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tv   House GOP Leaders News Conference  CSPAN  March 14, 2018 1:54pm-2:17pm EDT

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gavel back in at 2:15 eastern or so. they'll take up a vote on that stop school violence act. they just finished up debate on that. also a vote on moving forward to consideration of three financial regulation bills. of course live house -- live coverage of the house here on c-span when they do gavel in. about 20 minutes from now. this morning house republican leaders held a news conference where they answered questions about their legislation coming up this week. including the school violence bill and the possibility -- possible victory last night of democrat connor lamb in the pennsylvania 18th district special election. be shall shall shall
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mrs. mcmorris rodgers: i just wanted to offer a few thoughts on pennsylvania to begin. let's remember we have to be careful about making sweeping predictions. we aren't even in full momentum on tax reform. and the impact that it's having on bigger paychecks and more jobs for families all across this country. as "the new york times" just reported in response to the february jobs report, the economy is humming. it's giving many americans and their families reason to dream again. because they have lower taxes and we have repealed the corporate alternate minimum tax. premiere blue cross has dedicated $40 million to reinvest in our communities. in spokane this is a million at hope house a. shelter for women and hope house helps them find
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permanent hopes. i recently visited hope house and met many of these homeless women. every night hope house has to turn women away. because of tax reform, they are getting $1 million grant and they are going to be able to triple their capacity. it's also a good reminder that $40 million in the hands of real people in our communities will go a lot further than if it was just sitting in washington, d.c. it this week the people's house is also taking action to improve school safety. after the florida shooting, i as well as many other members, had the chance to meet with some courageous students from parkland, florida. and it's important that we do that following a tragedy. to sit down and listen to one another. i have had a shooting in my district last fall at freeman high school. and bring -- it's important to bring people together. school superintendents, law enforcement, community leaders. our goal is to make sure every
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child has the chance to learn. make friends, and pursue their passion in a school that's safe. that's why i am pleased and we have congressman john rutherford with us today, a former sheriff, he's been leading this effort in the house to make sure that our schools are equipped, that people are equipped to be -- to be able to prevent, recognize, and respond when there are signs of violence. 'd like to call the sheriff. mr. rurter ford: before my remarks i really want to thank all of the leadership for helping shepherd this bill through to this point that we're at today. during my time as sheriff, i used to tell my community and officers, i do not, i do not want to be the best -- first respondtory a mass casualty event. i -- responder to a mass casualty event. i want to prevent that event
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before it occurs. that is what our stop school violence act of 2018 will do. this legislation is a result of some bipartisan work with representative ted deutch, my colleague from florida, and a number of bipartisan members. but i want to recognize in a special way the parents and members of sandy hook promise, who have been integral in helping us to move this bill forward. we began working with them back i think it was last october. so i thank them for all of their assistance. it's well-known in law enforcement that security requires a multilayered approach. and the stop school violence act focuses on strengthening a very important layer to that security for our school. and there is still much work to be done. but the best way to keep our students and teachers safe is to
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give them the tools and the training to recognize the warning signs to prevent violence from ever entering our school grounds. and this bill aims to do just that. and i thank leadership for helping to shepherd this bill through. mr. scalise: i want to commend sheriff rutherford his leadership for bringing forward a strong bipartisan bill that focuses on addressing the real problem with mass school shootings. i'm proud to be a co-sponsor of this act and you're going to see later today the house bring that bill up and pass it with a strong bipartisan vote. if you look at what this bill does, it focuses on so many of the problems that we saw broke down. it's a shame that when so many of the students at the school knew that this shooter was going to go and do something like this, the system broke down at
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the federal level with the f.b.i., even at the local level. so what this bill does is actually give opportunities, teachers, and law enforcement more tools to identify a mass shooting problem before it happens, because that is the real focus. so sheriff rutherford's bill does focus on addressing the problem in a serious way. it's one more step that the house will be taking to confront this problem. . i met with a number of students from parkland. i met with a student this morning who was at the school that day and we talked about the tragedy and emotional toll and, you know, some of the things they'll still have to be dealing with. we also talked about what steps should be taken and he's a strong supporter of the stop school violence act. i'm glad we're continuing to address this problem as we address these problems, we continue to also focus on getting our economy back on track. we're really proud of the work we did to cut taxes.
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nine out of 10 americans are seeing more money in their paychecks because of the legislation we passed to cut taxes. and i do think as we're talking about election results, it's real important to talk about what would happen if nancy pelosi became speaker again. last week we got a good glimpse of that because the democrats laid out their alternative to our tax cut plan. imagine this, just at a time when the economy is taking off because we cut taxes, we cut every tax rate for families, for businesses, enabling people to create more jobs, hire more people, pay higher wages to workers. the democrats' plan that of all people bernie sanders along with chuck shumer presented last week and said -- chuck schumer presented last week and said if they get the majority, if they get the house and senate, their bill will raise taxes. it will raise individual income taxes on families. it will raise corporate taxes to slow business growth and they will jack up the death tax
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even more. they reinstate the alternative minimum tax. which is a tax that cripples middle-class families. so i think it's a great contrast to show that if nancy pelosi is elected speaker, their plan is to take that money out of your pocket that nine out of 10 americans are enjoying right now. give it back to washington, and raise taxes on hardworking families and businesses. so i think it's a great contrast to show people what is at stake this november as we continue to move legislation forward with this republican majority to solve real problems, working with president trump to get that job done. mr. mccarthy: good morning. i dwoont to thank the sheriff. if you ever spent time with him down in jacksonville, he knows almost every single person there. the person that's handling the door on a first-name basis. that also knew he knew the
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principals, he knew the teachers and students as well. the bill he is bringing to the floor that he worked with, students, teachers, officers prevention act. it includes all to make sure we never have this tragic situation again. i want to thank him for his work and the other members. as mentioned, sandy hook promise supports this bill, and i want to thank them for their work as well. i believe this will be a large bipartisan vote. it will not be the only bill because in the senate we also have the work that the house did back in december, the national instant criminal background check. we saw in this situation, too, and just like in texas, it needs to be fixed. so there will be a number of bills sitting in the senate we hope they can move something so we can make law. for t to thank the sheriff that. yesterday was yesterday. i met jordan who is battling
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muscular dystrophy. i don't know if you saw him. he's on the floor. jordan and his mom laura have never given up hope. they have devoted their life ensuring countless others try medication to save their lives just like any mother would want their child to have. yesterday we put legislation on the floor of right to try. we weren't the first. it passed unanimously out of the senate. but the senate wasn't the first either. 39 states since 2014 have approved right to try. n analyzing their 39 states, 96.9% of the democrat state legislatures supported right to try. that was 2,216. only 72 democrats in those 39 states legislatures voted against it. out of 194 in our house, 140
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democrats said no. they said no to jordan. they said no to laura. they said no to all those americans who had' love to have that. -- who would love to have that, opportunity to try to save their lives. i don't know if it was they were playing politics because the president mentioned it in his state of the union because it wasn't that way in the senate but we will not stop. we will not look jordan in the eye and say we stop because the democrats want to say no. we will continue and we'll bring the bill back. i also want to mention one thing when we were gone. a lot of people talk about what america ax bill do for democrats -- and the democrats would say it would be armageddon or crumbs. the jobs bills came out. the jobs report was pretty amazing. 313,000. i think there's other numbers in there you should look for.
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when the last administration departed, the participation rate -- that means how many people are actually participating in the economy -- 62.7%. the lowest it's been since 1978. more than 800,000 have come back into the work force. that's 800,000 individuals about the hopes, their ability to buy a house or send their kids to college. but a number also you want to look at. what about skilled labor, those who are in construction or manufacturing. if you look at those numbers in the last three months, they are the best numbers we have had since 1984. yes, we are starting the great america comeback and we want to make sure it continues. i know those who believe it would have been armageddon or crumbs they are now proposing legislation to make the taxes go up. we want to make sure we finish the job that we started.
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speaker ryan: well, happy st. patrick's week. it seems like it was a long time ago but you have to remember we are just shy of three months of the tax cuts and jobs act passing. so much has happened in those intervening three months but it was only three months ago this occurred. in this very short period of time, the success that we have seen as a result of this law exceeds our greatest exceptions. what have we been seeing? we have seen utility bill savings in more than 40 states in the country. over 40 states because of the tax law are lowering their rates for utilities. that's real money in paychecks, especially for the people who have been living paycheck to paycheck. we have seen more than six million employees receive bonuses from hundreds of companies. we've seen a vast majority of americans have already seen bigger paychecks because of
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withholding tables have changed so now people are opening the mail or going online and seeing their paychecks are bigger as a result of this law. now, we can add another tax reform effect to the list. cathy just mentioned washington state. reinvestment in our nation's health insurance market is now taking place because of the tax cuts. this week premiere blue cross blue shield of alaska, the state's only private insurance provider, announced it would reinvest $50 million of the tax savings that it received back into the state's health insurance market. how's that for unexpected benefit for tax reform? so you have blue cross blue shield of alaska saying because of the tax cuts and jobs act we're putting $50 million back into our state for health insurance. there's more good tax reform news every single day. yesterday the national federation of independent businesses released result fathers a new survey found for the first time since 2006 taxes received the fewest votes as the number one problem for small businesses. let me repeat that our tax
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system is now helping, not hurting, small businesses. so we are really seeing, as kevin mentioned, labor force participation. we're getting people who were not working, not looking for work, now on the sidelines now getting up and going in the jobs market. we see people getting on the ladder of life because of the higher wages, because of the new jobs being offered. so we're seeing phenomenal results from the tax cuts and jobs act. and it's just really a stark difference to me that not a single democrat voted for this and now they're saying they want to raise taxes and they want to void all of this great progress we have made in our economy. i also want to thank sheriff john rutherford who is bringing the stop school violence act to the floor today deserves credit because he's taken his knowledge of local law enforcement as the sheriff of jacksonville, florida, and he has taken that knowledge and worked across the aisle with democrats to make sure we can
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advance legislation that keeps the sand eye hook promise -- sandy hook promise to advance the idea that schools are hardened and schools are prepared and everyone gets the necessary training that they need. this provides a multilayer approach to identify the threats so we can stop the violence before it happens it includes new violence training prevention for law enforcement, for students, for school personnel. it implements additional technology to improve school security and so much more. tragic violence has no place in our schools. every american believes that. this legislation will actually take concrete action to prevent that, and i'm very excited we're bringing this bill to the floor today. questions. reporter: question. [inaudible] what was the surprise for you what happened in that race? speaker ryan: i don't know there was a big surprise. win or lose, it's too soon to say what's going to happen. i think the candidate that's going to win this race is the candidate that ran as a
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pro-life, pro-gun, anti-nancy pelosi conservative. that's the candidate that's going to win this race. so this is something that you're not going to see repeated because they didn't have a primary. they were able to pick a candidate who could run as a conservative. who ran against the minority leader. who ran on a conservative agenda. you will have primaries in all these other races and the primaries bring them to the left. so i just don't think this is something that we'll see a repeat of. reporter: what's the message to your candidates, all your incumbents who will be out and running? they don't get caught sleeping, essentially. speaker ryan: we have a great track record. i think focusing on the accomplishments we have and how it's improved people's lives i think it's something we should be focusing on. also, we got more work to do and we're in the middle of negotiating a budget agreement or appropriations that will finally rebuild our military, that will make good on our promises to fight the opioid epidemic, to help find a cure for cancer, to make a good down payment on the president's infrastructure agenda.
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so there's a lot that we've done. there's la that we're going to do -- there's a lot that we are going to do and a great record to run on. reporter: there are thousands of students participating in the national walkout in honor of the parkland victims. i think a lot of them would agree with the school safety bill that you guys are putting on the floor today, but they also want some kind of gun control or gun restrictions along with that. what's your message to them on this day? speaker ryan: like the majority leader said, we passed in the house legislation plugging loopholes in the background check system. look, we believe the best focus can be on stopping people who should not get guns from getting any kind of gun, period. we sent legislation to the senate in december. hopefully the senate can act on that legislation. in the meantime, we believe we can make broe agrees on the stop school violence act which we're passing -- progress on the stop school violence act which we're passing today.
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reporter: why was the -- [inaudible] speaker ryan: i won't speculate on the outcome of that only to -- reporter: [inaudible] speaker ryan: that's right. there are more democrats that differ than republicans, that's exactly right, and both of these candidates ran as conservatives. i don't think you'll see that across the country. >> last question. reporter: i don't need to remind you this is a district that trump won by 20 points. if it is truly a wake-up call, as we understand from your members this morning, isn't it also a wake-up call the role the president should play, from your opinion, in upcoming mid terms? speaker ryan: i think the president helped close this race. the public polling wasn't looking so good and the president came in and helped close this race and got it to where it is right now, within a few hundred votes. i think the point -- first of all, we need to execute. we need to get our message. we need to make sure our candidates aren't massively outraise and outspent on tv
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which was the case between these two candidates. second point i'd say is, both of these people, both of these candidates, the republican and democrat ran as conservatives, ran as pro-gun, pro-life, anti-nancy pelosi conservatives and that's the takeaway we see here. i'll still take one more. [laughter] reporter: the democrats ran -- speaker ryan: no, go ahead. reporter: naublenauble? speaker ryan: is there anything else you guys want to talk about? i want to -- sure there are other topics you guys want to talk about. [speaking at the same time] reporter: on the omnibus i understand you told the conference that will be filed tonight [inaudible] speaker ryan: that was a conference meeting. i said our goal is to get this done as fast as possible. stay tuned. ok. anna, go ahead. reporter: so i was wondering if you support kristi noem's proposal for an online sales tax and if you think that proposal has a place in the omnibus? speaker ryan: i won't speculate
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as the content to the omnibus because it hasn't been done yet and the appropriators are negotiating it. reporter: will you support the online sales tax? [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2018] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> and the house will gavel back in momentarily. they will vote on the bill by congressman rutherford that stops school violence act that would authorize $75 million a year for over 10 years. part of that will be a program to train school officials and law enforcement on how to respond to students with mental health issues. part of the funding also would be used for -- could be used for things like metal detectors, locks and other security measures. the house will gavel in momentarily for that and also voting on the rule for three financial regulation bills. the leadership talking about the election last night. the special election in pennsylvania. the 18th district for tim murphy's seat. lamb declaring victory in that speech but still very too close
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to call for election officials in pennsylvania. news this afternoon from the white house. the associated press is reporting that larry kudlow tells the associated press he has accepted the white house economics job, heading the national economic council, the garycon. position. opposes tariffs but, quote, is in accord with president trump's policy. le we'll hear more about that a bit later on. votes coming up in the house. the senate is in this afternoon as well. and they continue work on financial regulations as part of the remake of the dodd-frank financial regulation law of 2010. follow the senate over on c-span2.


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