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tv   Mitt Romney Remarks at Utah GOP Primary Night  CSPAN  June 27, 2018 6:47am-6:59am EDT

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all right. good job, danny. presidentrepublican served as governor of massachusetts. he spoke to supporters in orem, utah. -- republican presidential candidate mitt romney is right for senate in utah. he formerly served as governor of massachusetts. he spoke to supporters in orem, utah.
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>> when i first met him, myth and i went on our first date. was almost 54 years ago. our first date was sound of music. that'how long a tt s. i know mitt's heart. i know the desire of his heart. and the desire of his heart is to make america strong and beautiful and better. i know the desire of his heart. so, i love this man. is extraordinary. we all know how talented he is and what a great senator is going to be for the state of utah. submit, come on. on.o, mitt, come
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>> it looks like our team won the primary. and we understand at this point there are a record number of people who voted in this primary and if you watch tv the last couple of weeks, you know who is responsible for that turn out. ann romney, right there. the 62,000hank people who signed the petition to get my name on the ballot 5700 who thank the volunteered to campaign with me. i want to thank matt waldrop. a terrific guy.
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express a profound appreciation to senator orrin hatch for his years of service to our country and state. he has fought conservative battles time and time again. i will do my best to keep those fights going forward. i look forward to the next stage of this campaign. we will be debating from time to time on the airways and in person. we expect the republicans will go to washington again to represent our great state. get my kids up there. would you please welcome my son josh and his children? randy,ben and his wife come on here on the stage and get behind me. it's them. those grandkids of mine.
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and my own kids and daughters in law. part ompel me to b this political process. we began the campaign talking about bringing utah values to washington. i get asked now and again, what you mean by utah values? they are the very values our country was founded upon. we believe we are sons and daughters of the same god and we are endowed i our creator with certain unalienable rights. people makehat free better choices than government. and the state government makes better choices than the federal government. livesieve the government within its means like in utah. we also welcome immigrants and refugees who come here legally.
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we are committed to caring with compassion and generosity. for those who serve our country in war time and peace time, we will care for them. we pride education and rigorous debate and we expect the people who are our leaders tory out these debates with civility and dignity. i will mention one more thing. america is the greatest nation on earth. now, after the 2016 election was over, i spent some time thinking "great." word to be a great country, one has to be a strong country but strong is only one dimension. another is being good.
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we were talking about america's conflict at the time in the middle east. he said, i want to make something clear. america is the greatest nation in the history of their. in the history of the earth, whenever there has been conflict between two nations, one takes land from the other. historyone nation in lay down the lives of hundreds of thousands of sons and daughters. only one nation has taken no land. america is the greatest nation on earth. have taken iswe enough land to bury our dead. we are strong state. the fastest growing economy in the country. we are also a good state of good people.
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over 50,000 raise their hands. i see some volunteers here. what i have learned is, when the it, ifo needs needed i'm lucky enough to become the united states senator, i would everything in my power to keep america strong and make sure their economy will be prosperous for our kids and our grandkids and to make sure the example i said as a leader is consistent with the great values of our state and the great founding values of the united states of america. thank you so much for your help. you did it. >> look at those people there.
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thank you. thanks, guys. thanks, guys. ank you. you're so kind to be here. thank you. thanks for coming by. ♪
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>> here is a look at once live on the c-span networks. we are also excited work on immigration legislation was this week. that is on c-span. on c-span2, the senate continues debate on the farm bill, and on
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testing and development secretary ben carson testifies at a hearing at 10:00 a.m. eastern. delta0 p.m., the ceo of airlines because the national press club. and thenobert wie will take questions at a confirmion hearing at the senate veterans affairs committee at 2:30 eastern. fbi director christopher wray and deputy attorney general rod rosenstein testify thursday before the house judiciary committee about actions. --, or listen with the free c-span radio app. washington journal is next. coming up, congressman tom cole of oklahoma on immigration and border security. the and the


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