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tv   U.S. Senate Sen. Shelby on Coronavirus  CSPAN  March 4, 2020 8:44pm-8:50pm EST

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do their job from whatever quarter. later a spokesman release a statement. part of it reads comments were reference to the political price senate republicans will pay for appointing these justices on the court and a warning the justices will unleash a major grassroots movement on the issue of reproductive rights against the decision. announcer: the senate is likely to vote on the coronavirus emergency funding bill tomorrow after the house approved the legislation this afternoon. the $8.3 billion package supports the federal response, allows medicare providers to offer telehealth medical services to patients at their homes, includes money to help prevent the spread of the virus, assistance to state and local agencies to editors had a conversation of on the federal
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economy in the response to the outbreak. -- and the response to the outbreak. sen. shelby: the american people are reprehensible about the spread of the coronavirus here and abroad as we can remember. global financial markets are a niche. -- are on edge. vigorous action is needed to calm nerves, stabilize the situation, and get our arms around this crisis. i believe congress must marshal the resources here necessary for an aggressive, comprehensive, and swift response. report to myto colleagues this afternoon that we with the houston leadership on both sides have reached a bipartisan, bicameral agreement on an emergency supplemental appropriations package to do just that. the agreement provides a surge in funding at every level as i have indicated, local, state,
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federal, and international, to meet the growing challenge we could face. the total amount, mr. president -- the president included in the packages a little under $8 billion. -- is a little under $8 billion. we arrived at that figure buy going back to the nih, the cdc, and so forth, and saying what do you think you would need if this virus really spreads? and we wanted to make sure that the resources, that we would not shortchange the american people in anyway. the $7.76 billion we have been told by the people that know, that should be sufficient, we hope it is. spent the funding will be right here in the united states. 85%.
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$2.2 billion is for the centers for disease control, located in atlanta, georgia. including a less than $950 billion, short of a billion dollars, to help state and local governments prevent and combat the spread of the virus. 836 million dollars will to train nih health care workers on the front lines and develop diagnostics, therapeutics, and vaccines related to the virus. $61 million will support the fda's role in approving such products for the american people. mr. president, $3.1 billion of this package is for the public health and social services emergency fund, among other things, to supplement the
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strategic stockpile here, develop and purchase diagnostics , therapeutics, and vaccines, provide resources for community health centers, and to help hospitals and health systems adapt and respond if this crisis grows. million is made available for the purchase of additional diagnostics, therapeutics, and should further need arrive -- should further need arrive. to fight the spread of the virus abroad, which we have do, $1.25 million is provided to the state department to continue the work with our international partners. we listen carefully to the agencies and experts on the front lines and craft -- in crafting this package. vice president pence has also been really helpful in this effort. i appreciate president trump's
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signing of this legislation. i also want to take a moment to thank leader's mcconnell and schumer, vice chairman leahy of the appropriations committee, the chairwoman and ranking member granger for all of us coming together to do the right thing for the american people. we face this crisis together. where fighting it together. ultimately mr. president, i think we will prevail together, but now is the time for action. the house will act first. all indications are they will this package,y, hope so. and when it arrives in the senate, i would are's my colleagues to do the same so that we can get the help to those who need it. it would ease some of the anxieties stemming from this outbreak. i think we'll with to the american people to do no less.


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