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tv   President Delivers Remarks at Foxconn in Wisconsin  CSPAN  June 28, 2018 1:57pm-2:55pm EDT

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you can attack deputy general rosen stein and special counsel mueller. you can burn bridges with your colleagues to speed this resolution to the floor. but you cannot stop the special counsel's investigation. before members vote today, we must ask when the special counsel's work is complete, when the the speaker: this story right here of fox conn, it's the most vivid picture of what a strong and healthy economy looks like. most viv i had picture of a state on the rise in a country with a healthy economy. i want to mention what scott walker just said.
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for years, we were frustrated about what we called a brain drain. for years, we were worried about our young kids going to our schools and universities and leaving the state to find better opportunities. this project is going to do more to reverse that brain drain and let's make note of this. i see brian albright out here, our partners from the colleges. this project is going to bring a whole new sector to our state's economy. and what we are doing, this generation of leaders, from the president to scott walker, to our educators, to our manufacturers who are making the dirt move to put this project on the ground, what this shows we
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are fulfilling our generation's commitment, duty and legacy. what is that commitment? what is that legacy. you leave the next generation better off. you do the things you need to do your kids and grandkids are better off. that is giving us the kind of economy, the kind of sector, the kind of neagsal -- educational partnership so people can raise their families in wisconsin with good careers and can work and get ahead and kids can get a great education and stay and enjoy a great life for themselves. so i want to congratulate who worked so hard to make this possible. i want to thank our president, governor and the chairman for bringing us to this moment. d i want to say to my fellow citizens, our best days as a
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state and fellow americans, our best days as a country are ahead of us because of projects like this. thank you very much and god bless. [cheers and applause] thank you. [cheers and applause]
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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2018] >> president trump set to speak here on the foxconn groundbreaking shortly. we'll have it live when it starts on c-span. in the meantime, we'll go back to the debate from the house floor earlier today.
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ms. jackson lee: i do not speak to the results. i speak to the impact of the integrity of the american people. we have not had one hearing. now we are in a rush to continue to reinvestigate and re-investigate the findings of the inspector general and the investigators who indicated that they investigated this and in essence found no criminal behavior. that this is secretary clinton's email. i think it is public knowledge that the item that she was being looked at for was the misuse of classified data. memo at best. we don't want that to happen. she did not want to happen. but she was cleared of any
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criminal intent or criminal actions by people that we would normally trust. i believe in oversight. i don't want scandal at the department of justice. i want the civil rights division to work well. maybe somebody should ask the question why the civil rights division is understaffed and barely working. maybe somebody should ask the question why the trump administration switched from being supportive of anti-voter i.d. laws that were discriminatory but did not. so this resolution is redundant. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady's time has expired. jackson lee it goes in the face of those who are -- >> i grant the gentlelady an additional 30 seconds. ms. jackson lee: i thank the gentleman. it goes in the face of those who are already performing. mr. speaker, the department of justice has already produced about 850,000 documents. the request of this group of folk from oversight and judiciary, they are complying. why are we on the floor taking a
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hammer to a flee that is unnecessary? why are we not in the judiciary committee probing the individuals who are now appearing? i want the american people to understand, this is a resolution that has nothing to do with the crux of producting the -- protecting the 2018 elections and it has nod to go with reality. we have finished our work and we need to go on to protect the united states of america against bogus elections. i yield back. >> order. >> the gentlelady's time has expired. the gentleman from new york reserves. the gentleman from north carolina is recognized. >> thank you, mr. speaker. the reality of this is the very document that the gentlewoman from texas put up. that 500-page report is actually investigative conclusions based on 1.2 million documents, of which this body, this body has received less than 24,000 documents, pages of the same documents that she mentions. and so all we're asking for is
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for us, the legislative body, and the american people, to be able to get the very same documents that the department of justice has. with that, i would like to recognize the gentleman from arizona, my good friend, dr. gosar, for two minutes. the chair: the gentleman is recognized for two minutes. mr. gosar: thank you, mr. speaker. i join my colleagues today in insisting that the department of justice fully comply with congress and provide the requested documents, including subpoenas related to the potential fisa abuse. the department of justice has done nothing but divert and block congress from documents that are well within our rights to receive. they have repeatedly insisted they have complied with the document request when they clearly have not. the department of justice deputy attorney general rod rosenstein has been the major player in stonewalling congress. the longer they stall this process, the more the american people lose faith in our justice system that is a threat to our country's future. i stand here today calling for transparency, answers and accountability so that we can get to the truth.
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the american people deserve the accountability. the time to act is now. if the d.o.j. fails to comply, then we will be forced to take it intoxicate in the level. to hold deputy attorney general rob rosenstein in contempt, or even itch peach, which would be my preferred -- impeach, which would be my preferred course of action right now. it's simple. comply with the law, do your job, or get out. i support this resolution and with that, i yield back. mr. meadows: i thank the gentleman for his leadership and tenacious spirit on this and i'll reserve the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves the balance of his time. the gentleman from new york is recognized. mr. nadler: mr. speaker, before i yield further time i have a parliamentary inquiry. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman will state his inquiry. mr. nadler: thank you. h.res. 970, which before us now, includes a reference to a document unilaterally issued by the house judiciary committee on march 22, 2018. it is my understanding that -- [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its
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caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national able satellite corp. 2018] >> distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, and all of my new family members in wisconsin, for the story in wisconsin and the united states only began about one year aveplgt however, many of you may i know, but 44 years ago, got my start as a young businessman right here, in the midwest. in 1974 i got my first order from chicago-based tv anufacturer. don't forget where your blessings come from. if not for this opportunity i
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got 44 years ago, i may not be here today. today, 44 years later, i come a to the midwest, to make major investment in wisconsin, me epay the people who gave a chance to realize my own dream. [applause] wisconsin has been the manufacturing hub of -- it has the skill set, the hardworking attitude, the culture and the people to support the transformation to a high-tech hub and to lead the future.
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we are here together to celebrate the groundbreaking of he wisconsin valley site and technology park. a new high-tech innovation hub in a small city and home to america's first and only -- $10 ible] -- this is a billion investment, we are create 30g,000 jobs in wisconsin. [applause] and not just any jobs. but high-tech jobs, high-paying jobs, high-potential jobs. high-value jobs. wisconsin valley will bring high-tech and i.
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-- a.i. together into one place. creating a community where the best talent in america will want o work and live. to silicon valley and boston, wisconsin valley is coming. [applause] i would like to give my thanks to speaker paul ryan for his support over the past year. i also want to express my thanks and appreciation to governor walker for having the foresight to see the positive impact of our investment on the wisconsin economy. he and his team have confirmed why we settled in wisconsin over
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many other states who want our investment. finally, i would like to thank you, president trump, for being with us today. i have said it before and i'll say it again, if it were not for your president, mr. trump, donald trump, i would not be here today. as a global businessman. [applause] as a global businessman, i have invested in many businesses around the world. president trump is one of the few leaders who has shown me such patience, attention and support. his commitment is truly one of
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the best. [applause] er the past years, i've seen president trump -- [inaudible] -- three things. obs, jobs, jobs. [applause] he truly cares about improving the lives of the american people. are e that more people oming to invest, to set up factories and to create more jobs.
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taking advantage of american talent, especially in wisconsin. [applause] a strong wisconsin is good for the midwest. a strong midwest is good for america. a strong america is good for the world. [applause] it is a win-win-win. and now i give you our next speaker, the president of the united states, mr. donald trump.
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president trump: thank you very much, everybody. you, you know, 18 months ago this was a field. now it's one of the most advanced places of any kind you'll see anywhere in the world. it's incredible. and i want to be thanking terry gou, chairman of foxconn, and a friend of mine, one of the most successful businessmen in the world. very few people even close. and i want to thank him for investing in wisconsin. [applause] and investing in the united states. and this is just the beginning. i know terry, this is just the
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beginning. this is one of the largest plants in the world and when you think in terms of 20 million feet, if you build in manhattan a million-foot building, that's a very big building. it will get much bigger. and here you're talking about more. think of it, more than 20 million feet. and that's probably going to be a minimal number. so i'm thrilled to be here in the badger state with the hardworking men and women of foxconn working with you. moments ago we broke ground on a plant that will provide jobs for uch more than 13,000 wisconsin workers. [applause] really something. really something. thank you, fellas. i want to also thank secretary steve mnuchin, who is here. thank you, steve. secretary ross.
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secretary acosta. [applause] and administrator linda mcmahon, friend of mine for a long time. where's linda? where's linda? thank you. and also paul just got -- just left. i said, go, because we have to pass legislation, we're passing so much. look at what's happening with our supreme court. look at the victories we've had. look at the victories we've had. and, terry, i didn't speak to m about, it but he'll be particularly happy about one of those victories. do you know which one i'm talking about? i think you do. i want to thank paul ryan. i want to thank our great congressman, glenn grothman, yeas glen? glen, thank you very much -- where's glenn? glenn, thank you very much. great job, glenn. and we have so many other
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officials. but i have to thank a man who i gave it to, i -- it's like handing the football off and he ran for 2,000 yards that game. because most people couldn't have done it. terry and i have had a great relationship and terry was and ng about doing this, you want to talk about another successful guy, he was in my office and he said, a friend of mine set it up. said, i want to invest $50 billion in the crites. i said, -- in the united states. i said, you mean $50 million. that would have been ok. that would have been worth about a five-minute meeting. $50 million. [laughter] and so i thought he was saying $50 million. when it was set up, it was $50 million and i wanted to make it quick. but i heard about him. he, along with terry, they're best friends. he came out and i said, so, good, what are you going to
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invest in? he said, -- i said, you can't do that for $50 million. he said, no, i'm going to invest d 50 billion. and he -- $50 billion. and he misrepresented to me. because he's -- i can tell you, he did. because he spent much more than $50 billion in the united states. and that was two years ago. and now they're going to do a lot more. o i want to thank massa san. massa, are you back there? come, come. i have to get him up here. come on up here, if you can understand what i'm saying. come here. [applause] he doesn't play games. doesn't like small numbers, right? you proud of terry? >> yes, i am. president trump: say something about terry. come on. [laughter] >> terry is my best friend.
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and we are the brothers. president trump: what about me? no? >> of course. [laughter] so i promised the first time i met president trump, just before you became official president, i think i was the first c.o.e. came to celebrate. president trump: that's true. >> and i said, $50 billion investment and 50,000 jobs. to the united states. because, i said, i couldn't have decided such a thing before this new president. because i said, now i see the passion, i see the opportunity, i'm more energized. so i made a voluntary promise and now i'm very happy. we're making great success and i said, i have one more thing to promise, which is foxconn.
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so those three things i promised. and i did not have official, official permission from terry, but i promised. [laughter] president trump: you brought him along, right? you brought him along. [applause] >> but i'm so happy today that my promise came true. so this is a great historical moment, because i think the united states does not have the ecosystem for new technology the last 20 years, and now this is the beginning of new ecosystem, of high-tech manufacturing back in the united states. cheers and applause] president trump: thank you, masa. -- massa. one of the great businessmen of the world also. those two. that is some combination standing back stage.
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i said, whoa. but they like each other, they love each other. and his 50ds billion turned out to be $72 billion -- $50 billion turned out to be $72 billion so far. he's not finished yet. and that doesn't include foxconn. so, big stuff. i want to thank another very special man. i hope he can hear me. because i want him to come onstage. because i handed the ball over. terry's a friend of mine. i recommended wisconsin in this case. and i'll be recommending ohio and i'll be recommending pennsylvania and i'll be recommending iowa and i'll be recommending -- but this was something that just seemed right. and the reason is that you have a car plant in a very nice location and i flew over that plant with another great reintz. ite, good man.
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i think he's around here. he's a great guy. and i said, that would be a good site. the only problem was that site's about 100th the size of what they did here. could you have put one of the smaller buildings on that site. this is big stuff. but i handed it over -- i said, terry, this place is such a great place. you know, i just realized the other day they told me, when we won the state of wisconsin, it hadn't been won by a republican since dwight d. eisenhower in 1952. did you know that? and i won wisconsin. and i like wisconsin a lot. ut we won wisconsin. [applause] and ronald reagan, remember, wisconsin was the state that ronald rage be did not win -- reagan did not win. that was in 1952. i've gotten to know the people here, they're incredible. and i said to terry, this would be an incredible place. then i started hearing the
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magnitude of what he said. this is magnitude like nobody's ever seen. some of you have been able to see it and this is just the beginning. this is just the absolute beginning. so i had this incredible company going to invest some place in the world, not here necessarily, i will tell you they wouldn't have done it here except that i became president, so that's good. but they wanted to do it someplace now in the united states. and i immediately thought of the state of wisconsin. terry came up, fell in love with the people, fell in love with the location, fell in love with the concept here. he's going to make robotics here, they're doing many other things. including full television sets. they're doing many things here. and they'll do a lot of expansion. but i had to hand off the ball. and in private life, you know, you hand off the ball and sometimes they do a good job and sometimes it's like, what happened? it didn't work out. why didn't it work out? because they didn't know what
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they were doing. and sometimes that happens. and there are very few governors that i could have said, good luck, you're going to build one of the largest operations in the world, over 20 million feet, good luck. i gave it to scott walker, he literally didn't have to make a phone call to me for the last year and a half. he is an unbelievably talented guy. i'm telling you. scott walker. [cheers and applause] scott, come here. is scott around, please? governor scott walker. come here. mr. walker: thank you, mr. president. as you mentioned, you got the ball rolling. foxconn would not be in america if it were not for you. back, on april 27, when you met with terry and told him about a pretty good site, honest truth.
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in fact, reince priebus will tell you he looked at the site. he said, we have to get a bigger site than that because this is bigger than we ever thought. your team in the white house, your cabinet, everybody was just hands-on-deck. great team effort here. to uldn't be more proud have foxconn for the first time ever outside of asia, made in the u.s.a. proudly here in the state of wisconsin. thank you, mr. president. [cheers and applause] president trump: so i gave scott the ball and he carried the ball and if that were football standards, nfl standards, he ran for about 2,000 yards in one game. special guy. special talent. speaking about special guy. he's a special talent. so i hope he doesn't run against me. because that comment will come back to haunt me. [laughter] he is a special talent, a special person.
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as foxconn has discovered, there's no better place to build, fire in grow than right here in the united states. america is open for business. more than it has ever been open for business. between our low taxes, our cutting of regulations, we're not finished with the regulations, and we'll have regulation. but it's sensible regulation. you'll be able to get things approved quickly. or disapproved. sometimes it's going to be disapproved. we have clean air, we have crystal clean water. we're going to do all of the things you have to do, but we're going to speed up the process. you have people that wanted to build a plant like this, it would have taken them 25 years to get approvals. 25 years. they got them almost immediately. and the federal government had a lot to say. we had to get going and they did. and here we are. and they're starting other sections right now. so we're open for business, made in the u.s.a. it's all happening and it's happening very, very quickly.
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we've created 3.4 million jobs since the election. including over 300,000 manufacturing jobs. and as you saw, the recent poll just came out, the highest percentage of happiness by manufacturers in the history of the poll, which is a very old poll. unemployment claims are the lowest they've been in 44 years. unemployment for african-americans is at the lowest level in history. unemployment for hispanic americans, the lowest level in history. unemployment among women, and i've been saying it, it's just changed today, is at the lowest level, and i've been telling you 21 years, it's now at the lowest level in 65 years, and it's going to be in history very soon. [applause] history sounds even better.
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for the workers, after 20 years, wages are rising. remember i used to say they did better 20 years ago than they do two years ago? now they're starting to do better. and having their choice of jobs where they can enjoy what they're doing. and a recent study found that 95% of manufacturers, they want to get going and they're going to get going and we have a lot of these things happening in the united states. but to me this is always going to be the special one. because people that are highly sophisticated, business people that have come out, look, i had a friend come out two weeks ago because he heard about it. he's a highly sophisticated business person that you all know, he could not believe it. he called me up, and he would love to tell me, it's nothing, he's that kind of a guy. not really a nice guy. but he's a great businessman. he could not believe what he's
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seeing. we are demanding from foreign we'veies, friend and foe, lost our companies, we've lost our jobs. they build a product they second it in. that's why this is so -- send it in. that's why this is so beautiful. because it's as great as anywhere in the world and we do it within our country. and just want to let you know, we've put tariffs on steel and aluminum. those businesses are through the roof. u.s. steel called me up, they're expanding or opening six plants. they haven't done that in 35 years. georgetown steel in south carolina, closed four years ago, closed and shuttered, they're open for business. 600 people.
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that's happening all over the country. all over the country. [applause] so i want to level out, and i'm doing it, level out the playing field. and all of the things you hear. some, i mean, frankly the smart people love it. some people don't understand it. but we're going to be treated fairly. when our great farmers in iowa, wisconsin, upper new york state, when we want to sell our dairy products into canada, they charge us 275%. 275%! essentially what they're saying is we don't want your product. because who's going to pay that? so we're going to level out the playing field, folks. they send us a lot of stuff. no tax. we're going to work it out, it's going to be friendly. we love canada. i love canada. but we're going to work it out. mexico, last year -- mexico last year made $100 billion, plus
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they have a 17%, almost, tax that nobody even thinks about. so we were behind the eight ball because that tax was there at the beginning. right from the beginning we were behind the eight ball. mexico wants to make a deal. we're going to make a deal with a lot of people. china. i have a lot of respect for china. i think it's great. and president xi, i think he's great. he's a friend of mine. but we lost $500 billion over the last number of years, $500 llion a year, we've helped rebuild china. some day they'll say thank you. but we don't want to do that anymore. we want to have a fair and balanced situation. and it doesn't have to happen immediately but it has to be fair. because our country has never done better than it's doing right now. european union last year, trade
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imbalance. we had a deficit of $151 billion . they send us mercedes, they send us, by the millions, the b.m.w. cars by the millions, we send them a bushle of corn and he had he -- they reject it. they don't want our corn. because they have their farmers. ok, i understand. but, you know, if you don't want our agricultural product, we don't want your cars. i mean, you know it's not such a complicated formula. and they're going to come back and they're going to say, let's talk. frankly, don't tell them i said it, but they already have. don't ever tell them i said that. it will screw up my negotiations. but we're doing good. european union, they're great. they're great people. and it will all work out. many, many other cases. we've actually made a deal with south korea. we took the deal, i expired it. it was a terrible deal.
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it was supposed to give us $2 -- 250,000 jobs, done by hillary clinton, and she was right, it did give 250,000 jobs. so she was right. it gave to south korea. not to us. this was not a good deal. but we renegotiated the deal and subject to signing, i always say subject to signing because lots of things happen, if it did happen, that's fine, but we made a new deal with south korea. wonderful deal for both. and our farmers now are protected. and our tariff, which has been paid for years, which was expiring, has now been extended for a long period of time. on trucks. at the center of america's economic resurgence are the massive tax cuts that i signed into law sex months ago. we -- six months ago. we slashed tax rates for individuals and we did numbers for business we did tremendous, tremendous amount of work.
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and it's the largest tax cut ever approved, ever gotten in the history of our country. tax cuts and tax reform. included in there is anwr, the largest drilling site potentially in the world in alaska. and we got rid of the individual mandate, which is going to be great to be the people here and the people that work here. -- for the people here and the people that work here. we got rid of the individual mandate. think of that. think of that one. you pay a lot of money not to have health care. so, it's gone. most unpopular provision in obamacare by far. and obamacare is largely gone now and we're opening up, secretary acosta's here, secretary azhar's here, we're opening up unbelievable health care, across state lines, highly
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competitive. really great health care. everyone's competing for it. all of the insurance companies are dying to get it. they all want to compete, the costs are going to be low and it's costing our country nothing. nothing. and it's so much better than any form of insurance. we have association and then secretary azhar's coming out in three weeks with a massive plan. you won't believe. it and we did repeal and replace obamacare. unfortunately one senator decided to put the thumb down late in the morning and that was not a good thing when he put that thumb down. but we've made up for it and in many ways more than made up for it. but that was a sad day to me. but we repealed and replaced but now we have something that ultimately i think is going to be better and that's what we do. today we're seeing the results of the pro-american agenda, america first, make america
2:36 pm
great again. all those hats. greatest phrase ever used in politics, i suspect. right? that's the greatest, make america great again. so what are we using in two years, 2 1/2 years? can you believe 2 1/2 years? so soon. you know what the phrase is, right? huh? that's right. keep america great, of course, exclamation point, right? keep -- because we can't say in two years, so we were here for four years, we can't say make america great again. but when you look at what we're doing, it's very simple. it's called keep america great. we'll get you nice hats. maybe we'll make them green this time instead of red. green. representing cash. this plant will manufacture state-of-the-art l.c.d.'s, adding an average of $3.4 billion to the state's economy every single year.
2:37 pm
and by the way, i don't know this, but i understand life and understand politics, i guess. or i wouldn't be here. in a short period of time, i must have potential, right, because here we are all together? but i assume the democrats are probably saying, no deal is any good. you know they say any deal you do, you know the democrats, as headed by nancy pelosi and maxine waters, you know they have a new leader, maxine waters. this is our new leader. but i assume, you know, because any deal you make they have no idea what the deal is. we had a couple of them recently, a trade deal, and one of the democrats got up, the deal doesn't work. and he didn't know the deal. nobody ever showed it to him. we didn't know the deal because we hadn't even negotiated it yet and he was saying, but that's how it is. they'll always criticize. this is one of the great deals ever. what this is going to do, and i don't even know that anybody's critical of it. i can't imagine they could be.
2:38 pm
i knee terry's investing $10 billion in the state. $10 billion. incredible. so even at this early stage, the economic benefits of this new plant are being felt in 60 of wisconsin's 72 counties. already. don't worry, in another three weeks it lp 72. [applause] -- it will be 72. [applause] foxconn has already contracted 27 local wisconsin companies to begin construction of the main facility. as big as this is, this is just a toy compared to the main facility. and i'm pleased to report that ofconn intends to build 100% the factory with beautiful american concrete and beautiful american steel made right here. [applause] so important. our steel industry, our aluminum
2:39 pm
industry, our solar panel industry. it's all coming back. coming back fast. one of the many people here with us today who will benefit from this plant is sealia griffin. she is a mother of three and a mevet international union of operating engineers local 139. celia, could you come up? tell us what this foxconn job, this incredit -- this really incredible plant, has done for you and for your family. celia. [applause] >> hello, everyone. giving honor to god. i started in 2005 as an operating engineer in hoffman construction gave me my first job in a haul truck. [applause]
2:40 pm
i went on from there to work for another company, building the northwest mutual towers in milwaukee. [applause] now they're together and they've brought me to foxconn to work in the haul truck again and me and my family are grateful and very pleased to be at home again. thank you, everyone. thank you. [cheers and applause] president trump: thank you, thank you. thank you, celia. and we want to tell by the way, harley-davidson, please build those beautiful motorcycles in the u.s.a., please. ok? don't get cute with us. don't get cute. they don't realize the taxes are coming way down. they don't realize that yet. spent a lot of time with them. build them in the u.s.a.
2:41 pm
your customers won't be happy if you don't. i'll tell you that. now let's hear from dawn wallace. after she and her husband, dave, worked hard to raise three beautiful children, dawn recently decided to take advantage of the new job opportunities that foxconn created right here in wisconsin. and i'd like to have -- can you come up, please? where are you? good. hi, dawn. [applause] i. >> so, did you receive any of my tweets, president trump? president trump: i did. >> you did? stay at home mom turned into foxconn builder. [applause] i would just like to thank hoffman for giving me the opportunity to start something
2:42 pm
new. what a perfect way. i was super excited when i heard it was coming in our area. thank you. [applause] president trump: good job. thank you, dawn. i'd also like to welcome chris, one of the project managers of the site, who has really done a fantastic job. chris, please. [applause] >> hello, everybody. so one of the best parts of my job is getting to put these teams together. it's one thing to build them, it's analytical. we look at pictures and then we make them into the real thing in the real world. but in order to do that, i need currently 110 people to help me every day. and they show up early and they
2:43 pm
go home late and we spend time together, probably more time together than we spend with our families but they're there every single day and they doing everything that we ask and we get the job done on time. and that's the part that makes it special. so we get together out there every day, and we make sure to care for each other, take care of each other. we actually treat it like it's a family. it's a dangerous job in some ways, but we look out for each other. and just think that it's probably the best thing -- i've really been doing this since i was about 10 years old. i can't believe i'm standing here talking to you all today about it. so, foxconn is probably one of the best things that's ever happened to hoffman construction and certainly for chris, and i appreciate the opportunity, president trump, thank you very much. [applause]
2:44 pm
president trump: by the way, as soon as i'm finished here, i'm going to hop in that plane, i'm going back to washington, and we're going to pick ourselves one great united states supreme court justice. [cheers and applause] to take the place of a great man , justice kennedy, really a great person, great man. i'm so honored that he decided to do this during our term. and i think that showed confidence in us. but he's a very special person, special man. justice kennedy. and just remember that name. he's done some very important decisions, very important things. highly respected and we love him. so we'll be -- but we'll be picking somebody and we'll be hopefully making you very proud. so important. you know, when i ran for president, i started hearing,
2:45 pm
outside of obviously defense and all of that, the most important decision a president can make is the picking of united states supreme court justices. if you're lucky enough to do that. we had a fantastic choice with justice gorsuch, very proud of it. doing fantastic job. and we're going to try and do just as good. so we're going it start working on that process. we've already started. and hopefully we're going to make you very proud. [applause] so just in finishing, i want to say that today's groundbreaking is only one part of the exciting story that is playing out across our nation. all over our nation. chrysler is shifting production from mexico to michigan, toyota and mazda will build a new facility in alabama, a beautiful facility. and we have many other companies
2:46 pm
coming. not only the car companies, but this is where the action is. i go around and i see the leaders of different countries, and they always say, congratulations on great economic success you're having in the united states. and we have an economy that's almost twice the size of china and much larger than any other. and you know, if you think, we've made so much progress in the last year and a half, it's put us in this position. and we're going up, nobody's ever seen anything like it. and watch those g.d.p. numbers. we started off at a very low number. and right now we hit a 3.2%, nobody thought that was possible, in four years, but i think it's going to go a lot higher than that. so you watch those numbers. each point is $3 trillion and 10 million jobs. just remember that. each point. we already hit 3.2%. i think we're going to be seeing 4% and i think we're going to be seeing 5% too and i think we're
2:47 pm
going to go higher than that. but that may be in the second term, ok? can i have a little break? [applause] right, steve? our great secretary of the treasury. right, steve? that's my -- i think that's your projection too, steve mnuchin. that's his projection too. you better be right, steve. in the first quarter of this year, american companies repatriated a record $300 billion that would have never come back to this country. its overseas profits, bringing the money back, home to our country, where it belongs. i think we're going to have three, maybe four trillion dollars before that's all over. it was impossible to bring the money back virtually, for a lot of reasons. now they're coming back. back to apple, as you know, terry makes a lot of the products, laptops, iphones, makes a lot of them for apple. and apple's spending $350
2:48 pm
billion, billion, there's another case, i would have been happy with $350 million, right? , but they're spending $350 billion on plants, on building an incredible campus. and terry's very happy about that. we're also reclaiming our country's proud manufacturing legacy, that's why it's so important that we open up our steel mills again. we need that for purposes of defense, we need that for purposes of legacy. we're restoring america's industrial might and thanks to the hardworking patriots like you, we're making america greater than ever before. it's greater than ever before. very shortly, it's all happening. you see it happening. you see what's going on. they're all coming back. we're the place they want to be. to foxconn and to terry gou, tooned all of the amazing -- and to all of the amazing wisconsin
2:49 pm
workers with us today and all over the state, i want to wish you good luck and congratulations on truly one of the eighth wonders -- i think we can say this is -- we can say, the eighth wonder of the world. this is the eighth wonder of the world. but this is something so special. so i want to just congratulate you all. you're very special people. and a very special state. thank you very much. thank you to scott walker. thank you, everybody. great honor to be with you. good luck, enjoy this great facility. thank you. cheers and applause]
2:50 pm
[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2018] >> c-span, where history unfolds daily. in 1979, c-span was created as a public service by america's cable television companies. and today we continue to bring you unfimentered coverage of congress -- unfiltered coverage of congress, the white house, the supreme court, and public policy events in washington, d.c., and around the country. c-span is brought to you by your cable or satellite provider. >> friday, a conversation with the chief justice of the united states, john roberts. from the judicial conference of the fourth circuit. live friday at 3:30 p.m. eastern on c-span. or listen on the free c-span radio app.
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>> the c-span bus is traveling across the country on our 50 capitols tour. the bus stopped in fairbanks, alaska, asking folks, what's the most important issue in alaska? >> i was born and raised in fairbanks, alaska. and the most important issue to me is the walls of our society eem to be building up. i think that for the nation built on immigrants and diversity, we are finding it hard to embrace our differences as a good thing and that's creating great divides and greater conflict than we really need at the moment. we should be focusing our problem-solving skills on something more important, not
2:52 pm
how we are different, because our differences make us great. >> the most important issue to me is our -- [inaudible] -- particularly in the united states. we have a misconception amongst a lot of the public that we're not ng behind but that's the case. it's important for the public to understand and for our federal government to actually work harder on making arctic policy a bigger issue than it is currently perceived. >> i'm a dentist here in fairbanks. i've been here since 1976. i came up here from michigan, where i went to school at the university of michigan. dental health is of course a very, very important issue here in the state. whether it's in the cities, in the small rural communities, or especially out in the bush where ere's no access to many care facilities. so the dentists in this state have volunteered, we just
2:53 pm
finished a mission of mercy, where we treated thousands of people free of charge for two days. i think it was our second mission of mercy here in fairbanks. the private sector, of course, bears the biggest burden. a lot of the treatment here is donated by the local dentists. and of course the government facilities, public health, offers a great treatment out in the bush areas where there's no private practice. so anyway, i encourage everybody to remember their dental hygiene. yeah. >> i'm a 32-year resident of fairbanks, alaska. and most important issue to me currently is our political divide. i was raised a moderate republican and i worry about the future of our country. because it seems like there's no room for moderation anymore.
2:54 pm
what we have is conflict and nothing really gets done in our political parties and i'd like to see some changes. in that respect. i also worry about our worldwide standing. i think historically we've been looked at as problem solvers and the deliverer of good but i think that's changing and not for the better. that's a big concern to me. those are my issues. >> be sure to join us july 21 and 22 when we'll feature our visit to alaska. watch alaska weekend on c-span,, or listen on the -span radio app. >> earlier today, white house trade director peter navarro talk


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