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tv   House Minority Leader Mc Carthy on Impeachment Inquiry Report  CSPAN  December 4, 2019 3:43am-4:10am EST

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unequivocal fact, but the allegations are deeply concerning. our focus is on the president's conduct, first and foremost. it may be the role of others to evaluate the conduct of members of congress. thank you very much. >> house republican leaders also spoke to reporters about the impeachment inquiry report as members of the intelligence committee were voting behind closed doors on whether to adopt the findings. this news conference is 25 minutes. >> hello, everybody. welcome back. i hope you all had a nice thanksgiving. we are back now, as you all
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know, and will begin tomorrow, onrings on entrenchment -- impeachment in the judiciary committee. despite the fact that the speaker of the house said the clear,e needs to be compelling, and bipartisan, the democrats fail on every single one of those counts. and we have been pointing out and talking about now for several weeks since the impeachment process began, the extent to which the process was fundamentally unfair. i would ask people to remember that they have failed despite the fact that they had a process that basically but everything tilted in their direction. asocrats were able to act judge, prosecutor, the democrats were able to select every single witness. they were able to prevent and did prevent witnesses from answering republican questions. they decided what the american people would the end when. they decided the timing on the release of important pieces of
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transcripts, they still have not theased the transcript of icy inspector general plaguerist the democrats essentially stacked the deck in their favor. despite the fact that they did this and even with every unfair advantage and unprecedented advantage they gave themselves, including preventing the president from having any access to the proceedings, they now have come out of this and fundamentally failed to prove their case. we are going to be moving into tomorrow, where we will have the panel of constitutional scholars, liberal law professors predominately, and one republican witness. and the democrats are now going to be asking them questions about whether or not the behavior that they are inaccurately and lacking in fact, the behavior they are describing would be an page vote. we would remind the speaker of the house again that the power of impeachment rest with the house of representatives.
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not saytitution does that impeachment should be the responsibility of a panel of liberal activist, but that is where we will be tomorrow. in the meantime, we are focused on the critical work not getting done. on that point, i would also just note that the intelligence committee has been hijacked for the last 70 days, unable to and unwilling, because the democrats are in charge to focus on the real threat that faces this nation. the democrats will be fundamentally accountable for the damage they are doing, because the intel committee has not been able to focus on critical threats like the threats we face from china, russia, north korea, iran, terrorism. none of those things have been in the purview of the intel committee because they have been focused on this sham impeachment effort. with that, i would like to turn things over to the republican leader of the judiciary, mr. collins, to talk about the hearings tomorrow. as you will find out
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tomorrow, the sideshow of the schiff report is coming to the judiciary committee, where it should have been to start with. it should have been in our committee to start with. the committee failed miserably on so many counts this year. it was actually taken from us. what is more said about tomorrow is we are coming back not with what you have always seen an impeachment, and the history of clinton and next in, the judiciary committee was waiting, it does not anymore. with, going to start it let's talk about when and impeachable offenses. if the democrats already know they need to impeach him, why are we wasting time? i will tell you why, because we have a problem. they just came out of public hearings and private depositions. this will be the first impeachment that they have undisputed facts, but actually contradicting facts.
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quo, actualid pro pressure, anything actually done when the two participants on the call both said nothing was wrong and mr. zelensky said many times over we felt no pressure? i also want to focus just a moment on what is going on in our committee. my chairman cannot tell you if we will have a fact witness called. he cannot tell you what we will do past tomorrow, because you still looking about a presentation on how we are going to do it. how are you supposed to go to the american people with a straight face and tell them you're actually looking to risley at a -- looking seriously at impeaching a president and you don't even have a plan for your own committee? there is also one very large thing. we have a saying down south. when something is going to be important, my mom would tell me, why don't you put your sunday best on and we will go to town. the democrats send where going
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to have rules for impeachment and it will take everything and we will take care of the president. the president will have a chance to actually be a part of the process and look at witnesses in question. the judiciary committee was the only place to do that and starting tomorrow, they failed at providing any [indiscernible] in this process. why do we want to sit through a constitutional law class while most of them sat through in law school. the big problem is, the president did nothing wrong and they can't prove it. >> welcome back. hope you had a great thanksgiving. taken up the
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bipartisan package of bills to lower drug prices that had unanimous support and that would lower prescription drug prices and lower health costs for families, but we are not doing that. i wish we were working to support what present trump is doing right now to strengthen nato and make nato even stronger, but we are not doing that. what is disappointing is the fact that right now as we speak, adam schiff meeting behind closed doors once again, holding votes in secret is an affront to transparency. this whole how impeachment sham has been going. while present trump is in london meeting with our allies to strengthen nato and to help encourage other nato allies to do more of their fair share
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which they are doing because present trump has encourage them to step up and do more, that is being just supposed -- juxtaposed by this continued sham or they don't have any facts. the things that have not changed , the only two participants of the phone call for donald trump and president solanki and both said the call was fine. not only was there no quid pro quo, but ukraine got the money and ultimately, there was no and thet they made foreign minister said that, but they still drive on. you are hearing a lot of democrats get out of this mess. they are hearing like we are saying why isn't congress
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instead of focusing on the impeachment of session that pelosi has, to reverse the 2016 usingon, why are they not it this time to confront the problems that the country is facing? have brought a bill to lower drug prices and that would have been signed already. tradeld've had a better , butwith mexico and canada pelosi won't bring that to the floor because of impeachment will stop our troops could have the tools they need to train and fight safely and we don't have that yet because hellos he is in -- because losey is obsessed with impeachment -- nancy pelosi's success with [no audio]--
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up kevin, i will call mccarthy. >> thank you for coming. adam schiff once again had a closed meeting once again. congress looks divided, there is something that the speaker has said just this year that i think united's the entire nation. what she said, i think almost everybody agrees with. impeachment is so divisive that unless there is something so , overwhelming and bipartisan, i do not think we should go down the path because it divides the country. i imagine most everyone believes
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impeachment is divisive, but if we were to do it it would have to be overwhelming, compelling and bipartisan. three criteria to move what will happen this week. issues she laid have failed. there is nothing compelling, nothing overwhelming and the only bipartisan vote we have had is not to move forward with an impeachment inquiry, but that has not stopped them. in a venue that we cannot go to that is created solely for the intel committee. , theork is so sensitive intel committee has now been changed to the impeachment committee.
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watched you today i asked him a question on whether we should move forward on impeachment. he has a hard time with the truth. ago in just a few days his words, he is going to send the president back to the golden throne he came from. he made his mind up long before. he did not have the proof, so he had to write his own story. he read his report and he only picks what he wants and he still does not have anything overwhelming, compelling or bipartisan, but that is not stop him from continuing to make items up. if we watch where he will go tomorrow, you heard from doug collins. , a committee chairman congressman named nadler will stop he had to campaign for this
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position. it was a competitive race, so nadler wanted to lay out to all americans and especially to his colleagues as to why they should vote him to become chairman. he said he would be the strongest member to lead an impeachment. this was the creation of their majority and he admitted last year if you are serious about removing a present from office, -- president from office, what you're really doing is overturning the results of the last election. al green put the impeachment , two thirdsajority of the judiciary committee on the democratic side voted for this. they are concerned that if they do not impeach this president, they cannot beat this president. this is what alexander hamilton warned us about and
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unfortunately we have a majority solely devised on one goal, but that one goal harms the entire nation. what is harming is what is not getting done. what are the opportunities we are missing. you heard it sometimes a four, the united states, mexico, canada agreement -- so many times before -- the united states-mexico-canada agreement. every economist will tell you it will make america stronger. china may not come together as quickly. they are not our number one trader. it is our third-largest. you know who is number one and two? mexico and canada. you if youll tell put it on the floor it will pass
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, but that all rests with the speaker of the house. she is also the same person who 70 days ago started down this nightmare. and nowhave proof then we have a phone call before us, america sees it and now we are watching holes in america continue to drop. the final question for the theker is, when will we get mexico and canada trade agreement? when is the funding bill to fund troops and more importantly, how will we be able to make our country stronger and more prosperous? is name me onen becauseyou have solved they have issued more subpoenas than they have created laws. we are better than this and i
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hope the speaker meant the words she said on march 11. if she set a criteria to march forward, she needs to answer the question what is compelling, overwhelming and where is the bipartisanship? that would put an end to this nightmare in we can work forward to make america stronger. whatu always criticized was found [inaudible] isn't the risk for republicans, , to stand so forcibly behind the president and ignore this? thank you for your question. it is more fearful we
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don't stand for the constitution . if everyone can see the phone call in you have all the witnesses before in a process that is unfair, cannot tell you one thing that is impeachable. asked maybe one thing that is impeachable. the republicans and democrats who actually sit for the constitution and said no, i'm not fearful of that. will be kind to those who take that stance all the -- stance. for those who alexander hamilton warned us about, i don't think history will be kind. adam schiff told the american public that he had proved beyond circumstantial and that he wish he knew who the whistleblower
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was and how hard he would fight to bring the whistleblower heward and then when he said needed to be the ken starr of today's world, everyone else would come and testify, but you asked them today, he said no staff were testify. remember what we are talking about, exactly what the speaker said. they treat it like it is a political game. if i was fearful, i would be fearful on their side. >> one thing in the report that came out, it appeared in april there was indication between devin nunes, rudy giuliani and associates. concerns?raise any >> doesn't ring me any concerns.
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when i first read the report that he went to vienna. the answer was no. you're saying that there was not interaction? >> that is a totally different thing. >> i don't have a problem with devon talking to individuals. what was claimed on the news media is that he went to vienna to me with individuals. he was not. and it seems like a perpetual thing of what we do. this was brought forth by adam schiff who said he did not know who the whistleblower was, who said he had proved beyond circumstantial evidence and today said he did not know where he would be on impeachment. i have no concerns. >> you talk about the white
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house not participating tomorrow. would you like to see them participate if they are leading fax on the table and don't come in and give their side? >> in the past history, we've always had a fair process. an individual could call witnesses and cross-examine. in future hearings. >> is it going to be an open process? >> the letter from the white house counsel said if they were leaving their options open, then they will. there has to be something here to be held accountable. you have the ability to hold them accountable. for adam schiff to say he is not going to testify and since that, i have a question, what are you
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hiding? whate going to send your we call bring your daughter to work day. why stand behind mr. goldman? you have the gavel. happy.te house would be tomorrow is just a filler because jerry nadler do not know what else to do. following up on congressman nunes. given that we have the records and showing him having conversations and accepting your contention there was nothing wrong, should he explained what the conversations were and should you have concerns that this stuff ended up from chairmanships -- chairmanships? -- chairman schiff?
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is it appropriate for him to put a fellow congressman's call records out there? >> when it comes to adam schiff i have a lot of concerns. he cannot remember if he met with the whistleblower, who it was. the whistleblower has a hard time remembering. when it was brought to the ig, wired those transcripts not made to the public yet? historyiff has a long -- and longhe truth history of not telling the truth. devin nunes has a right to talk to anyone. what they accused him of, going to a country he was not at and as job of being on the intel committee, he has to travel in adam schiff would know where he her patching, but to
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weight for life is nothing new to adam schiff. to perpetuate ally because he wants to impeach the president is to be expected. he has a right to talk to people. there's nothing wrong that he has done except once again is try to get accused of something. it is a simple smokescreen. i wish you asked the question what did adam schiff say to be whistleblower. why did he come to adam schiff before he had an attorney? the only person withholding the whistleblower from coming forward is adam schiff. takeis a man that did not the same rules that have been else.ed to anybody
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he rewrote the rules so he could pick who comes. he has tried to design everything he can to get an outcome that he desires, but the only thing he lacks is the truth. thank you. >> the house intelligence committee adopted the impeachment report by a partyline vote of 13-9. the findings will not be used by the house judiciary committee as
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the foundation for a debate over whether to draft possible articles of impeachment against the president. you can read the report and other related documents online at the house impeachment inquiry hearings continue this week on c-span. today, live at 10:00 a.m. eastern, the house judiciary publicee will hold a inquiry hearing on the constitutional grounds for presidential impeachment and we will hear testimony from law , pamela carlin of stanford, michael gerhart of the university of north carolina school of law, and jonathan turley. follow the impeachment inquiry. watch live on c-span4, online -- c-span3, live at, or
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listen at the free c-span radio app. president trump's overseas and london for the annual nato summit with foreign leaders. on tuesday he been with nato secretary-general and took questions from reporters. nato secretary-general. will thank you very much. it is great to be with secretary stoltenberg with nato. we met many times. i think he's doing a fantastic job. i am a big fan. his contract was extended. i was very happy about that. i think the secretary-general will tell you


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