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tv   U.N. Security Council Meeting on North Korea Sanctions  CSPAN  August 8, 2017 1:56am-3:05am EDT

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economic and diplomatic sanctions. launch of to the missiles. the sanctions faction -- package was unanimously passed by the security council at the emergency weekend meeting. coming up, we will hear from nikki haley and other members. 19th meeting of the security council is called to order.
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to enter this meeting. it is so decided. the security council will begin incineration at the second item of the agenda. the members of the councils have a document. it contains the text of the resolution submitted by the united states of america the. the council is ready to proceed to the votes with the resolution before it. they put the draft resolution to the vote now. those in favor of the draft hand.tion, raise your
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the results of the voting is as follows. 15 votes in favor. beenraft resolution has adopted unanimously. i shall now give the floor to members of the council who wish to make statements after the vote. >> thank you, mr. president. exactly one month ago, i came before members of the security council and declared it was a dark day for the world because
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of the dangerous and irresponsible actions of north korea. ago, i said to days of talking were over, and it was time to act. today, the full security council has come together to put the north korean dictator on notice emma and this time, the council has matched its words and actions. the resolution we have passed is a strong, united step towards holding north korea accountable for its behavior. the security council increased the penalty of north korea's ballistic missile activity to a whole new level. north korea's irresponsible and careless acts have just proved to be quite costly to the regime. this resolution is the single largest economic sanctions package ever leveled against the north korean regime. the price of the north korean leadership will pay for its continued nuclear and missile development will be the loss of one third of its exports and hard currency.
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this is the most stringent set of sanctions on any country in a generation. deep, andons will cut in doing so will give the north korean leadership a taste of the deprivation a have chosen to inflict on the north korean people. missilesnd ballistic -- missile development is expensive. the revenues the north korean government received are not going towards feeding its people. instead, the north korean regime is literally starting its people and enslaving them in mines and factories in order to fund these illegal nuclear programs. even as famine looms on the horizon, even as the regime continues to ask for international assistance to cope with devastating floods and a possible drought later this year, their displays of aggression take precedent over their own people. even as we respond to the north korean nuclear threat, the united states will continue to
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stand up for the human dignity and rights of the north korean people. it is the continued suffering of the north korean people that should remind the security council that while this resolution is a significant step forward, it is not nearly enough. of an outlaw nuclear rise to north korean dictatorship remains. the unimaginable living conditions of so many of the north korean people are unchanged. the north korean regime continues to show that widespread violations of human rights go hand-in-hand with threats to international peace and security. i thank each and every one of my colleagues who worked so hard to bring this resolution to a vote. i have previously pointed out the china has a critical role to play on matters related to north korea. i want to personally thank the chinese delegation for the important contributions they made to this resolution. while the security council has done good work, the members of
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the security council, and all u.n. member states, must do more to increase the pressure on north korea. we must work together to fully implement the sanctions we impose today, and those imposed in pass resolutions. the step we take together today is an important one, that we should not fall ourselves into thinking we have solved the problem. -- we should not fool ourselves into thinking we have solved the problem. it is rapidly growing more dangerous. we have seen to icbms fired in just the last month or it further action is required. the united states is taking and will continue to take prudent defensive measures to protect ourselves and our allies. our annual joint military exercises, for instance, are transparent and defense-oriented. they have been carried out regularly and openly for nearly 40 years. they will continue. our goal remains a stable korean
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peninsula, at peace, without nuclear weapons. we want only security and prosperity for all nations, including north korea. andl then, this resolution prior ones will be implemented to the fullest to maximize pressure on north korea to change his ways. today is a good day at the united nations. we will need many more such days in order to peacefully resolve the crisis that has been created i north korea's dangerous and illegal actions. as i have said before, time is short, but today we have taken one step in the right direction. thank you again to my colleagues and their teams for their action and support towards sending a strong message to the north korean regime. i would like to thank the representative of the united states, and i now give the floor to the representative of the united kingdom. >> thank you, mr. president. north korea is no longer a
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threat faced by a single country or region. it is instead a threat that confronts us all. these two tests in the last month were of an intercontinental missile, extending the threat much further than before, too many more countries. in a world where the north korean missile tests seem routine, let me be clear. this is not business as usual. mistake, as north korea's missile capabilities advance, so too does their contempt and disregard for the security council. we must meet this belligerence with clear, unequivocal condemnation, and with clear, unequivocal consequences. president, we have band north korean exports of coal, iron ore, lead, and seafood. these are the lifeline exports that sustain the deadly aspirations. in simple terms, should the north korean regime continue its
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reckless pursuit of an illegal missile program and deadly nuclear program, they will have vastly less resources to do so. we have also capped the number of foreign workers from north korea. every year, dprk sends thousands of ordinary workers oversee. they often open-door for conditions and long hours, and their toil provides critical concurrency to the north korean government. this is undoubtedly a form of modern slavery. today, we have taken the first step to ending it. the world will now monitor and curtail work authorizations for these desperate expatriates. and for those already a victim of this abusive system, trust that the united kingdom will continue to work toward a complete end to north korea's institutionalized modern slavery. president, north korea there's full responsibility for the measures we have enacted to
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-- there's full responsibility for the measures we have enacted today. by going against the will of the security council, expressed in countless resolutions. north korea has chosen the path it now finds itself on. that, at a minimum, will lead to further suffering for its own people, and at most, could prove to be status traffic for the whole world. -- past traffic for the whole world. it does not have to be this way. north korea should forgo the path of provocation, forgo the path of further escalation. there is no reason why the people of north korea cannot share the normal, prosperous life of their neighbors. the world would welcome, not threaten them. so in this chamber, let us once again call on north korea to halt and reverse its nuclear and missile development programs. let us once again call on them to prioritize well-being of there andle over
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legal and destabilizing military program. north korea's security and well-being do not depend on nuclear weapons. they do not depend on far-reaching missiles. they do not depend on a myth of self-sufficient defiance of the wider world. to live in constant tension with the world cannot be in the interests of north korea's regime, let alone its people. mr. president, we have taken a step forward. we have spoken with a unified voice emma that we are ready to unified voice, and we are ready to act in response to north korea's reckless nuclear pursuit. every country must ensure that these measures are adhered to. every country must live up to our work. this time, there is too much at stake. we simply cannot afford to fail. thank you. thank the like to representative of the united kingdom, and i get the floor now to the representative of france.
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you have the floor now, sir. >> mr. president, france welcomes the unanimous adoption whicholution 2371, strengthens the sanctions imposed by the united nations against north korea in the wake of the ballistic missile launch july last. we thank the united states for their leadership in the negotiations, as well as for their unwavering commitment on this dossier, which today more than ever, is of critical importance to international peace and security. north korea has for years now --n an accelerated pace building a new leader missile program, initiated at the highest level of the regime. it is methodically striving to acquire an operational nuclear arsenal at the cost of its own people.
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the launches in recent weeks were another milestone in the threat posed by the north korean program, by clearly demonstrating pyongyang's to bring the entire international community in the range of its missiles. an unacceptable situation, which threatens the security of us all. sir, we will not hesitate. this is a global threat, and , this greathreat and direct threat which is being posed, the whole of the nonproliferation regime is imperiled, as it constitutes the framework for collective security system. bedrock of the system. so we this is not an option, and for this reason, francis conviction has from the very beginning been that only a strong position and a firm
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position can pave the way to a political and diplomatic strategy which is the only possible solution to this crisis. sir, it is more than ever before urgent to put an end to the north korean nuclear ballistic program and to bring pyongyang to the negotiating table. however, spite our repeated warnings, north korea has in recent months ceaselessly flouted all the calls of this council and divide the whole of the internet -- defied the whole of the international community. even the gravity of the threat looming before us, it is urgent to collectively demonstrate our authority for holding o-matic and economic pressure to the maximum extent to halt the pursuit of the program, and can prompt north korea to come to the negotiating table and bring about a peaceful solution to this crisis. beyond this resolution, of categorical condemnation
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the unjustifiable action by north korea, the council has two complement tree and additional initiatives being put forward. another group of individuals are now being sentient, and there is an embargo -- sanctioned, and there is embargo are all key activity, including the financing for don young's program. -- john youngs program. these measures can generate lost savings of $1 billion per year for the regime. clearly, this can change the situation. it underscores the scope of the mechanisms at the disposal of the security council when it acts in the unanimous manner, as is the case today. it also provides for humanitarian exemption to the repercussions on
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the north korean people, who are not being targeted by these measures. this new resolution is not only a determined response and a decisive response, but it is a further warning, the dangerous and irresponsible push of the regime, which is irrational and , thisical in its goals must be put to an end. north korea must become aware of the fact that it continues to escalate in engaging provocations, we will have no other choice but to further step up pressure, and we stand ready to do so. that is one of the messages we are unanimously delivering today , as we repeatedly stated, sanctions are not an end in themselves, but a means to yangel don young -- pyong to return to a meaningful dialogue. given the stubbornness of the regime, to date there is no
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other solution than firmness, to prompt the regime on the task of reason, and on that basis, to pave the way for a political and diplomatic solution to this crisis. thank you. >> i would like to thank the representative of france, and they give the floor to the ukraine. >> thank you, mr. president. ukraine welcomes the unanimous adoption of resolution 2371. we commend the efforts of those involved in drafting the text of the vote. under the strong leadership of the united states. north korea's invest in nuclear and ballistic missile programs is all but the most significant proliferation challenge of our time. ukraine condemns in the strongest terms these continuous illegal activities. visiblehighly manifestations in the form of nuclear tests and missile launches, there is also an intricate system of sanctioned invasion -- sanctioned invasion.
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today's resolution not only strengthens the already vast threatens the already existing regime. it threatens it with additional sanctions, and clarifies some measures imposed by the council earlier. -- it's intention to avoid the effect of the north korean population. ukraine has always been committed to effective collateral actions against proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. our collective decision today really demonstrates that the council's consolidated, and i emphasize consolidated, and firm stance to respond decisively to the threat of the global non-proliferation regime. furthermore, i wish to reiterate the key importance of prompt and comprehensive and limitation of the respective counsel resolution by all member states
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to make sanctions bear fruit. transactions at the global level required to exclude the risk of further provocations and rampant nuclear and missile ambitions. thank you. to thank theke representative of ukraine, and they give the floor now to the representative of uruguay. >> thank you, mr. president. uruguay voted in favor of resolution 2371, and we hail its approval, it's unanimous approval. the unity of the members of the security council on this matter is essential to provide a response to the serious threat represented for international peace and security, the defiance and obstinacy of north korea, and continuing with its nuclear and ballistic missile programs. july, there were two
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ballistic missile launches in the same month. two. two launches, i repeat. lake ripley did this in violation of all the resolutions of this council. did this iny violation of all the resolutions of his counsel. this also undermines the common good and spirit of peaceful coexistence that prevails in this organization. uruguay reiterates once again the need for the government of north korea to comply with all the resolutions of the security council, and to abandon its nuclear ambitions. as was stated by my delegation in the past few days during the briefing session entitled "general questions pertaining to sanctions: improving the effectiveness of the united nations sanctions," as i said, tois necessary for sanctions
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be effective. this effectiveness should be understood as the full achievement of the goals in full the sanctions are seeking to achieve. asctions should be designed an instrument that allows the security council to achieve a goal, and to be effective, this instrument to become entry to the use of other instruments -- should be complementary to the use of other instruments. the goal of sanctions imposed on forh korea should strive the de-nuclearization of the korean peninsula in a peaceful manner. referring, mr. president, to what my delegation has already stated regarding the need to work with the benefit of reducing, easing tensions on the north korean peninsula, and to make every possible effort to return to the path of dialogue in order to find a definitive
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solution to this very serious situation. at the very same token, it is important to have a great invention of member states to comply with international and comply with the sanctions imposed by the security council. at the same time, seeking to avoid adverse humanitarian consequences of the north korean civilian population. lastly, i would like to reaffirm that uruguay is committed and determined to continue working towards a peaceful, the mac, and andtical -- diplomatic, political solution for the de-nuclearization of the north korean peninsula. thank you. >> i give the floor now the representative of china. you have the floor, sir. >> thank you, mr. president. the council resolutions contained explicit revolutions -- resolutions against listing
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missile technology. china is opposed to the dprk's launching activities, which are in violation of the council resolutions and the will of the entire international community. always insisted on realizing the de-nuclearization of the korean peninsula, upholding peace and stability, by seeking a solution through dialogue and consultation. china has always been firmly opposed to chaos and conflict on the peninsula. in our view, these in essence are what resolution 2371 is all about. that the council adopted this resolution unanimously demonstrates that the international community is united in its position regarding the nuclear issue of the peninsula. there are three major components in this resolution. first, further sanctions against the dprk's nuclear and missile program.
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second, the resolution does not intend to cause negative impact on activities not prohibited either resolution, such as economic activities, food, and humanitarian assistance. third, it calls for the resumption of the six-party talk, commits to finding a solution through peaceful, diplomatic, and political means. stresses the importance of de-escalating tension of the peninsula by the parties concerned. formsbelieves that these the part and parcel of the resolution, and all the parties should implement the provisions contained in the resolution fully and earnestly. china has been making tireless efforts to promote de-nuclearization of the peninsula, and to uphold peace and stability of the peninsula. 4 of this year, china and russia issued a joint statement on the issue of the
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korean peninsula. both of our two countries put forward a roadmap for resolving this issue, which is based respectively on china's idea of a new approach which calls for parallel efforts while moving forward both the de-nuclearization of the peninsula and establishing a piece mechanism, and the initiative for suspension which calls for dprk's suspension of its nuclear and missile russia's step by step approach. this china/russia joint initiative is realistic and achievable. the veins of tackling both the symptoms and root causes of the problem, and seeking a solution through an integrated approach. we hope that this initiative will get response and support from relevant parties. that the taken note united states has recently indicated once again that it is not seeking a regime change, nor
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a regime collapse in the dprk, and it is in no hurry to push for reunification of the peninsula, and that its troops will not push through the 38th parallel. it is our hope that the u.s. -- willld translate translate these into concrete actions against the dprk. deployment of the system will not bring about the solution to the issue of the dprk's nuclear testing and missile launching, what it will do is seriously undermined the strategic balance as such, isn, and detrimental to the strategic security interests of the original countries, including china. china strongly urges the processes -- parties concerned to halt the deployment of the system. realizing de-nuclearization on the korean peninsula is in the interest of all parties, and it
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urges the dprk to expect relevant council resolutions and to seized taking actions that would further escalate tension on the peninsula. we help the parties concerned will immediately take effective action to prevent the situation from further escalating. create conditions for the resumption of talks, and exert efforts to bring back, and an early date, the nuclear issue of the peninsula to the right path of seeking a peaceful solution through dialogue and consultation. thank you, mr. president. i think the ambassador from china for his statement. i give the floor to the representative of the russian federation. >> mr. president, the russian federation supported the adoption of the security council sanctions resolution 2371 against the dprk. we understand the need to halt
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pyongyang's missile and nuclear program, which is unacceptable to us. we shared the feeling of neighboring states in the region. the ballistic missiles launched without warning from north korea caused a major risk to marine and air transit in the region, as well as to the lives of ordinary civilians. we call upon the north korean government to end the banned programs and returned to the non-proliferation regime and oversight, as well as to join the chemical weapons convention. all must understand that progress towards de-nuclearization of the korean peninsula will be difficult, so long as the dprk perceives a direct threat to its own security. that is how the north koreans view the military buildup in the the formsich takes on of frequent, wide-ranging
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exercises and maneuvers of the u.s. and allies, as they deployed strategic bombers, naval forces, and aircraft carriers to the region and another destabilizing factor in the region is the scaling up in theh korea of the thaad, u.s. anti-missile defense elements. not only does this constitute an irritant, but also undermines the overall military balance in the region, and calls into question the security of neighboring states. we would like to help that the u.s. secretary of state's assurances were sincere, and the u.s. is not seeking to dismantle the existing dprk situation or unite the- forcibly peninsula or militarily intervene in the country. however, we are concerned that resolution was not supported. the possible military
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aredventures by any side liable to cause a disaster for regional and global stability. we stress that the additional restrictive measures imposed through this resolution against the dprk cannot be an end in themselves. they need to be a for engaging this country in a constructive talk. settleot possible to every korean issue through pyongons and pressure on yang alone. engaged inst be this. sanctions must not be used for economic excision of the dprk, not just nor to deliberately worsen the humanitarian situation. this especially applies to illegal unilateral restrictions, which strike civilian sectors unrelated to the military and nuclear programs. such sanctions significantly deteriorate the living
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conditions of the north korean thise, and incidentally, is something which you and humanitarian agencies are warning about it the practice shows the destructive the and theal measures approach is a universal means of settling this issues, when the that you misuse. it is clear that in order to normalize the situation on the korean peninsula, we need a comprehensive approach, which includes both an end to the missile and nuclear tests by the dprk, as well as a rejection of stepping up the military infrastructure and production of the scale -- reduction of the scale of the exercises and maneuvers. or the need to create trust in the region. we must abandon obsolete, ineffective algorithms for addressing the nuclear program in korea, and we must address this issue through unique, creative approaches. there needs to be dialogue and
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negotiations, and that is the thrust of the russian/chinese proposal vis-a-vis the dual freeze in parallel progress. we would like to recall that our countries have been drafting a roadmap which prevents the use of force, and proposes a comprehensive solution to all problems in the peninsula, including the withoutl divides waived preconditions, and through political talks and the resumption of six-party talks. these ideas warrant attention as a possible starting point to break the deadlock and resume negotiations. we must find links and ways to engage in dialogue dprk with the dprk leadership to prompt meaningful dialogue on the nuclear and missile issues. we would like to once again draw attention to the joint russo/ chinese statement. we would like to draw attention to some contentious issues in
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the resolution. ng isurse, pyongya violating sanctions. youit is not providing a and the components to non-state actors. link to no direct official pyongyang actions. this must be ended. this is counterproductive for the resolution itself, above all. sir, today more than ever before, it is important to seek a political solution to the range of issues plaguing the korean peninsula. -- pressures from today's resolution have been exhausted. the u.s. must step up to deliver humanitarian assistance to the people of the dprk. on our insistence, the relevant exemptions and a less to further address this. thank you. >> i now did the floor -- give
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the floor to the representative of senegal. >> mr. president, the delegation of senegal hails the unanimous adoption by the security council of the united nations of resolution 2371 on nuclear non-proliferation in the democratic people's republic of korea, and welcomes the constructive spirit that prevailed over its negotiation. under the leadership of the united states delegation. with this resolution, the security council has strengthened for the second time this year, and the third time in less than 10 months, the measures against the pyongyang authorities. it is a logical reaction to the methodical continuation of the countries ballistic and nuclear
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missile program. indeed, the launch of ballistic missiles conducted by north korea on the third and 28th of july of this year. of theberate violation relevant resolutions of the security council. as well as of the non-proliferation treaty. very serious a threat to the peace and security on the korean peninsula, and beyond the peninsula. tois also a direct threat maritime navigation, and a threat to thousands of people who live and work in the region. there were no warnings of these launches and these have gone way beyond the maritime space -- there -- areas -- maritime jurisdiction of this represents ait
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serious threat. senegal would like to express its concern about these actions, and we would echo the words of our secretary-general, who called for north korea to fully live up to its international obligations in this area, in a clear, reversible, and verifiable way. mr. president, -- irreversible, and verifiable way. the delegation of senegal voted in favor of resolution 27371. this resolution, in addition to freeing assets and a ban on on the imposes bans export of coal, iron ore, as well as restrictions on access to the banking system. willelegation of senegal wait for the report of the that thecouncil
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security council has requested from the sanctions committee, pursuant to resolution 1718 to submit this report within 15 days. the report should highlight additional topics related to proliferation and conventional weapons that could be added to the consolidated list of the measures that have already been taken. element whichant senegal hasote of to do with the fact that the resolution reaffirms the concern of the council to avoid any negative humanitarian consequences of the measures adopted on the north korean civilian population, a normal economic activities, on cooperation, on the provision of food assistance. senegal welcomes the exemptions granted activities carried out
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by consular and diplomatic missions established in the dprk , as well as the exemptions related to humanitarian assistance provided by the united nations or in coordination with the united nations. the delegation of senegal would like to reiterate that this series of targeted measures, taken in order to respond to the challenge represented on the north korean nuclear and be partc program must and parcel of a global strategy aiming atal strategy bringing the parties to the , with a negotiation view to political solutions. this is why i would like to reiterate my attachment of the country for a and diplomatic solution to this issue, and we would like to support -- express our support for six-party talks to achieve the de-nuclearization of the korean peninsula and promote peaceful coexistence in
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the region, on the basis of full respect for each other's sovereignty, based on the joint the 19th ofof september, 2000 five. we would like to conclude by reiterating are call to the members of the security council -- our call to the members of the security council and the international community to launch this phase of dialogue with a view to a final solution of the situation in the north korean peninsula. thank you. >> i would like to thank senegal for a statement. and i now give the floor to the representative from sweden. >> mr. president, sweden welcomes the adoption of today's resolution. it shows that the council continues to stay united and we to dealy determined with the growing threat posed by the growing missile and nuclear programs. with this vote, the un security council continues to take responsibility and assert
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authority on a situation that jeopardizes international peace and security. the latest missile test, again of intercontinental range, is yet another breach of dprk's international obligations and in defiance of numerous security council resolutions. this is, of course, of utmost concern to the region and, indeed, to the whole world. the potential dangers are evident and the threat is growing. we express our deepest solidarity with the neighboring countries, and their peoples, living under the constant shadow of threatening behavior. sweden therefore condemns the latest attempt in the strongest possible terms. we reiterate our call to cease all developments of ballistic missile and nuclear development programs. we urge them to take steps towards complete verifiable
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and irreversible dismantlement in accordance, with relevant security council resolutions -- resolutions. tofurther call on the dprk engage in a meaningful and credible dialogue with the international community, with a view to meeting the obligations laid out by this council. the international community must, on its part, redouble efforts to effectively and fully implement current resolutions and act swiftly to implement the new sanctions adopted today. all u.n. member states must do their utmost in this regard. at the same time, mr. president, sanctions alone will never solve the situation. sanctions must be accompanied by a dialogue and confidence -- building measures to reach a long-term, sustainable solution,
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there is an urgent need to avoid escalation and take steps to prepare for a peaceful, diplomatic, comprehensive solution to the situation on the korean peninsula and in the wider region. it is also of key importance to reestablish inter-korean communication channels. as a member of the neutral nations supervisory commission sweden strongly encourages the , dprk to resume contact and commission with the at the border station. this will contribute to reducing tensions and increased transparency. we must contribute to finding diplomatic openings, and we welcome all initiatives to facilitate a peaceful and comprehensive solution through dialogue. as we have said previously in this council, it is deeply worrying that tensions have continued to rise in recent months and the potential for mistakes, misunderstanding, and
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miscalculations is high. a regional security mechanism should be our medium-term goal. mr. president, there is no military solution to this situation. we strongly support today's resolution, and stand firmly united with council members and condemning dprk's actions, but in parallel, to create diplomacy, achieved dialogue and negotiations, is also urgently needed. we call again on the dprk to reengage incredible and meaningful dialogue with the international community. i thank you. >> i thank the representative of sweden for his statement and i give the floor to the representative of italy. >> italy welcomes the adoption of the resolution. we recognize the role of the leadership of the united states,
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and we thank the u.s. mission for their efforts to bring us this important result today. today, the security council is once again, the second time in 2017, sending an unequivocal message to the dprk. this is the time to control this new level of threat by taking further action. as demonstrated by the latest intercontinental ballistic missile launches, which italy condemns in the strongest terms, north korea is advancing illegally towards an operational nuclear activity. undermining our collective security in the global non-proliferation regime. this is an extraordinary situation that calls for the proportionate measures. the solution today calls for the most comprehensive sanctions
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ever applied by the council in many years. it will remain in force for as long as the dprk continues to push nuclear weapons and their means of delivery. we call on the north korean regime to take immediate measures to dismantle its nuclear programs in a complete and irreversible manner. in cooperation with key partners, italy supports additional measures in the european union context. we affirm that the security council concern is directed toward the dprk government and not its people, who continue to suffer as their resources are diverted away from economic development for nuclear, military, and ballistic missile programs. as in the past, we will remain vigilant to make sure these new measures do not have adverse consequences from a humanitarian perspective. increasing pressure on
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north korean leadership is essential, we call on dprk to make credible progress on its obligation to de-nuclear rise and negotiate a peaceful solution as stated in the conclusion of the 17th of july. in this regard, italy affirms that sanctions are not an end in themselves, but a means for compliance. finally, allow me to restate italy's unwavering commitment to full and effective implementation of all sanctions on the dprk. we will reach out to make sure they're implemented fully and comprehensively. thank you, mr. president. i think the representative of italy, and i now give the floor to the representative of ethiopia. >> thank you.
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we welcome the u.n. resolution, condemning in the strongest terms the continuing ballistic missile tests conducted by the , in violation of various security council resolutions. this step today, including additional sanction measures as a consequence is proper. it's important that we continue maintaining the unity of the council in addressing this problem. in our view, this is perhaps the most critical factor, that we ensure a breakthrough eventually. if, in addition, the matter is handled with a great deal of care and wisdom. this is a serious threat to regional and international peace and security. it is absolutely important that the dprk immediately cease these
2:44 am
provocative actions and prevent -- to reduce the tension in the korean peninsula and prevent further escalation. that is why we believe taking the measure of the council today was made unavoidable. it is becoming all the more apparent, mr. president, that this situation could get out of hand if it is not managed properly. we believe it is important to make additional efforts toward a -- to try to open up possibilities for a diplomatic path, toward a resolution of a problem that is complex and dangerous. one thing is undeniable and on this all reasonable people must agree. that is, there is a need for channels of communication to avoid the risk of miscalculation and reduce tensions in the korean peninsula.
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that's why we believe there is an urgent need for lasting -- finding a lasting comprehensive political and diplomatic solution to the dprk issue through dialogue and negotiation. it is indeed a good thing that the resolution takes this into account. this requires that the dprk returns to its international commitments on denuclearization. and fully complies with the relevant resolutions of the security council. finally, the ballistic launch by the dprk reminds us that the full implementation of the council resolutions by all member states is much more critical now than ever. we believe that the 1718 committee panel of experts would support the committee, will continue to play a critical role in that regard.
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and they should be encouraged to further strengthen their engagement with member states. let me conclude by reconfirming -- reaffirming once again the to work towards the full and limitation of -- full implementation of peaceful solutions, including the one you have adopted today. thank you. i thank the ambassador from ethiopia from his statement. and they give the floor to the rest -- representative of kazakhstan. >> we support the adoption of this resolution which uses tough sanctions to pressure pyongyang to change course. the resolution also leaves room for the resumption of dialogue or a six party mechanism for negotiations. context on strongly condemns irresponsible and dangerous international ballistic missile launches of north korea that undermine our international
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efforts to strengthen regional, and ultimately international peace and security. such actions are in serious violation of un security council resolutions and pose a threat to peace. furthermore, they destabilize the situation in the northeastern asian region, as well as globally. the irresponsibility of the dprk negatively affects the global process of nuclear nonproliferation and undermines efforts to ensure a nuclear weapon-free future of the planet. we urge the dprk to abandon its nuclear ambitions for the safety and security of its also for the benefit of all humankind. the threat of the missile and nuclear program in the dprk makes it imperative for all parties concerned to find a -- intensify the efforts to find
2:48 am
a mutual solution through the early resumption of negotiations a solution to this , situation possible only through dialogue and not through any military strategy. i thank you, mr. president. >> i think the representative from kazakhstan and give the floor to the representative of japan. >> thank you, mr. president. japan welcomes the unanimous adoption of u.s. resolution 2371. we would like to express our appreciation to the united states for taking the lead. we also would like to thank all other members of the council for their support and hard work to make today's adoption possible. the need for the security council to strongly condemn north korea's nuclear tests and ballistic missile launches has considerably grown in the last year and a half.
2:49 am
since january 2016, north korea two nuclear tests and launched approximately 40 ballistic missiles. the sheer number and frequency show how unprecedented and unacceptable these provocations are. not only is the quantity outrageous, the qualitative advancements are also deeply alarming. just last month, we saw two ballistic missile launches with intercontinental range. the second launch was already more technologically advanced than the first. broadcast on japanese television of the most recent launch shows that it was visible to the naked eye as it
2:50 am
sea off the coast of japan. if they do not been for such a lofted launch, the missile range would have covered half the globe. it is abundantly clear that this is not merely a regional threat but an imminent global threat to all member states. north korea seems determined to continue its nuclear buildup. in march 2016, the security council responded to the full -- fourth nuclear test by resolution 2270, the most comprehensive resolution to that date, with a clear message to north korea that it must halt its nuclear development. after the fifth nuclear test in september 2016, the security council sent an even stronger
2:51 am
message via resolution 2321. nevertheless, north korea has continued to ignore the calls of the international community by obstinately forging ahead with its nuclear and missile development programs. this has led to the adoption of resolution 2371 today. the resolution is very impactful and will reduce the revenue of the north korean regime by approximately $1 billion. this robust resolution is an urgent call for north korea to change its behavior. it is clear to everyone at this that north korea is nowhere near point resuming a meaningful dialogue. in order to change north korea's behavior, we have no choice but to continue to increase pressure.
2:52 am
all members of the united nations must demonstrate renewed commitment to rigorously and thoroughly implementing the counciling security resolutions, including the one we just adopted. japan will continue to work very closely with the councilmembers and all the member states to reach a comprehensive solution to this problem. thank you, mr. president. >> i would like to thank the ambassador from japan and i give the floor to the ambassador of bolivia. >> thank you, mr. president. bolivia would like to reiterate its strongest condemnation regarding the conduct of nuclear tests and the launch of ballistic missiles by the dprk. we would like to call on the country to abandon its nuclear
2:53 am
and ballistic missile program in a full, verifiable, irreversible way. bolivia voted in favor of the resolution, motivated by its pacifist ideals. our country does not believe in war as a means of solving the problems the international community is confronting. mr. president, the state of bolivia does not consider that sanctions should be an end in itself. in fact, the sanctions should contribute to helping the toties involved to return dialogue. the sanctions adopted today should have the least possible impact on the north korean population. mr. president, we urge all the parties involved to avoid rhetorical escalation, and actions that could raise tensions and put at risk international peace and security
2:54 am
on the korean peninsula. we welcome, and would like to express our support to the chinese initiative of dual suspension that should lead to a simultaneous suspension both in the launch of ballistic vessels -- missiles and nuclear tests, as well as the conduct of military exercises on the korean peninsula. we also welcome the fact that the resolution adopted today unanimously includes support and a request for the renewal of six party talks. we also would like to call on all parties involved to rule out military type of solution and to return to the active dialogue to achieve a peaceful, diplomatic, political solution. mr. president, in our capacity as chair of the 1540 committee, we would like to state that what is provided for in resolution
2:55 am
1540 constitutes a platform for assistance and cooperation in order to prevent nonstate act -- non-state actors from using weapons of mass distraction. we are completely against using this platform as a mechanism of coercion against members of the united nations. lastly, bolivia would like to once again express its categorical rejection of the use -- imposition of unilateral sanctions. this is a flagrant violation of international law. these are illegal measures that expand the domestic legislation and jurisdiction of the state over another state, undermining the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the state. thank you. >> i thank the ambassador of bolivia, and will now deliver a statement.
2:56 am
ladies and gentlemen egypt joins , the unanimous international agreement and the resolution adopted today based on our consistent commitment to up -- upholding the credibility of the nuclear nonproliferation system as well as the credibility of the security council. we are convinced of the importance, the security council, of the importance for all u.n. bodies and all international stakeholders to deliver on their mission and uphold their responsibility. in a manner reflective of what has been done by egypt. we are further convinced of the importance of dealing in as stringent a manner with all threats to nuclear nonproliferation. furthermore, we uphold the universality of this treaty without any double standards. egypt is aware of the threat of
2:57 am
recurrent violations by north korea of security council resolutions. this constitutes a threat -- threat to international peace and regional peace and security. in this regard, egypt reaffirms its hope to see all stakeholders join hands to peacefully settle the situation plaguing the north korean peninsula, and to work together to exercise restraint as well as to adopt reciprocal de-escalation measures, as well as to pave the way for a return to the negotiation table so as to uphold the interests of all and to safeguard international peace and security. egypt once again welcomes any initiative or constructive idea that can, through negotiation and dialogue, move us closer to
2:58 am
denuclearization of the north korean peninsula and move us toward a lasting peace. thank you. >> i go back to my role as president of the council and i now give the floor to the representative of the republic of korea. >> first of all, i would like to thank you for convening this meeting and for inviting my delegation to participate in meeting. this important the dprk has once year -- ear a deaf to the stern warnings of the international community and responded with even more provocations. coupled with its nuclear program, the dprk's missile tests indeed pose a great threat to international peace and security that requires
2:59 am
concerted actions at the global level. such reckless acts of defiance to the repeated cause of the international community should be met with stronger measures so the dprk fears the consequences -- there's the consequences of its flagrant violations of international norms and obligations. it is for this reason that the republic of korea supports and fully adopts resolution 2371. we would like to thank the united states for its leadership and commitment, as well as all other members of the council, including china, for their spirit of cooperation. resolution 2371 introduces robust measures that would cut off the inflow of hard currency to the dprk. we believe that these measures will significantly contribute to curbing the dprk's ability to further develop its nuclear
3:00 am
-- wmd-related activities. by unanimously adopting this resolution today, the security council has once again demonstrated that the international community will remain strongly united in its commitment to stop the dprk's reckless and destabilizing behavior. in order to pressure the dprk to change its course, fully >> in order to pressure the dprk to change its course, fully implementing the resolution is as important as anything else. the republic of korea remains committed to supporting other member states in their effort to fully and effectively implement these resolutions, including the resolution 2071 adopted today. mr. president, pyongyang seems to be operating under the delusion that its nuclear and ballistic missile programs offer insurance for its security. on the contrary however, it will , only serve to strengthen the
3:01 am
already firm resolve of the international community. how far the dprk moves in its pursuit of nuclear ambition, our result to stop this will never diminish. pyongyang should therefore refrain from further testing. i sincerely hope that by choosing the path to wards denuclearization, the dprk will eventually stand on the right side of history. thank you very much. >> i would like to thank the ambassador of the republic of korea for the statements. the meeting is adjourned. [gavel bang] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017]
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