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tv   President Baltic States Joint News Conference  CSPAN  April 3, 2018 9:36pm-10:14pm EDT

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the house. this is another thing albert with have had to have done, resign the speakership if he moved up to the presidency, and it would really only be temporarily. i think this is an interesting piece of history many people don't know about. we think about next in and think about impeachment but we don't think about the other things that potentially could have happened during that time period. >> c-span's to her of norman oklahoma, on c-span. working with our cable affiliates as we explore america. >> during a news conference with leaders of the baltic states, trump was asked about the u.s. military and whether it would leave syria. he said he would consult with u.s. allies but would like to leave. he also said he would have the military guard the southern border, and would have
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discussions with his advisers on the possibility. this is 30 minutes. gentlemen, the president of the united states accompanied by the president of lithuania, the president of laugh yet, and the president of the republic of estonia. andhe president of latvia, the president of the republic of estonia. president trump: thank you. today i am honored to host the president of estonia, the president of latvia, and the of lithuania. we just spent a long time together and it was very interesting. this summit proudly displays to the world america's deep and lasting friendship with the baltic nations. on behalf of the american people, thank you very much.
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anotheroing to have when hundred year, a very long and beautiful relationship. this is your 100 year of independence. 100th year of independence. congratulations. withnited states has stood the baltics through decades of brutal soviet occupation. the u.s. never ceased to recognize the sovereignty of the baltic republics. in our discussions today i was proud to reaffirm america's commitment to the wells declaration of 1940 and the u.s. baltic charter of 1998. these principles lie at the heart of america's approach to world affairs, honoring the right of peaceful citizens and nations to protect their interests and chart their own wonderful destinies. three baltic republics are
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committed nato allies. i want to express our gratitude to each of your countries for fulfilling your obligations and foring the 2% gdp benchmark national defense this year. your commitment to burden sharing is an example that other nato nations and partners all around the world will have to get together and bear. make thehem do not same commitment. hopefully, they soon will. when nations are committed to peace and security, they have to pay their share. and we will all enjoy a more safe and prosperous future. baltic countries are also providing security at -- security assistance and training as part of the coalition to defeat isis. the coalition has liberated almost 100% of the territory once held by isis in syria and in every act -- syria and in
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iraq. we will not rest until isis is gone. in economic matters our cooperation continues to grow. we are excited about several new opportunities for collaboration, especially in science, medicine and acknowledging. immediately following this summit, the department of commerce and the u.s. chamber of commerce will host a u.s. baltic business summit, to expand neutral trade and investment between our nations. they are looking forward to seeing you. the baltic countries remain a key market for u.s. aircraft, autumn -- automobiles, and medical equipment. we welcome increased bilateral trade with all three nation raised on the principles of -- based on the principles of fairness and reciprocity. we are all collaborating to our energy sources,
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supplies and routes through the includingion, expanding exports of u.s. liquefied natural gas, of which you have become a bigger and bigger user. these are some of the many wonderful opportunities we can seize together. to all three baltic leaders with us today, thank you today for helping to celebrate, and this is really a great celebration because it is a historic milestone. our friendship will continue to grow closer and our cooperation will continue to bring about the greater security and prosperity for our citizens. have done terrific jobs as leaders, as presidents of your countries. that, for your citizens we are there for you. as we begin the next 100 years of our partnership, the baltic republics can trust the united states will remain a strong,
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proud and loyal friend and ally. thank you very much. thank you. >> probably, it is my turn? president trump: yes. ladies first. to be here, not only because of your investment in our region but because of our alliance. we are adopting the declaration where we say that article five is ironclad for all of us. and the collective defense issues are important to all of us, and we understand how important nato is for all of us and why in our discussions, we talk so much about reforming nato. their investments in our defense, the amount necessary to invest in our defense, and of course, together, where it is
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necessary, all of us and the united states, together on fighting terrorists around the world. are in kosovo, molly, the central african republic, so we have partners, allies, and trust allies. and because of that, we are sure that the reforms of nato which we are investing in together and resultng together, will as it was before, but especially now the kaz we see in the united states leadership, we have seen the willingness in the united states to see a different quality of nato and can probably be open. i was joking of the bid about, we need leadership sometimes for decision-making, even predictable leadership, to make enough leverage and pressure for rivals to believe that we can make a decision. think we see this
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kind of leadership in president trump. and that is good, because without the leverage and pressure, there will be no additional spending in our defense in nato, there will be no additional decisions for froming military forces the united states in our countries. there would be no willingness to look into the matter of joint defense, which we need very much. so from all these point of views, we trust that our partners and allies is investing seriously in the future of our defense, not only our region but nato's territorial defense and in the peace and security of the world as it was before. course, businesses are coming together, allied in military cooperation both with economic one operation. i am very happy today that in our business forum, we will sign to agreements with two american companies on the liquid gas
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corporation -- liquid gas cooperation. but we can be independent, all the baltic states, on the gas supply because of that. and this gives us strength and possibilities to make our own decisions, not to depend on one supplier, and american liquid gas will come on time and make us more independent in our decision-making and diversify our gas supply. friendship,t a real about a real cooperation between our region and the united states. togethercomes also with trade matters, where today we see some discussions on the world level between the united states and the european union. we are together with the decisions that the trade needs to be useful and equal to all sides.
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there is no sense to go to the wall but if there are imbalances they need to be found, and this we will support as an ally of the united states. internationalith obligations and military, together with cooperation in the economy, together with the united states and the european solving their trade disputes and issues, we are standing with an together, and we hope as the president said, next time will be even better, closer, together, and we will be able to achieve and make more. thank you. president trump: thank you, very much. please. my steamed baltic colleagues, iesident trump, dear friends, went to reaffirm our commitment to fundamental values, our
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long-standing friendship in the steadfast partnership we have enjoyed for nearly a century. the united states of america is our closest friend and ally. i appreciate that we help each other's mutual support in our endeavors as well as in the security challenges we are facing. we reflected on our many achievements and set a course for our future undertakings. ourave agreed to enhance defense and security cooperation. the baltic states appreciate the united states' commitments to deterrence policy in the baltic region, and the military assistance provided. we will continue to commit 2% of toward the development of
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our military capabilities, for the purposes of strengthening nato's posture in the eastern flank, and contributing to international security. as the baltic states and the united states acknowledged the need to continue the successful without cooperation encountering modern-day security threats such as terrorism, cyber and informational warfare, and nuclear proliferation. today, all of us committed to placing greater emphasis on advancing our economic and trade and investment relationship. we recognize great potential in modernf innovation,
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technologies and the digital economy, and we will explore possibilities for forging new partnerships. i am particularly proud of successes of latvian companies that have generated more than 2000 jobs in the u.s., in carolina, inorth california. it just shows how important this economic cooperation. the baltic states and the united states agreed to continue promoting closer, people-to-people contacts because these contacts are very member offor every our society.
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stress that president trump was an outstanding host today. .hanks for hosting us for us, this very important event as we celebrate 100th anniversary of our statehood. thanks. president trump, mike your neighbors, journalists, i would like to thank president trump and his administration for his political leadership in our region and for the commitment which has been demonstrated for a number of high-level visits to our region. this year, we do celebrate indeed, our centennial anniversary. of these 100 years, 450 we were occupied by the soviet union. and people in our country got up
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every morning, knowing that their id. a credit countries led by the united states who have never recognized the occupation of the baltic states. flag, the blue, black and white, was waiting here in america throughout these years. they could not have been done at that time in estonia. it was heartwarming. it was a true sign of friendship act then, and we remember it and we are still grateful for it. we will be forever. today we agreed on a declaration reminding us about the foundation of our relations. my friends spoke a lot about what we do. it is always best to remind why we do this. we believe peace, security and prosperity depend on strong sovereign nations and respect for citizens at home and to cooperate to promote peace abroad. our partnership is based on principles of democracy and individual liberty, and the rule of law. these things are extremely
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important. today, we stand together, like-minded allies. the baltic states are quite small but they are important because of their location. but not only is what we do as contributing partners to global it importantfind to contribute in the counterterrorism fight. we find it important to spend 2% of our gdp on defense. we find it extremely important to remember that we stand together, in something that we axis ofmy office an good. this is an axis of good. estonia and the united states are different because the size of their economy, but one was big of digital economies this doesn't matter anymore. estonia is one of the world's leading nations of digital
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governance, and our companies are working with companies in your country to make sure people elsewhere can benefit. this cannot come without cyber security. because we have been attacked on cyber before. we still work together, we contribute and we hope that we are really helpful to all of our partners. we have more than trade that we do together. see couple of years we will packages delivered by estonian-made package deliveries. we are proud of this environment. we invite new business to test new ideas and our place, which is tiny, and then upscale when it makes more sense to upscale. this way, we worked together on defense matters and economic stand on ouralways common variables. this is the foundation of our
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relations. this visitor making for the axis of good. president trump: we will take a few questions. reuters. you, mr. president. some of your military advisers are urging you to keep a contingent of u.s. troops in syria, to ensure the defeat isis?s -- the defeat of and can you clarify what you mean by having the u.s. military guard the u.s. border with mexico? mexicant trump: the border is very unprotected by our laws. we have horrible, horrible and very unsafe laws in the united states and we are going to be able to do something about that, hopefully soon hopefully congress will get their act together and creates a very powerful laws like mexico has almoste candid as unlike
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all countries have. we don't have laws. we have catch and release. you catch and you immediate release and people come back years later for a court case but the virtually never come back. so we are preparing for the military to secure our border between mexico and the united states. we have a meeting on it in a --tle while a general mattis with general mattis and everybody. it is something we have to do. the caravan, which is over 1000 people coming in from honduras, thought there were going to walk right to mexico and write to the border. as you know, nafta is a phenomenal deal further mexico. it has been a horrible deal for the united states. we are renegotiating it. but it has been a horrible, horrible, embarrassing deal for the united states. it should have been terminated or renegotiated many years ago. we have a trade deficit with mexico of over $100 billion a year. becauseexico yesterday,
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of the fact that their laws are so strong, they can do things about it that it is hard to believe, the united states can't. i said, i hope you tell that caravan not to get up to the border, and i think they are doing that, because as of 12 minutes ago it was all being broken up. we will see what happens, but we need to have strong borders. we need the wall. we have started building the wall, as you know. -- we have billion $1,000,600,000 for the wall. that's important. is concerned,a our primary mission in terms of that was getting rid of isis. we have almost completed that task and will be making a decision very quickly, in coordination with others in the area as to what we will do. saudi arabia is very interested in our decision, and i said well, if you want us to stay maybe you will have to pay. we do a lot of things in this country.
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we do them for a lot of reasons that is very costly for our country and it helps other countries a hell of a lot more than it helps us. so we are going to be making a decision. tremendous military success against isis. it's close to 100%, as i just said. and we will be making a decision as to what we do in the very near future. we will be consulting also with groups of our people and groups of our allies. >> are you inclined to pull the troops out? want to getump: i out. a want to bring our troops back home. i want to start rebuilding our nation. we will have, as of three months ago, $7 trillion in the middle east over the past 17 years. we get nothing, nothing out of it. nothing. civilianu remember in life, for years i would say keep
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keep thei was said, oil. we didn't keep the oil. who got the oil? i just got the oil, a lot of it, that's what funded their campaigns. they took a lot of the oil and it keep was responsible for fun. we should have kept the oil vent. we didn't keep the oil. so i want to rebuild our nation. think of it or $7 trillion over 17 years and we have nothing, nothing except death and destruction. it's a horrible thing. so it is time. it is time. we were successful against isis. we will be successful against anybody militarily. but sometimes, it is time to come back on, and we are thinking about that very seriously. thank you. >> lithuanian television. president, talk about getting in.
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the joint declaration mentions american deployments in the countries. you have mentioned russia as a terrorist state. did you have a meeting of minds here as to the threat russia poses to the neighboring countries? president trump: we have a very strong relationship, as the presidents will tell you, with the baltic states and we are with them. we are friends and we are allies. and we are going to have a long-term, very fun relationship. in addition, we do business on trade. we worked very hard on security together. surprisingly large numbers of trade, and these are very industrious nations. you're from there's a you know what i'm talking about. these are tremendous people and very, very industrious. we do a lot of business on trade. thank you.
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>> interesting, especially since rival,'t talk about the especially on our border. the country behaves aggressively, performs wars, threats, you sometimes call this country not very friendly. that is why we invest in our defense and security. we are investing into nato, and we would like to see strong nato, strong strong alliance. that is what we are going to do together. pres. trump: thank you. would you like to choose somebody? >> your turn. your turn. go ahead. >> mr. trump, speaking about the economy, economic corporations,
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with my country, what is your message for investors in latvia? and what is your opinion about the investment in latvia? pres. trump: i think all three would be great places to invest. stable governments, incredible people. hard-working, industrious people. i think they would be great places to invest. i would have no problem with it. although i think as president of the united states, they would call it a slight conflict of interest, perhaps. you might be hearing from these people. no, i think it would be a great place. i think all three would be a great place to invest. ok? >> thank you. pres. trump: thank you. first, a question to president trump. a concern of the baltic states is russia. before the press conference, you said at the same time, good relationship with russia is not bad. but how are you going to deal
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with president vladimir putin? is he your enemy or someone you can have dialogue with? and the second question is to our president, is the defense of the baltic states enough, or should there be something more? for example, our defense systems. thank you. pres. trump: i think we will be able to have great dialogue. i hope. and if we can't, you will be the to know about it. firstnobody has been tougher on russian and i have. i know you are nodding yes, because everyone agrees when they think about it. strong energy, the united states. my opponent was into other forms of energy, like windmills. we are very strong on energy. we are essentially now energy independent. we are an exporter of energy. that is not a positive for russia. but it is certainly a positive for the united states. we just passed a $700 billion military budget. next year, $716 billion. the largest ever passed.
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we are going to have a military stronger than we have ever had before by far. that is not exactly a great thing for russia. but that is the way it is. we are going to have the strongest military we ever had. nato. nato was delinquent. they were not paying their bills. they were not paying a lot of states, as we discussed. they were not paying what they should be paying. since i came in, many, many billions of dollars additional have been paid by countries that were not paying. and now they are paying. and they will have to pay more, frankly. they are going to have to pay more. so there are many things that i have done, not only the 60 diplomats -- germany did four, france did four, we did 60. nobody has been tougher on russia. with that being said, i think i could have a very good relationship with president putin. i think.
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it is possible i won't. and you will know about it. believe me, this room will know about it before i know about it. it is a real possibility that i could have a good relationship. and remember this, getting along with russia is a good thing. getting along with the china is a good thing. getting along with other countries, including your three countries, is a good thing, not a bad thing. so i think i could have a very good relationship with russia. and with president putin. and if i did, that would be a great thing. and there is also a great possibility that won't happen. who knows. ok? thank you. >> if i may, i would like to contribute to your first question. as i remind you all, we could trust the judgment of the united states administration and people even while we were occupied. we could trust your judgment when we regained independence and seek membership of nato. we could because we are on a common foundation. you can walk around the mall and read.
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it is all written there. this foundation for both. therefore, i trust the judgment of president trump and his administration on that matter. on your question on estonia's defense, we did discuss the capacity necessary to make sure that our deterrence is believable to everybody who may want to question it. you know, equal partners do not come to talk to each other this way. i come here to washington to ask for let's say, support for this or for that. we are in a situation together and we find the solutions together which will work for us altogether because we are all in it together. we equally contribute to this process of guaranteeing our security. thank you. pres. vejonis: maybe i will add to that. today during our summit we discussed our securities within
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our region with president trump. i am sure this discussion will help a lot to continue any political dialogue with our eastern neighbor, russia. pres. trump: pick a reporter, please. you can pick a reporter. a baltic reporter, ideally. [laughter] pres. trump: real news, not fake news. do you want to pick? i think we have enough. do we have enough? yes? go-ahead. mr. president, pick a reporter from the baltics. not the same man, he was very tough. go ahead. pick a reporter. yes, go ahead. go ahead. please. >> hi. i am from latvia. i have a question for our
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president from latvia. you are going to san francisco after your meeting here in washington. you are meeting some people who are making business connections from latvia and the u.s. do you see any certain outcomes out of that? thank you. pres. vejonis: first of all, i think during our summit i will repeat again that we discussed how we can strengthen our economical operation between baltic state and the u.s. my visit toe, california, to silicon valley, will give, i think, a good basis for better understandings of what our business people need to be presented here. and what -- and how i can help them to be here. because anyway, i think all these cooperations between baltic states, business people, and u.s. business people is very important for our societies.
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for our business societies. and as i said, we are thinking not only about investments in our country, we are trying to make a better environment for investments in our country, but also our business people are invested here. and i think it is important for both countries, for latvia and for the u.s. pres. trump: i want to conclude to say that i am impressed with these three great baltic nations. and these three great presidents. thank you very much for being here. thank you, everybody . thank you. [applause] announcer: c-span's washington
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journal, live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. wednesday morning, education week reporter madelyn will discuss his teacher pay and benefits. then author and commentator sophia nelson joins us to talk about the 50th anniversary of martin luther king's assassination. and we are live in helena, montana for the next stop on the c-span bus 50 capitals to work with montana did -- democratic governor who will be on to talk about top policy issues in the state. c-span'so watch washington journal live at 7:00 a.m. eastern wednesday morning. join the discussion. announcer: live wednesday on the c-span networks, on c-span at fema stiff video administrator on the lessons learned in handling disasters in the last year. at 4:30 we are live in memphis for a ceremony at the lorraine hotel marking the 50th anniversary of the assassination of martin luther king jr.
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on c-span to a 9:00 a.m. the brookings institution hosts a discussion on the future of russia and president putin. at noon the heritage foundation looks at how the swiss government controls debt for a constitutional rule and what lessons can be learned by the u.s. government. --6:30 u.n. gauging the level of trust americans have an immediate. and at 8:00 p.m. on c-span3, american history tv marks the 50th anniversary of the death of martin luther king jr. in discussion on the legacy of dr. king and the direction of the civil rights movement. monday on landmark katz was tape recorded by the fbi while transmitting illegal bets from a telephone booth on sunset boulevard in los angeles. the supreme court decision in this case ultimately expanded
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american's rights to privacy under the fourth amendment and forever changed the way law enforcement officers conduct their investigations. our guests to discuss this case of jeffrey rosen, president the national constitution center in philadelphia, and founder of the national security institute and director of the national security law and policy program. both at george mason university's antonin scalia a law school. watch landmark cases monday and join the conversation. #landmark cases. and we have resources on our website for background on each case. the landmark cases companion book, a lincoln -- link to the interactive constitution, and the landmark cases podcast at what talked about the reversal of the obama
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administration's car emissions standards. here's a look. >> as you know i am here to announce that those standards that were set that we are obligated to evaluate, i am determining that those standards are inappropriate and should be revised. [applause] >> this will begin a process that will determine what those standards should be. it is not conclusory in that regard, but what took place before -- as we look at various issues as to how we can set the standards need to be revised accordingly. as an example, when you think about where we are in this country today and how fuel is being used and how cars are being used, and as i think peter indicated, the focus in the past has been on making manufacturers in detroit and various parts of the country make cars that
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people are not going to buy. and if our focus should be on making cars that people purchase to be more efficient. arbitrary percentages of a fleet made up of vehicles that will not be purchased, that defeats the very purpose of what the standards are supposed to address. announcer: next, c-span's road to the white house features outgoing ohio governor john kasich. he was interviewed about a possible presidential bid in 2020. after the interview he took questions from the audience and spoke to reporters. this is just under 90 minutes.


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