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tv   U.N. Security Council on Israeli- Palestinian Conflict  CSPAN  May 16, 2018 3:33am-4:44am EDT

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to questions on the proposed 2019 budget from members of the senate appropriations panel. announcer: dozens of palestinians are protesting against the opening of the new u.s. embassy in jerusalem. meeting has taken place regarding the violence on the border. this portion of the meeting features nikki haley and israeli and palestinian ambassadors. >> thank you, madam president. members of the security council. theree people of gaza, are no words with which to describe what actually happened. there is no justification for the killing, no excuse. it does not serve the cause of peace.
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today byweighs heavy expressing my condolences to the families of those killed yesterday and the last six weeks of the demonstration in gaza. who could console the mother of a child that has been killed? inall on all to join me condemning in the strongest possible terms the actions that have led to the loss of many lives in gaza. israel has the responsibility to force, except under imminent threat of death or serious injury. it must do so proportionally and investigate every incident that leads to a loss of human life. which has controlled the government for over a decade must not use the process to create provocation with bombs.
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it must not risk the lives of civilians. thousands of people in gaza have been protesting for over six weeks. people who live in abject poverty, surviving in prison-like conditions, with no prospects for the day after. these people want their voices heard. their leaders have failed them. the promises made to them have not been delivered. people are angry. has notangry -- anger been channeled in a constructive way to modify their suffering. we have an obligation to cure their plight whatever we think of their motivations. they have lived through devastating conflict, marked by personal anguish, national .ragedy, daily suffering, been0 years, they have
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separated from their families in the west bank, isolated through crippling is really -- israeli quotas. the cycle of violence needs to end, and it needs every single one of us to put our best preventing another deadly confrontation in the region. warust step in and prevent to move forward quickly and effectively on all projects that have been discussed for months so -- to help the crises of the population. we can only do this in coordination with israel, the palestinian authority, and egypt. the census violence needs to stop. -- senseless violence needs to stop. 30 5000 people participated in
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demonstrations in gaza and hundreds in the west bank. this was all part of the great theh of return, regarding relocation of the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. therefore limited clashes that took place between demonstrators and israeli security forces at several checkpoints in gaza. the situation deteriorated throughout the day. according to various reports, at least 60 people were killed, including six children, and more than 1300 were injured by ammunition and rubber bullets. one it really soldier was wounded and taken to the i soldier wassrael wounded and taken to the hospital. been killedple have since the protests on march 30, including 13 children. this constitutes the bloodiest yesterday, with the
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highest death total in the conflict since 2013. claimraeli defense forces 24 were linked to activities. there has been the placing of improvised explosive devices on the perimeter fence, and the attempt to reach it with the objective of perpetrating attacks. at least one ied reportedly detonated against a vehicle during an incursion. shellingikes and 8 incidents were carried out by israeli security forces. these are what israel has classified as violent acts. report andn gaza
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unfolding crisis of east central medical supplies. and equipment is needed to treat those who have been injured. there is a shortage of beds and a number of wounded arriving from the protesters in the shiba hospital. people were brought in on stretchers and left in the hospital courtyard, being used a s a triage area. for the palestinian and egyptian authorities to facilitate the exit from gaza. president, i would like to salute the bravery of the medical staff who put their own lives at risk, as well as those working for the palestinian red crescent society, who happened to casualties of their own.
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i don't the death of another health worker yesterday -- note the death of another health worker yesterday. ournalists has been among those injured in yesterday's demonstrations. the dire humanitarian situation in gaza, of which i have reported time and again in this chamber over the past year, has been compounded by the fact that palestinian authority continues to withhold the payments to 20,000 civil service employees in gaza. demonstrators destroyed most of the mainlities at point of entry for goods and materials into the gaza strip. members of my team have conducted an initial assessment of the site. deliveries of fuel and goods
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will be hindered for weeks ahead to gaza. -- the uniteds nations will work to bring life-saving assistance despite the destructive damage to the crossing. whoever approves that destruction worsens the suffering of 200 million people. we have repeatedly called to exercise restraint, steps to be taken to avoid an escalation, and for all incidents to be investigated. public statements and messages indicate the intended to use mass protests to attack israelis in israel, endangering the lives of the israelis and palestinians, that cannot be justified.
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civilians,ative particularly children, not be targeted by anyone, and should of be used for the covered -- for the covering of military activity in any way. as the violence continues, technical problems have resurfaced, further decreasing the electricity supply, which has led to 22 hours of blackouts in east gaza. this has affected the security of because a infrastructure. -- of the gaza infrastructure. the united nations will need to refocus its efforts on having an immediate impact on improving electricity and the health situation. developments in gaza are a painful reminder of the devastating consequences of the continued absence of peace between israelis and palestinians.
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i would like to read rate this message, particularly as palestinians commemorate the day by which they remember the displacement during the war of 1948 and 1949, and as they continue to demonstrate in gaza and the west bank over the coming days. we must collectively called on all to refrain from measures that steer us away from a peace process and instead work to end the occupation and advance the goal of he just -- of a just and sustainable peace. sidetates living side by in peace, security, and prosperity, thank you. >> thank you, madam president. called tossion was discuss the issue of violence in the middle east.
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concerned. the united states deplores the loss of human life. there is a lot of violence throughout the region. the double standard is all too common in this chamber and working overtime today. iranian forces last week positions byeli launching rockets from syria. this was a reckless provocation and an escalation that must be stopped. of regionalmple violence that should occupy our attention in the security council. also last week, iranian proxy forces in yemen launched missiles into saudi arabia. it was not the first time. is also regional violence that should occupy our attention in the security council. in recent days, hamas terrorists, backed by iran, have
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incited attacks against israeli security forces and infrastructure. also occupye should our attention. the common thread is the destabilizing conduct of the iranian regime, a regime that insists on promoting violence throughout the middle east while depriving its own people of basic human rights. the united states welcomes a discussion of the violence in the middle east. we welcome discussing the ways clock -- to cooperate with each other to put an end to this violence. there is far too little discussion in the security council on iran's destabilizing presence in syria, promotion of violence in yemen, promotion of terrorism in gaza, and weapons buildup in lebanon. today'sinds of some, meeting was not called to discuss any of those examples of violence in the middle east.
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today's meeting was called to discuss the violence some suggest was connected to yesterday's opening of the united states embassy in jerusalem. to embassy opening is said be a reason to engage in violence, for some people. how is that justified? heour president said when announced the decision, the location of our embassy has no bearing on the specific boundaries of israeli sovereignty in jerusalem or the resolution of contested borders. it has no bearing on jerusalem's holy sites, and is not pre-judge whatever the parties might negotiate in a peace agreement. it does not undermine the prospects for peace in any way. yet for some, this is supposedly a cause for violence. let's remember, the hamas terrorist organization has been inciting violence for years,
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long before the united states decided to move our embassy. multiple news organizations have documented the hamas incitement in gaza. they reported hamas maps and a social media show the fastest routes to reach israeli communities, in case demonstrators make it through security. they reported hamas messages over loudspeakers, that urge demonstrators burst through the fence, falsely claiming israeli maimed, when they were not. the same loudspeakers were urged by hamas to urge the crowd to get closer to the security fence. the biggesttacked entry point in gaza for fuel, food, and medical supplies. this is how determined they are to make the lives of the palestinian people miserable.
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they liked molotov cocktails attached to kites on fire and attempt to fly them into israel to cause as much destruction as possible. when asked yesterday why he put a swastika on his burning kyte, the terrorist responded, the jews go crazy when they mention hitler's. -- mention hitler. hamas -- hamas, is pleased with the results from yesterday. ask my colleagues, who among us would accept this type of activity on gore border? no one. no country in this chamber would act more restrained than israel has. the records of several countries here today suggest they would be much less restrained. those who suggest the gaza violence has anything to do with
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the location of the american embassy are mistaken. violence comes from those who reject the existence of the state of israel in any location. the destruction of a united nations member state is so illegitimate as to not be worth our time in the security council , other than the time it takes to denounce it. opening of our embassy in jerusalem is a cause for celebration of the american people. moving the u.s. embassy to jerusalem was the right thing to do and reflects the will of the american people and our sovereign right to decide the location of our embassy, a right that everyone in this room claims for their own country. moving our embassy to jerusalem also reflects the reality that to jerusalem is the capital of
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israel. it has served as the capital since the founding of the state. of thehe ancient capital jewish people. there is no plausible peace which it would no longer remain the capital of israel. recognizing this reality makes peace more achievable. to united states is prepared support these negotiations and a peace agreement. more than peace, a piece in which people of all religions are free to worship in jerusalem, in which the rights of all people are respected, and the future prospects of all people are bright. that will only be achieved if it is rooted in the reality that too many refused to deny. -- that too many deny. the united states promoted the desire for peace yesterday.
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it is our wish the rest of the world will join us in this pursuit of an incredible, realistic, and enduring peace. i want to mark the 70th israel'sry of independence. in the security council, on behalf of the american people, i congratulate our friends in israel on the remarkable achievement of 70 years of independence, from humble and desperate beginnings, a proud people have realized the that isaiah's the prophet decision of a light unto nations. maybe next 10 years the ones of hope and peace. thank you. >> that a president, i will be getting -- i weiill begin by sharing the facts. e demonstrations on the
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gaza strip were violent riots. explosive devices were planted. sent overterials were the fence, igniting cultural lands. there was a repeated attempt to forcibly reach the fence and territories with the explicit goal of killing israelis. hamas, and internationally recognized terrorist organization, has taken people hostage. mob past friday, a hamas set fire to a border crossing terminal and destroyed a large part of it. this crossing is a major entry point for gaza. such gas lines on
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fire. it will cost millions of dollars to repair. this values destruction over prosperity, death over peace. israel has known these facts for a long time. we were reminded of it last week, when the ninth hamas tunnel was found in destroyed areas this tunnel started in gaza -- was found and destroyed. this tunnel started in gaza and ended along a village inside israel. to kill of terror, jews, in the surrounding israeli towns. hamas leads to the death of israeli civilians. iswe have reported, hamas guilty of exploiting the innocent people of gaza as human
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shields. amas terrorists hide behind innocent young children and place them directly in the line of fire. the backs and footage do not lie. hamas is committing direct violations of international law. it's terrorists hide behind innocent children to ensure their own survival. the head of hamas in gaza recently said to palestinian news, "we favor assassination over the natural death, and we are always willing to sacrifice our lives." a few days ago, a hamas member was captured cross into israel, and provided critical insight into hamas' plots.
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i will reveal what we have learned. fenceis obstructing the cameras ins security order to sabotage the top of the fence and disrupt activity. violence it is instigating to be seen in the international media as a popular uprising, not as violent action led by militants. aree, hamas terrorists hiding behind civilians during the riots. the fence is heavily armed. hamas terrorists will enter is israelierritory 0-- territory to do. attacks on israeli civilians. those are the facts. too many of the international
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community have missed the thertunity to legitimize palestinian voice with violence, but when it comes to the safety of the israeli public, too often the world is silent. the cycle of death works like this. first, they incite people to violence. they put as many civilians as possible, including women and children, in the line of fire. they blame israel, and then they complain to the united nations. it is the deadly game that palestinians plight -- play, and they play it at the expense of innocent children. once again, the palestinian leadership is using every ounce of energy to attack us and
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attempt to destroy us. one of the players of this game is right across the room, the palestinian representative. and his friend are guilty of placing young palestinian children in harm's way. they are killing their own people. they are guilty of exploiting them for a public relations game. we predicted the situation many months ago. always employed the same strategy of manipulation. every time the palestinians have an opportunity to change the course of history, to partner with us on the path of peace, they always choose violence.
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they never fail to miss a golden opportunity to build a better future for their children and for ours. leaders are not the only participants in this scheme. some in the international community are playing into their hands. palestiniansng the the attention they seek. they are legitimizing their lives and violence -- their lies and violence. in 1947, we watched the palestinians miss their first opportunity. the united nations proposed desegregation of a jewish and arab state in the land of israel. we received a portion of our historic homeland, but we
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accepted this. the arabs said no. the palestinians could not bear the thought of sharing what was our land to begin with, so they launched a war upon us. there have been too many in the they falsely equated zionism with racism. cited with palestinian killers, often with no questions asked. to 2005.ard completely, no jewish community. out the entire jewish
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community out of gaza. out.ok them no checkpoint. no civilians. nothing. we left. prime minister decided to try. --left gaza in 2000 force 2005. but gazae potential could not reach its potential 2006.e hamas took over in instead of investing in education, and infrastructure, economy, hamas lives and breathes death and destruction. hamas spends all of its energy exploits gaza to meet that end. let me be very clear.
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say statealestinians of rage, they meet state of terrorism. when the palestinians say right to return, they need distraction of israel. in the palestinians say peaceful process, they mean incitement and violence. common denominator throughout our history has been the following -- international community with a few great exceptions that nothing can stop the palestinians from trying to terrorize israel. forth thets palestinian --, becomes a player in the cycle of death. only by breaking this, planned casualties leading for u.s.
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sympathy will justice truly be served. israel is marking two major milestones. we are celebrating 70 years since our people reestablished our sovereignty and independence by establishing the state of israel in the land of israel and we are welcoming with gratitude president trump's vision to move the u.s. embassy to jerusalem. this was a step for peace, because in any peace agreement, jerusalem will be israel's capital. claims a decision is ave the u.s. embassy reason or justification for palestinian violence should take another look at history. not a reasoncuse for violence against israel.
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if this body wants to uphold truth and justice, it will stop right here and now, and reaffirm israel's right to defend itself. setsecurity council must the standard of behavior. you must tell hamas violence is not the answer. you must ask yourself, what would you do? well it you do, each one if you? violence is threatening -- if violence was threatening to crush your borders, what would you do if your people work faced with terrorist attack day in and day out? you must not give in to the cycle of death of palestinians have created. you must call out lies when you
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see them. condemn violence and place yourself on the side of truth and the right side of history. thank you, madam president. >> thank you madam president. president, first of all i --ld like to thank poland >> first of all, it would think poland in its capacity for holding this emergency session. we would also like to express our thanks for the sympathies condolences expressed by all members of the security council during the minutes of silence in
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honor of our marchers. we think the members of the council for having felt the urgent need to discuss the serious teacher rating situation and occupy territory. in particular the gaza strip because of the heinous and deliberate crimes created by israel against an armed palestinian civilians. we also share deep gratitude toward kuwait because of the onlyts it is making as the arab a member of the security council. like to say thank you for the briefing. is a sad, painful moment for the palestinian people. with great sorrow and bitterness. we express our most sincere console and says to the families
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-- condolences to the families of the martyrs. maybe rest in peace will stop -- made they rest in peace. to all a prompt recovery of those injured because of the brutal israeli attack on the palestinian people. expressed resistance in the besieged gaza strip on the eve of the sacred month of ramadan. we condemn them in the most emphatic terms. the odious massacre committed by israel and the gaza strip. to the for a halt military aggression against our people immediately. we call for a transparent independent international inquiry to be conducted. occupation is a main source of violence in our region. by attempt to falsify this
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reality. not match to those who have different rhetoric and agendas, we ask -- why have you so often blocked independent international inquiry? of such anhe results investigation before hand, even before it takes place. the secretary-general has agreed --such an and precipitation an investigation as has the security council on many occasions. -- we accept whatever the outcome of such an investigation is, as long as the other parties except such an investigation themselves.
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why her some blocking -- why are the desire of the majority of the council? let us investigate what is happening on the ground. as i was saying, we accept the outcome of such an investigation. are the other parties willing for such an independent, at impartial, and transparent investigation to take place under the auspices of the secretary-general of the united nations? will not remain on the level of accusations into ?utual suspicion let's have such an investigation. israel continues its brutal attack on palestinian civilians in the gaza strip. in a flagrant violation of international law, including
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international humanitarian law. human rights law. and, the provisions on the production of civilians. this is a war crime. a crime against humanity. in accordance with the statute that created the icc. we have come to the security council many times to ask for immediate action to stop the israeli aggression against our unarmed people. our people who are crushed under the odious israeli occupation. our people who are suffering from forced displacement and years.or over 70 we have sent hundreds of letters describing what is happening on the ground in terms of the brutal israeli occupation of our people.
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we have sent many appeals to implement the provisions of international law. the provisions of international humanitarian law will stop of human rights law. and, the relevant provisions and decisions of the united nations. theave warned against crushing of people as a whole. abusery, various forms of and oppression. we have warned you not to closure eyes to the catastrophic solution and occupy territory, including east jerusalem and the continued deterioration of conditions in occupied territories. this and aided in -- u.s. decisionthe on jerusalem.
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will forge orange about the constant ongoing impunity of israel. -- to be lifted which makes it possible for israel to act as if it is about the law. we have called for israel to help accountable for its actions and for justice for innocent victims. we have begged you constantly to byvent another massacre israel, the occupying power. the heavy burden of the massacre is borne by our occupied palestinian people. our young people, men, women, older people without discrimination and in the most deliver it fashion. what was the response question mark is it possible you did not hear? is it possible the council did not take warnings seriously?
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is it possible a single member fromis council prevents it responding to its most elementary responsibilities by blocking three attempts of press statements which only ask for one thing, a transparent and impartial investigation to find out what is happening on the ground. disregard forhis the lives of innocent palestinians? to many palestinians have die before you take action? question of euro and countries. if a massacre were to take place there aren 24 hours 61 people who have died, including small children in hand
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-- and over 2000 injured over the course of 24 hours, what would you do? accept?u would you doing nothing faced with these crimes committed by an occupying power, i cowardly power, a power that lies? columnar's away from the inhabitants of gaza -- kilometers away from the inhabitants of gaza, targeting them with rockets. a art the occupiers. people int unarmed gaza? would you accept that on your own territory? would you accept that the security council remained silent faced with this over 24 hours? language]foreign >> the world has early warning
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mechanisms. ande are means to mediate resolve conflict. there are accountability mechanisms. but despite all this, in the case of palestine, you can see what is happening right now on the ground. why did all these palestinians have to die? why are they not enjoying life this morning with their families? did they deserve to die? deserve to i?dren did they deserve to be taken away from their parents? international community indeed passed laws and and current the protection of the rights of every human being. wire palestinians exceptions -- why are palestinians exceptions?
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why should we be the exception? why do these massacres happen with the security council doing nothing? why are we the exception? why are you paralyzed #throughout the last six weeks, we have been targeted. we have been paralyzed. why are we the exception? how long are you going to follow this double standard? especially when it comes to those who want to teach us a lesson. why do they have a double standard when they want to rule over this council. has historically try to
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deprive us of our humanity. of our natural right to life. using its own security as a pretext, as if the occupying power has the right to enjoy security while it denies the same right to the people being crushed by the occupation. they have the right to enjoy security, but we do not. once again, we are the exception. they have the right to fire live ammunition against us. 24kill over 60 people in hours. to injure over 2000 people. unarmed people. while they have heavy weaponry. they are a kilometer away from these peaceful demonstrations, it in trenches. they have although weaponry they need and more. today, madam president, with a
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heavy heart, the deer gaza strip is burning yet again. more children, more young people. they are burying more children. peacefully demonstrated to protest against their miserable living conditions. imposed on them unfairly by the israeli occupation. oppression, the servitude to which they are subjected, to call for the rights that are theirs, the right of self-determination. -- right israel killed 61 civilians in just 24 hours, including eight children. israel injured over 2000 people.
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many of them are severely injured. again, in less than 24 hours. raises the number of the marchers -- this raises the number of victims, including no less than 12,000 civilians injured. including at least 150 children. many of these victims have there injuries because israeli occupying power barbarians used ammunitions, deliberately used ammunition causess lethal or which the greatest possible physical injury to civilians.
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leaving them with permanent disabilities. according to the reports of international organizations, many of these victims are severely injured. i call on you to hear these organizations. invite them. invite them, they can tell you what kind of weapons were used. life-longct lasting, physical disabilities on the victims. their lives have been amputated. -- their limbs have been amputated. this is barbarous. this is the real definition of terrorism. any country in the world facing a similar situation to our own
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created the greatest sympathy. we do not accept being the exception. we are the palestinian people. cruelestsident, the penalties have been inflicted upon us because israel is aware that our children are our greatest good. we live for our children. they are our future. the future week wish for from the depths of our hearts. president, civilians have the right to peacefully assemble and demonstrate. this is an enshrined right. everybody has that right. the insinuations that palestinians themselves our deathsibility for their because they are protesting against the occupation are
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racist, provocative insinuations. the participation of families probablystrations is used in other countries as proof .f a vibrant democracy and a practice of the guaranteed right to peaceful demonstration and the right to speak. one million people demonstrated schools.ttacks and the use of guns in schools. peacefully. but when the same thing happens in occupied palestinian territory, in occupied gaza, we are told they were using human shields. discordt this racist the turns us into secluded victims of humanity. we have the right to demonstrate his families against the occupation. we have the right to exercise
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our rights. our men, women, children, and older people have those rights. this is excepted in any other country. why not and ours? why are we being accused in a racist, fallacious way just because we exercise the same rights as anyone else even though we are occupied in a much more difficult situation? like the rest of humankind, able to raise our children and love for their countries and participate collectively and civilized human actions. why are we being accused of other these activities are not scorned and other countries. mention is not made of people being used as human shields. we reject this description of peaceful palestinian
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demonstrations. all they do is seek to exonerate israel, the occupying power, responsibility in using live ammunition on innocent, unarmed demonstrators. are responsible for the deliberate mutilation and killing which strengthens the despair of the palestinian people and decreases their hope for justice and peace to come to them. with the hand-in-hand security council calling for the protection of civilians, including children, women, and humanitarian workers and journalists. these principles should be applied in occupied palestinian territory, including the besieged and occupied gaza strip
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. no matter what the israeli version is, it it cannot exclude the gaza strip from international standards for the protection of civilians. ensuring international ,rotection is now urgent especially since israel, the occupying power, violated international law and clearly dropped its responsibilities to observe international law, in particular the fourth geneva convention by ensuring the prosperity of palestinian civilians under occupation. ofwe look at this lack protection for our people, it now falls to the international community in accordance with the geneva convention and also in accordance with the resolution sent commitments of the security
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council itself. the document sent by the secretary-general on the various experiences and forms of international protection for civilian which was addressed to ago -- year should not become simply words on paper. you should consider the document and considerate in-depth. what is to determine possible to do in order to ensure there is international protection for palestinian people because the occupying power has not shouldered that responsibility which you have under international law. which is why it is now your responsibility to ensure protection for the palestinian people and till the end of the odious occupation of our
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country. i need to mention the --vocative and illegitimate made by the united states about jerusalem. it is in violation of international consent since -- consensus and it violates conventions. -- which exacerbated the trend this.ich led to no one is questioning his sovereign rights of countries to choose where they have their embassies. toetheless, it runs counter international law. has the right to
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imperil our territory and to place an embassy in a territory under occupation. you are aware of the situation resolutionm since 180, which determine the particular status of jerusalem as well as all other resolutions and the agreements we have between us and the occupying power. the status of jerusalem is to be determined in negotiations of final status issues. no one under any pretext has the right to act and fragrant violation -- flagrant violation of the security council and this act. if we're talking about transferring the embassy from tel aviv to another place by transferring from tel aviv to thesalem is not up to
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united states. this is an international law issue. administration refuses andisten to what the world sank. to what is stated in the united nations resolutions, in particular security council resolutions and what is contained in international law standards. defending the international law first and foremost and that is the superpower which should be protecting the security council resolution before anyone else because of the position as a permanent member of security council and as a superpower. abidehould be the ones to by the international law and they should not trample it underfoot. they should not close their eyes to the situation on the ground.
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the whole world can conceive this provocation and the united states should review their flagrant --this furthermore, the u.s. administration did not just ignore the status and the central role it plays. it decided to transfer the embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem while the palestinian people are commemorating the 17th anniversary of a catastrophe. another decision where the u.s. administration totally ignores our feelings and legitimate rights and the feelings of muslims and christians throughout the world.
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this is a provocation for millions of muslims and christians. the united states took this decision while completely disregarding the feelings of everyone, including the palestinian people. the united states should have, in their capacity as a superpower, exerted pressure on israel to put an end to their violations against the palestinian people. to create an environment conducive to getting out of the political impasse and to guarantee an environment conducive to peace and dignity. the united states decided to do the opposite. they decided to strengthen the intransigence on the part of israel. they decided to protect israel from international condemnation from their accountability, from any measure which could rectify
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situation. unfair to the palestinians and their right to freedom and dependence. recents the last, most decision to implement policies and illegitimate practices including the broad daylight innocent civilians without any fear of consequences, because israel has always had impunity. this fed into the israeli aspirations of getting control over palestinian territory, including the illegitimate annexation of east jerusalem. we have to recognize the absence of accountability and protecting israel against any kind of sanctions is what allowed israel to go further in their settlement policies and racist policies against palestinian
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people. they have a green light which allows them to commit ever greater crimes against innocent people, which enables them to kill a greater number of people. two imprisoned palestinians. greater stretches of land and houses. two displays a greater number of people. and to revoke what is happening countries.cupied israel to this has been going on for more than 10 years. this blockade witnessed three kinds of devastating years when they tried to destroy our infrastructure, which catastrophically worsened. about 2 million palestinians. israel decided to impose
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collective punishment, which is a war crime. israel deprive them of protection. an urgentres solution. we several times called on the council to lift the israeli blockade and provide necessary relief from suffering. these appeals an extra , tax in making these appeals, we are asking for serious measures to exert pressure on the occupying power to put an end to the blockade and open crossing points to allow people and goods in line with international humanitarian law. support.all for
4:34 am crisis continues providing a role. madame president, we call on the security council to work without delay to resolve the sensitive issue which threatens international peace and security. the council must work to stop the massacre. gaza in particular. counsel cannot remain silent. demand its must respected. the we call upon all countries to individually in
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order to support that .nternational law this should include condemning the illegitimate and brutal attitude of israel toward the palestinian people under occupation. recognize the settlement of israel and our territory, including east undertake measures in order to ensure accountability and justice. act urgentlyeed to in order to save the lives of innocent simians and prevent deterioration of the situation and save any possibility to have peace. that is why international protection needs to be extended to palestinian people in line humanitarian law.
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the palestinian people continue together with others in the world, together with all of you, that the international law is the way to justice given it is the surest way toward peace. translate their words into action. it is time for immediate action to ensure the primacy of international law and to resume efforts to put an end to israeli occupation. to make sure palestinian people can live in dignity and peace. that they can have their in alienable rights, including the right to sell determination and freedom and then independent palestinian state. our people have waited a long time. we have suffered a long time. we can no longer wait for an end
4:37 am
to this grave injustice. please do not disappoint our hopes and aspirations. the minister of palestine for his statement. tomorrow,afternoon the u.s. hill continues its work on the farm bill. senate is, the u.s. in at 9:30. at 9:30 a.m., epa's scott about will take questions some of the ongoing agency.ations at his in the afternoon, fbi director christopher wray will take questions on on the proposed budget.
4:38 am
announcer: c-span's washington journal, live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. this morning, ohio democratic congressman tim ryan talks about the election. then, discussing today's senate vote. and we are live from bismarck, north dakota, for the next stop 50 states capital tour. be sure to watch c-span's washington journal, coming up at 7:00 a.m. this morning. join the discussion. night, the book "natural causes" explores how the body ages and dies. sciencenterviewed i is
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reporter. >> that is one of the jobs of being old, passing the torch. and haveat you know done or accomplished or want done and passing it on to younger hands. "afterwords" on sunday night. >> here is part of what smokey robinson said in the senate judiciary hearing. you can watch the entire hearing at >> i'm recognize i've been lucky. and, i really have. not only have i been lucky, i have been blessed because i'm still able to perform and earn a living doing my craft and making
4:40 am
records. but there are a whole lot of as fortunatee not or as blessed as i hummed to have a continuing career to still be earning money to that degree. we need to take them into consideration because we just should. .t is only right for many at this point, their at this point in their crews, this is how they make an's me. so this is very important. -- as ae, a songwriter songwriter and producer, i am thrilled the act includes mechanical licenses for songwriters and a mechanism for music producers to be paid. it creates certainty and efficiency for digital services.
4:41 am
it stops litigation and starts cooperation. the legislation has brought together parties who do not always see eye to eye but who see clearly the need for a fair and modern system that works for everyone. i would like to give thanks to the members of this committee who support the comprehensive especiallylation but the senators who were the first to champion classics. my fellow songwriters senator hatch and senator whitehouse, chairman grassley and ranking member feinstein, senators just one second -- and
4:42 am
others, thank you for your support for these important issues. this is an unparalleled feeling of accomplishment that comes from creating music. unparalleled feeling of accomplishment that comes from creating music. the effort that went into writing and recording and producing a something that will truly make an impact on the world for generations to come. i wish for you all to share that experience. to be creators of something innovative, constructive, and enduring. something that would make a profound difference in the lives of so many. the music modernization act will make that difference. thank you for making it a reality. i appreciate everyone here and all of the senators who are supporting this particular act and this particular subject, because it is very important. it would be like if you went to
4:43 am
the grocery store or the supermarket and the owner was in there and you said, ok i am going to get bursaries from you for the next 10 years but i'm not going to pay you. -- get groceries from you for the next 10 years but i am not going to pay you. so people who create a business to make a living for themselves should be compensated. music is no different. if we stop paying people, that is ludicrous because their time and creativity went into creating the music people are getting pleasure from and listening to and having forever. there should not be a time limit on that. people are going to be creating music forever. those who have created it in the past should not the not compensated for their work because it was prior to


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