may be treating bernie sanders, you can't compare that to the way the gop treated john mccain in south carolina. no one has ever accused bernie sanders of having a black child out of wedlock in 2000. john mccain was a maverick back then. and furthermore, he was a war hero. i admire bernie sanders. he's not a war hero. is a great guy, but john was a war hero. if i can add one more comment please -- president trump will not reveal his tax returns. in my book, andy -- any candidate for the white house
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who refuses to reveal his tax returns, if they do not have the courage to do that, they are a chicken and they belong on the menu at kfc. and mr. mcconnell should be the first customer to walk in there. host: thank you for the call. guest: i support a lot of the same people he has. i was in briefings with george mcgovern in 1972. i am sureding, steve, one of your favorite books "fear and loathing on the campaign all of our the mcgovern campaign. hunter thompson. a wild, rollicking book. i read it along time ago. it is so stunning how relevant it is even today. say -- i don't think the democratic party is out to get bernie sanders and i think a vote for bernie sanders is not a wasted vote at all. again,sanders is really,
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giving new direction and purpose to the democratic party. but now i think we have to have a very honest debate the train -- i call it evolution and revolution. they both want to get to the same place. bernie sanders is more revolution, let's do it, boom, now. if we end up with joe biden, it's more of the experience, seasoned evolution. we will get there, but it will take a little longer to get there. i think it is a very honest vapor the democratic party -- debate for the democratic party. host: by all accounts one of the the pivotal moments was endorsement by congressman jim clyburn. this is what the associated press is riding -- clyburn a bust as moment changing the landscape in 2020. political endorsements are often ought of as having
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political half, but the backing of jim clyburn seems to of been the endorsement that brought biden's candidacy back from the brink following lackluster .erformances in a early states it was a way to signal for black voters in south carolina that biden would be the candidate to stand up to those interests. he scored a blowout margin of victory of nearly 30 points. guest: i have been around politics a long time. been a candidate, state chair, run campaigns. i have always had a jaundiced view about endorsements. yeah, you try to get as many as you can, but in the end they do not amount to a hill of beans. what, a big, huge exception is the endorsement of jim clyburn for joe biden for the south american primary. 50% of african-american voters said that endorsement was why they voted for joe biden exit polls. guest: incredible.
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history books will be written. not just in south carolina. you watch. in michigan and other southern states -- mississippi, alabama, the southern states to come -- and i have to say, jim clyburn is -- the reason it had such an impact is he is such a good, decent man and has served that state and this country for so long and people really respect him and look up to him. but to a lesser extent, but the endorsement of amy klobuchar and pete buttigieg and beto o'rourke were very significant, too in joe biden's super tuesday wins. they came out right away. it took a lot of guts for them to do that, a lot of humility for them to do that. they wanted it. i recognize it is not going to come to me. i will give it to the person i think will be the best. i think you say, minnesota, amy klobuchar, without a doubt. think thatyou
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senator sanders did not even reach out to jim clyburn to even ask for the endorsement? guest: i don't know. can't believe he didn't -- that jim clyburn said sanders did not reach al. he said it would not have made a difference, but you would have thought he have made the effort. guest: if i had been involved in the sanders campaign, i certainly worth encouraged him to reach out and not take anyone for granted and let him know he would be honored to have his endorsement. as a price he didn't. from we have a call vermont for bill press. you are on. interesting. i think the democrats would have a better chance of beating trump .ith bernie then sleepy joe -- then sleepy joe. joe has that ukraine thing. also nancy pelosi has a son over
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there in the ukraine and another democrat has a son over there in the ukraine and i've got a feeling it's joe -- if joe gets the nomination, we will find out about those people also. host: mark, thank you for the call. guest: i think you are watching too much fox news, mark. sonn't know about pelosi's or any other son and ukraine, but frankly the question is so what? they have looked into it, looked into it and look into it. there is nothing there. there's nothing there. up inat ever issues come 2020, you know trump is going to throw the kitchen sink at joe biden, including ukraine, but i don't think it will be very effective. again because "the new york times" and others have done all
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the research on the ukraine. you know the media would have reported it. they have come up with zero. forget it, mark. move on. illinoism what he can, , democrat -- what keegan, illinois, democrats line. morning.ood i was born and raised in south carolina. you know what i went through. anyway, the gentleman you had him before, i don't know about him. i believe jesse jackson endorsed bernie because he never did care for president obama, and i think that is how he is able to get back at president obama. and for bernie, you know what i don't like about him? when he said, i'm running for president, he said he is independent and when he wants to run for president, he becomes a democrat. and he is so angry.
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i don't like that. he reminds me of trump. but anyway, thanks for listening. have a good day. you for the call. speaking of president trump, i want to share with you -- this is a headline from "the new york at the white house. you have health officials quoted in this story saying we need to be prepared for significant disruptions in our lives. the president saying this thing is going to go away, it will be a miracle, calling it a hoax. guest: you know, this is the first non-self-inflicted crisis of the trump administration to read all these other things, trump has kind of caused himself, right? access hollywood, charlottesville stuff. this is for real and this is something i think all americans are concerned about and it's not very comforting when you have health officials saying one thing and the president saying the exact opposite.
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and i don't understand it. look, this is not some democratic party plot. this is not something obama cooked up. this is not something the democratic party is doing to try to undermine donald trump. this is a serious public health and economic crisis where we expect our government and business leaders and health officials to get on top of and bring this thing under control and we have to have confidence in our leaders at a time like this. i have total confidence in anthony fauci. i have zero confidence in donald trump or mike pence because it looks like all they are trained to do is make donald trump look good and pretend nothing is happening. donald trump said, anybody who wants to can get tested. anthony fauci said, not true. you have to go to a doctor or hospital or something and then you can be seen by them and then
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you can get tested. donald trump says it's all a hoax. it's not a hoax. we have three good 75 cases now in the united states and 17 deaths in the united states. you go down the list. it's almost like -- he says he knows more than the generals do about war. it's like he now says he knows more about public health and the coronavirus than the leaders of the nih and the cdc. i don't understand why the administration -- mike pence would be, just shut up you would put the health professionals out there. yes, it's serious. it will take some time to get on top of, but we want to know the government recognizes the severity of the threat, is doing everything they can, and get the politicians the hell out of the way. host: the markets down significantly -- guest: yeah, and donald trump link that on investors not liking what they saw in the last democratic debate. good lord.
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you don't play politics with people's lives, with public health. host: how big an issue potentially could this be moving forward for the republicans and the president? guest: well, as an american, i uld hope this is not an issue. but the longer it takes them to get on top of this and tell the truth and the longer this drags on, i think it could become, again, because of mismanagement and incompetence, it could be like donald's katrina, if you will. something that hot him because it's a time when we are looking for leadership and all we saw was petty, partisan politics. one case confirmed at the cpac conference. guest: the white house immediately said donald trump
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never saw him, mike pence never saw him. i just read before i came in here that this person who was mesh lap,id meet with who is the head of cpac, shook schlapp internatt should donald trump' us and on stage. n should donald trump' us hand on stage. disease,now about this that could be enough. they are giving corona bumps around washington rather than handshakes. host: you are on the phone with bill press. caller: hey, mr. press. i have been listening to you for years. i have something to say. bernie is just ahead of his time. anyre not going to get universal health care in eight months and that's what people
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are backing off and going to biden. there are people on the who may not have nice, great civics, but now they are trying to say, ok, he is good to have free college and all of that? we can't even get to the point where the aca was 56, 60 times they try to snap at an trump is trying to snuff it. the whole point is, he is just ahead of his time. i'm sorry. it's not how old you are. it's how you are when you are old. he is just ahead of his time. thank you for the call. guest: thank you. am a single-payer person. i totally think that's the way to go. and i think we will eventually get there. i think it starts with the public option and then more states allow that public option,
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the more people sign into it and produce and we will be there at medicare for all, but i don't think it's going to happen overnight. but when you get down to it, that is the fundamental difference and the only difference between where joe biden and bernie sanders are on this issue is how fast you go and how far you go to achieve that goal. to that extent, maybe willie is right. i come back to revolution versus evolution. we get the pool reports. the president is golfing in mar-a-lago at his golf course or he did tweet the following "we have a perfectly coordinated and find him play a of the white house. we moved very early and closed borders to certain areas, which was a guide -- a godsend. the vice president is doing a great job. the fake news media is doing everything possible to make us
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look bad. sad!" guest: donald trump has two fallbacks when things are not going well. number one, blame obama among which he has done. the democrats, obama. and number two, blame the media, which he cannot help himself from doing. the media is not overplaying this at all. when you look at 375 cases. including the district of -- 70ia, washington, d.c. people have died in this country -- 17 people have died in this country. host: actually it's up to 19 now. guest: that's real. it's not a hoax. there's a story in "the washington times." the problem gig on top of this is at the white house. there is no one willing to give donald trump the bad news.
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saidwoman who came out and it's going to get worse for it gets better -- they said, look, they silenced her. think about this in terms of health professionals today. there is a gag order. they can't put out, tell the american people what is happening unless they get it approved by mike hentz's office -- mike pence austria's office. that's not inspiring confidence by the american people. the president, he wants to downplay it. he wants to say this is nothing to worry about. it is something to worry about, and again, put the health officials upfront and level with the american people. that's the only way forward. host: this is the front page of "thing your times," in which this director said that we need to prepare for significant disruption to our lives.
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guest: right. you have colleges today saying no more classes. right? when you have these sxsw conference canceled. when you have airlines -- i just got a note from united airlines saying we are cutting back on -- i forget whatever percentage of flights. you can change whatever flight you want from now until the end of the year. when people are canceling conferences. this is real. people are responding. trump totally trying to downplay it because again, for him, it's all about him, and he sees any bad news as an attack on him and his chances for 2020. it ain't about you, donald. host: our guest is charlie -- [laughter] host: our guest is bill press. charlie is our next caller.
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[laughter] charlie, i apologize. good morning. bill press is in the studio. caller: yes, i want to ask mr. press. he was talking about what an honor it is to get the presidential medal of freedom like to ask him, it is it an biden to joe plagiarize 1987 that british politician and joe biden -- i would like his response on that. host: thank you. ,uest: that's a long time ago and joe biden apologized at the time, and guess what? he got out of the race of the time. i wish donald trump had apologized for the access hollywood, you know what he said about grabbing women from their private parts? i wish donald trump has showed the courage joe biden did, the
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humility joe biden did at the time to drop out of the race. he didn't. i would also point out since that time, joe biden has served us very, very well in the united states senate and eight years is probably the most successful and effective vice president in the history of the united states. i want to read a tweet. with the front runners on the democratic side, there's another debate coming up. two old white guys and no tulsi gabbard in the debate. the dnc cannot let this happen. the people need a contrast. elsie gabbard only has two delegates. does she deserve to be on the debate stage? -- tulsi gabbard. guest: no. i regret very, very much, as a
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democrat, young at heart democrat, that we have two old ending thisasically political primary, which started , the largestmost and the most diverse field of candidates we have ever seen in the history of this country and i was really proud of as a democrat. andwhen you have young older and gay and straight and made an and women and african-american and caucasian -- i mean, it was like the face of america. and i thought we would end up final and we end up with two old white guys. congresswoman and barbara lee said she was disgusted. i would not go that far. but there's a certain criteria
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for being on the stage and i honestly do not believe tulsi gabbard is a serious candidate. she hasn't met the fundraising -- if i understand, correct me if i'm wrong. she has not met the fundraising threshold. she has not met the polling threshold. and if she doesn't qualify, i don't think you put her on stage to have aow, just woman on stage. if you are going to do that, but elizabeth warren back on stage, put humala harris back on stage, put cory booker back on stage. the andrew yang back. put someone serious back on stage. i'm sorry. tulsi gabbard is not, in my opinion. good morning. you are on with all press. myler: thank you for taking call. i remember remember watching with patcrossfire"
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buchanan. i am a republican. though i disagree with you respectfully on the current issues, here is how i disagree. a lot of my friends who are republicans will this way. there seems to be an establishment issue. there's the biden and son connections to ukraine, kerry and his stepson, and you look at china, 95% of the u.s. antibiotics coming out of china but our country at risk. what i'm saying, bill, is the establishment is kind of old school and people on the left are saying they want something different. that is why we, as republicans, joe's trump. to joedemocrats go back biden, you guys are great to lose. it's not about trump doing something wrong with corona.
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you are a member of the media. i respect your opinion. it started in china. why aren't we covered them -- covering them critically? why are we blaming the united states for what they have done for 40, 50 years. those are my thoughts. i respect what you are saying. i think it will be an interesting election. trump versus an establishment democrat and i think you guys are going to lose. thank you. we have this also saying i have fond memories of "crossfire," the old days on cnn book dust before they became the fake news media. guest: thank you for your words "crossfire." i believe it was the first and best show on that media, having come to the show left.
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i came along as the johnny-come-lately, and i was proud to be there for the last six years of the show with rob novak and pat buchanan. what a lot of people remember about the show, there was a spirited debate, goodipted, with two really guys who knew about the topic for half an hour. just a laser focus on one issue. .nd it was a great show they were great years. just to john' is point quickly, again the ukraine thing, i hate i respectint you and the fact we disagree, the ukraine thing has been look that over and over and over again. it was not illegal. it was bad judgment. but i don't think you can hold joe biden responsible for the
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sins of the sun, put it that way. -- sins of the son. put it that way. host: sue in fort myers, florida. good morning. caller: good morning. you have been around for quite some time. didn't american corporations voluntarily go to china to get their products made for less money? so that their profit margin is bigger in our country? guest: amen. absolutely. not just china. american corporations exported jobs and close down factories plants, opened new basically using slave labor to make products and sell them back here for a big buck.
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yeah, they were not forced to do that. they hurt american workers and the american economy and do -- in doing so. everybody has said something, the media is not paying attention to what is happening in china with the coronavirus -- look, i totally disagree. that is where it started. talk about mismanagement. they totally mishandled that, and again -- i think we have heard a lot about where the problem is. china. i don't think the media has endorsed that at all. two major endorsements today, jesse jackson, senator, i'll harris. is she -- kamala harris. is she -- kamala harris. issue on the shortlist to be a running mate? guest: absolutely. i would say kamal harris is in so is amy klobuchar. and the chances that woman
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will be going a ticket are what percent? guest: it may be wishful thinking for my part but i would say 85%. hold me to it.- rerun the tape and embarrass me if you will. there will not be two white males on the democratic ticket. host: what about senator elizabeth war and? when do you think we will see the endorsement? think elizabeth moran recognizes -- and i have not been in touch at all with the campaign, so i'm speaking right head here --f the i think she recognizes her maximum leverage is now. her moment is now. i would be surprised if she does , andndorse for tuesday this is sunday morning. bill press, author, columnist, talk show host -- guest: are we done question mark
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-- are we done yet go host: coming up monday morning, campaign 2020, with senate reporter stephen dennis and senior political reporter daniel strauss. then, response to the chiefvirus outbreak with medical officer, ronald yee. journalwatch washington , live at 7:00 eastern monday morning. join the discussion. it comes down to being a campaign in which we have one campaign who is standing up for the working class in the middle
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class. we are going to win that election. have beense who knocked down, counted out, left behind, this is your campaign. including idaho, michigan, mississippi, missouri, north dakota, and washington. watch our 2020 coverage of the candidate speeches and results, tuesday evening, live on c-span,, or listen from wherever you are on the free c-span radio app. ♪


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