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Kevin McCarthy
  House Majority Leader Mc Carthy  CSPAN  March 25, 2019 11:26pm-11:42pm EDT

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in his remarks to the aipac kevin mccarthy talked about congressional support for israel. this is just over 10 minutes. >> our next guest is a longtime leader on capitol hill and the top ranked republican in the house of representatives. house republicans leader kevin mccarthy has been an outspoken advocate for pro-israel legislation and a rising force behind the scenes to make sure to promote the safety and security of both america and israel. for years, he has been a senior many that have taken are sponsored by aipac.
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it encourages members of the house to understand the challenges and threats facing israel, both republican and democrat. theoins to discuss relationship between america and israel. join me in welcoming house republicans leader kevin mccarthy. [applause] >> thank you. leader mccarthy, you and the entire congress have been tragically, we heard the attacks coming from
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gaza and the third rocket in only two weeks. what is the message for today and the audience? >> we stand with israel first and foremost. message to the audience is thank you. thank you for being here. thank you for your passion and support. aipac should never be boycotted. i know the audience will have different political views and come from different places, but .here's bond that unites us reagan, and i want to paraphrase what he said, he said i know your organization does , but i endorse you for what
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you do and at no other time do i believe it is more important than now. we should not take for granted this bond and everyone understands what jewish state should exist as -- and need to exist. we talked today and over in syria, the work with iran, trying to put a permanent base. years, now is our time to speak, time to stand and not back up, but lean in. [applause] spoke.friend mike pompeo the scariest part, that i have
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heard recently is the rise of anti-seminism. he spoke of the labour party of britain that used to be one of the strongholds, but talks we look at the horrific action of what took place in pittsburgh in october. but when i heard anguish logan and the floors of congress -- when i heard language spoken in the floors of congress, i want to let you know we did not stand silent. i will make you this promise. stand, wever let it will never let it grow, and we will try to crush it any place we see it. we thank you for that.
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[applause] >> leader mccarthy, even amongst us in this room, we might not .ll agree but it seems in this moment across the country, it is particularly difficult for a partisanship. a longtime leader in the republican party. is there may be a part of bipartisanship occurring that we just do not see? give us some insight on the relationship within the house of representatives in congress and also how you make efforts to get things done with your democrat
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colleagues. leader, i i became we both lead a tour to israel. i have taken 148 members to israel. [applause] republicans, three quarters have pledged to go this august. sydney and said democrats go one week, republicans go one week, i know it is difficult to make us all go with the same time, but let's overlap for a couple of days, and that is what we do now. we overlap for a couple of days. [applause] we may be of different parties, greateny hoyer and i work when it comes to this. we work together and meet together and traveled to israel together.
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we have a friendship and a bond i believe we both understand. but i would be lying to you if i said it is bipartisan in congress. embarrassed of the last resolution having to be watered down. [applause] and let's not make excuses for what language people use to say they do not understand. that is a mistake that will put us into problems and i will be as bipartisan as the next person when it comes to israel, but it is not partisan when i stand up for israel. i stand up for the love and bond that this country has and the understanding of democracy and liberty. we have a comment bond and -- common bond in common enemy.
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the parties should not determine where and when we stand up. we have bipartisan support and it should come back to us. [applause] a follow-up on that, earlier in the session we were able to bear witness to a small coalition and we saw several freshman congressman and congresswoman representatives of both parties. optimism that you it can be done? >> it gives optimism, but let's not have false hope. i have never heard of an organization that wanted to boycott us. i have never heard the language used by heard this month. i am never seen where we had question to water something down. they are outliers if we stand up.
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but let's not get a foothold of all the bipartisanship, all the unison we had before, all the times we spoke with one voice. i believe we can keep it that way, but if you stay silent, it won't. we have seen this happen before. we have also seen that being strong, we could come together. that is why i have optimism. >> absolutely. thank you. visit israel's northern border, what did you see from being there and taking it in that needs to be done to make sure that israel stays safe in that region? >> this is why it is so important for members to see firsthand. when we go to golan heights, a picture speaks a 1000 words. you do not have to point out where the border is. you can tell the border from the green farms to the vast desert
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on the others. time, you could hear the gunfire on the others of syria. but being there, you understand, everyone understands the power of having the high ground. we can never give the high ground up. the world is safer because israel has golan heights. the community is saved or -- safer and more prosperous and i am proud of our friends standing there today. [applause] peace withoute israel in charge of golan heights. [applause] mccarthy, leader mccarthy, rather. >> you can say that. [laughter] >> let's talk about dds. obviously you legitimize israel.
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bds about you say to some things that are good or things that are delegitimizing israel? >> it is appalling what they are saying. trying to equate israel with something they are not. or otherey are nazis elements that are not true. it is not about coexistence. it is about coercion. this is the worst element we see. we cannot let them get a stronghold. people do not even understand what they are saying. that is why we should speak with one voice. this is when you are walking the hall, this is what you have to express. this is what we need to pass and where we have to make our stand. look. i like ronald reagan. , you is one thing he said
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are always one generation away from losing your democracy. one generation away. this, peopleow become older and they think it is acceptable. i believe the lie. this is why we should speak very strongly in congress. on the side of the aisle, you will have 100% votes standing up against pdf and standing up for the truth. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, please join me in thanking kevin mccarthy. thank you. [applause]
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