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Paul Ryan
  Speaker Ryan News Conference  CSPAN  February 15, 2018 1:36pm-1:44pm EST

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let's surprise the naysayers about those things that we do together. with that, madam speaker, i yield back the balance of my ime. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. does the gentleman have a motion? mr. woodall: mr. speaker, i move the house -- the house do now adjourn. the speaker pro tempore: the question is on the motion to adjourn. those in favor say aye. those opposed, no. the ayes have it. the motion is adopted. accordingly, the house stands adjourned u
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mr. ryan: in a few minutes when this vote closes, we're going to go upstairs and hold a moment of silence for the victims of yesterday's shooting.
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we've lowered the flags here in the capitol to half-staff. our first thoughts are with the families of those who were lost. we know at least five people right now are fighting for their lives. and we need to pray for each one of those people fighting for their lives right now. we also just thank god for law enforcement and the heroes of the school. i just want to offer this. there are a lot of worries that come with being a parent of teenagers. we have three of them. but this is the nightmare. this is pure evil. for these kids, yesterday should have just been typical high school day. in an instant this became the worst day of their lives. you know, i was looking at this this morning, i go back to this message that one of the students sent to her mom. she said, if i don't make it, i love you and i appreciate everything you did for me. -- amid all that fear, that terror, for her to think of love and gratitude for her parents. we can learn a lot from our kids.
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this is one of those moments where we need to step back and count our blessings, we need to think less about taking sides and fighting each other politically and just pulling together. this house and the whole country stands with the parkland community. i'm going to take questions but we started late here, i'm going to be brief because i have to get upstairs to the chair. reporter: thank you, mr. speaker. when you talk about not taking sides, the minority leader just a few moments ago was critical of their demands, their requests to have the select committee on gun violence, action on background checks, criticized your leadership, the response to their sit-in in 2016 was to investigate who was par scoping. is that the taking of sides that you're referring to? mr. ryan: as you know, mental health is often a big problem underlying these tragedies. that may be the case here today based on early reporting. we passed legislation on mental health. we want to make sure that if
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someone's in the mental health system that they are not supposed to get a gun. we will find out as fact comes out whether there was a breakdown in the system or not here today. as you also know, we passed legislation, cleaning up the instant background check system. that bill, with others, is sitting over in the united states senate. so if there's someone who is not supposed to get a gun who is getting a gun, we need to figure out why that's happening and fix that. that's a piece of legislation we already passed that's sitting in the senate. one thing we know is that there are early indications for mental illness, i think we probably have to do a better job of trying to make sure that people don't get -- slip through the cracks. reporter: mr. speaker, should law enforcement be able to confiscate a weapon from someone who has exhibited signs of mental illness? mr. ryan: this is not the time to jump to some conclusion, not knowing the full facts. we've got a lot more information we need to know. but if someone who is mentally ill is slipping through the
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cracks and getting a gun because we have laws on the books, we have a system to prevent people who aren't supposed to get guns from getting guns, and if there are gaps there, then we need to look at those gaps. that's like the legislation we passed fixing the nix system. reporter: mr. speaker, why won't you support or allow hearings to move forward on background checks? what is your resist tones that? mr. ryan: the bill does fix the background check system. remember the shooting in texas. there was a man who had been convicted in the air force of domestic violence. he wasn't supposed to get a gun yet the air force didn't give the records to the instant check system and he got a gun. that's one of the reasons why we passed legislation plugging that loophole. making sure that that was the case. so that came from hearings. we had hearings on the gaps in the instant check system. and those hearings led to a conclusion that there were gaps that needed to be fixed and that led to legislation that has been now passed by the house.
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reporter: [inaudible] -- the question i think, so you're saying obviously we need to look into if there's gaps. the attorney general said if there's problems we have to address it. something's not right. would you consider a select committee? whatever you call it? mr. ryan: i think congress should do its job and that's what -- look, we passed mental health legislation two years ago because of the underlying mental health problems that were behind these shootings. that legislation is now just taking place. that legislation is now being implemented. from earlier reportings we understand there may be mental health issues with this shooting. so the question is, are those laws, where they need to be? is it being implemented properly? are they being enforced correctly? remember dworks have laws on the books -- remember, we do have laws on the books designed from people with mental illnesses from getting firearms. people with criminal backgrounds from getting firearms. the question is, just like the texas instance, are those laws working right way? are there loopholes that need to be plugged? we found loopholes that needed
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to be plugged. >> last question. reporter: would you consider moving legislation as stand-alone bill? or are you insisting on these provisions -- [inaudible] mr. ryan: our bill is in the senate, hopefully the senate can pass something. then we'll meet them in conference like the regular legislative process. reporter: there's some provisions there, concealed carry. mr. ryan: that's a good self-defense bill. that's something that's in the senate. we'll see if the senate can get to conference and then we can figure out what we can do from there. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2018]