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Larry Kudlow
  Natl Economic Council Director on Potential Google Regulation  CSPAN  August 28, 2018 3:47pm-3:58pm EDT

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memorial services remembering senator john mccain begin tomorrow. senator mccain's body will lie in state at the arizona state capitol in phoenix. we will have live coverage of the ceremony to mark morning at 10:00 eastern. thursday, former vice president joe biden will be among speakers at a funeral at northeast attist church in phoenix 11:00 a.m. eastern. on friday senator mccain's body will lie in state at the capitol rotunda in washington dc, and we will have the national memorial service live as former president george w. bush and barack obama remembers senator mccain at the question to national cathedral, starting saturday morning at 10:00. senator mccain will be laid to rest at the u.s. naval academy in a private ceremony. president trump tweeted today google search results for trump news shows only the viewing and reporting of fake news media.
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in other words, they haven't rigged for me and others so that almost all stories and news is bad. fake cnn is prominent. republican media is shut out. illegal? 96% of trump news is from national left-wing media. very dangerous. google and others are suppressing voices of conservatives and hiding information and news that is good. they are controlling what we can and cannot see. this is a very serious situation. will be addressed. later in the day white house economic adviser larry kudlow said the trump administration is taking a look at imposing regulations on google. reporter: is there any indication this pressure ispaign on search engines
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having the desired effect? mr. kudlow: i think that word pressure, that is your word. i think we have, is having the desired effect? the u.s. and mexico have generated a strong deal, a free trade deal, progrowth deal as an example. canada should study how we put this together. i don't know about pressure. there are a lot of issues that andould deal with, compromise where necessary. that is what happens. take a look at what we just did. it's a tough deal. i don't think a lot of people thought we would get a mexico deal. and everybody is proud of it. the mexican side is great. great, robert lighthizer, jared kushner, i mean you can do it. if you want to do it, you can do it. don't know. i
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they are canada, we are the usa. we all make decisions protecting our countries and our workforces. it's not pressure. it's just saying hey, look at this. [inaudible] what you want, legalese? do you play the process out, do you make the deal on principle? that's holding. and then you send it up to the hill. what is the process, three months? deals with itess and there will be amendments from the other countries. you have to have some patience. but this is real, believe me. night we had a lovely talk about that. this is real, don't think this a somehowng that thi
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going to go away. it's not. heorter: the president said is unhappy this morning about google and what comes up in google searches. does the president believe the should be some form of regulation for google? mr. kudlow: we are taking a look at it. we will let you know. reporter: the idea that this originated in a story about the russian media? mr. kudlow: that's above my pay grade. reporter: gdp projections for the next quarter? mr. kudlow: the last thing i saw was 4.6 q3, is that right? we had some terrific business cap investment numbers come out,
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which is really the heart of it. because if they are investing because we have lower tax rates and more incentives and a 100% easierng and repatriation, all that seems to be panning out. so that gives you the productivity, that gives you the jobs, that gives you the real wages. i just think you are saying that whole curve go up and it's great. i can't vouch for the atlanta fed. we would be thrilled with 3% 4.6%.but they are talking i don't want to critique the atlanta fed but it just shows you. of economicsensus forecasting has moved up. it may very, but it has moved up. i think that's great. reporter: for the republicans in the midterms, it seems like the q2 numbers are coming up to give them an advantage?
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months of three full media messaging off the last quarter's numbers. we are getting a q3 preliminary for the last week of october. but we didn't invent the deadline, it is out there, the commerce department, etc.. it's alike a story, growth story. we are beating the estimates and i have many friends on the democratic side and i respect them. said you couldn't get 2% and we are moving into a 3% zone and may moving into a 4% zone. may be moving into a 4% zone. confidenceconsumer and the business confidence and the small business conference. i think that's interesting, it's a good form of economic polling. it's a very strong story, and i think policies are helping. i hate to say it, heaven for
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bed, can somebody give president trump a little credit for moving to a pro, no more penalizing success, no more bad mouthing businesses, the president saying go for it, take a rip with the ball, we are there to help you out, give you more take-home pay, a better paycheck. i know it's unfashionable, i would give president trump some credit. reporter: have there been any private discussions in recent days or weeks on trade between china and the u.s.? mr. kudlow: i can't talk about that. there's an ongoing process. as always some communication. but i want to make this point. it takes two to tango. i'm full of cliches this morning. it takes two to tango.
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so we have this north america-pacific tango. when i was here the last time, i married m -- i remember mrs. reagan on drugs, just say no. with china and trade my device once in aay yes while. you know what we are asking. the lists have been clearly put down on paper. without a number of meetings, beijing, washington, back to beijing, why don't you say yes to something, you know what i mean? yes. even married couples and a little spat will eventually say i don't know, that might not be the best, we are not married to china. i don't want to get in trouble. you know what i am saying. they have to come through with
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some positive statement, and i'm just not getting that. i would love to see it. same with canada. you have to do it that way. reporter: what are you hearing from canada? mr. kudlow: they are coming here today, that's what i understand. the foreign minister coming, all bunch of them are coming. : on google, i know you said it's a sensitive subject. can you tell us what you are going to be looking into their? -- looking into there? mr. kudlow: no. just some investigation and analysis. that's what we do. reporter: do you have any evidence that they are censoring search results? mr. kudlow: where looking into it. -- we are looking into it.
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reporter: who are the canadian officials coming today? do i look like an advance man? they are coming. >> a senior executive from discussed the perceived conservative bias in social media at a gathering of conservatives earlier this month in austin, texas. also speaking at the resurgent gathering, texas governor greg abbott and a member of the and erik erikson organized the conference. this portion is about one hour and a half. host: governor abbott will be up to her in just a few minutes. i wanted to talk briefly about why we are doing this. a number of you are familiar with the red state gathering. oneng