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tv   Campaign 2020 Joe Biden in Los Angeles  CSPAN  March 4, 2020 7:15pm-7:25pm EST

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>> after being endorsed by new york city city mayor bloomberg, joe biden spoke to voters in los angeles. here's what he had to say.
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vice-president biden: hey. cheers and applause] >> how are you. good to see you. thank you, man. thank you. nice to see you. folks, it's going to be very short and i wanted to come down and begin by thanking everyone for being here. and mr. mayor, thank you so much for your unending support, it means a lot. folks, look, i want to thank everyone. we had a great night last night. and tremendous support from all across the nation with victories in texas, virginia, north carolina, arkansas, alabama, tennessee, oklahoma. minnesota.
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massachusetts and just this morning we won maine as well. [applause] vice-president biden: it will be a while for the final results in california. have ose who of you who been knocked out, this is your campaign. this is your campaign. look, we are going to bring together all americans. and we showed that last night regardless of your race or gender, republicans, democrats, every stripe. i really mean that. this is what we have to do to win and unify the nation. i ran in the first place to unify. we welcome all those who want to join us. and to build a movement. and this is a movement. it is a movement. and we need that movement to beat donald trump and to build a future we all know is possible.
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i'm especially proud of our campaign that is driving up voter turnout. this idea that we didn't have a movement. look at the results and look who is showing up. this campaign, the people behind me are bringing out people who have not participated. it's way up. way up. positive progressive vision is resonating, resonating all over the country. health care is affordable and accessible to everyone. to make sure every child gets a quality education regardless of the zip code they live in. and to take on and beat the n.r.a. and the gun manufacturers which i promise you, i will do and not only protect social security but what i have been calling for some time, increasing benefits for seniors that are in need now who have
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lost a spouse or run out of their coverage because they have been living a long time and securing it for every generation that follows. that is the proposal. and take on the threat of climate change. you know, it is the threat to our planet. and creating in the process, we will create 10 million jobs. not $15 an hour. those people who may be displaced, they are the ones who are going to get those jobs. i was proud to serve as president of president obama for eight years. but from passing obamacare and the work we did to rescue the auto industry and the nation's economy, everybody forgets. my mother had an expression, the greatest ability was the ability tom forget. if that weren't the case, we would have one child.
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all kidding aside, we forget where we were. and we were just getting ready and just got the economy up and running in a big way and rebuild the middle class in a big way. we took on the climate change. everything was just beginning. we have so much more to do. we have to put in a bigger broader vision for this nation and make it happen. but first we have to defeat donald trump. we have to keep nancy pelosi as the speaker. in order to do that, we have to win the senate back and this vision that i have for the future, we will make it a reality. what we can't let happen in the next few weeks is let this primary turn into a campaign of negative attack sm the only thing is help donald trump and doesn't help any one of the
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candidates left in the campaign. we have to keep our eye on the ball. we have to keep the eye on the soul. if donald trump poses a threat to our standing in the world. he does. they all know he has fanned the flames of hate and sought to divide us and watched insult our llies and embrace demagogs and embraced dictators and our alliances are weakened. every alliance we have had is weakend. another four years will change the character of this nation. we can't let this happen. that's why the moment i entered this race, we are in the battle of the soul of this nation. we are. it's on to michigan, mississippi, missouri, north
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dakota and washington state and take this fight all across america to rebuild the middle class and give people the opportunity and the next president i said many times has to be able on the first day this they are elected person, stand on the stage and face a divided nation and a world in disarray and have to know what they are doing. i want to make it clear to all the people in this country between now and election day and i believe we have a significant opportunity toll move this country to command the 21st century unlike we have had any opportunity before. i believe that in every fiber in my being. folks, as i said, the character is on the ballot, not only the character of the candidates but the character of the nation. i'm looking forward to it. and i want to thank you all. i'm not going to take any
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questions and i'm sure you have thousands of them. i just wanted to make a statement before i headed out. i'm doing another interview in a moment. but i thank you all and i thank everyone for coming. [cheers and applause] captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit [
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