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tv   Senate Judiciary Committee Members on Supreme Court Nominee Kavanaugh  CSPAN  August 17, 2018 7:00am-7:43am EDT

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political news of the day with the washington times online opinion editor and harvard law on theor lawrence lessig lawsuit he joined to challenge the electoral college system. join the discussion. ♪ host: it is the washington journal for august the 17th for our first hour this morning. we are interested in hearing from you, what you would choose as the top story of the week. for example, president trump's decision to rescind john brennan's security clearance. you may consider 700 news -- several hundred newspapers showed solidarity, criticizing president trump and his views on omarosa. or tapes from one released yesterday and promises of more to come.
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you wantis something to talk about in your hometown, that is up for consideration on this top news story of the week. if you want to call with that, 202-748-8001 for republicans. 202-748-8000 for democrats. independents, 202-748-8002. if you want to tweet us, you can do so@and -- you can do so @cspanwj and post on our page at the editors of "the washington post" highlight that story concerning mr. brennan's security clearance. president believes his critics. they write democratic norms erode as the president uses his authority over access to classified information to bully and punish critics and would be
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critics. those who may be more vulnerable ben mr. brennan may indeed intimidated into silence. others will be stirred to resist. "on the opposite page today, we publish an open letter to the president saying "i would consider it an honor if you would revoke my security clearance as well so i can add my name to the list of men and women who have spoken up against your presidency.'" that, if yount on want to make it the top story of the week. if you want to call, it is 202-748-8001 for republicans. democrats, 202-748-8000. independents, 202-748-8002. we will start with anthony in maryland, democrats line. a tell us what you would consider our top story of the week this week. caller: my top story of the week
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is definitely the omarosa case. -- should ben upset, but they are not i am pretty sure because they are the ones paying off all these people, stormy daniels. thewho knows what else trump campaign supporters are voting for. host: what do you think is the longevity of this story as more of these tapes, if they do indeed get released? there are seems like campaign finance violations going on, so it looks like somebody is going to jail. host: that is one consideration "variety" talks about, the release of the tape in discussion over -- with laura trump and what would be considered under omarosa's employment.
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palmer rosa releases trump of omarosa releases tape of laura trump. on the republican line, cliff from california in brentwood. good morning. caller: good morning. c-span is opening up the phone lines this morning, that is excellent. i have had an impression of c-span recently, you talk about homero set or brennan -- omarosa security clearance. you sound like cnn. host: those are significant stories we have talked about and there are others. liker: it sounds so much cnn, yeah. i am really excited with the story the other day, yesterday, that there is so much progress between president trump and
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mexico concerning nafta. i see so much progress around the world. that president, the e.u. -- you saw the extremely positive developments a few weeks ago. it got very little play. china trade, we are making progress. middle east piece, iran. , iran.le east peace even korea, which is problematic, but it is so much more hopeful. that guy will never again do the bombsround tests and send to hawaii. host: when it comes to the nafta story, why do you think it is a top story? caller: because the trade imbalance is so unfavorable to the united states and the ap story stressed new mexico -- mexico is in a hurry to get this deal in before the new president takes over. host: "the wall street journal"
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adding it was in a cabinet meeting the president made remarks about nafta. michael bender and william baldwin writing it was president trump telling trade negotiators to take the time they need to strike a deal on overhauling the north american free trade agreement and put pressure on canada. the remarks at the cabinet meeting thursday came as senior mexican officials were in washington to discuss new nafta rules for the auto industry and higher labor standards at the demand of u.s. lawmakers. "i am in no rush," president trump said of nafta. on the republican line, margie, pennsylvania is next. hello. caller: good morning. i thought the most important story was the john brennan security clearance situation and mostly because almost every business in the country, i would
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think, if you leave the business, you turn in your keys and all your files and i did not really get an explanation from all the talking heads as to why he and evidently dozens of others still have security clearances. people who are let go are not happy people. the comment that it is a .ourtesy doesn't ring true why would you jeopardize the security of the country so you don't hurt someone's feelings? host: what do you make of some of the criticism saying it was a bullying tactic by the president? caller: well, it could have been, but why would it even have to be? --on't understand why he when you leave, you should leave everything that had to do with
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the job behind you. clearance, acurity long list of others have security clearance. taping people and they don't even know about it. it is like the fox is guarding the hen house. host: that is one of the top stories of the week. you can make comments on what you heard, you can add things to the mix from the national scale to your hometown. 202-748-8001 for republicans. democrats, 202-748-8000. independents, 202-748-8002. it was not long ago on this program we had a national security lawyer to talk about national security clearances, who gets them, why they get them, what happens in the process of those clearances that are rescinded. you can go to our website at for more of that discussion if you want to learn more about the process.
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usa today has a follow-up story to what the editors of "the washington post" talked about. the man asking president trump to rescind his clearance is a retired navy admiral and oversaw the operation that resulted in osama bin laden's death. he penned that portion in "the today"ton post," "usa adding -- praised a brennan and called him one of the best -- finest public servants with integrity. saying the president used mccarthy era tactics against his critics. fort, good morning from lauderdale, florida, independent line. caller: good morning. my biggest story this week is the stripping of mr. brennan of his security clearance and to the young lady from pennsylvania -- the lady from pennsylvania, i wish to say to you, running a
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business is totally different from the security of the country. these are men who have served in administrations for years. they have built a 20, 30, 40 year career. to keep the country safe, it is more important than any little business. when you leave a business and leave your papers or whatever, you don't have to have them with you. when you talk about minds who for protected this country the many years they have and then you have the president who acts like a three-year-old. he is so vindictive and won't take the time to learn what he is supposed to be doing. omarosa, keep the tapes coming. host: what did you think specifically about the president deciding to rescind the security clearance of john brennan and why he did it? caller: he has the right to do
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it, but he should have done protocol. he should have consulted people who know about these things as opposed to just waking up and deciding he is going to do it. he has no knowledge. he knows nothing of what he is doing. host: john is in capital heights, maryland, democrats line. caller: the biggest story of the week is about the catholic church and the priests abusing kids. it is time for them to being politiciansnd the have been protecting priests. host: i assume you are saying on the federal level this should be investigated? caller: they need a special prosecutor. host: why do you think that would be the best route for this story? caller: because the politicians have been protecting these priests. that's why they need a prosecutor. host: there is an op-ed by nancy
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gertner this morning talking about the paul manafort trial that took lace in virginia -- with thee in virginia jury considering these 18 counts, questions asked by the jury -- to the judge yesterday and it is about the judge nancy gertner writes about. who is guilty in the manafort trial? the judge, she assumes. the judge intervened regularly and mainly against the prosecution. the judge's interruptions were on matters of substance, not courtroom conduct. he disparaged the evidence, even imply prosecutors disobeyed his orders when they had not. under the code of contact for u.s. of judges, a judge is supposed to be fair and impartial and patient, dignified, respectful, and courteous to those in his courtroom. rulee judge violates that and a defendant is convicted, there may be a trial remedy and
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appeal, but there will be no appeal to address the anti-prosecution bias by alice. -- by ellis. if president trump's former campaign chairman is convicted, the hostility toward the prosecution will have been irrelevant. that is nancy gertner and the op-ed she has this morning. find it online. randy is next in new york, independent line. hi. caller: good morning, pedro. thank you for my call, c-span. the callers before me are quite entertaining this morning. istop story of the week definitely about the security clearance issue and previous intel, people keeping security clearances after they leave public office. i am a retired 24 year member of
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the u.s. military. the minute i retired, my security clearance was suspended . this is what i believe should happen with anybody who leads a job that there's a clear declarant's was it -- their security clearance was a part of their job. it should be the same as in business which is what president trump is talking about. the only people -- reason these people were to keep their security clearance is if they were needed to be advisers for the administration. didt -- brennan prove he not want to advise anybody, all he wants to do is hate. i know c-span is aired in canada. i would be interested to see a discussion about nafta, how canadians view what is going on because being a border state, new york, president trump is doing the right thing for america. thank you. host: appreciate the suggestion.
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mr. brennan has an op-ed in "the new york times." he writes of this morning in that op-ed is saying mr. trump's claims of collusion are in a word, hogwash. the only questions that remain are whether collusion's that took place constitute criminal liability. -- why he made the politically motivated decision to revoke my security clearance in an attempt to scare and silence others who might challenge him. it is critically important the special counsel and his team of investigators be allowed to complete their work without interference. matt is next, republican line. hi. caller: good morning, pedro. good to see you. it is nice to see somebody on tv who still knows how to dress properly, dude.
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my comment is the story not being said and i would like to see you maybe get some of the actors on c-span to discuss this. a couple weeks ago chicago had more black men killed and shot then police doing that in an entire year, yet you don't see anybody out there protesting about that gun violence in chicago. where is black lives matter? where are these pro athletes protesting black on black crime? it seems a little bit hypocritical when they talk about black lives matter and yet when you see what happens in chicago, nothing happens. on top of that, there have been a few instances with black police officers involved with black men and i remember 30 years ago they were saying if we
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have more minorities in the police force, things change. there is a lot more minorities in the police force and when they do something, there is no protest. it is only white officers. i would like to see a panel discussion on that, maybe. host: on this program yesterday we had two guests joining us onh differing perspectives the violence particularly in a chicago. these men brought two different perspectives to the conversation. a lot of the tangents you touched upon were discussed yesterday. if you go to our website,, you can see that discussion and what the comments were and get your own input. those are at our website. from wanda in california, you are next. wondering,as just did you see that news clip of rand paul's statement about why
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he recommended that trump fire brennan? did you see that video? it was on fox news and he said the reason he recommended , it was quite a while ago he made the recommendation. it was because brennan had revealed the identity of an and hes secret cia agent jeopardize the life of that agent, so he deserved to be fired anyway. it seems like you guys just want to show that one side and make it seem like trump is a hater on brennan and now brennan works for cnn and leaks all kind of stuff for cnn, secret information just to stay on cnn.
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why does he need to have his security clearance? he is not acting like a person in his position should act. host: this is the "courier journal" of this is thomas of the louisville "courier journal" about rand paul. the story says he is celebrating after that revoking of the security clearance by john brennan. the story is laid out at the courier-journal if you want to read for yourself. terry is next from illinois, hello. caller: hello. host: you are on, go ahead. you are on, go ahead. caller: i was just calling. i thought the decision of reducing people's security should be looked at in a bigger light and i had some friends that lived down by the gulf in georgia and they live close enough to the gulf they said
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when we smell fish, we know it is fish. we don't have to see the fish to know it is fish. host: particularly about the security clearance question, what do you think needs investigating? caller: as far as brennan goes, many timesed himself and donald trump, even though he got elected president, in my opinion, he has frauded his way through life. he has $900 million worth of junk bonds to secure his bankruptcy. he paid $20 million, $30 million to settle the trump university lawsuit. host: how does that relate to a security clearance question and what needs investigating about it? caller: in my opinion, when somebody --like i am a farmer's to go ayou want cattle certain way, you get them to go a certain way.
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most people in politics can get you to go the direction they want you to go by saying things andthey are prodding trump trump is going in the direction they want him to go. a lot of his friends are panicking and if you look at the big picture, it's all part of the nation's homeland security. of theestic threat nation is the oval office and the people within the nation feel threatened and the majority of the people looked at it as kind of full list to want to pick fights -- full is to want topick -- kind of foolish pick fights with african-americans and why would you pick fights with people who lived here before his family? caller: pedro, good morning. i am proud of c-span and "washington journal" because you present articles from all papers
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all over the country whether it is conservative "washington times" or the more liberal "l.a. times." i was proud to see print media take a stand and newspapers say we are not going to sit back and let this president make us the enemy of the people, which i --nk is ridiculous without a ridiculous. without a free and unfettered press, we would not know what is happening in our government. we all see regimes with state run media and they don't get the news to the people. whether it is at a trump rally or among friends and family, if you continue to believe there is fake news, you are supporting this. the enemy of the people to me is the enemy of the press. host: it was on the pages of call."all -- roll
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the senate went on record declaring the press is not the enemy of the people, a rebuke to president trump who declares the opposite on a regular basis. -- the clear the senate support for a free press and the first amendment protections afforded to journalists. the resolution text was released on the same day 350 newspapers ran editorials to push back on the criticism of the media. during that floor time yesterday, brian schatz calling up the resolution asking for unanimous consent. [video clip] is notffirms the press the enemy of the people and reaffirms the vital and indispensable role of the free press serving to inform the electorate, uncover the truth, act as a check on the inherent power of the government, further discourse and debate, and advanced our most basic and
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cherished democratic norms and freedoms. it condemns attacks on the institution of free press and uses efforts to undermine the credibility of the press as a whole as an attack on our democratic institutions. , as if inent legislative session, i ask consent the senate proceeded to 607consideration of submitted today. >> senate resolution 607 reaffirming the vital and indispensable role the free press serves. >> is there objection? without objection. resolution be agreed to, the motions reconsidered -- to reconsider be considered made with no remaining action or debate. >> without objection. >> thank you, mr. president, i yielded the floor. host: the senate taking that portion of the summer to come in during august to get some business on. the house -- business done.
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the house is out until labor day . you can talk about the work of the senate in comments on the free press and the act of 350 newspapers as part of the top story of the week. we are inviting you to call in in this first hour. 202-748-8001 for republicans. 202-748-8000 for democrats and independents, 202-748-8002. we will have tweets available soon. melanie in wisconsin, the public in line, hi. caller: how are you doing this morning? host: fine, thank you. caller: my concern as a republican is the fact of our national security. i don't know if people have to step back and realize and were the day the russian ambassador , the daye oval office after or the day of mr. comey's firing and mr. trump comes out russians the
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top-secret in regards to syria and the reason he told him not to worry about comey, he got fired. people need to step back and understand our military is not to play with. our brothers and sisters in arms' lives are not pawns. call it mccarthyism xonismk sony is a or -- ni or putinism. regardless of the words out of brennan's mouth, he is informing what he feels is not normal. we should appreciate at least there are people out here that are standing up against what is not normal. host: that is melanie in wisconsin. carol says how can one know when omarosa lies and when she tells
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the truth? one day she is praising the president and the next day she changes her tune. another viewer saying if top level civilian security clearances are outlawed, only outlaws will have top-level civilian security clearances. you can post your comments on facebook at independent line, we will hear from james in virginia. caller: you had a panel or hearing discussion prior to the call in a segment with hhs. a great solution for part of the solution would be to have hhs notify the local school districts that the children are released to. if a child does not show up for school, action happens. that would be far more productive than nothing being done, then the 30 day phone call, which is currently all that takes place. host: when it come to that --
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came to that hearing yesterday, is that the big take away you got or were there other things you learned? caller: it seems like no one is accountable. no one wants to be accountable and it seems like typical government and you have the congresspeople that are leading this panel discussion. they want someone to be accountable and the heads of these departments put their hands up and it seems like if we are going to have a solution, there needs to be something done in congress that makes it very clear and the money and everything that needs to have that action takes place needs to be provided. host: here is a story stemming from that hearing inside the -- in front of the senate subcommittee. karen dickerson under the headline the u.s. concedes it doesn't know where migrant children go saying facing heated questions, officials from the health and human services
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department, immigration and customs enforcement each said they were not responsible for following up on children after the handed over to sponsors, most of whom are undocumented family members or family friends. commander white acknowledged the government stops keeping tabs on a child after a phone call made 30 days after he or she is answers, even if no one . you can throw that into the mix as far as top story of the week. you can choose something from your hometown paper or locality if you want to comment on that. 202-748-8001 for republicans. democrats, 202-748-8000. independents, 202-748-8002. john from alexandria, virginia, republican line. caller: i thought this was the
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democrat line. can you here me? host: this is the republican line. we will put you on hold and they can put you on the right line. let's go to michigan, republican line, dave, hello. caller: i am amazed at some of the opinions of mr. brennan being a good man, and honorable man. the man is a loquacious individual who does not watch what he says. my uncle was in the cia and he called mr. brennan a narcissistic maniac. he said he was a despicable individual. i remember mr. brennan when he was on the television addressing the media. claimed this -- there is no such thing as islamic radical terrorism and i
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fell off my chair. i could not believe the guy believed what he was saying and then i found out he was a communist. a card-carrying communist and a convert to the muslim faith. the man is a very mixed up individual. host: where did you gain the last two things? where did you get that from? caller: where did i get what? host: that he was a communist and a man of the muslim faith. caller: that has been known for a long time. he voted for a communist a long time ago. host: let's go to rob in new york, independent line. caller: i agree with your last caller. john brennan is a muslim. he was in charge of the headquarters when he -- in riyadh when he converted. infotook down alex jones' wars.
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that was totally wrong, so there is more fake news. still up and running. there was a radio station they shut down in texas. host: it was the pirate radio it is known as if i remember correctly. caller: it doesn't have anything to do with alex jones. that is fake news, pedro. host: from arkansas, william, republican line. caller: how is it going, pedro? host: i am doing ok, go ahead. yorkr: the guy from new and the chicago thing and he was talking about the black lives matter's and black on black crime and first and foremost, there is no such thing as black on black crime. in america, crime is interracial. white people are more likely to commit violent crimes against whites. blacks are more likely to commit
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murder against blacks, but violent crimes, there is no such thing as black on black crime because crime is interracial. as far as lack lives matter, they only have -- black lives matter, they only have one purpose and that is to state that black -- police officers that kill unarmed people with no copsn, -- it is not about orling blacks or whites anything like that, it's about cops that kill unarmed blacks for no reason and get away with it. as far as talking about he doesn't hear about the black on black crime in chicago, there are a lot of organizations in chicago i know of personally and i am a part of some of them that street violence. the problem is the media never because theyat
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never want people knowing blacks are angry with each other and hurting each other. in ohio,'s go to rita democrats line. caller: yes. i am listening to all these people talking about freedom of the press when there is only one enemy and that is the president. he is the only enemy of the people. i wish people would stop listening to him. host: what did you think of the actions of those editorials? those couple hundred newspapers taking stances on freedom of the press against the president of the united states? caller: i think it is wonderful. more of us need to get out and speak up. it is just tiring listening to him tear us down day in and day out and nobody does anything about it. i don't know why all of these people are up there if they are not going to do anything but let him sit up and degrade us read
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that is all he is doing. host: i will show you this story from the hill. the last caller saying it was the fcc that shut down a pirate radio station known for its conspiracy theorist alex jones. the station was hit with a $15,000 fine and temporarily pulled from the airwaves. a lawsuit alleged liberty radio had functioned without a license since 2013 and had been transmitting from a tower at an austin apartment complex. fm stoppeddio or lrn. airing in december and still streams online and the fcc charged saying the radio was illegally broadcasting on a wavelength. from linda, staten island, new york, republican line. caller: good morning. i was listening on the c-span app and i heard you read from
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your newspaper a critical analysis of a retired judge about the high profile case. that is something we don't hear too much about, another judge criticizing the actions of another judge. my other comment is about journalism in general that today, from my perspective, i believe most of the journalists on tv or newsprint, i believe it is more or less defamation journalism and we have laws against that because there is a difference between critical journalism and defamation journalism and most of it is defamation. thank you for taking my call. as a story this morning. saying it was senate democrats warning they planned to suit the national archives for brett kavanaugh's records if the freedom of information act request fails.
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chuck schumer said democrats will not file the lawsuit, but try to get the documents which augh'ses capital -- kavan time with president bush. here is a little bit from the minority leader of the senate, chuck schumer. [video clip] >> we have unprecedented and historic obstruction by senate republicans. they used to demand transparency. we gave it to them. the issue is not how many documents, it is the percentage. we gave them all of kagan's documents and all of sotomayor's documents. they have given us about 7% of documents. the question looms what is in the 93% they don't want to show us? because republicans have chosen obfuscation over transparency, they issued a four year request
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seeking the full gavin -- gamut of the records including the time as staff secretary. we would much rather follow the bipartisan process that has been around for years. mitch mcconnell is tearing down all the bipartisan parts of approving judicial nominees. one after the other after the other after the other. ust: your chance to tell your top story of the week on the remaining 20 minutes or so of this segment. 202-748-8001 for republicans. 202-748-8000 for democrats. .ndependents, 202-748-8002 south carolina is next, democrats line. brenda, hello. caller: yes, i have two comments. brennanis in regards to and the security clearance. i don't think it is right or fair to do that because his son-in-law's clearance should have been revoked a long time
7:39 am
ago and he still has clearance. if he can have clearance, all the years of service brennan served, he deserves it if he wants to have it. my second comment is with omarosa and the tapes. when comey was going through the hearing and everything, trump said something about he had a tape. republicans really need to investigate that further because if omarosa was taping, trump was probably taping and a lot of other people were probably taping and that is not robert protocol. host: what do you think about her releasing the tapes in the first place, is that something you support? caller: i understand what she did what she did. her word would not have mattered. they would have believed trump any day. the americantapes, people can decide what is true and false.
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i don't quite agree with what she did because the white house should not be run like that. nobody should be able to take any conversations in their. when putin and the guys from russia were there, there probably is a tape. that is what republicans need to investigate because if the president is recording people, i see why omarosa is recording people also. host: let's hear from ricky in roanoke, virginia, republican line. hello? caller: this is ricky from oklahoma. host: apologies for that, go ahead. caller: you guys keep on saying to tape thecost president -- don't they get paid anyway whether they are there or not? host: two stories taking a look
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at politics. "his is "the washington times midwestern presidents try to take act control of the house and senate seeing -- take back control of the house and senate. democrats outdistancing republicans and collecting more votes in numerous primary fights as both parties picture nominees. those are states where president donald trump led republicans for gains in 2016, but where democrats say things are swimming -- swinging back in their direction. spokesman tolda the washington times "that sign both well for november." if you go to the pages of "the washington post," a story stemming from minnesota following that election.
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this is paul kane who writes on politics about keith saying at least for now, fellow democrats have taken a latency approach following allegations he was now formerard a girlfriend, an accusation that went public days before he won the party's nomination for attorney general in november. paul kane writing that many yearrats were harsher last when the senate colleague al franken faced allegations of groping women and other inappropriate sexual advances within an hour of the first senatoron, heiress and kiersten gillibrand made it clear they would not spare the senator because he was a leading liberal and paul kane also congressional no doubt -- democrats have called for a house ethics committee investigation into allison -- ellison.


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