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tv   Washington Journal Andrew Ujifusa  CSPAN  March 16, 2018 1:20pm-1:38pm EDT

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>> we have some sad news to report to you today from capitol hill. new york congresswoman louise slaughter has died. she had been hospitalized for a concussion after a fall at her washington, d.c., home last week. she was one of the most senior women in the house and the oldest member of congress. she was the first woman to lead the powerful house rules committee, taking the gavel in 2007, and as chairwoman she played an immense role in dictating terms of debate on the house floor. congresswoman slaughter earned
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the reputation as a staunch supporter of her party, helping democrats pass several major pieces of legislation with virtually no support from republicans. congresswoman slaughter was 88 years old. and we have reaction from capitol hill. house speaker paul ryan tweeted today -- cameron testifies about global security. >> c-span. where history unfolds daily. in 1979, c-span was created as a public service by america's cable television companies.
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and today we continue to bring you unfiltered coverage of congress, the white house, the supreme court, and public policy events in washington, d.c., and around the country. c-span is brought to you by your cable or satellite provider. >> coming up in about 10 minutes here on c-span, a discussion on russian cyberactivities and what the government can do about it. it's coming up at 1:30 eastern live from the center for strategic and international studies. until then, a portion of this morning's "washington journal." l continues. here to talk about school safety legislation in the house. what did they pass? it is about training school employees and others, including law enforcement to identify
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potential threats. this could include funding to spot students who are raising pose a threat may to other students or themselves. the house bill, along with the senate bill revises the program. anonymous also find reporting systems to help people report to the proper authorities someone they think could be a threat. >> this will be a federal initiative with federal money? >> yes. couldnot a lot, but it help some school districts with those training programs. >> who will lead this effort? >> the department of justice actually. a lot of the training would be
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undertaken by local groups. sandy hook promise does training programs around the country to help communities prevent gun violence. this involves a lot of training with health professionals who could also be involved in working with grant programs. i think there are a lot of community groups that could be in the position to help schools take this on. >> it would create a coordinated reporting system. teachers, neighbors worried about the shooter there. this do?d how would a coordinated reporting system work? >> it has bipartisan support. this part does address concerns .rom a republican lawmaker
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not enough was done to share information about the portland shooter nikolas cruz. based on his behavior at school. the school district has said that they did not see any gaps or mistakes and how they handled him. broad desire for schools and law enforcement to work together to identify potential threats early and to help crisis intervention team's work with the students. greta: we are talking about school safety this morning. in.nts and students dial start dialing in with your comments or questions. how does this legislation compare with what the senate is
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thinking about doing? andrew: they are roughly similar. the senate bill is more generous in terms of how much would be available. it would provide $100 million a year. put -- it would allow grants to go to physical infrastructure improvements, surveillance cameras, door locking systems. a lot of the things that parents and about when they think about school security measures. those infrastructure improvements for school safety can be very expensive. there are assessments that run into the hundreds of thousands theollars, depending on type of school. a lot of security provisions mibtel -- might be popular without work for certain schools.
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the senate bill says put an emphasis on that and what a lot of grants do. greta: what efforts are being to deal with level the nation's schools and how to make them safe to report any t any kind ofwar gun threat? this was the result of a lot of compromise. i think rick scott might not have signed the bill under other circumstances, but given the pressure put on him by parents and family of the parkland victims and others, i think he felt he had to sign it. the age limits for purchasing firearms and allows districts to arm school employees and give them training
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and firearms. that is a very controversial position. mandated would not be to do that, but they would have the option to arm or not. it will be interesting to see how that plays out in florida. there is additional money in the new law for mental health services and provide more school resource officers at florida's schools. greta: as we go to our viewers this morning, we want to show you this stop school violence act. the question for all of you is if it is a good first step. do you think congress should do more? if so, what? that is our conversation this morning. parent student line. caller: good morning. i disagree. i do not think the answer is
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putting more guns in our schools. guy got ae security bum rap because he hid behind a wall. i think it is human instinct that you either fight or flight. at that moment, he had the flight instead of the fight. that is our human instinct. maybe we could send dogs in what they do on that cop show. train them to go after the guy with the gun. i have an english mastiff who would be good for that job. we could train the dogs, have two security guys who are actually trained that will probably be able to help. send a dog in with a best on -- vest on. greta: does this school violence
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act put guns in schools? andrew: know, there are two main things to know. there is no additional gun control in the bills. democrats do not like that. they do not go far enough. there are provisions in both bills that exclusively bar them people in used to arm schools and train them and firearms. taking both positions into thatnt, i would point out the association around the country that represents the school police officers does not support educators, school employers in general being armed. too many things can go wrong. mind important to keep in that there are several things that do allow school staff to be
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armed. this is not a new idea. good morning, tyrone. is put law enforcement in a very difficult position did not do young man anything that wanted -- warranted locking him up. when a child is showing dangerous potential to kill or saying he wants to kill kids in , to actually deal with the anger. would put him out the school and wait for them to do something. we do not know that it will escalate to this type of reaction, where the kid will come back to school. if we do not deal with
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they found that in 31 of them, the shooter told at least one person of their intention. when you have situations like that, look back and say why was not more done to alert the proper authorities? there is room for schools and law enforcement to work together to get these students the help they need and to step in to iffuse potential crisis. caller: good morning. the big elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about is the second amendment. really it has outlived its use. the unintended consequences of arming the citizenry in order to overthrow its tyrannical
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government is absurd because it would require the citizenry to be armed with all sorts of incredibly dangerous weapons. i think the second amendment should be repealed. greta: ok. reg in ohio. caller: i believe -- what is happening -- greta: listen through your phone, not the tv. caller: something on youtube by gregory johnson, people just look at that. don't bully nobody. a lot of the times you kids are being bullied. a lot of times they say they heard these voices telling them to do these things, like a spiritual type thing going n.
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greta: let's take up that point of bullying. there have been initiatives to deal with bullying in schools. where does that stand? andrew: at the federal level, i think this stop school violence act, although a lot of the attention around it has been on preventing school shootings and school violence, part of the idea is to catch these things early. you can start to feel isolated in school when you are bullied. i think that can lead to a lot of trouble and warning signs of people -- that people sometimes miss. i think these bills do help to spread this conversation. i know the first lady is planning to meet with executives from social media companies to discuss the issue as well. nikolas cruz's activity on
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social media platforms has drawn scrutiny about what he was aying. it is clearly a very difficult issue to deal with in a comprehensive way. there are various initiatives in government and outside overnment. greta: we will go to clover, wisconsin. question or comment? aller: comments. i am a veteran. i am all for guns in the school. no law, ever since america tarted, has ever stopped the killing. no president has ever stopped the killing. no walkout will ever stop the killing.
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we are our airplanes. our children are important. i am prior military in a sense that if teachers were trained like we were come they could save lives. like everybody says, the mental condition of a person. he could be bullied. how young students do not talk to each other. we were very open to each other. nowadays, they stick their nose. take them off all those drugs. take the kids off the drugs. give them more mental health in schools. i am all for guns in the chool. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2018] >> good afternoon. welcome to csis. we're going to have exceptionally timely event, which was largelyor


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