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Nikki Haley
  UN Ambassador Nikki Haley Remarks at GOP Retreat  CSPAN  February 4, 2018 1:40pm-1:59pm EST

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we need to make sure we are not revealing sources and methods to protect our national security. the more transparency be better so that the people of this country can see their civil liberties are being protected and the constitution is being followed. that is why we think sunshine, transparency and accountability is the correct antidote for this. that is why the legislative branch of government conducts its oversight over the executive branch. thank you. >> you can overrule that, mr. speaker. >> u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley spoke thursday at the gop annual retreat. she talked about foreign policy and national security objectives. this is about 20 minutes. [applause]
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amb. haley: thank you so much. i appreciate it very much. i am excited to be here. when we heard about the train derailment yesterday, the country took a breath. and they quickly set of prayer. prayer.-- said a many of you did what you do every day, gave service. but at this point you are heroes. i want you to know having been in public service, you do a lot of sacrifices and you give a lot, but it is very appreciated. thank you and god bless you and i'm glad everyone is doing well and we will continue to pray for the families of the injured. i was told there was some sort
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of issue that made all the senators go away. [laughter] something about the memo. i don't know. [laughter] i was in the house myself in south carolina. i know all about senators. [laughter] [applause] i will just say i'm really glad to be here with a group of house members. [applause] all for the great members of the advisory committee here tonight. we appreciate all you do. i want to thank all members of congress for your service. as a former state legislator i'm very aware of the criticisms you constantly indoor, with very little praise coming your way. the american people have much to be thankful for when it comes to the work you are doing. before i go any further, i have
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to give a shout out to my south carolina members of congress that are right here in front of me. we have a great joe wilson tonight. [applause] joe has been a great friend of mine, and little-known fact, when i was an unknown running for a house seat against a 30-year incumbent, joe was a very good friend to me at a time when i needed it. i will always be grateful. [applause] we also have tom white and ralph norman with us tonight. [applause] i am always proud of our south carolina delegation. -- totalking about tom tom about his first primary election. ralph and i are old friends. he was very supportive of my administration as a legislator. when he decided to run for congress, i wanted to help him. i discovered when you're in
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ambassador, there's a whole different set of ethics rules you need to follow. the ethics lawyers said it was ok for us to write a check. my husband and i did write a check for the primary. primary,h won the president trump sent out a tweet congratulating him. i read tweeted that. apparently -- [laughter] i guess i'm not let the congratulate ralph on winning his election, so i will say this. it is really good to see you here. [applause] this administration is about a year old now. that's a good time to take stock, as the president said on tuesday night. the national security and foreign policy, we can cut you with great confidence that we are moving things in the right direction. when you go to your district and talk to your constituents, there
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is a really good record to talk about. i want to describe three of those. the middle east, north korea, and russia. russia,d when i said people' perked up. starting with the middle east. compared to one year ago from where we are now, one year ago radical islamic terrorists were still on the march. isis controlled huge portions of syriac anorak. syria and iraq. al assad,ictator, using chemical weapons with impunity knowing the redline was not being enforced. one of the worst deals ever was never going to be
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challenged. one year ago the united states shamefully turned its back on israel and the united nations. what a difference a year makes. [applause] one year later isis has been demolished. we have more to do against them, but the progress has been incredible. they now control very little territory. their so-called caliphate has been destroyed. while they still pose a risk, they are a shell of what they were a year ago. missilesl, 59 tomahawk set the united states is serious about stopping him from using chemical weapons. [applause] that sent a very important message beyond syria to the rest of the region. i can tell you after that night i had many u.s. ambassadors come
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up to me privately and say it is so good to see the united states lead again. [applause] with iran we looked closely at the nuclear deal, family sequenom. the deal was bad enough by itself. to the $100 billion world's largest state sponsor of terrorism. much of it in cash. in some ways the deal is even worse for what it did outside of the nuclear area. in the eyes of the u.s. and the countries, the nuclear deal had become too big to fail. -- in order to protect the deal. iran today is violating all international norms on ballistic missile development, on support of terrorism, on arms embargoes,
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on human rights and more. some countries give them a pass because they are afraid of upsetting the nuclear deal. that is no way to operate. this administration has boldly said so. and the next 100 days we will either get international cooperation to get tough on iran, for we will get out of the nuclear deal. that's a big difference from where we were one year ago. [applause] and then there is israel. in december of 2016, when israel was announced by the united nations security council, the united states abstained. just last month in december of 2017, when the u.s. security council trotted out united states for moving our embassy to jerusalem, i have a great honor of casting the u.s. veto.
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[applause] again, what a difference a year makes. now we go to north korea. we inherited a giant massive north korea. in north korea. for 25 years we have been kicking the can down the road. we have tried negotiations and dealmaking, and all we have got is delays, broken agreements, and further advancement in the regime's nuclear and missile programs. by the time we came in the office there was no more road left a kick the can down. this administration is
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determined to keep the world's most depraved regime from having the ability to hit american cities with nuclear weapons. from the earliest days we set out on a course of maximum pressure. at the u.n. we have not one but three different sanction resolutions, the toughest sanctions of any country in a generation. we have cut up 90% of their trade, 30% of the oil, and a large part of the revenue. we had better cooperation from china than ever before. there is still much that china can do. we will have to keep the pressure on both china and russia when it comes to north korea. already we are seeing a change in north korean actions. they would not be reaching out to south korea as they have done in the last month without the immense pressure this administration has put them under. i'm not prepared to say it means
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much yet. it doesn't. it is a sign that north korea is feeling the heat. the sanctions are starting to bite hard. it is critical we keep the heat on them until they get rid of their nuclear weapons. [applause] now to russian. there is one overriding thing we need to be clear about. russia is not our friend. [applause] there may be some things we can work with them on, and we should do that when we can, for russia is not, will not be our friend as long as their government has the values it has and as long as it conducts itself elliott does internationally. russia is the defender of assad's brutal regime in s yria, and vetoing every effort
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to hold him accountable. russia has increasingly close alliance with iran, and protect them against more vigorous nuclear inspections. they still illegally occupy ukrainian territory. in our own hemisphere, russia is a defender and bankroll or of the corrupt and lawless regime in venezuela. meddle in ourd election. that is not a controversial statement. russia has been meddling in western countrys' elections for many years. they have done it in european elections since last year. there is no reason to think the russian interference make any difference between who won and lost in the u.s. election, but the very fact they did it is an outrageous thing. something the administration is taking steps to prevent in the future. with all that goes on about russia and its role in our
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election, one huge fact is massively overlooked. that fact is in the last year this administration has been tougher on russia that any american administration since ronald reagan. [applause] just look at the record of the last year. we sent advanced weapons to ukraine, we have conducted a successful military strike against russia's ally in syria, we have not lifted a single sanction on russia, and we have expanded sanctions against them, we have excelled -- expelled russian diplomat from the u.s., we massively expanded our domestic energy sector, we are rebuilding our military. russia hates all those moves. most of them did not exist before this administration. i have no idea what russia expected from the american election, but i got to tell you they are not happy with what
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they ended up with. [applause] be, is the way it should until russia starts to act like a responsible country. all we have done in the last year, the republican congress has been a great partner. we will need your partnership in the days ahead. chairman royce has been great to work with. he will be terribly missed after this year. chairman rogers, thank you for all you do. speaker ryan, thank you for being a friend and for your leadership in what is not always very easy. anether it is on ir sanctions, north korean sanctions or russiam plenty to contribute our great working relationship for the good of the american people and american national security. at the you and we work on all of these issues and more. we are working every day to watch out for american taxpayers. in 2017, we changed the mandate
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for every u.n. peacekeeping mission that came up for renewal. million,nearly $600 making the missions more effective, not less. at the end of last year we finished negotiations on the u.n. budget and say the most $290 million. that is something we can be very proud of. let's be honest. we are talking about united nations. there will never be an end to the wasteful spending. our team in new york works on it every single day. i can't tell you how helpful it is to have congress back me up. when you play the heavy, it is much easier for me to be the bad cop with a smile, of course. there is one more thing i would like to ask you -- [applause] there is one more thing i would like to ask you to look at. on tuesday night, the president said something very important.
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and something that i strongly support. i want to underscore it so i want to quote him directly. month i endorse -- i took an action endorsed by the senate. i recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel. shortly afterwards dozens of countries voted in united nations general assembly against america's sovereign right to make this recognition. american taxpayers generously those same countries billions of dollars of aid every year. that is why tonight i'm asking congress to pass legislation to help ensure american foreign assistance dollars always serve american interests and only goes to america's friends." [applause]
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this is hugely important. it is outrageous to see somebody countries who we support go against us at the u.n. in many cases they are not that countries. we have good and valuable relations with many of them. in many cases it is just we have not told them we expect them to have our backs at the u.n. we have to start showing them that. the president and i are now telling all countries we are watching their votes and yes, we are taking names. [applause] we need your help to send the same message. it will make a big difference, and it will move the ball forward and getting a better return for the american people. once again, thank you for your service to our great country. great to see so many friends in the room.
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i look forward to working with all of you on another successful year for the american people. god bless you. [applause] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2018] >> joining us on the phone is the white house reporter for reuters. thank you very much for being with us on a sunday morning. they want to begin with where the week begins with the president, the fbi and the justice department. guest: that's a good question, steve. the fallout from the memos and the last week continuing ramifications from that is where we will start on monday. whether or not anyone at the fbi decides to step