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Paul Ryan
  House Speaker Paul Ryan News Conference  CSPAN  September 6, 2018 11:36am-11:48am EDT

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speaker ryan: i don't know how any were around in the 1960's. that's the last time the number of americans filing for unemployment benefits was this low. 49 years ago. it this is the best job market we have had in decades. and here's something else that's very encouraging. workers in what are traditionally considered lower-wage jobs, the bank tellers, maintenance workers, they are seeing some of the biggest pay increases right now.
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and we expect this trend to continue. so we're on track here. tax reform is working. families are better off. businesses are hiring. businesses are expanding. manufacturing is booming. should have seen the index come up yesterday. we're finally seeing the kind of broad based economic growth in our economy that we were gunning for. do we have more to do? we absolutely have more to do. we still have millions of jobs unfilled. that story is playing out across the country where businesses are trying to find workers with the right skills. is is why we just recently overhauled our career and technical education system so that it's easier to match people with the training they need. with the farm bill, we want to get more people from welfare to work so overhauled our career they, too their path of life. i know there is a lot of intrigue you want to ask me about, but from the start, this is what we here in the house have been focused on. jobs, the economy, things that affect people in their daily
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lives. and it's great to see these positive results from these policies. all of which you can learn more y going to any questions? reporter: the president yesterday in your meeting with him, to sign any spending bills you might -- speaker ryan: we want to get as many bills signed into laufment and a good agreement and understanding we'll keep government funded. folks i haven't called on in a while. reporter: i'm with the weekly stand. -- standard. the bilateral trade agreement with mexico instead of nafta, do you think that would be t.p.a. client? speaker ryan:: good question. i want to see this run its course before making a judgment on that. reporter: does congress have any role to investigate who
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wrote "the new york times" op-ed hat was -- speaker ryan -- speaker ryan: to to investigate it? not that i know of. the person -- a person who works for the administration serves for the president. a person who obviously is living in dishonesty. it doesn't help the president. if you're not interested in helping the president, you shouldn't work for the president as far as i'm concerned. reporter: speaker ryan -- speaker ryan:: what were you doing in vegas? reporter: following you. that's a different story. and you popped up. speaker ryan:: you popped up. reporter: it is my hometown. more and more members are talking about bringing back earmarks. is that something you think -- modified version. is that something you think should be done? do you think they should vote on
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it after the elections in conference? speaker ryan:: this is something thea that's always -- we dealt with this in our last organizing conference for this congress. i don't doubt that the next organizing conference, the next congress, will probably wrestle with this issue. the challenge is, when we had it before, it was a corrupt system. duke cunningham went to jail because of earmark abuse. my experience with earmarks was an abusive process. where i think some compelling points have been made is in the executive branch versus the legislative branch and the constitution. but that doesn't mean things that direct money to private sector as these for-profit and -- so the question gets narrowed down to like the army corps of engineer and things that are inherently federal in nature. that's where the debate is moving to. we have not settled this debate.
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it does at the end of the day come down to fiscal conservatism , transparency, accountability, and what is the proper role of the government and the role between the executive and legislative branch. we haven't finished that -- settling that to date. i think the next organizing congress will have to wrestle with this. reporter: any comment on this new d.h.s. policy just announced. which would allow for the indefinite detention of immigrant children with their parents -- speaker ryan:: just heard about it this morning. we should not be separating people at the border. i believe that's what the administration also agrees. the people i have spoken with. we shouldn't be separating families at the border. reporter: i'm wondering, you guys want to pass tax reform 2.0 before the election. you have also passed reform ill, the work requirement. mcconnell said they are not going to do a tax reform 2.0
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vote. what are you doing to talk to your senator counterpart about this? are you pushing them to include this? how confident are you? what are you doing about it? speaker ryan: i can't speak to theirs. ours will be at the end of the month. understand why they may not get to the vote in the time frame we're on the tax bill. on the farm bill, i understand progress is being made. there are different ways of getting at the objective of promoting work and having work incentives. we feel very strongly about work incentives. reporter: you talk about the president yesterday. you and other republican leaders, mitch mcconnell, down played the idea of a shut down, when the president in your presence, that's serious. how can you continue to say we don't think there will be a shut down. we think we have a good agreement with the president and he sends a tweet like he sent
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last month, says what he says while you're sitting there, and the history what did he in march after you thought had you an agreement he threatened to veto the bill for five hours. speaker ryan: but he didn't. reporter: at the end of the day -- speaker ryan: -- is that how he plays ball? how he rolls? speaker ryan:: yeah. i'd love -- i'll repeat what i said before. many we have a good understanding. i'm confident our understanding will stick. reporter: you know have republican senators both inside the white house expressing concern on the near daley basis about the president's behavior in morality, his understanding of basic policy. how long can you as speaker legitimately pretend that you're unconcerned or unaware -- speaker ryan:: i'm not -- what i concern myself about are the results of government.
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and the results of government are good results. the military is being rebuilt. people are going back to work. jobs are being increased. people's lives are being improved. we're going to put another great judge on the supreme court if things go as planned. these are good results for government. i know the president is very unconventional. i know his tweeting and unconventional tactics bother people. but the results of government are good results. and we're a different branch of government. our branch of government is in charge of making sure that we pass good laws that improve people's lives. guess what, we're passing good laws that improve people's lives. this is why we're sticking with, it is making a positive difference. reporter: wouldn't you be very concerned if this were a democratic president? speaker ryan:: how many investigations are on right now? with respect to the other one, i have said this before, this wasn't your question, those
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investigations are continuing. the special counsel should do his job, and he is doing his job. we're supporting that. reporter: senator kyl has ignited some speculation the senate might vote again on repealing the a.c.a. senator mcconnell has poured water on that. is that something you would advocate? speaker ryan: i'm a big believer in jon kyl. great guy. but i haven't even thought of that. never brought to my attention. reporter: is it something you want to see? speaker ryan: i want to pass it. i always wanted to. i don't know that we could -- i can't imagine -- i haven't even thought about it. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2018] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> reminder that the u.s. house returns for legislative business
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at noon eastern. we'll have live coverage here on c-span. right now a look at the texas senate race. on. in the weeks leading up to the november elections, we are going to highlight certain races throughout the country. we start the texas senate race. joining us on skype to give us a sense of where it is is patrick of the texas tribune, the political reporter. good morning. >> thanks for having me. host: tell us about the texas senate race and why it is gaining so much attention. your republican ted cruz taking his second term and faces a very spirited and well-funded challenge from a congressman from el paso. i think especially in recent months this race has gained so much attention because of the amount of money that o rourke is raising. he is an online fundraising machine.
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he is outraised ted cruz for all but one quarter, one fundraising period since he got in the race. the numbers have gotten bigger since then and the advantage bigger since then. another factor is how hard he is working. he has visited all 254 counties in texas. some of those places several times already and is running a very spirited campaign in going to all those counties and going to those places. some places neglected by democrats in the past and holding town halls and showing up which is a key part of his campaign. i think the money and amount of travel you are seeing from the democratic challenger here is moving this race in a competitive direction and i think through that, he has been able to turn himself into an underdog after being what i would describe as a long shot from the out that. there is still a steep hill to climb in texas, but i think he d