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tv   Campaign 2018 Jay Webber Rally with Paul Ryan  CSPAN  October 19, 2018 6:17pm-6:33pm EDT

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announcer: house speaker paul ryan attended a campaign rally in new jersey in support of j weber, a republican running to fill the seat vacated by congressman freeling horizon, who -- congressman freeling relinhuysen who is retiring. >> all right, thank you, betty lou and thank you the weber kids. thank you. [laughter] [applause] very much for you being here and supporting me, and thank everyone for coming out today. thank you, so much. . have a question for you do you like winning? well, we have good news. we are winning! [applause] >> no one, no one can look at the facts desk some of you mentioned, fax matter, right?
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nobody can look at the facts and said that we aren't winning in the country these days. and it is an american win, right? [applause] is winning every if you look at the economy, it is growing at 4% per quarter, right? unemployment at 3.7%. business confidence at an all-time high, wages and housing stats are going up. just today, the world economic forum, the organizations that os conference,v named america is the most competitive economy in the world. [applause] that is the first time since 2008. let me see, who was leading the country in 2008, oh, yeah, republicans were leading the country into thousand eight,
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weren't we? we know what the cause is. good policies of washington that empower people and not government. that tax cut that we have had last year, cutting taxes for everybody. in this district, nobody in the state of new jersey benefits more than the people of the 11th congressional district from the tax cut passed last year. [applause] an average of $6,000 per family of 4, is a benefit we see from the tax-cut and people are feeling it every day. we are doubling the standard eduction, doubling the child tax credit. the business tax reforms that have incentivized people to invest in america, instead of sending their money overseas. that is what i call winning. [applause] now, it is not just the economy that is winning, our soldiers
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men andors, the brave women of the armed services are reading every day with this administration. seeing the largest rate increase the have seen in decades under this administration and this congress, and they deserve it. [applause] webber: and a strong military is essential to having a robust foreign policy. we have some kids hear from the questioner academy today -- there we go dust [applause] know that this is a foreign policy that our friends know that they are -- that we are their friends. and there are no finer friends and we haven't israel. standing up for our allies in the middle east, to rogue nations like iran and syria, standing after our rivals in the far east like china and the korean peninsula. doingg peace, but always so on our terms, not on theirs. that is a change of course for
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this country for the better, and we are winning across the world. [applause] mr. webber: know, with all this , why would weon ever want to do something different? but that is what nancy pelosi and the democrats want to do. they want to go in a different direction. what, no syphilis has a hand-picked candidate to run for congress in the 11th congressional district this year -- bash nothing pelosi has a nancy pelosi has a hand-picked candidate to run for congress in the 11th congressional district this year. that candidate is here to turn the clock back on all the successes we have had. she said she thinks nancy pelosi has been the most effective speaker we have seen in a decade. ?re you kidding me she applauds the legislation nancy pelosi was able to pass. are you kidding me?
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cities,axes, sanctuary blowing up medicare with socialized medicare scheme, are you kidding me? that is not the direction this district is going, is it? you want to go back to the days of higher taxes? do you want century cities? do you want socialized medicine? no. heck no. if nancy pelosi was not bad enough, we heard her on the debate last week say that she was going to vote for bob menendez. are you kidding me? bob menendez? [booing] simple, folks. very simple. you cannot be with nancy pelosi on policy come out with bob menendez on ethics and with the people of the 11th congressional district. [applause]
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so here's is what we have to do, we have to go 20 days, 20 days in a battleground district to decide who will go to congress and who will control congress come january 2019. in the eyes of the world and the , they are on us. we have to deliver. for the people of this country and not just for the people of the united states, but for the people of the world who can't on america to be strong, free and prosperous. here is what i would ask you to do. for 20 days, i need you to help us get out the vote. the republicans vote in this district, we win. we don't vote, we won't win. starting now, i need your help, conveniently. we have phone banks set up right across the way, we are going to get together and hear from the speaker of the house.
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but in really after, i invite you to come on over. , grab do it, you do it the phone, make some calls. get out the vote with us. it has never been more important in this county, in the 11th congressional district, to fight hard in our backyard and deliver this district to the house of representatives. [applause] mr. webber: all right. now i know you have heard from me, plenty, over the last couple of months. you will hear from me a little more over the next couple of weeks. we have a special guest that i wanted to bring out and i am so grateful for him to making this district a priority. man ir paul ryan is a greatly admire, someone who is a policy wonk a heart but a political leader by necessity. he has led this country through an unprecedented period of prosperity, hope and confidence.
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i want you to give him a big new jersey welcome to the 54th speaker of the house of representatives, paul ryan. ♪ [applause] rep. ryan: hey, how are you doing? how is it going, north jersey? just introduced me to johanna and his kids and i realized that i am not nearly as good as catholic as jay weber. what a beautiful family. , have to tell you, no pressure but we, the rest of the country, we are all come to on you, north jersey, to deliver this man to the united states congress in 20
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days. you, i think you understand this, but the stakes could not be higher for this country. we really are at this, sort of proverbial tipping point, or fork in the road in this nation. you can just see it. the rest -- the left has come unhinged. nancy pelosi and her cronies running for congress -- no see pelosi and nancy pelosi and her clothes are going hard. ofy want to get rid controlling or border, they want to have socialized medicine take over and bankrupt medicare. they want to undo all the tax cuts and raise our taxes. they want to move us so far left, that we would not even recognize ourselves. they don't even calls themselves progressives anymore, they call themselves in aquatic socialists. it is the craziest think you have ever seen.
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bash nickel themselves democratic socialists. [booing] last two: in the years, we have taken a military that was getting hollowed out, the veterans administration that sleepinggrace that was all these things under the rocks, and we have turned it around. our military now is back on track and being rebuilt. our v.a. is being held to account. i was in afghanistan last week with our soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines. [applause] were there to thank them for keeping us safe, and they were saying, thanks president trump and this congress from making us whole again. having this kind of economic growth, it doesn't happen by accident. having this kind of economic growth, where the world economic forum said that the u.s. economy is the best in the world, not
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2008. what happened between then, that was the obama years. we have brought regulatory relief to small businesses, we have done things like cracking down on human trafficking, fighting opioids, overhauling career technical education to make to your schools will again so people can get the education they want. now where economy people cannot reach and make their american dreams. we have things going well in this country. do you realize that there are more jobs being offered today than there are people looking for jobs in america today? theunemployment rate is lowest it has been in 49 years. the unemployed rate for black and latino citizens is the lowest we have ever had in recorded history. it is fantastic. , nancy pelosi and her clones running for congress, once to undo all of that.
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-- they want to undo all of that. bob menendez as well. use your is are not going to reelect bob menendez, are you? please. this is what is at stake. forlook, i have been around a little while. i have seen people come and go in congress and i have to tell you, you can see a person of character and integrity when you look at jay webber. [applause] paul ryan: the choice is clear. we don't see a blue wave coming across the country. they have been talking about it. we don't see it. here's what we see. that's right, red tide. money,a green wave of this is our challenge. it's the wrong kind of green wave of money.
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we see liberals on the coasts trying to buy a new congress. michael bloomberg wrote a $100 million check himself to defeat republicans in congress. wroter guy in california a 100 millon dollar check to defeat republicans in congress. you see the money spigot being opened to drown us out. money from all over the country trying to put nancy pelosi back in charge of congress. in 20 days, you have to make sure -- this election is so important. you need to talk to your neighbors and relatives. this election is so important. you need to make sure that people understand the stakes and consequences. you have a very good man in j weber. , he is known, he
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is from here. he is going to hit the ground running when he gets to congress. thank you for being here. make sure you get across the finish line. help defeat the nancy pelosi congress running against him. thank you very much. god bless you all. [applause] ♪ >> ♪ it's a long way to took top -- to the top if you want to rock 'n roll ♪ ♪ >> with election day less than a month away, on the control of congress, see the competition for yourself.
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debates from key house and senate races. make c-span your primary source for campaign 2018. congress is out of session until after the midterm elections with only brief sessions. both chambers are back for legislative work on tuesday november 30. the house is expected to take up legislation funding the federal government passed december 7. the senate will take up coast guard programs in the nomination for the federal reserve ward. follow the house live here on c-span in the senate live on c-span two. consumer advocate and former presidential candidate ralph nader spoke about capitalism and free market policies at a conference. here's a portion of his remarks from the center for study of response of law.


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