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Kevin McCarthy
  House Republican Leaders News Conference  CSPAN  December 17, 2019 9:34pm-9:51pm EST

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it is the ultimate form of accountability when a president like donald trump has gone rogue and every single number will have to make that decision as the have been doing in principle. jeff van drew has made a isision that he believes respective of his district and ultimately, he will have to answer to the people of the second congressional district in new jersey. any other questions? thank you. >> at another news conference,
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house republican leaders spoke to reporters about impeachment. this is 15 minutes. >> thank you for running us tonight. we are obviously here on the eve dayhat is going to be a sad , a solemn day and we say that we actually mean it. we have heard the democrats again and again talk about how heartbroken they are going down this path, but their actions demonstrate for them those are just empty words and the democrats have been proclaiming their desire to impeach the president since he was elected and you have seen the afternoon video of the congressman at a rally before the president was even sworn in to office talking about how he plans to vote or he may be voting to impeach this
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president. only know is they have been operating in a way that they have been conducting themselves in secret, they have abused the rules, the power, disregarded the facts, the evidence, instructed witnesses not to answer questions. despite all of these abuses, democrats have failed to prove their case, but they are continuing to proceed forward and one of the very person and reckless matters. indeed, you heard a constitutional law professor testified this is not just an adequate basis for impeachment, in some respects it is dangerous. nowhere in the constitution does it say you can impeach the president without direct evidence, nowhere does it say you can assume impeachable
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conduct an nowhere does it say if you're angry at the president or opposing party where you disagree with the policies or afraid you can't beat him in the next election, then you can assume impeachable conduct, yet that is what the democrats are doing. tomorrow, they will bring articles of impeachment to the floor that has the potential to do great damage to the republic, the house as an institution and to the voters all across this country who believe in the decision that sits in the white house should be theirs, not nancy pelosi's, not adam who do notnd those believe in the parse and we will see tomorrow. we will remain united, continue to stand up for the constitution, continue to stand up for the rule of law and we are going to look forward to the date we are back in the majority and we certainly are not going to commit the kind of offenses
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to the constitution and abuse of power that the democrats have engaged in now ever since they took over. with that, i will turn things .ver to mr. schooley goes,far as impeachment it will be a stain on nancy pelosi. from the very beginning, a personal vendetta against president trump with the most radical of her base calling for impeachment before she even took the oath of office, so instead of searching for fax
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-- facts, which by the way tomorrow marked the first time in our country news history or president was impeach on a partyline vote. never before has been an infected only bipartisan vote tomorrow will be against impeachment. so instead of starting with a crime, which is what the case was on johnson news impeachment, with richard nixon's impeachment, and it been with bill clinton's impeachment. he ultimately went through their inquiries moved to impeachment. if he has never been the case here. there was never a crime. those impeachment in search of a crime. meandering around as a witch hunt trying to something wrong or starting with a full investigation. it kept promising, remember show statement, he promised that he had more than circumstantial evidence that the door was collision with the president in russia. and in the mueller report comes out in fact there was none. instead of just sending it
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there, they kept going on. there was a whistleblower report that we heard all the salacious allegations against the president. none of those turned out to be the case. in fact every single witness that came before the committees of jurisdiction join they were act asked point-blank in your name and impeachable defense. not one. bribery. not one. and again, at would've thought maybe they would prevail. and they would move on to actually working to solve the problems that people across this country face. when there was a unanimous bill to lower drug prices, literally a layup waiting to be sent to the president's desk for everybody in the committee voted to lower drug prices and bring generics to market quicker so families can be playing less with drugs. major problem. they would bring that belt to the floor because they were so dictated with impeachment so this obsession continue don't play itself out tomorrow. it is going to be a sad day. but again we do look throughout history, join they focus on the facts, though the times that
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they produce bipartisan bows. the facts here have strongly supported the president. this is the link to, ask him, he said he appreciated the phone call. actually got javelin missiles that he was able to buy a president so trump sold him to santa rosa, that obama and biden wouldn't sell offered why wouldn't president obama and joe biden so missiles to ukraine so they can stay on up to rush and couldn't, i don't know they should be asked that question for the president trump did. in the first year, he did that. there is no exchange of quick for quote. he didacus of the right think to do. they withstood by an ally. president think him for that. and he said there's no pressure on the phone property got the agent ultimately there was no investigation. and yet they still march on. no because they found any facts or evidence, but because they been wanting to score a political and personal vendetta. against the president that started well before the phone call. before the phone call over hundred democrats voted to
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impeach as president. there is one article that they were trying to impeach a president because he criticized nfl players for kneeling during the pledge of allegiance. over 50 democrats wanted to impeach the president of the united states for that. you people across the country thinks that meets the constitutional standard of treason bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors. of course not. doesn't pass the smell test. but it shows that this is meant a personal vendetta against the president. not a fact-finding mission in search of a impeachable offense. because it was no impeachable offense. we will work hard so you have a better trade deal with her friends canada and mexico and work to better deals with other countries around the world. and the focus our on holding china accountable. don't let that president continues to work the market people. and the families that he fought for that of been left behind. president trump is still fighting for even while pelosi
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is wasting her majority in trying to score personal vendetta points. with that now i yield to our republican leader. houseless than 24 hours, of representatives will officially brush through the weakest and fastest impeachment in american history. no entire majority and legacy of the 116th congress will be defined by their hatred of
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president trump. in a deep rooted desire to oust him from office. we have found, a week ago she finally admitted that she had been trying to impeach him for nearly three years. watch today with congressman, presented the democrats case at the hearing. he is on record two days before then i will. and he said, i want to see this about donald trump. we made very well be voting to impeach over the next year or two. far from committee that impeachment withdrew, chairman, new york times writes chairman and other campaign was given democratic college to win the chairmanship based on he would be the best impeach. for the freshman never had to give them a credit majority, congresswoman for the night the swearing in, a few hours after she read raised her hand to uphold the constitution she said she was going to impeach the mother. this will be their legacy, but it will not be a legacy that we want to have repeated. alexander hamilton more about this. this day is, unfortunately. for individuals for purely political reasons with no facts, move forward with impeachment. what we see this today, we also hear from by the judge questioning did questioning the fbi to prove what they had use the courseware. and thank they turn the intel committee over to impeachment
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me. the event of shift as the chairman defended by the lies to begin with the american public. we note this outcome will be. speaker policy promised that she would have known jennifer the people but she put hillside to show her real agenda for the last three years of impeachment. i truly believe regardless, you are supposed to represent the people, not your hatred. we can do so much better. questions. yes sir. announced they shouldn't give up. what is your reaction. [inaudible conversation] i think congressman mendel, mayday public announcement sometime soon whenever he decides to do, but i don't blame andrew for being disappointed in the democrats. american public is disappointed in the president he said it would be different.
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there will be other democrats i measure process country that will come to a point of that as well. they took them at their word that they were government in a different manner they would see bipartisanship. the idea that they would provide him because he had his own voice, speaker policy said back in march, and impeachment is the device to the nation, overwhelming campaigning and bipartisan to move forward. the only bipartisan but was not. those with three requirement she laid out and she did not keep on them. we welcome congressman any democrat that sees the socialist party that is left them behind. they are welcome to join the republican party. you expect other good democrats about the possibility there been people in the past that a move from one party to another. and of a hard time finding anyone who moves from a majority party to the minority. this should be an eye opener to the democrats. should be the eye-opener was because policy promises are members that join join they're
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through with and keep peace with them to be more popular join they get to for which it's not. she did was i saw the american public, the reason they cannot have a do process because they had controllable so they can sell it to the market public and the american public it is actually drop further on impeachment. so think about the beginning of this. speaker policy waited 48 hours, we never be going through this.
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-- going through this nightmare. the conference will be smaller, the smaller will that support will be smaller and her legacy will be an embarrassment. [inaudible conversation] united, witnesses that are united customer the reason i why i know we will stay united is because the facts are on our side. the reason lando this process has been felt, zipping to timeline and expect to their timeline that went out having any facts. if you stick to the speaker pelosi's requirements she will , have failed all three. any other questions. will the republicans remain united. -- >> will the republicans remain united? >> i think we will have a very strong republican. >> everybody? >> i think we'll have a very
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strong hope for that. yes. >> is that speak to the fact that there is not room for either party? quite -- >> i don't think they'll do that. >> you think it is much more on a different level? >> much more on a different level, yes. republican party, ronald reagan wasn't democrat. many times if you look at the democratic party, has brought at all. in the new freshmen members are democrat they call themselves socialist democrats. i don't blame them to feel like they're leaving the party, but the party left them.
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so yes there could be others who join. and i know there will be more who will join us in election. just as others join in president trump sport. i think if they continue to govern this way, they're not solving one problem, the putting their own personal beliefs and head of their own district. and i am keeping in keeping the promises. i think it will have a hard time keeping people in the party. thank you. >> the u.s. house will debate articles of impeachment against president trump tomorrow. stay with c-span as members of house vote to move both articles of impeachment live on the house floor. watch unfiltered coverage on or listen live wherever you are on the go with the free c-span radio app. >> back at her table this morning with