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tv   Erik Wasson  CSPAN  September 1, 2018 1:41am-1:52am EDT

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one filter coverage of congress, the white house, the supreme public policy events in washington dc and run the country. c-span is brought to you by your cable or satellite provider. >> at this point, congressional leaders are not so are -- sure whether he will provoke that. he is still talking to to provoke a shutdown over immigration before the midterm election. the senate majority leader and the house speaker are really intent on avoiding that at all costs.
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they have set up a strategy where they are having a serious appropriation bills to get most of the government set on a four-year funding and leaving the state department and justice department on a stopgap through the election. that is the plan as we head into september. it could run into turbulent times towards the end if trump insists on vetoing these bills. it looks like he is showing willingness to assign the first of these palaces -- sign the first of these packages. that would reduce the impact of any shutdown. >> the house has been out for summer recess. the senate has been in.
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>> the first thing will be trying to resolve the minibuses. it has three parts. the legislative affairs bill, it funds congress itself. it has a military construction and veterans affairs bill, which funds the v.a.. it has energy and water title which funds the army corps of engineers and the department of energy. the biggest problem with that bill has been veterans health funding. there is a v8 choice act, a bill signed into law by president trump that would increase services for veterans as far as being able to access medical health care. that bill didn't have any direct funding and there has been a to providewhether funding in this bill by making cuts to other programs or to raise the cap in order to accommodate the extra spending or to declare emergency status. that has been a big battle. i have pitched the head of the againstations committee
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mitch mcconnell who prefers to make the cut. he doesn't think we should alter the caps or mess with them in any way. there was a white house attempt to rescind spending which died in the senate. been, we arehas not going to raise the caps. that will be the big issue, we will see how they square that. they could probably split the baby here and declare emergency spending on small levels for the first year. push it to later years or next year. that was the first of the minibus packages. the reason another one that involves the defense department. this is a very tricky thing. the house has passed a defense bill that has not passed the controversial labor health and human services bill. involved issues like planned parenthood and abortion and
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funding to administer obamacare. it's a difficult thing for the house to pass because it really divides the body. the senate has combined them to successfully pass. the question is, was going to happen? it looks like paul ryan is willing to go to conference with the senate on the package them in even the other house has not passed its version. this could cause consternation from conservatives. the final one involves all the other bills. that could probably be packaged with a stopgap measure, getting us through the election. >> president trump and his white house budget director have said they do not want another omnibus, another huge package together spending bill. how were they planning on dealing with the border wall? up, trumptting it would sign the first minibus
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package with the veterans affairs in september. then at least you of got it down from a 12 bill to a nine bill. second done, if you get it to six bills. say, we are not giving you them all. i think that that is where we are headed. the bigger issue for trump is is so much the omnibus, it that his border wall is not being funded. the white house budget office has worked with the house to provide $5 million this year for the wall. $1.6enate has said billion. the republican from west end ofa told us at the august that she had gone to the border and was more comfortable with providing funding. what do you cut in order to provide that? transportation funds? health care?
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there's is a reluctance and senate to make those cuts for a waste of money, a border wall that can be defeated by a nine foot ladder. there's a sense that it's not as popular among republicans as it is with trump. >> let's pivot a little bit too nominate brett kavanaugh. the senate judiciary committee will be meeting. they will pick up his nomination, his confirmation hearing. republicansouple of , democrats that you will be keeping your eye on during the questioning? what issues are they going to be hammering with judge kavanaugh? >> are there going to be any republican defectors? the filibuster has gone away. democrats are boxed out of this. republicans stay together. .hey have a razor thin majority
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we are looking at susan collins, under pressure being pro-choice. whether they can vote for someone who many people believe be the pivotal vote in overturning roe versus wade abortion decision. assume something that i will indicate an openness to kavanaugh. paul, who was often willing to disrupt the best laid plans but perhaps not in this case. as far as the questioning, it is see how brett kavanaugh response to questions about executive power and privilege. haves made comments that raised eyebrows about whether or not a sitting president can be indicted, about whether he can be charged with crimes. that is all relevant to the moment -- the mueller investigation. , the delaware
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democrat, says kavanaugh should expect a lot of questions. been killing has with executive nominations, judicial, a lot of nominees to the circuit court district. how has the senate been able to really rapidly go through all of these nominations? >> just because the filibuster is no longer with us, the democrats are not as empowered as they have been in the past. mitch mcconnell warned that this would happen. the republicans have stayed united. there were a few nominees that were blocked. overall, they really ran them through. donerats have not been -- all they can.
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we are major judicial confirmations, 68 by the first week of september in the senate. other deadlines in september. we have the farm bill, a big issue in railamerica that is going to expire at the end of the month. we have federal aviation administration authorities. a real desire to get something done on opioids. the plate is full for congress in the coming weeks. >> we will continue to follow you on twitter and your handle. thank you so much for all of the insight. >> thank you so much. us for book tv's live coverage of the 18th annual library of congress national book festival. saturday, starting at 10:00 eastern. are set ate includes the washington convention center with john meacham and his book.
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doris kearns goodwin with "leadership and regular times -- in turbulent times." watch the 18th annual library of congress national book festival, live on c-span two's book tv to get -- tv. in massachusetts, democratic congressman is facing a primary challenge. the two candidates recently faced one another in a debate ahead of tuesday's primary. tvs is courtesy of wg be why in springfield. we bring it to you as your primary source for campaign 2018. >>


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