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tv   Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau News Conference  CSPAN  June 1, 2018 12:52pm-1:34pm EDT

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swing state voters and how they could impact future elections. shortly after 11:00 p.m. on sunday, an author discusses his tigers."ing and on american history tv, c-span3, saturday at 6:00 p.m. war, then the civil 150th anniversary of the ratification of the 14th a clemsonwould university professor. sunday on oral histories, a u.s. army veteran talks about his experiences, injuries, and recovery during the vietnam war. watch the c-span networks this again. -- this weekend. >> canadian prime minister justin trudeau held a press conference shortly after the u.s. announced tariffs. he is joined by canada's foreign minister, who outlines the
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retaliatory measures against the u.s. this is 40 minutes. >> good afternoon, everyone. thank you for joining us. today, we find ourselves the target of punitive tariffs under pretext of through -- 232 national security provision. let me be clear. these tariffs are totally unacceptable. for 150 years, canada has been the united states' most steadfast ally. let us be clear, these tariffs are unacceptable. years, canada150 has been the united states' most steadfast partner. canadians and americans fought alongside each other during both world wars and in korea. -- from the beaches
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of normandy to the mountains of afghanistan, we fought together and we mourn the loss of our fallen comrades together. been partners in norad, nato, everywhere across the world. the united states after september 11, just as the americans defended us in the past. and we still fight together against -- in northern iraq in alongside americans in two world wars and in korea. from the beaches of normandy to the mountains of you understand. we have fought -- mountains at afghanistan. we areht and died partners in norad, nato, and around the world during we came -- world. we came to america as a after 9/11 as americans have come to
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our aid in the past. and we are fighting together against -- in north -- against in northernt daesh iraq. the u.s. has a $2 billion inplus in steel trade canada. we account for half of u.s. steel exports. supplier ofsecure aluminum to the u.s. defense industry. that canada could be considered a national security threat to the united states is inconceivable. these tariffs will harm industry and workers on both sides of the canada-u.s. border, disrupting linked supply chains that made
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north american steel and aluminum more competitive all around the world. [speaking french] will harmffs industries and workers on both sides of the canada-u.s. border and will disrupt supply chains that have made steel and aluminum from north america more competitive across the whole world. these tariffs are an affront to the long-standing security partnership between canada and the united states, and in particular an affront to the thousands of canadians who have fought and died alongside their american brothers in arms -- comrades in arms. commerce,of friendship, and in many cases, family between americans and canadians are undiminished. indeed, they have never been stronger. the government of canada is confident that shared values,
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geography, and common interests will ultimately overcome protectionism. said, wee constantly will always protect canadian workers and canadian interests. freeland is here to outline our retaliatory measures. this morning, i called the opposition leaders to inform them of our response. [speaking french] in closing, i want to be clear on one point.
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remain our partners, our allies, and our friends. the american people is not the target of today's announcement. we hope that eventually common sense will try and -- will triumph. unfortunately, the actions taken today by the american government do not seem to be headed in that direction. this is not the american people. we have to believe that, at some one, common sense will prevail. but we see no sign of that in this action today by the u.s. administration.
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thank you, prime minister. these tariffs are totally unacceptable. french]g in response, canada plans to impose certain taxes or other on steelto limit trade imports, aluminum imports, and other raw text from the u.s. other materials -- and other products from the u.s. total canadian exports in 20 of steel and aluminum to the u.s. those exports that are now being targeted by the american tariffs. today, we are publishing two lists of products that are subject to these matters. list, products will
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be subjected to a 25% surtax, whereas a similar measure to limit trade. the products on the second list will be subject to a 10% surtax. a similar trade limiting measure. these countermeasures will only products..s. these countermeasures will take effect on july 1, 2018, and will remain in force until the united ownes eliminate their tariffs on canadian steel and aluminum products during -- right next to our steel and aluminum workers have our support, which is why we had included american steel and aluminum products on our list. as for the other products in new we ensure that they can
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be easily obtained by american companies and our non-american costspartners to avoid affecting canadian families and consumers. today, we will begin a consultation kcd that will begin 15 days. we will -- period that will begin 15 days. we will hear support and concerns about the countermeasures and the list of products. the list of products will be made public immediately and will be posted online for all canadians to see. measures by the u.s. are also in breach of the nafta rules as well as the -- as wto rules. launching abe
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according to wto rules. will collaborate with the wto and other partners, including the european union, to challenge these illegal and counterproductive american wto.res before the it is completely inappropriate to consider any trade with canada as a threat to the united states national security. i want canadians to know that their government will always defend canadian workers and canadian businesses. thank you. now i am going to say it in english. we are a bilingual country. canada intends to impose tariffs -- against imports of
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steel and aluminum from the united states representing a exports.ue of 2017 that is $16.6 billion. we are imposing hell are for dollar tariffs for every dollar levied against canadians by the u.s. tariff ratesre the today imposed by the united states on canada. we are publishing to lists of goods. while list will be subject to a 25% tariff. the second will be subject to a 10% tariff during these -- tara. -- 10% tariff. these countermeasures will take effect on july 1, 2018 and remain in place until the united states eliminate is trade restrictive measures against canada. our steel and aluminum workers have our government's full support. that is why we have included american steel and aluminum products in our list.
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after the other products listed today, we have ensured that these can be easily sourced from canadian companies or non-us trade partners in an effort to avoid any costs being passed on to canadian families and consumers. we are beginning a 15-day consultation period with canadians so they may express their support for or concerns about the proposed countermeasures and the lists of goods. these lists of goods will be made available publicly immediately. the unilateral trade restrictions by the united states are also in violation of nafta and wto trade rules. canada will therefore launch dispute settlement proceedings under nafta chapter 20 and wto settlement. canada will closely collaborate with like-minded wto members, including the european union, to challenge these illegal and counterproductive u.s. measures
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at the wto. it is entirely inappropriate to view any trade with canada as a national security threat to the united states, as the premise or has explained. i want canadians to know that our government will always stand up for canadian workers and canadian businesses. thank you very much. >> first question. good afternoon, mr. trudeau. the strategy that has been in place for the last few months seems to be failing. are you starting a trade were with the u.s.? >> first of all, we have been saying for a long time we are ready for anything. we have always worked in a constructive way with the americans, but we always that we had thoughts on how we would defend canada
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and canadians and canadian workers interests if the need arose. work andwe continue to negotiate and try to convince the americans to withdraw those unacceptable restrictions, we must also respond firmly to these threats. with respect to a trade war, has a trade were begun? do you still have faith in mr. trump? do you believe he is a man of his word? we have longously, engaged with the americans in many different ways, whether it be me directly with mr. trump or other ministers who are in gauge with their counterparts, whether premierslking about who are engaged or opposition leaders are canada's business leaders, we are continually
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engaging in order to put being americans and expand to them that it would be a bad idea to create trade restrictions or any other obstacles to trade with canada. today's decision belongs entirely to the american administration. that was their choice. it was their choice to begin by imposing these unacceptable measures. so we are responding. as i have always clearly expressed to mr. trump, we will always be defending canadians in the interest of canadian workers. began.afta, negotiations a diplomatic blitz with the united states. your surrogates were they argue make nice with the white house and you went all over the united states. is it time to change the canadian strategy? we havevery clear that
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said and i have been sent directly to canadians for a number of months that it would have to prepare for anything and we have been,. we have always chosen to be positive and constructive. but at the same time, in my andtions with the president canadians' conversations with their american friends, colleagues and counterparts, the message has been very clear. united.dians stand the canadians are firm, standing up for canada's interests. the american administration has made a decision today that we deplore and obviously, will leave to retaliatory measures, as it must. but we regret that. we would much rather move together in partnership, understanding that no two economies ase interwoven and mutually beneficial as canada and the united states. >> you are hosting the g7 in a week. mr. trump will be there.
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the european allies, the eu will be there. how will this work out? we have done a lot of work to pull people together around common and shared themes of the g7, whether it is protecting our oceans are very women to be more successful in the workforce are addressing the economic challenges that happened at home and around the world. every single g7 country is facing a similar challenge of demonstrating that growth can everyone. in canada, we talk about growth for the middle class and those working hard to join it. but that is a similar challenge and responsibility for each and every one of our elected g-7 colleagues. that approach is when we will emphasize. the choices made by the united states administration today have a goal of benefiting american workers.
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unfortunately, we all know that this will lead to harm for american workers and american industries. our economies are too interlinked to not have significant disruption in american families and communities south of the border. we will continue to highlight and work together as friends and allies. it's extremely important for the prosperity of each of our citizens. when you look at what the unit -- the united states has chosen to do to his closest friends and allies, g-7 nations, european allies, canada, mexico, it shows that we need to have an opportunity to come together to discuss this directly and firmly and look for opportunities to benefit our citizens, not to harm them. the question is inaudible.
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the administration's approach -- and i have had relations with both the president and vice -- ident this week they have anthat ideology-based approach that is pro-american. understandn't quite that this will harm americans. it will harm american workers. and american companies. emphasized how important the connections almost out to economies are for citizens of countries. unfortunately, they will now discover that they cannot impose such measures without harming their own people. and their own workers. you had many conversations
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with. the president and the vice president this week. what would you say today about your failure? >> i think people will understand this is a decision by the american administration and for the american administration. my approach and the approach of all canadians has been stored together. once again, i wish to thank all the premiers, all the mps from all the parties who demonstrated that we have a firm and united .pproach your in canada when it comes to these negotiations and engaging with united states i think people isw quite well, that it despite our efforts that the american president has chosen to make this decision today. will mr. trump be at [indiscernible] >> yes, all indications are that he will be. an investigation
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suggesting it will go against canada, too. >> we will this -- we will deal with this one today and deal with next ups if they come. as a highlighted many times, the argument that canadian steel that is in american armored cars and canadian alumina that is in american fighter jets could somehow be a national security risk becomes even more of a people- more absurd when try to apply it to cars made in canada. we will continue to make comments based in logic and common sense. when donald trump took office, you made a conscious effort to take the high road.
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we saw european leaders not necessarily take that road. you and europeans are in the same us together. has your strategy handling donald trump worked? the relationship between canada and the united states is a deep and complex one in need of engagement and thoughtful approaches combined ofh the unity and strength the team approach the canada has highlighted. i've heard many times from american interlocutors and from the president himself the fact that we are from a united as a country, beyond political ideologies here at home. it has been a strength in our approach. we will continue to stay united in this moment. i know canadians will be there for one another. to stando things together and stand up for our
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interests right across the country. >> i don't think you have said donald trump's name. it takes a month for these tariffs to kick in. heard donald trump described as a bully. do you agree with that assessment and is this enough? >> i have been very clear that my interactions with president trump have been clear and firm. that ialways understood willing to stand up for canadian workerss and canadian and canadian citizens. this is something we will always do. i made it very clear to donald tomp, to mr. trump, president trump, i will say this as many ways as you like, that our relationship is far beyond
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the interpersonal dynamic between two individuals. the connections between canadians and americans are deep, broad, multilayered, multifaceted, commercial, familial, and those continue to the decision by the u.s. administration will hurt canadians. it will hurt americans. we regret that deeply in love but we will continue to look for ways to move -- we regret that deeply. that we will continue to look for ways to move forward. can i just add one thing? you asked if these measures are strong enough. speaking about the measures specifically, the retaliatory $16.6 billionis of retaliation. this is the strongest trade action canada has taken in the
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postwar era. this is a very strong response. it is a proportionate response. it is perfectly reciprocal. i really want to assure you and assure canadians this is a very strong canadian action in response to a very bad u.s. decision. of theeasier assessment impact on the canadian economy of all of this? >> one of the reasons we are free to believe in free trade is that tariffs barriers affect .our own citizens most this as we have seen when the american government allowed moving forward on issues around soft lumber.
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the cost of housing in the united states for american homebuyers increased. tariffs hurt local consumers. forward a list of goods that may be subject to retaliatory tariffs, we will be consulting with canadians and industry for 15 days to ensure they are -- there are not unforeseen consequences for canadians or americans. efforts have been made to look at goods that have alternatives, either canadian alternatives or alternatives from countries for whom we have positive trade relationships that will not leave canadians significantly out-of-pocket. this list is a very carefully
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considered, very carefully put together a list. we have been working on it for some time. when the prime minister has said that canada is ready for every eventuality in the past, we have been ready. this is something they canada knows how to do, that our officials now had to do. i will remind people of our with cool, country of origin labeling, were canada was prepared to retaliate and we had a carefully considered list in response to a wto ruling in our favor and as of prime minister says, consultation period is really important, we expect to get very useful feedback from canadians. we expect to use that period to refine the list. us canadians who are watching, you can start right now. as we said, the list has been
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put together with a few considerations in mind. to support and defend the canadian steel and aluminum industries. they are now facing unfair barriers in their exports to the united states. i would like to remind americans who might be watching and listening that canada accounts for roughly half of u.s. steel exports. that is one consideration. a second consideration is looking carefully at choosing good for which there are replacements. to choose goods for which there is a canadian alternative, which would not face the 25% or 10% tariff, or an alternative reduced by a country which is not the united states.
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finally, putting together the list, we have tried to look for end use products -- products. a lot of thought has gone into it. i think a lot of thought and a lot of work will go into refining this list in the days to come. given the discussion around your relationship with tri-band senior officials, did you in your talks get advance notice of what we're going to do with the level? if you have, why did all those economic arguments you are making to us fail? >> you will have to ask the president about that. we have made consistent arguments and demonstrated in
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many different ways the interconnectedness of the canada and american economies. we expect, in the coming days, there will be many numbers of -- members of congress, governors who will be making representations directly to the white house on the negative measures that the u.s. has put forward and the consequences of the measures the u.s. has been forward. we talked about how difficult this will be in terms of a turning point in the canada-u.s. relationship. we continue to be open to working on a renewed and modernized nafta. we continue to sit down at the negotiating table. as you reported on, josh, there was an offer that i made
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directly to the president last week to go down to washington personally and sit down around a table with the president to work out the final details of nafta because there was the broad a decent win win win that i thoughtle a final dealmaking moment. i got a call from vice president pence on tuesday in which it was impress upon me that there was a precondition to us being able to get together, they canada would accept a sunset clause for nafta. i had to highlight that there was no possibility of any kind aid in prime minister signing a nafta deal that included a five-year sunset clause. obviously, the visit did not happen. >> just to be clear, you
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scrapped the visit because you would not agree to a sunset clause or they scrapped it? the united states said come as a precondition to us meeting and negotiating, we would have to accept a sunset clause. i said we could not accept a sunset clause in nafta as a precondition to meeting or as any sort of condition. were willing to take that off the precondition list, i would be happy to come down. but that was not something that could ever be acceptable to or, i'm fairly certain, to mexico in the negotiation of the north american free trade agreement. french]ing i had the opportunity to speak with the president last friday. i stated that i thought we were quite close to reaching an
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agreement. perhaps the time it come for me to sit down with the president in washington in order to finalize the nafta agreement. we already have the bones of a very good agreement for all parties and it might be opportunity for us to sit down for a few hours and discuss it. he seemed amenable. on tuesday, i received a phone call from vice president pence who informed me they were pleased and open to a visit by me to continue the negotiations. but they had a precondition for such a visit. i had to agree to a sunset clause in nafta, which is to say that every five years have to unless theto an end parties decided to renew it.
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which is completely unacceptable to us. so i answer, unfortunately, if that was a reconditioned to my visit, i was unable to accept. so we did not go to washington for that day of negotiations. interesting.y let me come back to the g7. i would like to know what you will do to coordinate action toh five other partners perhaps round up some pressure on the united states? we have ag six plus one essentially right now. what we do as the host to focus on trade? --from the very beginning, oneave g six plus essentially right now. what will you do as the host of focus on trade?
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the leading industrial nations in the world coming together to talk about the shared challenge we all face in different ways of making sure that the growth we are creating within our economies and fits everyone in our economies. that's why we put forward a number and a broad range of proposals from strengthening women entrepreneurship to helping women and girls in developing countries around the world to concrete action on protecting our oceans from pollution to measures around security concerns that are active in the world from our democracies to nuclear threats. there are a broad range of elements that we have been doing continue to agree on and work together. there are other elements in which there will be robust discussions around the table. that's one of the points of having a g7, to allow for frank
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and serious conversations servet world leaders who populations that are so dissimilar in their values and approaches. something that wilbur ross said this morning, he described lips on the radar screen" and said "everyone has stats now than, i think everyone will get over this in due course. how -- due course." >> the fact that the united states is invoking national sick ready measures -- national security measures against canada , against its closest allies, friends and partners in the world, including nato and norad , means thatpartners this is more significant than the administration realizes and we will certainly hope to
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emphasize that by the seriousness with which we take these measures. i can tell you, for canadian auto workers, for canadian aluminum workers and steelworkers, these are not lips. these are real issues. these are real families that will get hurt by this on both sides of the border. agree 100% with what the prime minister has just said. howeed to be very clear absurd this u.s. action is. this is a specious and unprecedented use of section 232. section 232 is a national security consideration. and to use this section, which is meant to give the u.s. the right to defend its national i think thatething
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all countries would see is proper, to use it as a way to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum sold to the united states by its closest allies and partners in the world, by its partners in nato, its partners in norad, its partners in the g7 -- we are partners with the united states in defending south korea and the korean peninsula. to use national's -- national security consideration as an excuse to impose these tariffs is unprecedented and simply wrong. this is notrscore about canada. this is about the united states and the posture the united states has chosen to assume against the rest of the world, particularly against its closest friends and allies in these are measures applied -- allies. these are measures apply not
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only to canada, but toward the eu and mexico. we believe it is a highly regrettable one. we said that directly to our american counterparts. >> we've got two minutes left. there are six people on the list. we have time for one more question. french]king this will affect the schedule you had chosen for the g7. >> we always expected there to be some differences of opinion amongst various g-7 members, especially when it comes to climate change and international trade. >> we have many elements upon which we agree. we knew we would be having some frank and honest discussions on
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those topics and others. we will certainly see that the incontinues to be useful allowing frank and honest discussions and rigorous discussions. >> is it possible that your government will offer financial help to the aluminum and steel industries if this trade dispute continues over time? aluminumonally visited workers. i met with steelworkers in hamilton, in regina, in order to demonstrate my support and to assure them and reassure them -- and this was months ago -- that no matter what today's final decision was, we would be there for them to support them, the defend the canadian industries, to defend canadian workers, and canadian interests.
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>> commencement speeches all this week in primetime. tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern, jimmy carter, betsy devos, representative mark meadows, and atlanta mayor keisha lance bott oms. c-span,, and on the free c-span radio app. >> on sunday, a profile short,ew with marc assistant to the president and white house legislative affairs director. he talks about his time working for then-congressman mike pence and what it is like to work for donald trump. watch the interview at 7:30 p.m. eastern on c-span. former secretary of state madeleine albright sat down with "the washington post's" david ignatius to talk about foreign


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