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tv   House Minority Leader Pelosi News Conference  CSPAN  June 7, 2018 11:45am-12:00pm EDT

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in in 15 minutes at noon eastern. they'll take ua $15 billion recision package tod, and also begin work on federal spending. reuresne into one dealing with veterans affairs, military construction, legislativera ao water projects as lll have live house coming up at noon on c-span. in the meantime, we'll show you the briefing that just wrapped up half-hour ago or so from emocratic lear y losi. ms. pelosi: good morning. it's been an exciting week and i talkou aba. >> capitals-reds. ms. pelosi: people keep reminding me. it's pretty exciting. some things are what you expect and some other things are new and exciting.
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anyway, it's been an exciting week and on tuesday voters nation rejected the republican majority's in a very powerful way, they sent them a meg e relentless efforts to destroy health care and reward the special interests. thanks to the strength of the grassroots and our strateg investments, california in particular has advanced an extraordinary set of battle tests and diverseocrats for e november ballot. that has happened across the country. across america we're seeing strong performan from democratic candidates with a osand personal stories to tell. 's corki american families are rejecting the republican raw deal and instead are choosing democrats' better deal, better jobs, better ages, better future. it's interesting because our candidates out there are
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talking about their vision, eir purpose, their knowledge their plan to help get our country in the future and they are connecting with the merican people in terms of concerns, apprehensions that people have. so it's a pretty exciting time. there's no doubt that president trump was effective in getting his message across. he was appealing to people because he was breaking ground. reak new ground. the president left it broken. hed he was going to address the trade issue, especially the disparity in our trade deficit with china and what does he say now? too many jobs are being lost in china. weave to help them. to the point of -- at the expense of our national security, rescuing z.t.e., a well -- a known clear
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cybersecurity threat. meanwhile, the.o.,, has a tax bill that makes it profitable for businesses to t thchina is erseas. remarkable. how much did he talk about that on the campaign trail and then he goes on to say that t jobs are being lost in china? decided to put forth a compromised proposal. i think we have to watch it very carefully. he broke ground in talking about building america's infrastructure. what did they do? come up with a puney plan and now they're saying maybe next year. they were going to lower prescription drug prices. remember when the president said we're going to enable the secretary to negotiate. we're going to negotiate like crazy. and then he came up with this proposal, negotiate like crazy, as he said before ever, must mean not negotiate at all. don't take my word for it. after the president pulled his
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punch on lowering prescription drug prices, that day, couple weeksjust lookt e ockket.armace through the roof. president pulled his punch again. he said he was going to drain the swamp. instead, the president has become the swamp. the g.o.p. congress refuses t takeity to hold his administration accountable. what is it? they -- how many -- pruitt has -- pruitt hself has 15 inspector general investigations going on with him alone. six cabinet officials have been under inspector general investigation for waste, fraud, and abuse. again, don't take it from me. senator ernst said of scott pruitt, it's about asw u get re in washington, d.c. and if the president wants to drain the swamp, he needs ton
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at's a republican senator saying that about the presiden the president was going to reduce the debt. the republanargoing to reduce theeficitnd national debt. instead, they exploded the debt by $2 trillion. with their tax break for the wealthy and giving b corporate america with interest on that debt over $2 trillion added to the national debt. and that's what's sad abt f r seniors and t budget. our families and our children. so what's interesting about it is when the trustees of social security and medicare trustees made their report and they saidw become insolvent by 2026. that's three years sooner than it would have been. they specifically cited the tax bill. as one of the reasons why.
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ax brks. 83% of the advantage of the bill will be for the top 1%. almost $1.5 trillion plus interest given to corporate america and who pays the price? america's seniors. look at the trustees report. the list goes on.ancase, here w the floor of the house eek. we have a bill on the floor, the energy and water bill. it slashes clean energy initiatives, attacks job-creating investments, and guts funding for nuclear nonproliferation priorities. the bill has poison pills in it that allows deadly firearms to be carried on public lands, assault clean water of our children. clean water children, what could be more fundamental than that? as a mother of five, grandmother of nine, one of the
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publicicy isor this can't do fo i can't ensure that the water they drink that comes out of that spigot is safer. that the air they breathe is clean. there are public health issuest bill. republicans encourage pollution of our oceans and push our nation's already endangered species toward extinction. so this is a bad bill. we're urging a no vote on it. in any case, it's about -- one of the other problems with it, it takes money away from our investments in health, education, and good-paying jobs in america's communities. as y kngthe blicpus are in immigration. lord knows what will come out with that. hopefully the lord knows. we have been praying very hard on it. for too long young dreamers ave been stuck under a cloud
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of fear and uncertainty. as you recall in 2010, we have a majority of the congress, we passed bail in the house. it got a majority of votes in the senate but not the 60 votes needed for passage. all this time later we are still trying to protect the dreamers. we thank them for the dignity in which they have advocated for their situation and congress must do something to address the concerns of these trng peop any questions? reporter: madam leader. ms. pelosi: yes, ma'am. i'll come back to you. reporter: if the democrats win the majority in the house, ould you favor advancing legislation on a public option for health care or would you prefer the medicare for all bill that's been circulated and has the signature of like 121 democrats? ms. pelosi: you are predicating your question on a democratic victory in november. let me just say on that score
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gain, i'm happy what's happening in the primaries to outalsohe intensity factor that is out there where democrats are maybe 5 points, something like 63-47, is it, difference in intensitas well as the 10-point spread. in the generics. i don't go by the generic. i just take it oneisict at a time. president's in the 40's. really? that's not a good place for the president to be. in fact, when we lost in 1994, rt clesidenton was at 46% in the poll. that was enough. that opened the door to our victory. this president has been in the 30's and 40's for a long time. it's opened the doors to many candidates walking through who have -- know their purpose,
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know their vision for america, know their subject matter, they have a plan to make the future better and they connect very directly with the american people. when they come to congress, any of those subjects can be on the table. we believe in the affordable care act, that it has the structure to take us forward in many different ways. it's about expanding access, quality, affordable health care. many more americans, 20 million. but it was aproving the benefits and lowering the ost for 125 million families that already had access to health care. so i've always been for public option so i'm always eager to talk about that and some of the other issues that have been proposed have to be evaluated inmse acha they give, the affordability of it and how we would pay for it. again, it's all on the table. chingo.ryotaed about one of the other concerns, most
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eople's concerns about china in the supposed sonic attacks in china, what do you make of that? when you talk about the administration's dealing with hina on z.t.e., do you connect those issues, these are some of the broad array problems with china? ms. pelosi: i think there are a broad array of concerns we have about china. as you probably know for -- well, at least since tiananmen quare but probably before, i had concerns about china in three areas. the -- certainly the -- our trade deficit with china which is enormous. the lack of market access to our products in china. the sale of missile technology to pakistan and other places on the part of china as well as their human rights violations. at the time, china -- we had $5 billion trade deficit with
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china, annual, $5 billion trade deficit. i thought oh, my goodness, we can use our leverageo fr the prisoners of tiananmen square, to gain market access and to stop the proliferation of missile technologies where they shouldn't be going. i could win the votes on the floor. i could never override a presidential veto when we talk about china trade. you know the -- and people said, you have it all wrong. you should let peaceful lay it out and things will work out. that was almost 30 years ago. well, be 30 years next year, iananmen square. trade deficit $5 billion a year. you know what it is now? $5 billion a week or more. an enormous trade deficit with china. china has just decided they will -- for the ability to have ccess to thchina market,
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hey will -- we have to transfer our technology and the rest, so we have an important relationship with china. our two countries are great countries in the world. we have to communicate. we have to cooperate with each other on climate issues, forple. on issues like terrorism and the rest. but the fact is that china is totallti lunch and this president iseinit up to them after saying in the campaign that he would not. so whether it's sonic attacks, ctivities in the south china sea, whether it is -- the list is a very long one. the fact is we should use our leverage to improve our relationship with china in a way that respects american workers, american values and american security. yes, ma'am. reporter: last week the
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president referred to you as an ms-13 lover. ms. pelosi: as a what? reporter: ms-13 lover. reporter: want to get your thoughts of that. ms. pelosi: what i make of leme just say this, i'm not going into the president's tweets or his character. what i am concerned about are his policies and how they affect the american people. and what he's doing in terms of, again, be more concerned about jobs being lost in china than in the united states. what he's doing about not -- what he's not doing in terms of putting forth a great infrastructure initiative from sea to shining sea. what he's doing to undermine public education in our country. what he's doing to increase financial uncertainty of america's families. people want to talk about, oh, well, the economy is doing this or that. ell, really?
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the fact is that you have to be very careful when you talk about the fact that more jobs are created when we talk about the fact tt stagnated. and it is -- it is an important -- fhave access health care. wages are stagnating. >> all of this briefing at the house gaveling back in now for legislative work on federal spending for 2019 and the resions package. in order. the prayer will be offered by the guest chaplain, pastor eddie bevill, parkridge church, coral , fl the chaplain: heavenly father, we come to you acknowledging your omniscience, omnipotence. the men and women this room have been given an impossible ta


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