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Kevin McCarthy
  House Republican Leader Mc Carthy Reacts to Articles of Impeachment  CSPAN  December 10, 2019 11:55am-12:00pm EST

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these articles of impeachment, and to make a recommendation to the full house of representatives. we do not take this action lightly, for we have taken an oath to defend the constitution, and unlike president trump, we understand that our duty first and foremost is to protect the constitution and to protect the interest of the american people. that is why we must take this solemn step today. the cornerstone of democracy and foundational to the rule of law. the integrity of our next election is at risk from a president who has already sawed foreign interference in 2016 and 2020 elections -- sought foreign interference in 2016 and 2020 elections. that is why we must act now. i will turn now to chairman schiff who will explain the
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>> they say this president on that call asked a foreign government to announce investigation by name of his political rival. i would like to get each of you on the record, do you agree with the president that that call was perfect? that's what we want presidents to do. mr. mccarthy: the question we have before us, is the call impeachable? reporter: perfect. mr. mccarthy: you asked the question. please let me answer. we are members of congress, we are going to take a vote on two articles of impeachment. we are not going to take a vote on whether a call is perfect. that's not what's before us. you may think impeachment is not important. but it hinges not only on our nation, but what the rest of the world is going to look at from an idea of who we are. see, i simply believe that america's more than a country. america is an idea. an idea so powerful that millions in hong kong will rise
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up for identity deof the freedoms we say we behold. -- idea of the freedoms we say we behold. the idea these individuals in the majority, they got a transcript of a phone call, made a president do that that only made our nation weaker in our defense. because to tell me what other foreign leader will be open and honest with whoever is signature in the oval office. but they did that because they said they had a whistleblower that did not know but the head of the intel committee met with the whistleblower. they started this on the idea that the administration would not allow the whistleblower to come forward. we saw all the sunday shows. we saw all of what adam schiff said. he's going to fight so hard to allow that whistleblower to come forward. he's the only one who has denied us the whistleblower from coming forward. but anywhere else in a law in america that if you base something upon hearsay or informant, that informant has to come forward, but not in the
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idea of impeaching this president. because somehow the rule of law doesn't uphold to him because they think the people who voted for him are deplorable. nothing on that phone call is wrong. the attorney general was already looking into it. if somebody is an elected official and they did something wrong but they run for another office, somehow what did he they did is not wrong anymore? why do you fall into the trap of an idea when we are talking about the highest elected office in this land and in this entire world? that they are so brazen that they -- the dislike that they will change the rule of law to impeach him. they just entered two arctic and your question is about is it perfect? the question is is it impeachable? the answer is absolutely no. >> you can read the entire nine page resolution at
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slash impeachment. the house judiciary committee released the impeachment resolution today. article 1 deals with abuse of power and article 2 with obstruction of congress. >> as the impeachment process continues, watch c-span's live coverage as house democrats move ahead with drafting articles of impeachment and the administration's response. follow the impeachment process on c-span. unfiltered coverage, live as it happens, prime time reairs and ny time on >> a look at the u.s. capitol. the house about to gavel back in to begin today's legislative session. members are considering federal funding for coastal areas of the u.s. affected by climate change. nearly 30 amendments will be considered. also legislation increasing federal grants for students who attend minority service colleges and universities. take yiv