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tv   Campaign 2018 Delaware Senate Debate  CSPAN  October 22, 2018 12:03pm-1:05pm EDT

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privacy, designed to give you an idea of the nformation the company can use about you, often share about you. retailer, say a kroger or target or wal-mart, that they use you just about everything dow in relationship to them. information, they use your information, they share information and they even buy information about complimentll sort of the information they already have. >> watch "the communicators" 8:15 p.m. eastern on c-span 2. >> in delaware u.s. senate race democrat tom carper debated republican candidate rob gun t, they discuss control, national debt, universal healthcare and supreme confirmation process for brett kavanaugh. this is an hour.
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>> incumbent senator tom carper. running as the republican candidate for senate is rob arlett, incumbent county councilmember in sussex county. we are conducting this debate as
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conversation and both candidate has agreed to rules. opening statements, question for both candidates and they agreed to hold themselves to answers. we'll include in this debate, questions recorded by students delaware state university and the university of delaware. although we're not having pening statements, we will welcome a formal closing statement from each candidate. candidates have agreed to participate in this debate with audiences for the live here at the university of delaware campus. entered members mitchell hall understand thanksgiving is not a pep rally, there will be no cheering or ark mrauz, this debate is the not the audience. i will keep questions short and answer candidates to concisely. the candidates will answer in determined ey backstage with a predebate coin toss.
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irst question to senator carper, both candidates, senator first. will enter do you see the 2018 mid-term on presidentreferendum donald trump? sen. carper: i think it is an answer that we believe in checks balances in this country. the constitution, framers of the put together this system of checks and balances, judicial branch, legislative the idea we would not end up with one person being king. a lot of reed on things, one or two units within he legislative branch who will point to judges, lifetime terms, women,of women, rights of slaves, but i think the key our country r why has survived and been successful and checks e years and balances and as much as people vote, they will
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vote on checks and balances, they know they will have this president for a while longer. pl do they want someone able as i m to work with republicans and democrats, also try to make sure his president doesn't end up being loyalty or king with almost endless powers. arlett, referendum? 42-year career politician, 18 years in the u.s. that is think ultly what delaware is seeking. they want change, that is what is about.ion president trump won with a significant amount of success years ago. and the american people wanted change in america. great about this representative republic that we have. he voice of the people is what matters. he has gone to work, he is not a focused on ician,
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results, he's actually a president who says what he means and does what he means and means what he does. i think that is critical that we elected officials focused on results and not the pol sanship and party tigszs that exist in washington, d.c. so we are very excited about cycle because i'm hearing change everywhere we go in the great state of delaware. change, they want their voice heard and that is most important about this and why we're running today. >> i'm like to ask a question hypothetical, the other, it isn't. both of you respond, how did you vote or would you have voted on the nomination of judge brett of the h to be justice supreme court? senator carper? sen. carper: i voted both ways. voted for him. the reason why i voted for him 12 years ago, he was pretty much a blank slate. i knew a number of people whom ofhad worked, including some
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our most cherished and respected judges in the state. i had known 12 years ago how he would turn out as a judge, i have voted for him. i've been very disappointed. perhaps worst record on environmental issues of any of and 90% of ow issue es, environmental for the environment or against timenvironment, 90% of the he voted the time he voted the wrong way. it is okay for upwind states, it is all right for them to blow down on down-wind states and have no recourse to that. country t believe this should have the authority to regulate carbon dioxide, which climate change, climate warming, extreme weather, he thinks that is all right. think the epa should regulate ight to methane. environmental,s,
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rather the wrong side, voted e right side, i against him. >> you voted against him recently. voted ld against him. >> you voted against him recently. how would you have voted? mr. arlett: i would have voted yes. i think senator carper is off track, he made a decision before the hearings. track, he made a decision before the hearings. you had had stated publicly you had already against who that nominee was, your decision was all track, he made a decision before the hearings.
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you had had stated publicly you had already against who that nominee was, your decision was all against the president of america. no matter who the nominee was, you were voting against him. i think track, he made a decision before the hearings. you had had stated publicly you had already against who that nominee was, your decision was all against the president of america. no matter who the nominee was, you were voting against him. i think that is what is broken in washington, d.c. people are upset, this partisanship, let's respect track, he made a decision before the hearings. you had had stated publicly you had already against who that nominee was, your decision was all against the president of america. no matter who th discourse and it was appalling for america and delaware -- spoke about respecting the process when -- spoke about respecting the process when the democratic president nominated a justice to the supreme court? >> i would have wanted the hearing. -- spoke about respecting the process when the democratic
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president nominated a justice to the supreme court? >> i would have wanted the hearing. i wanted the vote. i think the republicans were wrong, again, respect the process. -- and will , nominate those who will apply constitution as written. that is what is most important. litmus test,y that politics are out of it, it is about interpreting the as written very simple and i think that is what needs to be done. >> senator carper? >> no, when foupding fathers were meeting all those years go, working on the constitution, 231 years ago,
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they grappled with a lot of issues. i mentioned rights of women, of es, how many branches governme unid ment, one or two unicameral legislation, ages and so forth. debated est issue they was judges. should they have them? lifetime ey serve terms? who would appoint them? hey battled for weeks, weeks and finally voted up and down on the idea the president would advice of the e senate and it was defeated and they went back to the drawing on again.voted same compromise, the president will nominate with consent of senate. voted and approved it. 231 years ago. figure been trying to out what does advise and consent mean. delaware. governor here for eight years.
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for every republican i i had to nom n-- nominate a republican. e have one of the most respected judiciaries in the country and they do not serve terms, they serve 12-year terms. find out what works and do more of that. a look at the way they do business in delaware. the y have a model for country. >> talk about advise and consent, i want to follow-up and ask you both, whether you think the senate ought to be required on dvise and consent presidential judge nominations during the legislative session nominations are made, regardless of the national calendar. mr. arlett? n. mcconnell: mr. arlett: i would be open to the idea. the process.of
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back-door conversations and you would, ames, if america is fed up with politics of washington, d.c. process to for the be transparent, so the public process, volved in the i would be supportive of that and open to the idea. carper, should senate be required -- sen. carper: i have no be president, but i was governor. what i would want to do is reach on the ecially republic judiciary committee and say these are a couple people i'm do you about, what think, i would. i wouldn't give them veto but what do you think. response.heir barack obama essentially did that. e asked among other people, atch owner oern /* /- oren hatch. chief judge of the highest
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district court of appeal in the country. thought he was great, terrific. that is where barack obama nominated him. part, they would meet with him, they didn't give him a hearing. treated was s shameful. my hope is we don't have to relive that chapter in the country.f our >> a student will move us in a different direction. political science major. let's listen. country, do n the you think gun restrictions are eeded and how do you plan on addressing what seems to be an shootings.f mass >> topic is mass shootings and hether gun restrikszs are needed. mr. arlett. horrific, it is anybody who does harm to another ill.n being is mentally i don't care what type of gun you are using, a person doing to another partner.
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intentionally does harm to someone else, you have a opinion.ssue, in my -- re ralated y read, well militia, shall not be infringed.
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anything about bump stocks or armor-piercing bullets or anything about background checks, doesn't say anything things.hose my dad, i come from a family of fishermen.d west virginia, there is the arper rifle, first thing i bought, little boy with money gun, my paper route, a bb my grandfather's shotgun. my dad would buy and sell weapons. he was a guy who believed in common sense. believed people were trying to buy weapons, should go through a background check. believed armor piercing bullets were not for killing and so forth als and shouldn't be used because believed people. he that if you are on a no-fly shouldn't be able to
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buy weapons and ought to be able know who is buying weapons, common sense. are common sense ideas. when we vote in the congress, we are common sense ideas. when we vote in the congress, we should vote and use common sense, while still preserving -- >> no props allowed. are common. when we vote in the congress, we should vote and use common sense, while still preserving -- >> no props allowed. >> i quoted from it, so -- >> thank you. >> may i have one comment, i would like to remind the are co. when we vote in the congress, we should vote and use common sense, while still preserving -- >> no props allowed. >> i quoted from it, so -- >> thank you. >> may i have one comment, i would like to remind the senator, assault weapons are against the law and armor and piercing bullets, it gets back down to it gets back down to enforcing the current laws. >> let me ask you the follow-up, obvious follow-up to this. would you support repeal of the
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second amendment? >> absolutely not. absolutely not. this is america. it is "we the people," to defend against the absolutely not. america" mean s repealed?nts would be >> i didn't say that. the second ed amendment, i'm listening well. >> should second amendment be repeal? ed the second amendment, i'm listening well. >> should second amendment be repeal? ed >> it shouldn't. we ought to use common sense in the way we interpret it and th amendment, i'm listening well. >> should second amendment be repeal? ed >> it shouldn't. we ought to use common sense in the way we interpret it and today, we get to vote, rob says perfectly already legal to have assault weapons. i'm i'm co-sponsor of bill that outlaws assault weapons and i'm not sure why we would be offering that legislation if i'm co-sponsor of bill that outlaws assault weapons and i'm not sure why we would be offering that legislation if they are outlawed. i don't think they are outlawed. i think there needs to be a i'm co-sponsor of bill that outlaws assault weapons and i'm not sure why we would be offering that legislation if they are outlawed. i don't think they are outlawed. i think there needs to be a provision. to eed to make sure back at a u
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turn semiautomatic weapon into an automatic weapon, that is the kind of stuff we ought to stop, people agree with that. >> i will ask you each another question, hypothetical for one you. how did you vote or how would you have voted on the federal overhaul of deserve 2017 and why did you vote that way? senator carper first? sen. carper: i was governor for budget ars, we balanced eight years in a row, cut taxes but out of eight years, balanced the budget. tax cuts largely benefited middle income people. we enhanced economic growth, diminished it and balanced the budget. budget.s balanced the i consider tax proposals, there issues. issues, four this tax cut, it was signed into votes, sadlyublican with no -- could have had bipartisan compromise, too. was not fair. i think something like 80 or 90% to like nefit goes fewer than 10% of the people. -- the economy, what we have, a president born on third base and thinks he hit triple. he became president eight years running longest economic expansion in the
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history of the country. hrows all kind of money into the hands of rich people, most money being used for stock buy pushing stock market and continues to make it look like we are being processed. look deep inside, the tax cuts passed, in terms of foster economic growth, r&d, infrastructure, it is not there. >> you are out of time. r. arlett, how would you have voted on tax cuts? >> i would have absolutely voted the the focus is not washington swamp, the focus is delaware. families needed the money and they desired the money dollars.elped their i recall democratic leader said, i can't remember the number, a dollars, chump change, it was a comment, from nancy not mistaken. she is out of touch with the american people, that is the problem with washington, d.c. the they make decisions not through the lens of the american
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people, but through the lens and that is called a bubble. that is the problem with washington, d.c. senator, for god's sake, the president of the united states, e have the best economy, growing faster rate today than all of barack obama. the statement he made a triple standing on third, right. is the case, he's this economy is growing at tremendous rate, more so than previously. think it is because of decisions and policies he set orth and again, it is putting people back in their pockets because ultimately, let us not is not washington's money, it is the american people's money. is best for their dollars. i encourage more tax cuts and i it, they know best and washington is horrible at spending american tax -- follow-up for discussion on this upon toic, it is widely and this this tax bill is across port san lines, the
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was enacted will raise national debt by a trillion dollars. see that as a problem? if so, why? if not, why not? how would problem, you address it? senator carper? 550 carper: last year, billion, we learned debt this is $750 just ended billion. the forecast for the debt next $950 billion. barack obama and joe biden became president and vice recession since the great depression, they started at the bottom. closed, people couldn't get loans, it was a terrible time. of republicans and house of republicans to help lift us out of that for the next eight years, they turned over to this administration, the longest running expansion in the history of this country.
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bill, and the ut money being used to buy back wealthy people. >> mr. arlett, the question of raised as bt being result of -- mr. arlett: we have mablgor 22 trillionegard to deficit as it stands. understand what he's doing, trying to energize the economy and give the money back to the they will turn around and spend it. i am concerned with the deficit, be.all americans should the government has got to focus on being better with tax ollars, they have to learn to be more efficient, effective and learn to do more with less, just americans.r senator, as far as the stock well, helps the wealthy, that is you. that is not the average american, that is most of those washington, d.c., they are making the various decisions. the focus has to be on the people and how to
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empower them so they can move that is nd prosper and what my desire is. >> i want to turn to healthcare, major nationaler issue. i'd like to ask whether either f you or both of you think congress should take action to stop the administrative cuts to law that is e care being implemented by the trump administration? congressional action at this point? mr. arlett: the affordable care is not affordable. absolutely is irresponsible of congress and ultimately the democrats approve of the bill so they could read the bill, if we all recall that. 10 years ago, the average insurance premium was just over it is over $1300, over $1300. incomes have not
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quadrupled, it is unsustainable for most families. the number one issue in america and i believe here in delaware. again, i will ensure we repeal the aca, because it does not work. i have big problem also with regard to healthcare, harmaceutical drug industry, politics has gotten too much into it. ay one, i will offer a bill to repeal the bill allowing kickbacks from pharmaceutical companies. $550,000 nt received from big pharma at the cost and of the american economy and delaware families. delaware families are starving o afford to afford pharmaceutical drugs and they are out of control of the expense. it is congress' fault for this. >> senator carper, ask the the ion about administrative the administrative cuts and because
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of direct attack, you get an opportunity to respond to that. should congress take action to prevent or stop the to the rative cuts affordable care act being implemented by the trump administration? en. carper: use your imagination, imagine a pie chart, inside the pie chart is half the n people, people get healthcare from large employer group health plans. but 20 to 25% get healthcare from medicaid. 20% get healthcare from medicare and the rest down healthcare from the exchange, pay for it don't get largely or healthcare at all. the debate has not been on large healthcare, medicare, medicaid, what to do about 5 or bottom. here at the use idea introduced by epublicans in 1993, 1993 was taken by guy named mitt romney romney installed it as care in massachusetts in 2006. five principles. ne, every state would have a
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people to go and without healthcare could get coverage. every state not in the exchange, to get y would have coverage, there would be tax credit to basically say poor get more health according to coverage, employer mandate deny coverage for pre-existing conditions. what the republicans want to do their own nd kill baby. what we did with affordable care act, took mitt romney idea and exchange in part of the aca. let it actually find out if it works. worked in massachusetts and would work for the country. obamacare, stragsz, because this president wants it fail. >> senator, do you want to say anything about the direct $150,000 -- >> $550,000, big difference. > we have a big problem, the problem is not those who receive contrib ugszs that are fully
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disclosed fully forever. fully disclosed. people have questions about received or -- they will understand where the money comes fact dark t for the money, don't have any idea can eep into campaigns, we don't know who donated the money or how it hsz been spending and miniscule the money we raise on our own. change the constitution frankly that citizens united will be thrown out, corporations are shouldn't be able to give to campaigns and we should know where every dime comes from and by whom it is being spent. >> follow-up on healthcare. this, please.n would you favor healthcare for ll, a plan of healthcare for all in the united states? the rlett: absolutely not, government should get out of the healthcare business. had two town halls. i don't have the answers, i
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listen to the professionals in field, the professionals and doctors and patients. they know what is best, they it each and every day. they said the government needs to get out of the healthcare get in the private sector and get across state lines. not work. $1300, u go from $300 to everybody here and listening and watching at home, it doesn't work. get government out of healthcare and get it where it belongs in the private sector. carper?or sen. carper: there is a ommittee in senate called the health committee. and they spent -- i'm not on the joined them a year ago to find out what we needed to do to stabilize the exchange all 50 states and bring down the cost of healthcare coverage in the exchanges. governors, insurance commissioners, doctors, all a view people who had and came up with three things we
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needed to do. three things. among democrats and republicans, we reduce cost of and ance in exchange outside of the exchange by 30 to 35%. him, the , god bless republicans and the senate would not allow us to do that. we would have done those three things, we would have tabilized, had more competition, and dropped cost by a third. >> point of interest to both of center for political communication just released public opinion poll in delaware of delaware citizens favor healthcare for all plan. focus on civil rights issues now. i want to ask you whether you or rulations that rotect lgbt student necessary schools? senator carper? sen. carper: i do. >> thank you. arlett? mr. arlett: i would say probably
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already do. u.s. constitution. already rules and regulations does ed, if somebody something to somebody else, there is something in place to do that. enforce thenk let's laws that already exist, one should not matter if they are not, or black, white, asian, like my wife is. we are all miracles of god. that constitution protects all written. as the question is, are we enforcing, that is the question, enforcing? >> primary election, you raised he issue with your primary opponent, obviously not running anymore, does that fit with what about we're all americans? >> sure. >> it does? >> okay. >> all right. with you.share regard to gays, my father-in-law was gay. estate business down state and i have a realtor who works for me who is gay. that, i don't see that,
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what i see are creatures of god are all created in the image of him and unique and special. you were governor once, as mentioned, of the state delaware. urrent governor withdraw protecti lgbt students in schoo. how do you feel about the to withdraw cision regulations, would you have stuck with it? i don't know that i'm intricattily familiar with this he legislator did on particular issue. et me just say, i believe that folks who are transgender in our deserve equal protection under the law. my hope and expectation is that the governor and legislature try to do. 75% of cpc poll found delaware citizens support such lgbt students in
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schools. let's go to question from university te student focusing on immigration. junior, biology major from delaware state. let's listen. big part of going to college, however, there are still many that do not u.s. offer financial aid to daca plan to how do you make college more affordable for daca. >> students of dreamers, i will arlett to respond. mr. arlett: we are a nation of her rants, my wife and family came to this country legally and lawfully, they rules. the and others who do not, i would question their ability to be in why they are in this country. answer the to question directly, why would i want to give an extra benefit to student, when other students that are american
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students don't receive that same benefit? would be called discrim nagdiscrim /* /*ination, would it not? it doesn't make sense to me. if you are in this country, we need to know who you are and why you are here. documented and move forward accordingly tochlt give them extra benefit at expense of who do not, people i would not support that. >> senator carper? we live in a country with stwent0 million are three row there million jobs nobody will show up, they don't have the nterest, they don't have the skills or edoccasion to do a particular job. three million jobs. 700,000 people born in other countries, brought here by their parents, they have been educated here, only country they have ever known. have three million jobs we send you , we will home to a place you have never
12:37 pm is i will not choose to do that. i will find way people from ther country consist come here and work with worker visitor program, folks who are have opportunity to gain legal status. peak english, stay out of trouble, work, you know, be a good citizens. willing to do those things, they can work through a legal status. get behind the folks that are here legally, rying to work to citizenship, that is how it should work. >> question from university of junior in udent, public policy and women in gender study that focuses on me movement, broadly speaking. let's listen. > should congress and the courts hold president trump to the same standard regarding sexual misconduct and treatment women as the me too movement
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held other politicians, and business ders leaders? >> senator carper? sen. carper: none of us are law.e the i think we, if we commit crimes, should be held responsible. one great concern we had, a lot nomination of brett kavanaugh was his views of the being above the law. that was certainly one thing that concerned me. may be in a position, he may get out of jail card for the president. 5-4 supreme court. i don't think presidents are above the law, i don't think any law.s are above the should be held accountable for our decisions. folks who make mistake or not, i've learned this with governor try to teach other governor and others who follow me. admit it.e a mistake, don't hide it, admit it.
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that mistake e again, apologize and don't make it again. i try to do that. guess is that if we do that, then we'll be better off and our too.ry will be, >> mr. arlett, should congress and the courts hold the accountable to same as the me too move snment absolutely. no one is above the law. the issue and problems with that many of them think they are. e all know that there is a slush fundidoed by taxpayers of this country that has gone to off victims of sexual assault and abuse from congress. that is a known fact. why is that list not revealed? american taxpayers owe that. this i would like to add, is domestic violence awareness in h, this month. i'm office today because i defended
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her family and nobody else would. an official the state and i went to aide and asked to run for office because no one else would hold him accountable. we stepped up when no one else would. country. women in this i would like to ask the senator a question, i know there was a women that stormed the office, your office in washington, d.c. this last week your resignation assault f your past against women? >> i was told the woman was just bizarre and i think she brought a television camera with her, she was looking for an episode. she was disappointed when she left. i don't feel like i'm people show , when up that are excuse my french, bonkers, she was not going to
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get the time of my day. the at doesn't address question. right? >> what is your question? >> again, going back to the that is when i stated they are not above the law. lady is not the law. this lady was over the top, out of control. that, do weare like need to honor them as we would the law? i don't think so. ultimate question would be, you are now on record as public information you had your former wife. there was a lie for 19 years that, big cover-up, big collusion. >> that is baloney. record straight, my friend. set the record straight. veryone of us makes mistakes, i've made my share of mistakes. 40 years ago i made a mistake, i it.ed i didn't hide it. my wife at the time, publicly on radio, newspaper, said this is the kind of man i my ied, this man raised children. she died a number of years ago,
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like my on i raised, third son, he loves me as much him. love i'm his only parent left. his grandmother who is alive in greenwood, delaware, i'll be with her on her birthday. bring her flowers, she thinks i'm her second son. dementia now. this is kind of husband i've years, th martha for 32 the father i was for my step-son, greg. am. kind of father i every year for 40 years, people like you, my friend, dredged to create mchief for me. doesn't work. it didn't work 30 years ago, 20 ears ago, it didn't work 10 years ago. it is not going to work this time either, the reason why, voters have voted on this, they considered it and they say, we are not going there. this year is over, they
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will not go there again. to that, call a halt ask a halt to that topic. adequately.overed there are some questions about social media i'd like to move to at this point. i'd like to ask you, do you think social media in this ountry played a positive or negative role on the democratic process, both in the united world? and in the mr. arlett? mr. arlett: i think it's played has played. what it believe that social media has gone to another sphere as far as people having the opportunity to have a voice. of warriors behind the keyboards, not in person, as we think w, in the end, i social media is a good thing. i call the question the ompanies that are trying to filter people from having that voice who have their own ideology issues. congress is addressing that issue now. a very, very 's
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good thing. > senator carper, positive or negative role by social media in the democratic process? a good per: largely thing. we communicate, whether as andidates, office holders to constituents, through social media. in many ways. get in trouble a couple ways, we get in trouble when folks, the world, not doing a good job policing the using facebook or some riicate, tform to fab lie and destroy, they have to do a better job making sure this does not happen. thomas jefferson used to say the american people know the truth, a mistake.make one problem today, the american people don't know the truth nymore w. this president, he has a loose association with the truth. and that is not a good thing. way for a good leader to provide leadership by example. mentioned you have this and one student wanted to
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follow-up on this topic, as well. science major l here at university of delaware wants to ask a question about companies.a let's listen. >> social media companies like facebook and r, others be held accountable for ffect on society and politics of the content? >> should they be held how?ntable and mr. arlett: great question. i think, again, should they be somebody ntable for else's actions? probably not. it is a platform. a role and re is responsibility, when talking about terrorists, and other role to helphave a augment and keep our communities and country safe. no, to that, but again, i think there is an toortunity to do some things safeguard the people. sar senator. should the social media google, the twitters,
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effects ccountable for of their -- of what their users democratic process? sen. carper: i think one thing we do in the congress, ought to be doing in this case, have been doing is holding oversight hearings. of the ople and leaders companies before us and have them explain what they are doing for andg witnesses both against the positions they are taking. the other thing in the executive executive branch agencies have responsibility well.ntities, as they have their only responsibility for doing sure what nd making the platforms is doing is consistent with the betterment our country and state. >> all right. nother student question now on a different topic entirely talking about the environment. junior political science major here at the university of delaware. should the united states adhere to the global climate
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change treaty, that it signed? >> all right, should the united states adhere to the climate change treaty? arlett? mr. arlett: i think we should not be the police agency of the to the en it comes environment. we are the biggest bulk of the expense. to me, the answer to the question, i don't know the details, i have not read pecifically, i would not be supportive of that. does not mean we should not work with others, i don't know the we have in it ch as far as financial aspect of hat, compared to other countries around the nation. i think that we all have to be ood stewards of god's gift, that is this environment. ort is not a political thing partisan thing, it is principle of ourbe good caretakers environment. i am in support of that. signed a nfused, we treaty on climate change. -- the president said we are not in it anymore, is the
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president suggesting we should or not? mr. arlett: i don't have the details. the ability to pull out of the treaty, up to a judge. >> or congress maybe. >> or congress. i am sharing general thought, seemps the president might to think similar. >> senator carper, should the to it?here sen. carper: yes. there is something called the it goes trine, something like this. barack obama built it, trump it, you fix it. one thing, barack obama was involved in establishing, this seen clear to destroy it. he thinks he makes himself others, making including barack obama and joe biden smaller. in a place where i've never seen the kind of extreme facing us, extreme
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weather. two and-year floods every years. we'very 5 hurricanes like never seen before. in montana, idaho, oregon, california, bigger than delaware.of we spent $300 billion responding weather, $300 billion. the seas are rising, we are the rising state in america. we are sinking, that ain't a good combin agsz. and hing is happening here what it is is clear. we have too much carbon in the primary cause of that. do something about it in a way that creates jobs by addressing reducing carbon rom mobile sources, and from our stationary sources. we have actually plans laid out, in regulation t and administration, industries accepted them and now they have repealed, which is a shame.
12:50 pm
>> would you favor taxes to emissions?on sen. carper: republicans have been suggesting we do a carbon fax. ones suggesting it, don't get to vote. none of the republicans want to it.e for more bipartisan consensus, i think there would be a lot of interest in that. are huge interest in right now making sure that fuel standards continues to ramp up, near-term ramp ility continues to up. when 2030 rolls around, we'll have a heck of a lot of battery-powered vehicles and powered by hydrogen and fuel cells. will reduce emissions from mobile est source, sources. >> would you vote for that? mr. arlett: not likely. i'm not a big person on taxes, saying not against it, you better convince me real well. get back down to a point arlier, we have rules and reg
12:51 pm
lag regulations in place. there were 56 regulations put forward under barack obama. years.ight under clinton and bush totality, there were five. regulations ling out like never before. the quality ofe, our environment decreased. why? hey were not focused on the enforcement and the results, lagsulations.out reg r regon results, not just there wi regulations. focus on results. >> do you favor the legalize agsz of marijuana? carper? sen. carper: i think we should federal law that says it is
12:52 pm
have or eral crime to possess marijuana. crime.federal i think we, i am a recovering i think the states can be laboratories of democracy here. colorado ates like experiencing with this and canada will experiment with this. let them fthey want to try it out, try out recreational make that legal, let them try it and do it and let us country change our pproach, let a couple states lead the way and we'll learn from them. >> should the federal government play a role in that or is that a state issue? it is a state issue. there is a role for the government, shouldn't be law that says people should be convicted for possessingissue. here is a marijuana. mr. arlett: i would very much
12:53 pm
like to see that the federal government declassify the class one for marijuana. because it prevents veterans and getting a natural source of pain relief. they have no choice, our not have the ability to get medicinal marijuana to when need eel better when need be. that federal law. so i would totally support that to ensure that not only our veterans are able to have options, but more testing can be to ensure we know what we got when it comes to medicinal use. a state's right issue. natural plant. again, i think the government for endency to do too much all, that is not who the federal government's role is. states r lies with the tochlt tochlt. to me, fine with pushing to states, i am not saying supportive in delaware, that is a state issue. states experimenting with it, i think it is too early to say. ultimately, i think the should at minimum
12:54 pm
declassify it so veterans can other ed for with options. >> plenty of information. delaware hows 61% of citizens favor the legalization of marijuana. you question for both of on federal government office holders. 'd like to ask both of you, whether you favor term limits or federal office holders, elected office holders and federal judges. carper? en. carper: i think the idea, delaware with judges, governors the ate people to serve on judiciary. when i was governor, for every democrat vacancy replace that with a democrat. for every republican, i had to eplace that person with a republican. judicial nominating committee received names of people nterested in those positions and i considered, they gave me a handful of names, one name to committee in the state
12:55 pm
senate and they would vote for hem, they voted for eight years, voted for every one and served 12-year terms and they serve again, couldn't reapply again. i think it is a good system. the kind of situation we face in washington these one we think of alternatives might want to consider this one. arlett? mr. arlett: is that a yes? limits respect to term in congress, when i was in the house of representatives, i o-sponsored legislation, constitutional amendment with republican from florida, that house, 12 ars in the years in the senate, that should be it. liked the idea. i co-sponsored it and it went away. voters cided, let the decide, if they get tired of me or rob, they will send us a message. mr. arlett? mr. arlett: absolutely. ood enough for eight years for the president, should be good enough for all others.
12:56 pm
when they stay in office for career politician is biggest problem in this nation. they become bought and sold by donors and no longer focus on the american people, they become focused on thing, getting re-elected and padding their pocketss. term limits and responsibility to make sure they people the american versus padding their pockets. >> another question from student delaware, ty of sophomore, political science major who wants to ask a ig-picture question about washington. let's listen. >> in increasingly politically nation, how would you promote bipartisanship? > all right, bipartisanship, how would you promote it? mr. arlett: what you do speaks you say i cannot hear, all based on what your actions are. are a proven bipartisan person. not a party guy, ask the republicans, i do not drink
12:57 pm
focus on the i people and constituents, i think that is most important. my opponent stated he's running for re-election for one and resist thect president of the united states. how is that forming bipartisanship? of the gate, we need to get back to the delaware way, the historically means we as delaware citizens focus on the american or delaware people by working across the aisle. washington,esman in d.c., we don't need aa partisan politician, we need a statesman work across the aisle because of actions, not because of words. >> senator carper? bipartisan? sen. carper: if you have pportunity to have a real conversation in the united states senate about working with named ted be guy kennedy and still mike, wyoming, and ted
12:58 pm
kennedy one of the most well-respected democrats, republicans loved to work with. i asked him, why is that? said, i believe, i'm not going to change my principles, compromise ong to policy. i took advice to heart. we passed vote water resource evelopment act, first infrastructure bill of this congress, a huge bill with advantages to delaware. beaches, the port, quality drinking water and waste we go back into session, i did it with the republican from wyoming. when we go back into dave, after we come back after the election, up,st legislation we'll take the coast guard, which i've helped to write, with a couple democrats. and other one thing i'd love to do and one it since i was governor, orientation for new governors, i used to run that as governor. national an of the governor's association, i do the
12:59 pm
same for senators, every two orientation for new senators and spouses and i help run that, i have for 17 or years, i will do it again this year. maybe rob will come in as a new is, i will make sure he gets a good start. knowe doing that, i get to people, make them feel welcome and at home. >> all right. >> your vote. >> not me. [laughter] concludes ourthat time available for q&a during the debate. give you opportunity to offer voters concluding thoughts of yours. of the the order statements chosen by candidates toss. coin senator carper, limit to two minutes, please. sen. carper: thank the niversity of delaware for hosting us tonight and for everybody for showing up. tough issue, tough issue we face. face.issue we we are -- who is going to lead
1:00 pm
our country? seems to support debt trump, add to the cut to benefit cut to benefit wealthier people, ignore climate change despite clear evidence it is happening and we're contributing to it. my vision for america is far different one. i'm running for re-election, to affordable ty healthcare to all americans and the so by improving affordable care act, not repealing it and protecting 400,000 delaware citizens. i'm running for re-election to rotect mueller's investigation and restore checks and balances and make this nation great over years, i'm running for re-election to ensure raise and we don't derail the longest running economic expansion in the country, now nine years long, with foolish economic policies and trade wars sometimes make no sense.
1:01 pm
i'm running for re-election to america moral obligation in our society remain strong and moral obligation in sustainable ways. make g for re-election to i'm going to n we choose over oil wells and create jobs. i love this state. people in this state and i think we need leader work ary washington to with >> i want to thank you and the university of delaware and the audience specifically my wife
1:02 pm
and my elder son who is here today with us. my younger son is at the naval academy and i wish she was here but he is not able to. we have a choice. we have a choice in 20 days. we have a choice of looking to the past politics, career politicians what is wrong with washington, d.c.? i think we need to focus on the future. i agree with my opponent that when he said 18 years ago that it was time for a generational change. i am stepping up to be that next to leaven in delaware the families of this great state and ultimately, this great nation. we must focus on the people and not this partisan bickering that's going on that we are also fed up with. my vision is one of greatness. my vision is to ensure that we
1:03 pm
again. first state first putting a focus on jobs. we need real opportunities in this state yet again. need a real affordable health care and what existed -- and not what exists today. we need a great education for our kids and our families. when the opportunities come back for these jobs, they have new ways. i want to educate our kids and keep them here. that's my goal as a father and as a husband and somebody who just cares about our families. we've got to put a focus there. in just 20forward, days, i am asking you to get r listen to thend excitement. people are ready for change in this great state of delaware.
1:04 pm
to earn your vote come november 6, got bless you and thank you. >> thank you very much. both for participating in delaware debates 2018. on behalf of delaware public media and the university of i thank you for joining us on delaware debates 2018 and encourage you to cast your vote on tuesday, november 6. [applause] host: caller: [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2018] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] let's take you live to the national press club in d.c. with remarks by the first female director of the national air and space museum. introductions are under way. you are watching live coverage here on c-span. >> and how the museum is helping lead the national commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the apollo lunar program. la a


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