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tv   TRT World Coverage of President Trump Announcement on Jerusalem  CSPAN  December 7, 2017 1:06am-1:19am EST

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this has been our goal from israel's first day, and we will continue to work with the president and his team to make that dream of peace come true. i also want to make clear there will be no change whatsoever to the status quo with the holy sistes. -- sites. israel will always ensure freedom of worship for jews, christians, and muslims alike. president trump, thank you for today's historic decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital. the jewish people and the jewish state will be forever grateful. >> for more reaction from the region to president trump's actions, here is reporting from turkey's english-language news channel. >> you can see our correspondent in istanbul where protests have been planned.
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start off by telling me what the situation is where you are. >> we are here in front of the american council and many young people are gathered here in front of the consulate and they with slogans against the united states. they were completely frustrated with what he has done and they said this is going to make every muslim all around the world angry. -- they would expect donald trump to back down because what is happening all over the world with the muslim countries, where the people are in the streets protesting against what is happening. this, trump has gone with especially the young people are
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sending the first messages. they told me they are sending to the -- to them. they are the sons of the there telling them that turkey cannot dictate what israel should be doing. they are sending clear messages to israel and to donald trump and they are making a very proud of themselves as the sons of the ottomans. you would say that these are the remaining masses of the protesters here. they burned some of the flags and they showed some extreme anger against this kind of move and they are saying tomorrow and the day after until friday, the activities will never stop here. it is one of the biggest cities that is going to show anger and rage against this kind of
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decision that completely provokes the muslim world. >> many thanks for that. our correspondent there in istanbul. rathbun hearing from -- we have been hearing from them. the actions exclude the u.s. peace in president trump tonight disqualified america. the leadership will qualify an emergency session for the palestinian council and to review all the options available and take the proper decisions. sayhe same time, i would [indiscernible]
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speakingdent trump about moderation and nonviolence. tonight he is strengthening the forces of extremists in the region as no one has done before. this is an act, a statement that is totally uncalled for. jerusalem is jerusalem. hascountry on earth organized [indiscernible] except for president trump. he is in total violation of international law and turning the conflict from a political one to a dangerous one. >> we're joined in the studio by our middle east analyst here at trp world. won't -- why don't we take a step back and talk about this decision that trump has made,
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the announcement that he has made. why do you think he has made this decision now? it was something he said on the campaign trail but he said he is committed to the peace process. he asked as he said again. you can see the kind of reactions we are getting here from the palestinians and so on who no longer think the u.s. can broker any sort of peace deal. sortst have known that the of reaction he was going to get. why would he jeopardize that? >> on one hand he made it clear as candidate for president he would make this move, make this decision and some were surprised by his decision as president. there are others who were no -- not so surprised. this is a promise that he kept, according to him. he kept going back to that the multiple times as we saw his speech. regardless of the potential for
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international repercussions this is an american president that wants to buck the status quo whether domestically or internationally. on the other hand this is also a president that put on the campaign trail and as president when he and the election time and time again, reiterated his desire to reach a peace deal between the israelis and the palestinians. it was in september during the you in general assembly when he stood side-by-side by president abbas declaring his heartfelt desire to find to reach a deal to help broker a deal between the palestinians and israelis and that was obviously not that long ago and now we are seeing reactions from president abbas who believes that such a deal is further than ever it has been. president trump said he believes that peace can still be achieved even with this decision being .ade prime minister netanyahu echoed those remarks but it takes two to tango and it is clear from the palestinian side who are
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sitting on the other side of the negotiation table that not only has the desert -- the decision as jerusalem as final status not been decided in negotiations but declared unilaterally by the u.s. could lead to the collapse of any hopes of peace negotiations for best before they even begin. >> good to speak to you. fromso had reaction turkey's foreign minister who has expressed his government's disappointment in trump's announcement. from alle warnings over the world, especially from europe, u.s. president trump made a statement. this is extremely irresponsible and wrong. we do not accept the statement and strongly condemn it. such a statement undermines the stability and security of the region. it is against international agreements and international law. to ankara and speak
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to our political correspondent. bring us up-to-date with turkey's response to trumps announcement. and what kind of action can we expect? the turkish parliament has unanimously passed a resolution saying that it rejects this dangerous attempt an absolute and unquestionable terms. the presidential speech -- has called this null and void. we had the turkish foreign country saying that one simply cannot declared jerusalem as the capital of israel. statement from the foreign ministry condemning it and calling on the u.s. to review this announcement. we had a statement from the eu affairs minister who has said by mr. trump hasent,
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sent a message that he does not respect the international law. furthermore he has called it a obligation -- provocation and said the whole world must condemn it and this is immoral and shameful. also the president has spoken to nearly a dozen world leaders and the oic summit has been called in istanbul and that will be deciding on the course of action. president erdogan has earlier said that this announcement could have an impact on the diplomatic relations between turkey and israel. >> thank you. >> british prime minister theresa may answered a question about jerusalem in her weekly question time in the house of commons. here's that exchange. >> the recognition by donald trump of jerusalem as the capital of israel will do grave damage to the prospects for a
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just and lasting peace settlement between the israelis and the palestinians has been british and american foreign policy for decades. -- she consulted and if so, what did she say? and what she here and now unequivocally and clearly condemn it? that i am say intending to speak to president trump about this matter. position has not changed. has been an long-standing one and clear that the status of jerusalem shall be determined as a negotiation settlement between the israelis and the palestinians and a shared should form capital between the israeli and palestinian state. to support a two state solution. we recognize the importance of jerusalem and our position on
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that has not changed. >> friday night president trump holds a rally in into cola, florida to talk about republican tax reform efforts. watch our live coverage beginning at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span2. "washington thatal" live with policy impact you. congressman dan newhouse on fridays government funding deadline. and eliot engel talks about moving the u.s. embassy to jerusalem. senior editor david hawking's on sexual misconduct on capitol hill. be sure to watch "washington" live at 7:00 thursday morning. join the discussion. studentcam video documentation -- documentary
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