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Kirstjen Nielsen
  DHS Secretary Nielsen at Election Interference Briefing  CSPAN  May 22, 2018 8:46pm-9:01pm EDT

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be sure to watch c-span's washington journal wednesday morning. join the discussion. the live a rundown of event wednesday on the c-span networks. senate works on several nominations and c-span3. our coverage begins at 9:00 a.m. our panel sits down with students about gun violence. representative macaw speculated as to why so few house members came to the
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briefing. only about 40 showed up. minutes.ust under 15 >> there was a full discussion answering all questions and october 2016, a classified meddling inrussian our elections. it was very clear and convincing evidence. what the response was is the russian sanctions bill which is a very tough sanctions package that for the first time did not even include a national security .
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what the response was is the russian sanctions bill which is a very tough sanctions package that for the first time did not even include a national security waiver. with that, i just want to commend the secretary who has been a multiple times. our concern is how others will look at how they can metal in the elections. i have every confidence that the secretary and department of will be ablerity to protect the voting machines process.can democratic with that, i would like to turn it over to the secretary.
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>> i wanted to thank chairman mccall. his commitment and leadership is greatly appreciated by all of us. a culminationas of a series of briefings. i've had a hearing that focused on election . has prefrontal during the federal and other critical
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infrastructure. and then the general threat overview of not just russia, but other foreign actors. share end of the day, we one important role which is americans votes must be count -- counted and must be counted correctly. the second major objective was to help us raise money. we did provide members today a full resource guide, many
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.fferings we are providing we have created partnerships. we are here to help, so we are continuing to have a conversation and make sure we can respond and help them as best as we can. or i can tell you is all remain committed. there is nothing more important than the integrity of our democracy and the help we can all work together to make sure we have just that. with that, a few questions. that ifonfident are you an outside actor does tamper, you will be able to detect a that? >> i can assure you we are doing everything we can.
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states to think of it as -- people anddeploying working with state and locals. understands to threatening indicators. >> do you think the president: no collusion, that kind of thing dampens the message you are trying to send? do you take this very seriously #>> i think the president has been clear the russians did intend to hack and he remains to doing everything we
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can to address that. -- i do not believe i have seen that conclusion. that was to help president trump, i'm not aware of that, but i have no reason to doubt any intelligence. on social has been media. think have any reason to it would look any different than social media. we remain concerned. whether it ishat, after events in syria or england
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recently, we see that continuing. with respect to infrastructure, .e remain concerned that is why we are putting layers on layers. >> what we have seen the russians do is attempt to manipulate public confidence on both sides. encourage onthem the other side. i think what they are trying to owns disrupt our belief and understanding of what is happening. it is an integrity issue and who is saying what and why.
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>> do you have any disagreement with that? >> i believe russia did and will continue to try to manipulate. >> in terms of the ongoing collection, are you saying there are specifics? no intel.ow, we have we see them conducting and influence campaign. that is what the fbi has a the don. capability,t has a it is our responsibility to be prepared for that.
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i think we see multiple countries that have the capability to do this. we think about china, iran, russia. theagency that has capability, i think we would be naive. fbi -- does that compromise any security issues that you depend on? >> the intel community is very enter theirto sources.
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we are also protecting our intel. >> there's an inspector general investigation. that is what the director will to you on that. i think the ultimate objective is to create chaos and undermine our confidence in our democratic system. sidesat they are picking are at a think they're trying to create chaos. members of congress are and going to manipulate information and so i want to thank the secretary and the department for its hard work to help protect the integrity of our election system and provide the security necessary.
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none of the boats were change. most of the machines were unplugged from the internet which gives a safeguard protection. the data rules could possibly be manipulated. i feel confident and chris who heads up the cybernet -- unit. and they will do everything within their power to protect their system. >> are you worried that your colleagues may not be taking this seriously. they have been talking a lot about this issue. we were a little surprised that not as many showed up, but everyone that did was given the opportunity to ask any question they wanted. again, we have seen a lot of congresson to provide
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with the information we need moving forward to protect the elections. >> the obama administration did not raise the alarm loud enough. >> i think the secretary has as well. gang of eighthe everything i had at the time. administration to come forward and call of the russians for what they're doing and there should be consequences for interference. unfortunately, that was not done. i the more the secretary and myself talks about this to raise awareness -- the director of chinese intelligence influencing
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our elections. this is not new. they just have a new tool, and it is the internet. i think we are very aware and conscious we move forward to protect our american democratic system. >> thank you. >> [chatter] >> at the state department tuesday, secretary of state mike pompeo discussed the proposed meeting between president trump and north korean leader kim jong-il on june 12. he talked about the trump administration's i strategy toward iran and filling senior administration level divisions. this was 15 minutes. -- level positions. >> how are you today? i brought in a special guest with me today, mike pompeo, who is going to give you a qui