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tv   U.N. Security Council on Airstrikes in Syria  CSPAN  April 14, 2018 11:08am-1:51pm EDT

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the conditions in this country, in these other countries based on regime changes that a lot of times the united states pushed for. we have no idea who released chemical weapons in syria. it could be rebels that are trying to overthrow that government. that is just like anyone in the united states, a rebel going against our country and release terrorist bombs or things in our country. we cannot go by what information these other countries are releasing. ,e have to verify it our self and our country is going bankrupt as a result of doing the job of these other countries. they should be involved in what is going o >> we leave washington journal
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to join united nations security council holding a joint meeting on the syrian air strikes by the united states, great britain, and france. >> [speaking spanish] excellencies,nt,
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i've been following the reports of airstrikes in syria conducted by the united states, france, and the united kingdom. last night at 22 hours of new presidentu.s. announced the beginning of airstrikes in participation by france and the u.k. indicating they were targeting the chemical capabilities of the syrian government to deter their future use. followed byt was announcements by prime minister may and president emmanuel macron. the airstrikes were limited to military locations inside syria. ae first target included science center in damascus, the second a weapon storage facility and the third and -- a weapons
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equipment and storage site. the syrian government announced surface-to-air missile response. both u.s. and russian sources indicated there are no civilian casualties. the u.n. is enabled to independently verify the details of these reports. mr. president, as secretary-general of the united nations it is my duty to remind member states that there is an obligation, particularly when dealing with matters of peace and security to act consistently with the charter of united nations and with international law in general. u.n. charter is very clear on these issues. mr. president, the security the primary responsibility for the maintenance of international peace and security. members of the
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security council to unite and exercise that responsibility. i urge all members to show restraint in these dangerous circumstances and to avoid any acts that would escalate matters and the suffering of the syrian people. i stress the need to avoid the situation from spiraling out of control. president, any use of chemical weapons is abhorrent. the suffering it causes is horrendous. i have repeatedly expressed my deep disappointment that the security council failed to agree on a dedicated mechanism for accountability for the use of chemical weapons in syria. i urge the security council to assume its responsibilities and fill these gaps. i will continue to engage with member states to help achieve these objectives. a lack of accountability and bold and's those who view such
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weapons by providing them with reassurance and impunity. the viewsrn weekends of chemical weapons and nonproliferation architecture as a whole. mr. president, the seriousness inrecent allegations used douma requires an investigation using independent expertise. the team is already in syria. 'sam informed their operation planned to visit the site is completed and they are ready to go. i am confident they will have full success without any restrictions to perform their activities. mr. president, allow me to repeat what i said yesterday.
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syria represents the most serious threat to international peace and security. in syria we see confrontations and proxy wars involving several national armies, many national and international militia, foreign fighters from everywhere in the world and various terrorist organizations. beginning, we have witnessed systemax violations of international law, international for eightts law, years the people of syria have endured suffering upon suffering. youans have lived through -- have lived through horrific crimes and attacks against civilians and civilian infrastructure. detention, and enforced disappearance. the list goes on. at this critical juncture, i call on all members to act consistently with the charter of
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the united nations of international law, including the norms against chemical weapons. if the law is ignored, it is undermined. there is no military solution to the crisis. the solution must be political. we must make progress towards the political solution for the syrian people with dignity and freedom. toave asked my special envoy come to new york to consult with me on the most effective way to accelerate the political process. thank you, mr. president. i thank the secretary-general for his valuable briefing. i will now give the floor to those councilmembers who wish to make statements. i give the floor to the representative of the russian federation. sir.ank you,
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russia called for this urgent meeting of the council to discuss the aggressive actions of the united states and their allies against syria. this is the fifth meeting on this topic just this week. the president of the russian federation, vladimir putin, made a special statement today and i will quote him. the 14th of april, the united states, supported by its allies, launched an airstrike against military and civilian targets of the syrian arab republic. from the mandate united nations security council, and in violations of the u.n. charter of norms and principles of international law. an aggression against a sovereign state was carried out, which is on the front lines in the fight against terrorism. , when thee year ago
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airbase in syria came under attack, the united states used as a pretext the staged chemical attack against civilians. ma, a damascusou suburb. find any trace of chlorine or a toxic agent. agent wasle local able to confirm that a chemical attack had actually taken place. the organization for the prohibition of to investigate the circumstances. in a sign of cynical disdain, a group of western countries decided to take military action without waiting for the results of the investigation. russia condemns, and the strongest possible terms, the attack against syria where russian military personnel are assisting the legitimate government.
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actions, the united states makes an already catastrophic humanitarian situation even worse and bring suffering to civilians. the u.s. panders to terrorists who have been tormenting the syrian people for seven years, leading to a wave of refugees fleeing this country in the region. escalation around syria is destructive for the entire system of international relations. word --will deliver its its verdict. washington already bears responsibility for the outrage olivia -- in iraq and libya. the plants could lead to a new spiral of violence in syria and destabilize the middle east. the secretary-general of the u.n. had expressed his concern
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about the way events have developed. in washington and london and paris, they preferred to disregard calls to common sense. states and its allies continue to demonstrate blatant disregard for international law. as permanent members of the security council, they must be especially firm in protecting the provisions of the u.n. charter. how, inhameful to hear justifying the aggression, an article of the u.s. constitution was mentioned. we have the greatest respect to the right of each state to respect their own founding law. however, it is time for washington to learn that the international code of behavior regarding the use of force is regulated by the united nations charter. it is interesting how the people of great britain and france, what they will think when they find out their government is
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taking part in an illegal military venture by referring to the american constitution. you're constantly tempted by neocolonialism. you have nothing but disdain for the u.n. charter and the security council. you are unjustifiably trying to use it for your own aims. there is no significant work you are doing in the security council. you do not consult us. you undermine the authority of the security council as a pretext for aggression. you mentioned the use of chemical weapons in the syrian city of douma. russiantatives of unequivocally stated that no such incident took place. furthermore, there were people found to took part in this staging. the organizers of that
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staging were foreign intelligence services. after this event, the syrian authorities immediately invited .xperts they conducted a field mission to douma to establish the facts. formalities were resolved and guarantees of security were provided. , expertsme the strikes were already in syria. i want to recall to members of the security council that on the 10th of april, when our draft resolution on the secure work of the special mission of the opcw was blocked we were assured that such a document was not necessary. that the mission, without any efforts by the security council, will visit the site and conduct an investigation of the chemical incident.
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now it is clear we were absolutely right. yesterday, some of our colleagues cynically told us that the reason of the situation , supposedly a lack of an independent investigative mechanism. the investigation is stone that is not the issue -- during last year's attack against the airbase, there was a joint investigation of the u.n. opcw. that did not prevent the united states from conducting a missile strike afterwards. we have said many times you do not need any investigation. you did not need them then and you do not need them today. the organizers of the aggression did not even wait for the elementary establishment of facts by an international organization which is authorized to do that. they determine everything for themselves and determine who was
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guilty. they themselves, with the fighters that were under disseminated, they all kinds of rumors using social media. this throughd so-called secret intelligence. mythical secret intelligence. gentlemen, the white helmets have once again fallen. we already used to the fact that when they conduct their doubtful geopolitical policies, the countries that are aggressors already blame the regime of assad. they tend to shift responsibility on russia, which according to their interpretation cannot control the dictator.
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all of this is based on a scheme that has been well tried. -- mendaciousus accusations, a verdict, and punishment. this is how you want international affairs to be conducted now? this is cool again is a -- this ganism given that we are talking about major nuclear powers. several strikes were conducted against the scientific research center. thently, two inspections by withwere conducted unlimited access to all facilities. experts do not find any traces of activity that would contravene the chemical weapons convention. scientific facilities in syria are used only for peaceful activity aimed at enhancing
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economic -- the effectiveness of economic activity in syria. you want syria to have no economy at all? you want to throw this country back into the stone age? a few years ago this country was one of the most developed in the middle east. you want to finish off what your sanctions have not achieved? at the same time, you are shedding crocodile tears about the suffering of ordinary syrians. ordinary syrians are tired of war and happy their legitimate -- you are not interested in their suffering. your aggressive actions contribute to worsening the humanitarian situation, which you're are so worried about according to your statements. in 24 hours, you can stop the conflict in syria.
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washington, london, and paris only have to give orders to their hand-picked terrorists to stop their fighting against the legitimate authorities. the strikes were conducted against syrian military airfields, which are being used in the course of an operation against terrorist organizations. it is quite an original contribution to the combat against international terrorism, as washington keeps repeating. keeps as washington repeating, is the only goal of its military presence in syria. we have serious doubts about that. seems that it is clear that those in the west to cover themselves with humanitarian rhetoric in trying to justify by --action in syria supposed to defeat jihadist, are actually aiming at dismembering the country.
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to united states has refused take part in rebuilding the areas of syria that have been freed from the jihad is. majorggression is a strike against the possibility of continuing the medical process under the u.n. austin says. spices.r the u.n. au what were your constant references to the geneva process -- you using your own actions are destroying that process. we call on the united states and its allies to immediately end the aggressive actions against syria and refrain from them in the future. forward a brief draft resolution which we will demand a vote on at the end of this meeting. we would like to a the members of the security council.
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shirkis not the time to your responsibilities. the world is looking at you. take a principled stand. thank you. i think the representative the russian federation for his statements and i now give the floor to the representative of the united states. mr. president, and thank you mr. secretary general for your briefing. this is our fifth security council in the past week to address the situation in syria. a week has gone by in which we have talked about the victims in duma. we have talked about the assad regime and its patrons, russia and ironic -- and iran. the time for talk ended last night. here today because three permanent members of the united nations security council acted.
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the united kingdom, france, and the united states acted. not as revenge, not as punishment, not as a symbolic show of force. deter the future use holdingcal weapons by the syrian regime responsible for its atrocities against humanity. a russian see that disinformation campaign is in full force this morning. russia's desperate attempts at deflection cannot change the facts. a large body of information indicates that the syrian regime used chemical weapons in duma on april 7. there is clear information demonstrating assad's culpability. the pictures of dead children were not fake news. they were the result of the syrian regimes are correct inhumanity and the result of the failure torussia's
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live up to their international commitments to remove all chemical weapons from syria. states, france, and the united kingdom acted after careful evaluation of these facts. the targets we selected were at the heart of the syrian regime's the strikes were carefully to minimize civilian casualties. the responses were justified. legitimate, and proportionate. the united states and its allies did everything we could to use the tools of diplomacy to get rid of a solid arsenal of chemical weapons. we did not get diplomacy one chance, we gave it chance after chance. timesmes, that's how many russia vetoed security resolution to address chemical wash -- weapons in syria. in 2013, the security council passed a resolution that required the assad regime to
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destroy their stockpile of chemical weapons. syria committed to a bot i the convention meaning it could no longer how can -- weapons on asylum -- oil. president putin said they would guarantee that syria would comply. we hope this diplomacy would succeed and put an end to this. as we have seen, that did not happen. while russia was busy protecting the regime, a solid took notice -- a solid took notice. in november root russia used its had tohe main tool we find out who used chemical weapons in syria. theussia was using its veto sarahregime used
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the united states and our allies were not going to let that stand. chemical weapons are a threat to us all. threat, a typeue of weapon so evil that the international community agreed they must be and. we cannot stand by and let russia's trash every norm that we stand for. and allowed the use of chemical weapons to go unanswered. regime usedsyrian the chemical weapons was not an isolated incident our response is part of a new course chartered last chair to deter future use of chemical weapons. our syrian strategy has not changed. forced us regime has to take action based on their repeated use of chemical
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weapons. since april 2017 chemical attack, the u.s. has impose hundreds of sanctions involved in chemical weapons in syria and north korea. we have designated entities in africa that have facilitated chemical weapons. we have revoked the visas of russian intelligence officers in response to the chemical attack. we will continue to seek out and call out anyone uses and anyone who aids in the use of chemical weapons. with yesterday's military action, our message was clear. the united states of america will not allow the aside the regime to used chemical weapons. last night we obliterated the were usedlities that
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for mass murder. i spoke to the president this morning and he said it the syrian regime uses less gas again the u.s. is locked and loaded. redlineresident dress a the u.s. president. worked in lock step, we were in agreement last night our great friends and allies shouldered a burden that benefits all of us. the civilized world owes them is thanks. in the weeks and months to come, the security council should take time to reflect on its goal in defending the international rule of law. security council has failed in that duty to hold them to used chemical weapons to account. that failure is largely due to russian obstruction.
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we call on russia to take a hard look at the company that it keeps and live up to its responsibility as a permanent member of the council and defend the principle the united nations promotes. last night, we successfully hit the heart of serious chemical weapons enterprise. because of these actions, we are confident we have tripled serious chemical weapon program. we are prepared to sustain this pressure if the syrian regime is foolish enough to test our will. thank you. >> thank the roots -- you for the remarks. next the representative from the united kingdom. uncertain times and today we deal with exceptional circumstances. in the early hours of this morning the united kingdom
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conducted coordinated, targeted and we sigh strikes to degrade to degrade the weapons capability and to deter its few certainly -- future use. with believe the strikes to be successful. missiles involved in this operation were successfully engaged by syrian air defenses. that is no pink -- acacia -- our action was limited targeted, and effective strike. there were clear boundaries to avoid escalation and we did everything possible in created
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rigorous planning to make sure that we mitigated and minimize the impact on civilians. together, our actions degraded date -- to deter chemical weapons use. the u.k. prime minister has said, we are clear about who is responsible for the atrocities and the use of chemical weapons. a body of information intelligence indicates the syrian regime is responsible for the effect we saw last saturday. some of the evidence that leads us to this conclusion is as follows. specific accounts alleging that a bomb was used to deliver the chemicals. observedhelicopter was
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by the city of douma. this does not operate helicopters nor does it use bombs. our intelligence indicates that civilian military officials coordinated the use of chlorine in douma on the seventh of april. no other group could have theied out this attack, for sevenime has been years, its use of chemical weapons which exacerbated human suffering is a serious crime of international concern. crime andts to a war crimes against humanity. any state is permitted under international law on an exceptional basis to take
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measures in order to alleviate overwhelming humanitarian suffering. this requires three conditions to be met. that there is convincing evidence accepted by the international community of humanitarian discussed -- distress requiring relief. secondly, it must be clear that there is no practical alternative to the use of force if lives are to be saved. third, that the use of force must be necessary, and proportionate to the alleviate suffering in time and scope to the same. this hase have heard
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been met. the syrian conflict is a threat to peace under violations of international law. it was not for what one that the diplomatic efforts that we find ourselves in the position today. after chemical weapons use since the outbreak of the conflict assad defied the international community in 2013 by launching a gas attack, which left more than 800 people dead. resolution 2118 despite the use of engagement syria continues to use chemical weapons against this people and has failed to answer a long list of serious questions.
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the only conclusion we can reach is that syria has not destroyed all of its chemical weapons despite its obligation under the chemical weapons convention. of record onter our part. the opcw has questions. council -- by the opcw director general. teen imposes the charlie and yet last year when the u.k. together with france taking measures under chapter seven set the use of force. the very least they should have been able to do was to follow up on the findings of the report by
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extending its funding yet four times russia vetoed four different proposals to do just that. the syrian regime and its supporters are responsible for the greatest violation of international humanitarian law in a -- in history. they used to discriminate weapons and munitions against and they have deliberately targeted medical facilities and schools. they have used starvation as methods of warfare attempted by attacks on opposition in civilian areas. obstructedtently humanitarian aid. tens of thousands of people have been detained, tortured and executed by the regime. this is one of the most serious challenges to the international nonproliferation regime.
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the state party has violated the chemical weapons convention, defied the security council and has broken international law. -- we have been met with russian obstruction. council attempt to overcome this obstruction without success. we are faced with a litany of violations, no sense of guilt or regret, no sense of ,esponsibility, shameful record denial, receipt and disinformation. president, i would invite those like the russian ambassador to speak about the charter, to consider the following. that this to believe is in line with the principles and purposes of the charter to convey the use of chemical weapons. under the united kingdom's view, it cannot be illegal to use
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force to prevent the killing of such numbers of innocent people. despite all this, we would like to look forward. the united kingdom together with france and the u.s. will continue to pursue a sips -- a to the crisis. a colleague say more about our work in a few moments. it must comprise four elements. chemical weapons program must be ended and the stockpiles destroyed once and for all hiring. an immediate cessation of ,ostilities them regime must return to
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geneva for talks and agree to engage in an agenda put forward by the u.s. special envoy. finally, there must be accountability for the use of chemical weapons and other war crimes in syria. the secretary-general highlighted the political process. we propose that the security council will all meet together next weekend in the retreat with the secretary-general, hosted by sweden that we should use this opportunity to reflect on the step in the way back to the political crisis. we stand ready to work with all members of the security council towards this end. thank you. mr. president, the week after
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the chemical weapons in douma 's yetat after yesterday again to those who are still doubting france as no about the assad regime responsibility in this attack. accomplished -- reported the reports of our intelligence services and those who again are challenging the evidence and distorting the facts in the eyes of the world. with the, assad support of his allies have carried out a strategy of destruction aimed at crushing all opposition in the most basic principles of humanity at the cost of hundreds of thousands of lives in syria.
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regime hasthe syrian used the most terrifying weapons of mass destruction, chemical weapons to massacre and terrorist plot the -- terrorize the population. we have seen this in douma as we have seen in the past. is a possibility that has been established through the u.n. that no one can say they did not know. syrianrs -- years, the regime has violated all of its obligations here it the list of its malaysia as long. -- violations are long.
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the violations are the underpinnings of humanitarian law which are the principles of proportionality. securitys of and in this way obligations under the u.n. charter, the use of chemical weapons against a civilian population is tantamount to a war crime. the secretary-general qualified use of chemical weapons is a crime against humanity. in the face of repeated and hasirmed violation, france called for a strong response from the community, we carried
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thatll possible efforts these to not go unanswered. council through its --cess revolution resolutions have been committed underosing measures chapter seven of new violations. unableurity council was to act in accordance with its commitment due to the systematic negative -- used by russia. systematic and- likely doing it has betrayed the commitment in this council to guarantee the destruction of the syrian chemical arsenal, the deadly ands a dangerous trap and we must get out of it.
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the chemical attack the syrian regime knew what it was doing. --e again, it was to trust test the threshold of our tolerance and they found it. violence is no longer tolerated. we cannot tolerate the trivialization for the use of chemical weapons which is an immediate danger to the syrian people. deadly -- we the clearly warned the assad regime that this aggression would not go unanswered. withve acted in accordance that possibility and done so in makingtrol and fashion
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sure that we avoid any escalation with the current actors on the ground. republicdent of the has spoken on this subject. ,-me who four years i would remind them that that charter was not designed in order to the tech criminals. our action -- to protect criminals. mission is toon's establish conditions under wish under which and other sources of international law can be maintained. in order toessary face the repeated violations from the syrian regime, obligation stemming from
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treaties and other commitments and our response was designed as april or smith and -- proportionate response. the capacity to develop and produce chemical weapons in syria has been put out of service. and was the only objective that objective has been reached. my country knows firsthand the devastating effects of chemical .eapons which were used we can no longer allow the abuse of chemical weapons. down and wer step will continue to identify those responsible. to insist on this point. last night's strikes are a
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necessary response given the chemical massacres in syria. in line withsponse law and our political strategy theut an and --end to tragedy. there are four imperatives on the syrian issues which are of of immediate is -- interests the international community as we were reminded. i thank you for this briefing. >> allow me to recall them. and a verifiable and irreversible way they must spare no effort to set up an international attribution preventing impunity and stop and he repeated attempts of the syrian regime to eradicate
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terrorism once and for all. this is a long-standing commitment and it requires efforts to ensure a victory. syrian territory, this was required by resolution we must have full and unfettered aidnitarian intervention to suffering people. it is urgent for humanitarian --.oys to reach eastern we must have a nexus strategy -- and exit strategy. we have called for the seven year, it has never been so
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through negotiations done under the auspices of the united nations. roadmap will enable us , france is prepared to work with all those who are prepared to put every effort into this and. at the initiative of france and present --the president we will be submitting a resolution. first and foremost to enter into a negotiated solution longt ian end to the suffering of the syrian people.
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give the floor to china. >> thank you. i would like to thank you for your briefing. we were gathered here for meeting on the situation in syria. during which china made clear its position on syria and expressed profound concern over the escalation in syria. we call for a political solution to the situation in syria. i would like to restate the following. china has consistently stood for peaceful settlement of disputes. for theate respect sovereignty, independent,
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limited and territorial integrity of all country. actionral military contravene the purposes of the violaterter, filing -- in governing international consent. to, with new tourge all parties concerned stop further escalation and return to the framework through dialogue and confrontation.
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no party must prejudge the outcome. there is no alternative to political settlement, the international community should continue as a mediator and work together toward a political settlement of this issue. continue ae to initive, constructive role the interest of peace in the middle east. thank you, mr. president. the representative of kazakhstan. president, we express our serious concern about the
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escalation of this situation in syria. we call on all parties to steps ato take restoring confidence and security in the long suffering round of syria on the basis of the u.n. chapter of the un security council. yesterday and every time one we observed increasing tensions in this chamber to act responsibly in accordance with the u.n. charter and international law. who else is not the councilmembers to show to the world an example of compliance to the principles and provisions of the council. we are teaching others to safely follow international law and order and 70 yesterday we witnessed something different. pretextaken under what cannot and will not justify
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military use of force, violence against violence would never bring peace and stability. our position has always been and continues to be that military action is a last resort to be resort.last there was no approval of this council of the military strikes that took place yesterday. humanity hopes that the 21st century would hold an era of global cooperation, our world is once again in danger and the reasons cannot be underestimated. the threat is a very war on a global scale. we are now on the edge of a new cold war which could have consequences for all humankind. this is from the manifesto of my president entitled the world of the 21st century.
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just yesterday it wasry-general, confirmed to us to our regret that the cold war is back with a vengeance. alluse asked on appeals to appeal to international law. and their respective influence on the parties to move actively in the direction of finding the middle ground and political settlement of the conflict in syria. role in has a vital these negotiations and helping the parties resolve their differences. my delegation is greatly concerned by the developments in the absence of security members -- councilmembers. promotedonsistently
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peaceful initiatives aimed at nonproliferation and elimination of weapons of mass destruction and condemns the development and use. we strongly condemns the use of chemical weapons. it is important to combat the impartial investigation of the last chemical attack which will make it possible for the international community to render a fair verdict against the perpetrators in humble compliance with international law. the government and other parties must execute their obligations made by opcw and the u.n. by accepting the personnel while
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providing and ensuring the activities undertaken by the personnel. we would like to remember remind members of the council is not only condemnation of the use of chemical weapons, especially a but ton population, resolve by peaceful means. manifesto dressed the main tool of for resolving business should be only peaceful and constructive negotiations on the oris of equal responsibility peace and security, mutual respect. avoiding in the escalation wars is the most challenging task which has no reasonable alternative. be treated we should by world leaders have five priority on the global agenda
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and we have to respect the 17th that are state members of the u.n.. we urgently need the political solution, only if the diplomatic approach in the spirit of charter and the united nations security council documents and sustaining peace can bring results. we therefore call upon the to holdional community the political will to overcome their differences and reunite inotiations believing that accordance with a council resolution 2254 could lead the way out of this. which in turn could only advance the council is united. there is a need to continue and further geneva
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negotiations and other positive outcomes, all parties international, regional should support and immediate cease-fire and sees an objectively move forward within the framework of the international support group under the arts this is of the u.n. -- auspices of the u.n.. achieving the aspirations for democracy is enforceable without any national support will continue the negative impact and holding syrian to build their own state on a firm and stable foundation. we want to reserve international -- international conflicts. only political solution will succeed. there will bewar
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no winners. since everyone would be on the losing side. we resume call on all parties to we are work -- waiting to work with all parties toward space and security in the basis of mutual understanding and determination to make the world a safer place. thank you. the representative poland. >> thank you. i would like to think mr. secretary general. president, poland views recent events in the context of the repeated chemical weapons
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attacks against syrian population as a consequence of impunity enjoyed by the perpetrator so far. responsean appropriate . in such circumstances the international community cannot remain inactive. it should take all necessary measures to prevent such effects from happening in the future againstly after -- civilian populations. this should be identification of the perpetrators and bring them to justice. we fully understand the reasons
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behind the actions taken last against the syrian chemical weapons capabilities and we support this action chemicalto deter weapons attacks against the people of syria. primary unrline the security council responsibility toset out an investigation examine the use of chemical weapons in syria. in this context, we reiterate our disappointment with the lyrically motivated russia on the proposal for establishing independent investigative mechanics on the use of chemical weapons in syria. mr. president, we will continue in theernational efforts
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complete elimination of chemical weapons. the use of chemical weapons is an acceptable and should be prosecuted vigorously in every circumstance and anywhere they are in use. we call from refraining from actions which could further escalate the situation. thank you, mr. president. >> think the representative for poland. next the representative of sweden. you to secretary general for the briefing this morning. is now in its eighth year, that's longer than the second world war. president assad bears the responsibility for one of the worst humanitarian disasters. we have witnessed terrible violations and violence and fragrant lack of respect for international law, which is going from syrian government forces. we will never forget the
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atrocities connected with this. as you stated yesterday, we was still -- witnessed systematic violence violation of international law in utter disregard of the spirit of the u.n. spirit. violations of security council resolutions as well as international protocol by numerous -- are numerous and fragrant -- flagrant. the joint investigative concluded that the syrian authorities were responsible for cap will -- chemical weapons suborned warthey crime and crimes against humanity. that is why at it has been noted a four the international subsequent developments have concerned the prohibition of the use of chemical weapons as a norm of
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customary international law. we will spare no effort to end the use anywhere in the world. those responsible for such crimes are to be held accountable there cannot be further impunity. the security council carries the responsibility to act in responsible to peace and security. it is our joint responsibility for the prohibition of the use of chemical weapons and it is our common legal and moral duty to defend regimes we have established and confirmed. through broadn international consensus in that regard we welcome the deployment syria andw mission to look forward to their findings. that therettable council was unable to come together and agree in a timely unified response to the repeated use of chemical weapons in
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syria. this weekthat russia again blocked the council from setting up a impartial mechanism . this has contributed to the situation in which we find ourselves right now. the use of chemical weapons is a serious violation of international law. prevention is the concern of the entire international community. call forthe rage and these weapons in syria, it is necessary to rid syria of chemical weapons once and for all and to all those responsible accountable. the secretary-general in his statement yesterday, the obligation when dealing with matters of peace and security to act consistently with the charter of the united nations international law in general. we are at a dangerous moment.
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restraint and to avoid any accent could escalate or four -- further fueled tensions.\ last few days we have worked so ensure, we that no stone would be left unturned to shoulder its responsibility in accordance with the u.n. charter. we have shared a with council members through the inspector general to come back to the council with a proposal in order to be successful. the secretary-general called on the council to take action but the council could not unite. it was a missed opportunity but we stand ready to continue these efforts right now. in light of all that has happened it is more critical anotherr to avoid situation and return to the
12:14 pm
active diplomacy. we it is -- this political process needs to be reinvigorated and the effort of the envoy. humanitarian access can wait no longer. this is the only way to end the suffering of the syrian people. read of the our efforts and put in and to this long, brutal, and meaningless conflict once and for all. thank you fo. >> the representative of the netherlands. to start byike thanking the security general for his statement today. yesterday as well as today you spoke of a litany of horrors the syrian population has experienced in the last few
12:15 pm
years. in which the chemical weapons attack are among the most gruesome. needs -- does not need reminding of the suffering that syrian countrymen and women have endured. the suffering that comes at the hands of assad and his allies. the syrian regime has left the world -- its willingness to unleash terror. the repeated use of chemical weapons is the most cynical expression of this. just say we did go, the world was confronted again with reports of chemical weapons use in douma. has leftan federation no doubt as to its readiness to stand by assad every step of the way. it has blocked resolutions in this consul that could have stopped this. to supportll members a collective, meaningful
12:16 pm
response to the use of chemical weapons. even as his counsel fails to act it should be clear to the world that the use of chemical weapons is never permissible. mr. president, against the background of these horrors and risk the response from the u.k. and the united states is understandable. there is measure targeting a limited number of facilities that were used by the syrian regime in the chemical weapons arsenal. threetions taken by these countries makes clear that the use of chemical weapons is unacceptable. mr. president, the response was aimed at reducing the ability to execute future chemical attacks. syria regime in the russian federation that we
12:17 pm
.on't waver in our -- we will not settle for anything less than an independent, impartial mechanism so that the culprits of these attacks can be identified and held accounts -- accountable. we: the russian federation to propose this, the use of chemical weapons is a serious violation of international law. netherlandsof the believes that the international uphold that the use of chemical weapons is never permissible. impunity cannot and will not prevail. should this conflict continue to suffer inflicted by a single permanent person the u.s. -- the u.n. is bigger than that it. we have a powerful assembly.
12:18 pm
we have to consider all instruments for the use of chemical weapons. the netherlands welcomes every option to establish a independent and impartial mechanism within the u.n. framework or within the framework of other national organization as it can assemble she was responsible so they can be held to account. any new mechanisms should build upon the work and the ongoing opcw fact-finding mission. it is crucial that the effect of the mission is complete and unhindered access to all to conduct this investigation with regard to the attack of chemical weapons in douma last weekend. the intuition of --
12:19 pm
international -- the syrian people must be relieved from the violence, hardship that has haunted them for so long. we call for a political solution. as true unhindered access. determination.s we need to collectively stand up for the fate of the syrian -- this is need to not more apparent than ever. thank you. thank you very much, mr. president. we would like to thank the secretary of general for his
12:20 pm
participation in this meeting. today is our day in the history of this council. three permanent members of the council came to a decision to breach the charter of the united nations against the sovereign in .errio -- integrity categorically to spread this condemnation in the use of chemical weapons this is unjustifiable wherever it if the and by whoever use is a serious threat against international law.
12:21 pm
who act must be prosecuted and punished in the most rigorous way possible. there must be a transparent and impartial investigation to determine who are the culprits. that, the topic of this meeting is that the three permanent members of the council use force in breach of the united nations charter. combat the alleged violations of international law by violating international law. is surprised by the fact ,hat the permanent members given that they have a greater toponsibility have decided
12:22 pm
u.n. when they defend multilaterally, they simply discarded when it was no longer in their interests. the only case unilateral action has been used and we will never tire of calling the event of 2003 and in libya in 2011. action should be of the rest by the security council according to the chart -- council according to the values and principles of the charter. it rejects the use of force. onlyteral action not
12:23 pm
respond to the specific interests, but there are measures that allow me the -- it so happens that they consider themselves superior to the rest of the world. they are above the law, they are not above international law. fact, anyone who violates the united nations charter is not a true democracy. their goal is to expand power and expand domination.
12:24 pm
what we have witnessed in the against theours fact-finding mission which hasn't even started, that's scheduled to begin today, the unilateral attack is an attack against -- organizations and has a main duty for maintaining peace and security. this is an attack against the entire international community. i am wondering whether the permanent members use of force, how much money they represent arming and trading the groups in syria. behind national
12:25 pm
recourses with what kind of authority can the info the united nations charter in other situations. the history unfortunately, a violations in the charter and iraq, butoning libya, their more recent. it happened with the unilateral ,ecision regarding jerusalem another clear signal of a lack of respect for international law. tothose who bomb civilians, those who step away from other weernational agreements,
12:26 pm
also believe that it is important to look at history in , we are periods of time experiencing the consequences in east,ddle 80's -- middle the colonial powers dating back , andat centuries or more the thing we are experiencing is also something that we have seen or those issues not resolved.
12:27 pm
we are talking about policies that undermine peace and security. the permanent of the united says that the u.s. is locked and loaded. we clearly heard her words with , weeat deal of concern know that the uss aircraft missiles,intelligent they have a huge arsenal of weapons. they haveow that nothing but scorn for international law. the principless
12:28 pm
and purposes of the international charter, and ultimately as history has demonstrated many times ultimately these will prevail. thank you. the representative kuwait. thank you, mr. president. let me to begin by thanking the secretary-general for this brief and -- briefing. kuwait is convinced and is committed to the principles of the night is nations and respect for 70 of state and the peaceful chartere charlie -- the has determined the responsibility of the security on behalf of member
12:29 pm
stipulates that the members agree to accept the security council what we have seen in the syrian crisis is a stalemate of the international communities. closely withwed great concern the recent as aopments in syria result of the military operations in response to the use of chemical weapons by syrian authorities. we see that as a result of a stalemate for the security council and ability to arrive at -- that has lasted
12:30 pm
for more than 12 years and has led to massive displacement of people and destruction of towns. mr. president, the chemical hasons fired for some time had a unified approach within this counsel that we have condemned the use of any chemical weapons in syria, regardless of the party which has used such weapons. moreover, the security council adopted resolutions unanimously. the resolution that measures under chapter seven of the u.n. charter. case by various parties with the decision, and if chemical weapons were used in syria, these are internationally banned weapons.
12:31 pm
in order to guarantee the establishing the cooperation in any crime with syria. in fact, that operation did identify them on a number of occasions. on the unfortunate divide in the positions of the council, encourage the crisis to further violations of resolutions for international legitimacy and in violation of humanitarian laws, as well as blamed security council resolutions, including the recent one adopted by the council.
12:32 pm
resolutionor a and calls on emergencies within security council and to restore unity of the security council to ensure responsibility. call to overcome the gap existing to establish a new independent professional mechanism, which investigates the incident to determine who is accountable for the use of those weapons and we are ready to participate in any effort aimed at achieving a compromise among the positions who talk about the
12:33 pm
council to ensure that those responsible for this crime will be held accountable and punished and to preserve the nonproliferation. it is certain there is no military solution to the crisis. we must further our efforts to save the syrian people. we reiterate our position of principal, which is in line with the states, and we call upon sovereignty to put an end to violence and killing and to save lives of the syrian people. and on the basis of the resolution through a process of political transition, which
12:34 pm
would enjoy the involvement of all syrian parties so the syrian people can achieve their aspirations. thank you. i will not give the floor to the representative of ethiopia. >> thank you, mr. president. i would like to thank the presidency for responding quickly of the request. we want to express appreciation to russia for putting the request. it would have been a serious jurisdiction of duty if it had failed to meet in light of what transpired yesterday. we also thank the secretary-general for the briefing here. members, theed responsibility is indeed a simulating to the point of being
12:35 pm
unbearable. we are here, let's not forgets, representing 193 countries to with a fairde amount of members, but encapsulated the imaginations. it attaches huge importance to the principles of the charter that the obligation without to tell the truth and to stand up and be counted for peace. so, with the parties involved, from all national, with friends, mr. president. it was only yesterday that the
12:36 pm
u.n. had member states that acted responsibly, and demonstrates the need to avoid the serious situation that is out of control, and indeed, we see it today. dynamiceminded that the is here and it can lead to devastating consequences. it appears for the moment not to have led to the aspiring situation. it is difficult to take it in light of this situation.
12:37 pm
that have enormous influence on the current situation in syria and earlier, it is right to resume. there are tendencies, no doubt that could be catastrophic beyond our imagination. nobody wants to see that and even, but it could with the urgency to defuse the situation and reduce the escalation. we cannot overlook the genesis of this tragedy.
12:38 pm
and it led to what took place yesterday and you have to be consistent. there is also one point, which makes it difficult for us to understand what took place that it is --see or [indiscernible] to investigate the use of theical weapons, which is cause of this organization. in light of that, we have to be excused. why the priority of the time is clearly of the latest developments, we are not underestimating even now the importance of the accountability for any confirmed use of
12:39 pm
chemical weapons within syria. the total investigation will be allowed to conduct if they used chemical weapons. and we believe it is extremely important to determine the use of chemicals as weapons and through the united action, including through a mechanism. this has become all the more critical now when, as we all know, truth is becoming difficult to establish. we're asking individuals to claim the veracity of it.
12:40 pm
but that should not justify overlooking the obligation to adhere to this. to me continue by referring what the secretary-general -- secretary general said yesterday. it is worth repeating. the cold war has returned with vengeance. he says, this time it is not being banished. that is why we have to appeal to the members, especially the whereent five, diplomacy has the upper hand and politics would be our guide for coming out of what is an important moment in our recent
12:41 pm
history. we need the qualified support of the council. thank you. representative of ethiopia for his statement. >> thank you. secretary-general, thank you very much for your statement, which you have just given us. expresses the views of the united nation from this issue. without a doubt, last night's events were no supplies to anyone in this security council. all that was left unsaid was a day and a time. as i said in my statement
12:42 pm
yesterday, we are concerned about the rhetoric which we have heard, and we wondered where that rhetoric would leave us. has brought us where we feared and really did not want to go, to airstrikes against syria. , the secretary-general of our organization antonio guterres spoke about the memory of the cold war and the cold war returned with a vengeance in the early morning hours, reminding people of the world that the confrontation of interest still exists between two blocks, and the republic is followed with concerned reports on the attacks carried by the united states with the supportive friends and united kingdom. coalition dropped more than 100
12:43 pm
cruise missiles and air to ground missiles from two u.s. navy vessels in the red sea, as well as from two tactical aircraft overflying the mediterranean with bombers from the base. in a coordinated fashion, the coalition attached three targets, including a research center in the outskirts of damascus, and installation acated to the west of location which was a production although these were talkative -- targeted attacks, they are violations of chapter five of the u.n. charter and a violation of principles of national law. i would recall that recording to article 24 of the council, counsel has the primary responsibility for international
12:44 pm
security. members of this council must abstain from creating situations of insecurity. this security council cannot deny or disregard the fact that these strikes may well lead to unpredictable and potentially tragic consequences of the middle east by encouraging the development of nuclear programs in order to prevent any further aggression. dumainspectors are now in and prepared to carry out investigations. ofil we have reliable proof the alleged chemical attack, which took place last week, the republic believes that no aggression is justified. i delegation also reiterates that according to article 33 of
12:45 pm
the charter, when there is a dispute likely to endanger the maintenance of international security, we have the imperative first andsolution foremost through negotiation, mediation, or other peaceful president, history continues to show us that military prevention never solves conflict but rather causes them to proliferate and to go on endlessly and they create devastation and instruction. we must ensure that this does not happen in the case of the syrian arab republic. in military intervention libya in 2011 and its consequences today should be a clear lesson to the international community. their public of guinea is
12:46 pm
against the use of force in international relation and we only allow for the use of force when it is in line with the principles of international law and the provisions of the u.n. charter. in the case of syria, we have already said that it would not bring about any substantial change to the overall situation in the country. we reiterate that political agreement is the only viable means for resolving and finding a lasting solution to syrian problems. all parties involved must resolve differences to dialogue, consultation, and this process requires support from the international community. onlyailure of diplomacy furthers the suffering of the syrian people, and it is the highest expression of discounts on failure. we continue to believe that in order to clarify the events in
12:47 pm
duma on the seventh of april, as theimpartial objective investigation, must be carried out to a light -- to come to a reliable conclusion. we urge the fact-finding mission to carry the investigation quickly and to report on conclusions as soon as possible to the security council. converge the need to establish under the auspices of the secretary-general a professional and transparent investigating body, which can be determined who carried out chemical weapons so that those responsible, whoever they are and wherever they are, are brought to international justice. only in this way can this thorny consensusg unity and
12:48 pm
back to the security council. that concludes my statement by reiterating the unequivocal position of the republic of guinea, which is that we wholeheartedly condemn the use of chemical weapons by whomever, thank you. representative for his statements and i now give the floor. >> thank you, mr. president. president, we would like to thank secretary-general for his presence and for his statement on the latest developments in syria following the airstrikes carried out by certain members of the security council during the night of friday the 13th, 2018. we request all the actors
12:49 pm
involved at different levels in the conflict to demonstrate restraint and to refrain from further, kidding and already disastrous situation in which the syrian people find themselves. weapons and bonds have made syria suffer too much. president, do i need to remind everyone by signing the united nations charter in 1945, the founding members of the united nations sought to establish a new global border based on multilateral list and determination to make peace in universal common good, and the preservation of that was interested to the united nations and security council.
12:50 pm
theframework is primary and fundamental responsibility. the secretariat general just reminded us of that. in every circumstance, where the united nations charter died, the respective principles of the charter, has always allowed us to overcome the most complex challenges and has made it possible to avoid a great deal of disaster. it is based on our deep convictions of the virtues of multilateralism and my country believes that the use of force in order to preserve international peace and security must be authorized by the security council in order to necessary legal authority, and avoid excesses
12:51 pm
and abuses. only a security council that is represents the interests of our time will be the membermobilizing states of the united nation and in support of its primary responsibility of maintaining international peace and security. we would like to express our did concern regarding the inability of our counsel to relaunch the dialogue in syria and to sideline the partisans and military solutions. mr. president, we would like to take this opportunity, the opportunity of this meeting, to reiterate our unequivocal condemnation of the use of chemical weapons, no matter who was responsible, and establish
12:52 pm
multilateral mechanism and to bring those responsible for those responsible. context, the delegation would like to reiterate our support for an investigation that would be conducted by a special fact-finding mission in order to shed light on the allegations of inmical weapons and duma -- duma. we urge the members of the security council to unite in order to put an end to their differences and to affect the establishment of this mechanism and establish responsibility that all the members of the council would like to see. we would like to reassert the
12:53 pm
conviction and conviction of principle that the response to the crisis in syria cannot be a military response and quite to the contrary, it must be sought in the framework of a dialogue and in an inclusive political process as envisioned in the roadmap contained on resolution of the security council. the time has come to resolutely give every opportunity to dialogue and to make sure that our counsel is in step with history. thank you. >> thank you for your statement. >> i shall now make a statement in my capacity as representative of peru. peru knows of great concern the developments of what has happened in syria. as a response to information on the use of chemical weapons
12:54 pm
against the civilian population in this country, we reiterate the need to keep the situation from spiraling out of control and causing a greater threat of instability in the region and threat to international peace and security. peru condemns any use of chemical weapons, which is an appalling crime. for that reason, we have reported the urgent appointment to syria of an opcw fact-finding mission, as well as the establishment of an education mechanism, which is dedicated, independent objective, and impartial. we regret stalemate in the council and our inability to take a decision on this issue. peru encourages the you went secretary-general to redouble his efforts entrusted to him in the charter in order to help resolve the stalemate in the security council and establish
12:55 pm
the aforementioned attribution mechanism. peru believes that any response to the crimes committed in syria, as well as a solution in syria, must be persistent with the u.n. charter with international law and with this council's resolution. as the secretary-general has party has thehis primary responsibility of international peace and security and it is up to its members to act immunity and uphold the responsibility. peru joins the secretary-general of urgent appeal to all member states to act with restraint in these dangerous circumstances and avoid any act which could escalate the situation and worsen the suffering of the syrian people. my delegation reaffirms the commitment to continue working in order to achieve sustainable
12:56 pm
peace in syria and guarantee protection for the civilian population and ensure there's no impunity for the atrocious crimes, and to help defuse the situation. thank you. we are going to make a new statement. you have the floor. thank you, mr. president. i is actually a reply, if may, to the bolivian ambassador's points about the united kingdom. mr. president, we have no doubt andt u.k. sovereignty surrounding maritime areas. we have made clear that sovereignty will not be transferred against the wishes.
12:57 pm
the falcon islands voted overwhelmingly to maintain their current constitutional arrangement with the u.k., turning to the united kingdom for dissipating in the proceedings before the i ck, even as we disagree with jurisdiction in this case. thank you. >> i think the representative of the united kingdom for her statement. of boliviantative has requested the floor. >> thank you very much. i will be brief. i am going to limit to what the special declaration on the issue of the islands is, signed by all the heads of state and government of latin america and caribbean. it states that the head of the state and government reiterate their strongest support and legitimate rights in their public of argentina and the
12:58 pm
sovereignty dispute on the island of georgia and the southern islands and surrounding maritime areas, and the permanent interest of the country's in seeing the governments of the republic of argentina and the northern ireland to resume negotiations in order to find as quickly as possible a peaceful solution to this dispute in accordance with 2065 of thef general assembly of the united nation and other relevant issues. thank you. i want to thank you for your statement. >> i did the floor to the representative of the area -- of the arabs in the republic. thank you.
12:59 pm
i welcome the presence of the verytary-general in this important moment of the history of the security council. the secretary-general in his statement yesterday mentioned that the cold war is back and that is exactly right. agree with just cap accurate that statement is. it is important to recall this opportunity. remember -- those who know the philosophy of the cold war, we all remember following the collapse of the former czar. that we all recall a book
1:00 pm
published here that was called the end of history and another american thinker, samuel huntington, spoke of the conflict. -- were founding the return of the cold war. and they just of these two works was as follows, people of the the paththey follow and will of the united states, -- says,k with a highly he the speaker, as you say in the united states, that was the return of the cold war philosophy. why -- they are worthless, they
1:01 pm
who lie justose once and whoever lies just lies once. when the lies keep being repeated, well, that person who lies only underscores the fact that the person lying is a liar. my colleague, the representative -- and now the aggression of his country, along with the united kingdom and united states was carried out on behalf of the international community and if that is the case, i wonder which international community he is speaking of, is he speaking of a n international community that actually fits.
1:02 pm
hasn't authorized this tripartite aggression against my country? did the government receive a mandate from this organization and international community to attack my country? my american, french and british colleagues have claimed that they have bombed the production if theycal weapons and knew the actual location of these production centers that they claim, if they knew about it, why did they not share that information? why did they not share this information with the
1:03 pm
fact-finding mission before attacking my country? i would like to assure you all that you group of andrts, have arrived today to be able to go from beirut to damascus for reasons we know, just before the attack. that was in an attempt to prevent this team of investigators from reaching the aggression took place, but the denigration did reach damascus today -- but the delegation did reach damascus today.
1:04 pm
authorities of damascus, they had a meeting. my government to go of course provide every support to carry out the mission successfully. the facilities of the research facility targeted our this apartheid aggression, the building, actually, that twice lasts visited year from experts from the departments. was held by an official documents that -- that stated that syria had violations and there were no chemical activities in the building. handed to us in
1:05 pm
official documents, which confirms that this center was not used for any type of chemical activity that is in contravention to our obligations of the opcw, how do you reconcile that with what we have heard this morning? how you reconcile that with all these accusations and claims that this aggression targeted a chemical weapons production center? the colleague from the united states said the time for discussion is over. it was over yesterday. well, then what are we doing today? andssion is to speak explain what happened to shed light on the issues.
1:06 pm
here in the security council to justify it. how can we state the discussion is over? mend to is good aggression and to implement -- to put in and to aggression and implement the charter of international law, that is why we are here. the british and french colleagues spoke with a plan of action and cap invited the secretary-general to implement it. before the council and syrian agreement -- government agreed to the plan of action, or before the authorized it.
1:07 pm
and i would like to present a counter plan of action. this should have been one of the plans of action that was presented today. first of all, read the provision of the united nations charter. and recall the responsibility of these three states and in maintaining security rather than running it. versions, two in english and one in french. perhaps these states should reread what the charter states. thesely, essential for three states, immediately stop supporting the arm terrorist groups act. and toend to the lies
1:08 pm
justifyingtion of the aggression to my country. after seven years of a terrorist warimposed in my country, a carried out by these countries and their agents in the region, bombs,issiles, their will not weaken our determination, our determination them prevent the syrian people to decide on their own political future and i will repeat this. the syrian people will not allow to define our future. withll not remain inactive
1:09 pm
the aggression and we kept our promise. i will explain how we have kept it. now to address those dates attacked to international law. there are many that are perfectly capable of dealing with the brutal aggression that my country faced. we are asking diplomats and those attached to international urges them to read the provisions of the nation's charter and with the sovereignty of states and the nonuse of force in international relations and perhaps the governments of these three countries will realize, if only once, that
1:10 pm
their role was in council and to maintain security rather than undermine it. as i just said, i have three samples of the charter. i would ask the secretary's to distribute them to the three delegations so that they could with enlighten themselves their ignorance and tyranny. mr. president, the u.s., u.k., at 3:55 this morning, saturday, the 14th of april, 3:55 damascus time, conducted a fragrant violation against the amounted tolic that
1:11 pm
310 missiles being launched against damascus and other targets. 110 missiles. in response to this aggression, the syrian arab republic exercises legitimate rights along with article 51 of the charter to defend itself, and we defended ourselves against this abject attempt with syrian air defenses that were able to intercept a number, even though the thethem did reach research center, which inside damascus, including laboratories, and luckily, the damages only material. some of these modern smart missiles were intercepted. there was that targeted military
1:12 pm
installation their homes and three civilians were wounded. states prepare the ground for this invasion or attack by making statements saying that their only excuse for preventing the events of the syrian army against its opponents was the use of chemical weapons. these terrorist groups in the race against time managed to present this masquerade of the use of chemical weapons. they used perjury. they showed the side of this claimed attack and the pretext for this aggression that can only be explained by the fact that the additional aggressors, the u.k., u.s., and france, decided to interfere directly in
1:13 pm
defeat ofevenge the their proxies. those who fabricated the masquerade of the chemical attack in good to the -- chemical attack admitted on television it was a fabricated attack. ladies and gentlemen, i would like to draw your attention. those of you attaching international law to the charter that this aggression is another message by the three aggressors to the terrorist groups. for them to continue using chemical weapons in the future and committing their terrorist inmes, not in syria but other countries. there is no doubt about it.
1:14 pm
146 letters we have drawn your attention to the use of use of chemical weapons. reinventinger is in the wheel and trying to determine it. you all know, that this agression took place just fact-finding team from the opcw was supposed to arrive after the request of the syrian government to investigate the chemical message tothe main -- and actually, they are not interested in a transparent and independent investigation. the are trying to undermine
1:15 pm
work of the inquiry team and put pressure on the mission to continue their lies and fabrications, just as it .appened six years ago >> that is -- this attack did not just attack syria, not just an attack on syria, as my dear friend of olivia said, this is an attack against international law and against the charter, an attack against the 193 members of the organization. washington, london, and paris' attempts to make -- to work the fact-finding mission fail is systematic, even if these three claim to be working
1:16 pm
along the groups. at the same time, they have used pressure behind closed doors of the organization so that these groups and committees do not carry mandates for which they were established. withcall what took place iraq, libya, and in africa with the commissions. none of those were successful. it is blackmail. it is impossible. to the three aggressors, i say you are liars, you are spoilers. you are hypocrites, you are attempting to see failure and actions of the organization, which do not, through your interest, you try to undermine the efforts of the investigative bodies. you need only look at africa, syria, libya, and yugoslavia,
1:17 pm
all proving you do not do what you say you are doing. agenda ofxhausted the the security council by attempting to divert its attention and you have exploited the council to pursue your policy of colonialism. yesterday, in the u.s., and in the west, to maintain was the was thehe main theme lie, and treachery in this campaign, which was already claiming success. the air defense system of my country countered with a great attack bravery and the
1:18 pm
in my country which was destroyed, they did not reach their target and at the same time, the americans and the defense and military chief spoke with the press and were extremely pleased. they were not able to actually answer many of the questions and it was rather pitiful to see these two men standing before the press, unable to respond to the legitimate questions of the journalist. in their attempt to target chemical weapons facilities and was this actually a danger for the civilians is the chemical weapons spread and they were unable to respond to that question and i quote that you
1:19 pm
said you have no proof that the syrian government was responsible for the attack, so what happened in the past you hours? what made you change your mind? perceived was that he confirmation from the intelligence services. the syrian arab republic condemns this apartheid attack, which once again shows indisputably that they pay no attention to international law, even though they say they do repeatedly. shown theiries have conviction for the laws and the law of the strongest. at this time of day, are permanent members of the security council, entrusted with the maintenance of international
1:20 pm
peace and security, and to stop any aggression in accordance with international law. syria is disgusted with the is thedalous positions of supported this aggression after been or planesat to leap from the airbase. it is not surprising that the small boys in the emirates take that position. they have supported in a variety of ways the terrorist groups, such as the muslim brotherhood, and others, to destabilize arab countries, including syria. the syrian republic is acting international community if it does indeed exist. we have heard a new definition of the international community. the man said the international attack,y condemned this
1:21 pm
which will only further attention in the region. it is a threat to international peace and security throughout the world. ladies and gentlemen, those of you committed to international law, i call upon you to imagine where theis meeting security council with half -- would have decided who agreed on such an attack, i wonder what would have been said. we have no legal basis for attacking syria. we have no proof of the existence of this chemical weapons attack, but put that all aside and point to the fact that we never really needed in any military action that we have carried that we have never really needed international law, and i just am imagining this discussion and what it would have been like yesterday.
1:22 pm
attack isary necessary for our allies, so that public opinion in our awayry can turn their eyes from our own political scandals and so that they pay the price. all of that to defend and protect the terrorism we have seen for years in syria. thank you, mr. president. to that you representative of the syrian arab republic. council,members of the the direct resolution submitted by the russian federation. ready to proceed
1:23 pm
to the vote on the draft resolution. draft resolution down. will those in favor of the draft resolution contain the document will you please raise your hands question mark -- razor hands? -- raise your hands? those against? abstentions? threeults of the voting, votes in favor, eight against,
1:24 pm
four abstentions. the direct resolution has not failedopted, and having to obtain the votes, now i would like to give the floor to those members of the council who wish to make statements after the vote. i give the floor to the representative of sweden. >> thank you, very much. we voted against the draft resolution proposed by the russian federation because we believe the language in the resolution was unbalanced and not conferences and it did not cover the entirety of our concerns related to the current situation. at the same time, we agreed that there is an obligation that actions be consistent for the charter of the u.n. and with international law in general. in our national statement delivered earlier today, we
1:25 pm
explained our view on the current situation in syria and condemned the use of chemical weapons and other flagrant violations of law in syria. we also underlined the need for a sustainable political solution. again, we reiterate members of the security council, we need to unite and exercise our responsibility in relation to the situation in syria. there is any encouragement today, mr. president, it is that everyone around this table seemed to insist on a sustainable political solution as the only way to end the suffering of the syrian population, so we reiterate our full support for the u.n. process that needs to be reinvigorated, including through strong support of the efforts of special directives. >> i want to thank the member of sweden for the statement and now i will give it to the representative of ethiopia. >> thank you, mr. president.
1:26 pm
we went to explain why we are abstaining from the draft proposed by russia. it is not because the draft doesn't contain truth, it does. adhere thatt is not we should all adhere to, it does. we have abstained on pragmatic grounds. ninethough it has received -- even if it had received nine votes, it would have been vetoed and it would have only had symbolic value. even that would have not resulted in, but for us, what is andical now is to defuse avoid the situation spiraling
1:27 pm
out of control. we wish to play an active role in this regard. thank you. the representative of ethiopia for his statement. now to the representative of has extent. >> mr. president, has kaz oxfam has-- abstained from voting. we believe it should be a result of peaceful dialogue and constructive negotiations on the basis of security. as i have already mentioned in my statements, we have called for all bodies to refrain from any actions that cannot further aggravate the tensions and lead it to spiral out of control. for rich we would need -- for which we would need to attract back. thank you. the want to thank
1:28 pm
representative for his statement and i give the floor now to the representative of equatorial guinea. >> thank you. because ittained reflects the frustration of my situation the current our inability to adopt a resolution to establish a mechanism. with our extension, we are theng an appeal to resume initiative to establish such a mechanism that we can avoid action such as the ones we have seen yesterday. we would like to recall the initiative taken by sweden and which was endorsed by a number of countries. in order to introduce the
1:29 pm
necessary reforms into the draft resolution so it can be adopted and so that this mechanism can be set up under the auspices of the un's secretary-general. thank you. i thank the representative of equatorial guinea for his statements and not give it to the representative of france. >> mr., president. the draft resolution presented by the russian federation has been completely rejected. the result of the vote sent a clear message on the understanding by members of the security council the circumstances and motivations and aims of our action yesterday, the need for the actions, they are proportional and targeted in nature and recognized. with most importance, knowing can contest the fact that the use of chemical weapons cannot be tolerated and must the
1:30 pm
deterred. it is important to look at the future, as i just said earlier, these strikes are in a response to the service of law, and in the service of our policy to put an end to the syrian tragedy. together with our british and u.s. colleagues, we will be presenting a draft resolution on the political chemical and humanitarian tax of -- to achieve a lasting solution to the conflict. france will work with all the members of the security council on this purpose. thank you. >> i think the representative of france for your statement and i give the floor to the representative of the netherlands. mr. president. the kingdom of the netherlands has voted against the draft resolution proposed by the russian federation. draft doesse this not provide for the action at
1:31 pm
the security council needs to take after the use of chemical weapons in syria. it ignores the very essence of what the security council needs acto, the council should and condemn the use of chemical weapons in syria. , andct the syrian people hold accountable those responsible. this resolution does none of this. thank you very much, mr. president. the representative of the netherlands for her statement, and i call on the representative of kuwait. thank you, mr. president. the state of kuwait voted against the draft resolution. where we -- our adherence to the principles and purposes of the u.n. charter that provides for the nonuse of force or threat of, and the use of peaceful means to settle disputes. yesterday's use of force was a
1:32 pm
result of abstracting the will of the international community and particularly obstructing the effort and determination of the security council to take measures that were available to put an end to the continued use of internationally prohibited chemical weapons in syria. this is a flagrant violation of ultimatelyion that -- unequivocally expressed the determination of the council to take action under chapter seven of the charter, in the case that one or more parties do not comply with the provisions and in case of the continued use of chemical weapons in syria. regain its needs to authority and show it has responsibilities to security in accordance with the u.n. charter.
1:33 pm
it must succeed on an independent, investigation to determine chemical weapons. to identify those responsible for those crimes and hold them to account, and make short they do not enjoy impunity. we call for intensified efforts and they return to the political ofck under the offices peaceful settlement of the crisis in accordance with 2012 and resolution 54. thank you, mr. president. ank the representative from kuwait for his statement, and i give the floor to the representative from china. >> thank you, mr. president. as you all know, china has always opposed the use of force in international relations. advocate for the respective
1:34 pm
sovereignty, respect, and the territorial integrity of all countries. any unilateral military action by passing the security council it violates the principles of international law and the basic governance of international relationship, and will further, take the syrian issue. based on the principle of the position, china voted in favor of the draft resolution proposed by the russian federation. i would like to emphasize here that political sentiment is the only viable way to stop the syria issue. partiesges the relevant to keep calm, exercise restraint, and return to international law and resolve the issue through the use of negotiation. with support, the role of the u.s. for mediation, and we will
1:35 pm
effort for the political settlement of the syrian issue together with the international community. thank you, mr. president. thank the representative of china for his statement. i now give the floor to the representative of the prussian iteration. -- russian federation. >> thank you, mr. president. today is a day when the security council and the international community must raise its voice in favor of peace, security for the u.n. charter and international law. delegations in this room represents the , and no oneate
1:36 pm
should try to urge them or dictate to them how to interpret international law, the u.n. charter, and how to exercise their own conscience. we will never have any qualms to by the dictated international law of the u.n. charter, our conscience and law. confirms thatg the united states, great britain, and france, permanent members of the security council, to put international politics and diplomacy in the realm of mythmaking. myths invented in london, paris, and washington. this is a dangerous aberration.
1:37 pm
mythmaking,acy of hypocrisy, falsehoods, and of substitution of ideas and notions. if we continue down this path, we will soon reach the diplomacy of the absurd. you are creating these myths and then you are focusing everyone -- forcing everyone to believe in these myths. facts to counter your myths, and the picture of what is actually taking place in real life. but you are not seeing this. you are not hearing this. you do not want to see it. you are simply disregarding what we are telling you. legende invented a resolutiononstant that is being put forward, and you provoke russia to veto it as
1:38 pm
to present this whole situation in a favorable light. you distort international law by substituting important notions and concepts. you are engaged in open hypocrisy. you are game ending the conduct of an investigation even before the investigation. you will port those who are guilty -- you appoint those were guilty and punish them. why didn't you wait for the outcome of the investigation which you yourself call for? council is in a state of paralysis because of you. because of your constant attempts to hoodwink the international community. you are not only placing yourselves above international law, but you are trying to rewrite international law.
1:39 pm
you have gone -- and tried, you have circumvented international law without trying to convince everyone that your actions are legitimate. to justifyntative the airstrikes. reasonsointed to three based on the concept of humanitarian intervention. substitute theto u.n. charter for this. this is precisely what we and other countries did not support in the past and continue not to support it now. we do not want this to become a justification for your crime. once again, we demand immediate stops to aggression and refrain from the illegal use of force in the future.
1:40 pm
you have demonstrated to illicitre world your gains. even in soviet times, there was a brochure which was called when is the threat -- whence the threat of peace comes from. in that brochure, it spoke of military preparations by washington and the nato countries. nothing has changed. that is precisely whence the threat to peace continues to come from. just look at what is being said and which drums of war are being beaten in washington. using the cover of hypocrisy and the interest in democracy and this is from note
1:41 pm
507, and i can't give you a list of all of these things in that note. it is too long. i can mention other examples. that is how the french president expected an investigation in the interest of duma and was ready to send a french expert in his proper station of president putin, and all of a sudden that evaporated. because a different algorithm was launched, as quite obvious. for the a very sad day world, the u.n., it's charter, which was blatantly, blatantly violated. the security council has shirked its responsibilities. that welike to believe will not see a day that is worse than today. thank you very much. >> i thank the representative
1:42 pm
of russia for his statement. i will now make a new statement in my capacity as the representative of peru. we abstained because we believe that the draft resolution does not adequately reflect the need to guarantee an appropriate accountability for the use of chemical weapons throughout the syrian territories. at the same time, because the balance of the draft in -- is in balance and does not help restore unity with the council, which is so needed in order to feel specifically with the events in syria, i review my function -- resume a function of the president of the security council. the delegation of the united kingdom has requested the floor to make a new statement. i give you the floor. , mr.ank you very much
1:43 pm
president. i think it is obvious why we have voted against the resolution. theupport completely what french representative laid out about next steps, and we will work tirelessly to that objective, along with partners on the council. mr. president, the russian ambassador referred to myths. these are not myths, mr. president. the way forward in the council has been blocked. the second of our own criteria for taking this action on an exceptional basis, it must be objectively clear that there is no practical alternative to the use of force if lives are to be saved. mr. president, in the 113 meetings of this council on syria, i think that has been demonstrated absolutely, critically clear.
1:44 pm
the united kingdom believes it cannot be illegal to prevent the use of force to save lives. in such numbers as we have seen in syria. the reason we took this action, mr. president, on a legal basis was that of humanitarian intervention. we are holdingt within the principles and purposes of the united nations. thank you. thank the representative of the united kingdom for her statement. represented in -- the representative of the syrian --ernational government has syrian national government has requested the floor to make a new statement. >> thank you, mr. president. i apologize for requesting the floor once again. president, the scene that we just witnessed is quite sad.
1:45 pm
thoses council, there are overlook and not see the big elephant that we have spoken out before. the directt is military occupation of my -- one third of my country's territory. and american direct military occupation of one third of our territory. however, those who speak of small, minor details and think they are pivotal, the political scene is way more dangerous than this. we are a state whose sovereignty has been divided by a permanent member of this council. this is the true seeing.
1:46 pm
delegations or a film by the minister. it is an organization established by the british intelligence. we need to focus on the mainstream -- main theme here. they're hiding things in syria and iraq. however, they have given the air cover for isis. whenever we make advances against isil, u.s., british, and french planes bombarded our sites so we would not achieve victory against isil. however, this has failed. we were able to achieve victory ,gainst isil with our brothers
1:47 pm
but not in 50 years as president obama declared. ofunderstand that because the three countries that launched aggressions have frustration. some colleagues who voted against the russian draft resolution said that they the settlements. we tell them now, after the shameful vote against the resolution, that those who voted against the draft resolution are no longer partners of the syrian government in any political sense. the british ambassador explained things about the islands. this testimony uncovers the facts about imperialistic policies.
1:48 pm
actually referring to the sea 24 on the decolonization, and i work under the agenda of the u.n. and my job and my colleagues is to end the colonization in this world. this is on the list of territories that do not enjoy independence. we work in accordance with the u.n. agenda to end the british occupation. as for my colleague, the ambassador of kuwait, i would and he ismind him well aware, and his government knows that when my country
1:49 pm
participated in the liberation justifyt, we did not our principal position to the people of kuwait, because based on our principles, we did not need resolutions or meetings or any type of aggression. we did not look into the provisions of the project, and we did not undermine our national obligation to our brothers and kuwait. block did not join any that was aggressive to kuwait. we filled our national judy towards our brothers in the state of kuwait. recall theso ambassador of kuwait, that at the time my country could have anded a different role negatively impacted, could have negatively impacted the peace
1:50 pm
and security ability of kuwait, but we choose not to do so. upon a national position that is not subject to negotiation or discussion. i thank you, mr. president. thank the like to representative of the syrian arab republic for the statement. there are no further speakers. the meeting is adjourned. >> president trump announced the airstrikes in syria in an address to the nation last night. this morning, the president tweeted "a perfectly executed strike last night. thank you to france and the united kingdom for their wisdom and the p


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