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tv   Senate Democrats Year- End News Conference  CSPAN  December 21, 2017 8:52pm-9:21pm EST

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conservative movement. >> i met him through my father, some what of a confidant to him. he liked to party. he liked a drink or two and as long as you didn't talk about communism you couldn't ask for a be with, but he was very serious about that. he was also someone who did not take advice very well. he concert went really -- he consequently said and did things that hurt the cause. >> senate democrats held a year end news conference and criticized president trump and congressional republicans on their agenda including the recently passed tax reform will. they also talked about the lack of legislation on infrastructure, tension running,
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and the opioid crisis. senate minority leader charles schumer opens the 25 minute briefing. schumer: good morning, everybody. thank you for coming here it i want to thank my colleagues for joining me this morning. we are almost at the end of the year of this republican senate under president trump. and the republican credo can be summed up this way, help the rich, hurt the middle class. the whole year can be summed up in that one sentence. republicans have spent every waking hour catering to be wealthy and special interest, leaving the middle class and those wanting to get there as an afterthought. republicans have cemented their
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legacy as the party of the rich. if you ask the top 1% how senate republicans did this year, they would give them an a. if you ask the wealthy corporations how they did this year, they would give them an a/ if you ask the americans how they did this year, they would give the republican senators an a. but if you ask middle-class americans, they would give them a big fat, red f. lastweek crystallizes the year and a half in the senate than any other. in the same week they lower the tax rate on wealthy americans, they are willing to fund the chip program that provides
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health care for kids. they are shortchanging millions of middle-class americans who lost their homes to wildfires and historic storms. in the same week they are preserving the loophole they said they would close, republicans are failing to provide a boost in lending of both military and he domestic programs that the middle class relies on like infrastructure, funding to combat the opioid crisis, pension relief, and more. a have been so focused -- republican colleagues have been so focused on taxes, they have been unable to reach agreement on these issues for fear it would upset their tax bill. that has been the story of the year. the last three months, republicans have buried their heads in their tax bill, zealously slashing taxes for those who need it the least
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while leaving the critical middle-class programs behind. that has been the story this year. republicans have not accomplished watch, but what they have accomplished has only benefited the wealthy and well-connected. it reminds me of the old woody allen seen. andy allen is in a diner the guy says to him, this food is terrible. ytea -- sayss yeah, but the portions are small. they haven't accomplished much, but what they have a comp list has benefited the wealthy. republicans will claim they had year according to three things judge gorsuch, their use to roll back regulations, and the tax bill. all three things will help the wealthy and powerful.
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they will help corporation, but they won't help the middle class. they rolled back protections for middle-class people, workers, women, all while helping special interest. senate republicans engaged in obstruction to keep the supreme court open so that the list society could handpick a judge that would will on the ride of corporations in that of people and they capped the year by providing huge tax breaks to the rich and corporations while providing crumbs and even tax hikes for the middle class. and that's what they did do. we haven't even gotten to what they ailed to do or forgot to do. they tried for months to repeal the affordable care act which would have sent cost soaring, they failed in that effort, but they have consist we undermined
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the aca in every way they can think of. now, when premiums go up, the american people will know that president trump and republicans are to blame. they failed to authorize the chip program. they failed to rebuild infrastructure which would create jobs. wages haven't budged and they haven't done a thing to lift the wages. president trump talks about the stock market. that helps mainly the rich. wage earners'growth is nearly flat. the republicans claimed they would stop outsourcing, that hasn't happened, even the companies the president says he personally works with have sent jobs to mexico leaving families without the money they need this
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holiday season. time and time again, the middle class was an afterthought by senate republicans and president trump. president trump promise to remember the forgotten man. the forgotten man is still waiting to be remembered. republican friends will claim they couldn't achieve more because of obstructionist democrats. but that isn't true at all. all year long democrats have reachtrying to bipartisan agenda. they said democrats get lost. even pretend they were being bipartisan. bipartisanship is to write the bill, support themselves and demand democrats supported. bill has failed because of a democratic alabaster.
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-- filibuster. before republicans blame democrats for their lack of accomplishments, they should remember that democrats did not filibuster a single ill at the 60 vote threshold. we hope the future will be different. we hope they will give up on their partisan agenda that leaves the middle class struggling. if they don't, the political problems they are having now are only going to get worse. people are standing up and rejecting the republican agenda across the country. in alabama, virginia, new jersey, last week in tennessee, we are seeing a from one end of the country to the other. if republicans continue to hurt the middle class, if they continue to bow to the powerful corporations and wealthy, they are in for a reckoning next
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november. if you are going to be doing your christmas shopping in springfield, illinois, just remember the sign that says if you break it, you own it. that is our message to republicans. what you have broken, you own. so yesterday in a flourish of rhetoric, the president said, we have repealed obamacare. what that means is 13 million americans are going to lose medical protection because of this tax bill. millions of others will see their health premiums go up because of this tax bill. the american people say health care is our number one priority. look what republicans have done when it comes to health care protection in america. that is not the end of the story.
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i have broken promises. ,ow many speeches have we heard how many times have republicans posed for pictures when it comes to national debt? how many speeches that they given about the sanctity of cutting our debt? they just added $1.5 trillion to our national debt in order to give tax breaks to the wealthiest people in america. that is the biggest rogue and promise any american can make -- broken promise any american can make. and they told the working families in the last campaign, we hear your suffering. you will be our priority. we are on your side. look at that tax bill and try to imagine for a minute how giving a tax break to the wealthiest people in america is going to
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help middle income families. of the, over 80% of all tax relief they have generated out of this bill is going to go to the top 1% in america. another broken promise and they are going to own it all the way to the election in november of next year. senator murray: thank you. i have to say, at the beginning of this year, i held off some hope that president trump was serious about what he said over and over on the campaign trail. that he was going to fight for the middle class. i hoped that maybe republicans in congress would take the promises seriously and work with us as democrats to make that a reality. but instead, this year more than ever, republicans have made clear exactly what it is they want to do. take from the very people
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president trump said he would help and give it to the wealthy and special interest. thanks to the work of people across the country who stood up and fought back, republicans have not always succeeded. but one way they have jammed through their agenda is by rolling back rule after role protect specifically to retirees and students and women. helping workers left behind, republicans made it easier for corporations to hide workplace dangers from workers, putting their lives at risk. and they rolled back the rule designed to make sure that in women get paid fairly on the job. instead of dealing with the retirement crisis, republicans took away options to help them save for their retirement. rather than simply leaving protections in place that were designed to help all students
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get a high-quality public education, republicans acted to undermine the guardrails. even though millions of men and women get affordable family care clinics, republicans --ed to extreme right wheel right-wing ideology and made it possible for a state to discriminate against providers when making funding decisions. this choice could leave people most in need of care going without. that is a long list of damage done to the class. going, there was a lot more. middle-class workers being hurt with these policies, it is worth asking who got the help. the answer is clear. those at the top.
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massive corporations that care more about boosting profits and special interests that janet women who cannot -- who drown out women. this is not a mystery. it is clear who americans are -- who republicans are putting first and who is not on their list. the burden they put on the middle class is wrong. this is not the direction we should be headed. democrats know that. people across the country know it. we are heading into 2018, ready to fight back harder than ever against the backwards priorities the republican-controlled congress is forcing on us. thank you. very clear whod
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the republicans are fighting for and to the democrats are fighting for. madeand over, they have the focus on the wealthy and well-connected. attacks give away for the 1%. over and over, democrats are putting family first. that has happened all year. as we go into next year, we expect the same. wealthy and well-connected being fought for by republicans, middle-class families being fought for by democrats. from the white house down, they have made america's middle-class a lot of promises in 2017. -- in 2016. in michigan, they promised they would invest in our infrastructure and put people back to work rebuilding roads in michigan and beyond. we are still waiting.
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middle-class families are still waiting. when i think about the new deficit they are willing to create, $1.5 trillion, to give huge tax breaks to the wealthiest americans very if they want to take that deficit, you could create 22 million jobs, middle-class jobs. rebuilding america. they promised they would end outsourcing and crackdown on places like china. i remember him telling people in hehigan they were go -- created new business opportunities for himself and his family in china. but people in michigan and across the country are still waiting. we lost 5 million jobs. people are waiting. he has yet to do what he promised us.
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when we are talking about shipping jobs overseas, this tax bill creates a new $4 billion loophole for oil companies that was not there before. but they would not even take home my act. but somehow the republicans were ok with closing a loophole that set of somebody wants to move to michigan for a new job, they cannot write off their move. but the companies can still do it. taxes, jobs, protecting people's pensions, fighting the opioids epidemic, opioid republicans are great at making promises but people are still waiting for them to keep them. everyone deserves to know that somebody has there back today
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and tomorrow. we argued to say we do. we are ready with a strong infrastructure bill that we will put on the president's desk in january. we are still waiting to get feedback on it. it would create 15 million jobs. we are ready to pass legislation to help pension funds so the print -- so the company -- so the country can keep its promise to people who have worked all their lives. we are ready to give real help to communities that have been devastated by the opioid epidemic, including allowing the government to negotiate lower and we are ready to help create good jobs at home instead of exporting jobs overseas. in 2018, democrats are renewing their promises to stand with middle-class families every day.
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our middle-class built the country and it is time that america return the favor. >> questions? support the idea of repealing the tax reform bill? would you bring up a bill that would repeal? schumer: no. it would need drastic overhaul in a hit at the middle-class instead of the wealthy and powerful. when donald trump entered office with the republican house and senate, i thought they would get huge amounts of things done. the only major thing they can point to is the tax bill. even on that, the public doesn't like it.
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because we democrats have been relentless in knowing people what is really in the bill and i believe it will be an acre around the ankles of every republican who voted for it. we are in the minority and cannot control the agenda. we have wished for given ourship, but situation, i think we have had a successful year. the way to look at it is all of the bad things we stopped them just asng, and importantly, the public knows how bad it is. that is part of our job in the minority. >> now that the tax bill is in place, can you talk about the did -- salte dependent states like new york? and daca? of the state and
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local deductibility, this tax bill is the most anti-suburban tax bill we have seen in a long time. suburb after suburb has people who depend on state and local deductibility. they tend to be republican suburbs. seattle, detroit, chicago, new york. so i think it is a very bad move for them in terms of the suburbs of america and the politics of america. address dacaing to things until we see what the house is going to do. gone,en how this year has what is your assessment of whether you can -- we have triedr: over and over again. we sat down and came up with a better plan.
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immediately the republican leadership pulled the republicans away from it. there is an article today that talks about this. says the republican leadership, some people said, let's work with the democrats. the hard right has such a poll on the political party that anything that splits. subsequently it is a disaster for the american people. one year ago we put infrastructure on the president's desk. some days he says public-private partnerships, other days he says he realizes that doesn't work. we had hoped some of the money would go into infrastructure. they used it all to reduce taxes on the wealthiest corporations. eternal but there
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would have to be a real reversal from the way they offer -- the way they operate now. hard right has power in the republican party and scares their leadership and membership and pulls them in the direction so they are only helping the powerful corporations, not the middle-class. if they head in the direction that they seem to be, to cut medicare and medicaid and social security, every democrat will be united in fighting them. of you voted for the pig --pego law in 2010. one of the things i do not hear on your list was failure to provide a long-term budget.
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what do you think it will take? schumer: we are not commenting on that right now. we have to see what they will do. our view is the best place to get this done, if he can put something on the floor and the house will put something on the floor and the president will sign it, great, but our view is the best place to get this done would be as part of the omnibus and caps deal. >> which part of the tax bill would you repeal? which parts to like? >> very few. even the parts we like are not good enough. tax credit -- tax child credit?
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measly. announcer: c-span's washington journal, live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up friday morning, stephen mansfield, author of choosing donald trump, discusses his washington times op-ed about trump and evangelical voters. on the past year of politics and what to expect in 2018. be sure to watch c-span's washington journal, live at seven eastern on friday morning. join the discussion. tv oneekend on book c-span2. eastern, the:45
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impact technology has had on trust in a book, who can you trust? >> is technology making us smarter about who we trust or is it encouraging us to put our trust in the wrong people? sunday, amy goldstein talks about the closing of the general modal's assembly plant during the great recession. >> this is a story about dislocated workers. they have lost their job and it is not likely to come back. they are called dislocated workers. i decided what i wanted to illustrate was what choices people make when there are no good choices left. at 7:30, aand connection of the brain and the
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world. go to book announcer: sunday night the dedication ceremony for the museum of the bible. here is a look. much it is appropriate in the nation's capital, where we and museums and monuments people visit us from around the world, that the museum of the bible would be built here. we are experiencing in our cities fantastic growth. part of that growth is international and domestic visitation that goes up and up each year. i have been able to go to cities around the world and talk about all of the new destinations and offerings in washington dc and i look forward to being able to talk about the museum of the bible. visitors to our city call --
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come from all walks of life, faith, traditions, and every place in the world. for them to be able to experience the wonderful journey through the bible is a wonderful addition to the landscape of washington dc. announcer: christmas eve, the dedication ceremony for the museum of the bible in washington dc. 9:00t sunday night at eastern on c-span. vice president hence made a surprise visit to u.s. troops in afghanistan. members atth service the airfield. we are joining his remarks in progress. this is 15 minutes. vice president


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