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Nikki Haley
  United Nations Security Council Meeting on North Korea  CSPAN  July 5, 2017 3:02pm-4:27pm EDT

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containment strategy? caller: there is not one strategy that would allow us to deal with north korea issue. gives kimction jong-un at the ability to retaliate and look strong. if you try to bully him, he is going to use that and turn it around on us and do everything they can pick they've been waiting, his grandfather was waiting for someone to react so he could look strong. his father was waiting for someone to react so he could look strong. military action, it is going to provoke something. negotiations more likely than not will be followed. they will not follow anything they agreed to initially because we don't have trust with them. it is not seem to be what i would consider a man of honor and on his word -- [speaking foreign language]
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>> we leave this "washington to go live tont new york, the un security council, holding an emergency session to discuss the enough. emergency -- to discuss the north korea missile launch. language]ng foreign
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>> thank you, mr. chair, mr.
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president, members of the security council. according to the official news agency of the democratic people's republic of korea, dp rk, and various governmental sources, at approximately 9:00 a.m. local time on 4 july 2017, the dprk launched a ballistic "fire ofhich it turns intercontinental ballistic issile rocket." the missile was launched in the pyongyang airfield. according to the dprk, and covered a distance of 933 kilometers during a 39-midflight 802ching an altitude of 2,
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kilometers before impacting into the sea. according to these parameters, the missile would have a range .f roughly 6700 kilometers it launched on a more difficult trajectory, making it an intercontinental ballistic icbm, according to widely used definitions. predprk again did not send launch notifications to organizations responsible forand maritime space. the official media claims that full-fledgednow "a anlear power possessing intercontinental ballistic rocket capable of hitting any part of the world along with nuclear weapons." time thehe seventh council has met to discuss the
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dprk in 2017. of these today, 5 emergency consultations have followed the launch by the dprk of ballistic missiles in open violation of security council resolutions will stop mr. president, the secretary-general strongly condemns the launch of a ballistic missile of intercontinental range conducted by the dprk. this action is yet another brazen violation of the relevant security council resolutions, and constitutes a dangerous escalation of the situation. the dprk leadership must cease further provocative action and comply fully with its international obligations. the secretary-general underlined the importance of maintaining unity of the international
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community in addressing the serious challenge. must stop actions in violation of security council space fors, and allow the resumption of dialogue. all parties must work to reopen communication channels, particularly military to military, to the with the risk of miscalculation -- to lower the risk of miss compilation or misunderstanding. amidst the escalation of the security situation in the region, the united nations and partners play a critical role in saving the lives of the most .ulnerable people in the dprk as the council considers its response, we again remind member states of the importance of separating political and humanitarian concerns, and search them to support the life-saving activities carried out by the humanitarian organizations in the country. mr. president, i would like to
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close by reiterating the secretary-general's community seeking peaceful and political solutions. the united nations will remain in close contact with all concerned parties and remains ready to assist in any way possible. thank you. [speaking foreign language] >> thank you, mr. president. to my friends on the security council, i must say that today is a dark day. it is a dark day because yesterday's actions by north korea made the world a more dangerous place. illegal missile launch was not only dangerous, but reckless and irresponsible. it shows north korea does not
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want to be part of a peaceful world. they have cast a dark shadow of conflict on all nations that strive for peace. yesterday's act came from the ame vicious dictator who sent young college student back home to his parents unresponsive and in a coma. for americans, the true nature of the north korean regime was painfully brought home with the ottos of 2 guards holding warmbier up as they transfer your him from a prison he should have never been in. is one person and of millions who have been killed, tortured, or deprived of human rights by the north korean regime. two americans, the death of one innocent person can be as powerful as the death of millions, because all men and women are created in god's image could depravity towards one is a sure sign of willingness to do more harm.
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the nature of the north korean regime is clear. only the scale of the damage it does could become different. that is why yesterday's escalation is so alarming. if north korea will treat an innocent young student the way , wereated otto warmbier should not be surprised if it acts barbaric way on a larger scale. -- barbarically on a larger scale. the united states does not seek conflict. in fact, we seek to avoid it. we seek denuclearization of the korean peninsula and the end of action by north korea. regrettably, we are witnessing just the opposite. make no mistake, north korea's launch of an icbm is a clear and sharp military escalation. the north korean regime states that its missiles are intended to deliver nuclear weapons to strike cities in the united states, south korea, and japan. and now it has greater capacity to do so.
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truth, it is not only the united states and our allies that are threatened. destabilizing escalation is a threat to all nations in the region and beyond. their actions are quickly closing off the possibility of a diplomatic solution. the united states is prepared to use the full range of our capabilities to defend ourselves and our allies. liesf our capabilities with our considerable military forces. we will use them if we must, but we prefer not to have to go in that direction. we have other methods of addressing those who threaten us , and of addressing those who supply the threat. we have great capabilities in the area of trade. president trump has spoken repeatedly about this. i spoke with him at length about it this morning. there are countries that are allowing them even encouraging trade with north korea in violation of un security council resolutions.
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such countries would also like their trade arrangements with the united states. that is not going to happen. on trade changes when countries do not take international security threats seriously. before the path to a peaceful solution is entirely closed, however, there remains more that the international community can and must do diplomatically and economically. in the coming days, we will bring before the security council resolution that raises the international response in a way that is proportionate to north korea's new escalation. i will not tell the resolution -- i will not detail the resolution today, but the options are all known to us. if we identified, the international community can cut off the major sources of hard currency to the north korean regime. we can restrict the flow of oil to the military and weapons program. we can increase maritime restrictions.
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we can hold senior regime officials accountable. the international community has spoken frequently against the illegal and dangerous actions of the north korean regime. for many years there have been numerous u.n. sanctions against north korea. but they have been insufficient to get them to change their destructive course. in order to have an impact, in order to move north korea off its military escalation, we must do more. we will not look exclusively at north korea. we will look at any country that chooses to do business with this outlawile regime. -- regime. we will not have patience forestalling or talking our way down to a watered-down resolution. the prices icbm and escalated response to time is short. action is required. on notice.s
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if we act together, we can still prevent a catastrophe, and we can rid the world of a grave threat. if we fail to act in a serious way, there will be a different response. much of the burden of enforcing u.n. sanctions rests with china. 90% of trade with north korea is from china. we will work with china. we will work with any and every country that believes in peace. but we will not repeat the inadequate repurchase of the past that are brought us to this dark day. we cannot forget the multiple , orile tests this year yesterday's escalation. we cannot forget otto warmbier and others north korea continues to hold. we cannot forget the threats to our friends and allies around the world. we will not forget and we will not delay. thank you. >> [speaking foreign language] >> thank you, mr. president.
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i would like to begin for thinking -- by thanking the president for convening this meeting, jointly requested by the united states, the republic of korea, and japan. president, north korea once again launched a missile in blatant violation of the relevant security council resolutions. this is totally unacceptable. protestunched a strong darkly against north korea immediately after a launch and condemned the act in the strongest terms. i express once again our strong condemnation of this utterly unacceptable provocation . japan demands that north korea immediately cease all ballistic missile and nuclear development programs and provocations. japan will never accept a nuclear-armed north korea.
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the north korean official media has announced that they successfully carried out the launch of an interconnect metal -- intercontinental ballistic missile. that missile reached an altitude kilometers, 2,500 flew for about 40 minutes, and landed within the japanese economic zone. approximately 300 kilometers of the peninsula. a number of japanese fishing vessels were out in the sea at the time of the launch. and shows how dangerous irresponsible this act by north korea was. if it hadn't been such a lofty launch, the missile would've flown for more than 5,500 kilometers, and could have reached many other member states' soil. these provocations by north korea trample upon international efforts towards a peaceful resolution of nuclear and missile issues and present enormous global threats.
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as north korea claims they are capable of hitting any part of the world, the threats have literally become global. this most recent provocation thatit even more evident conditions are not right for. like with north korea at this moment. there is no other choice left for us now but to work together to increase pressure against north korea. thoreau and faithful and limitation of the relevant united nations security council resolutions is critically important. every member state must work together to pressure north korea into taking concrete action towards the nuclearization. we need to send a clear, united message that it is north korea that needs to change, not our side. we must recall the council 's determination to take
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further significant measures in the event of a further dprk test or lunch. this logic requires a swift response -- launch requires a certain response from the council in the form of a robust resolution with sanctions. japan looks forward to working with council members to this end. thank you, mr. president. >> [speaking foreign language] >> [speaking foreign language] >> i would like to thank the assistant secretary-general for political affairs for the very instructive statement he has just given us. again the yet
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security council is meeting following a grave and unjustifiable violation by north korea of its international obligations. amounting to a threat to international peace and security. with the ballistic missile launch 2 days ago, north korea continues -- it continues its reckless behavior in a most un excusable manner, confirming its stubbornly proclaimed desire to flout the authority of the security council. it continues to ignore the numerous appeals and calls to reason which together we have addressed to it. finally, it persists in irresponsible attitudes, one of provocation, which brings us to an escalation.
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france condemned the missile launch, just as it did the numerous ballistic missile launches carried out by pyongyang over the past month. all action taken by north korea dangerous pattern of instigation for regional stability and even international peace and security. today the countries of the region are under direct threat, and france reiterates its full solidarity to them. but make no mistake, everyone around this table is under threat. it is a global threat. methodical and persistent approach has initiated at the highest level of the regime in north korea to develop its nuclear program, it speaks for itself. the new missile launch follows in the wake of previous ones, as
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well as nuclear testing in the past. today is yet another step towards acquiring operational nuclear capacity. is an unabashed assault on the nonproliferation regime. this regime is at the heart of our security system. this violation cannot be tolerated. let there be no mistake, the north korean nuclear program is one of the primary threats to the nonproliferation regime. this machine is something we have forged together piece by piece over the past decade. the nonproliferation regime itself is the backbone of the maintenance of international peace and security. it is our collective responsibility to protect this system. reckless -- this
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forward must be halted without precondition, and immediately. sanctions can never be automatic and in and of themselves. but when our messages, appeals, and even warnings are deliberately ignored over and a decisivematically, collective response is necessary. priority,ns remain a but the current situation doesn't allow for it at all. the deliberate, repeated, and out and out violation by whomsoever cannot be subject to bargaining. it falls to north korea to demonstrate in a sincere manner a specific action that it stands ready for a negotiated solution.
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otherwise, we will have to be firm with our response. the nucleareat of proliferation, that is indeed what is at stake. weakness, i can action are certainly not options. -- lack of action are certainly not options. we have been brought together by a sense of urgency, as well as determination to pressure the secret counsel authority is upheld. we have to shoulder our responsibilities together. the entire international community must continue efforts for the effective implementation of measures. you must also reiterate our decisive -- we must also reiterate our decisive commitment to helping the irresponsible action of north korea. full,d goal is verifiable, and irreversible
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denuclearization of the korean peninsula. the clock is ticking. our message must be firm, unambiguous, it should be the outcome of our meeting today. it is a significant step along these lines. was at thent, france forefront of the crafting of the nonproliferation regime, and intends to restate their -- intends to stay there. in the security council as well as the european union, france has always taken a determined and forceful action against any attempts to undermine the regime told my country contributed building consensus with partners to ensure that a firm response to provided. i would like to reassure you today that my country will continue to do this in the most resolute manner possible. this is why we work with all of our partners for the adoption of
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a security council resolution, including the adoption of new, robust, and operational measures. we also intend to continue similar measures within the european union. sir, when the very foundation of our collective security system rocked, there is really no room for going backwards and forwards. with the risk of the situation worsening, the council must, and will, shoulder its responsibilities. thank you. >> i think the representative of and a for his statement now go to the representative of the united kingdom. >> thank you, mr. president. fromthe previous speakers the united states, japan, and france, the united kingdom condemns in the strongest terms the dprk's flagrant violation of
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unanimous decisions of the security council. the site repeated condemnation and despite successive security council resolutions, the leadership of the dprk has persisted in pursuing its illegal programs and misguided pursuit of a nuclear weapons capability. not we have seen an unprecedented number of ballistic missile tests over the past year, including grounds testing. however, with this launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile, the council should note clearly intends to threaten directly and ever greater number of states and indirectly in whole world. all such ballistic missile activity by the dprk is in violation of binding security council resolutions. and any capability that the dprk develops to threaten the security of other states is of great concern. our response must be strong and
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clear. the international community must redouble our efforts. as the united kingdom foreign secretary has said, north korea strains every nerve and sinew to build nuclear weapons and launch a legal come even as the people of north korea endure starvation and poverty. amidst reports of widespread hardship and human rights violations in dprk, pyongyang's priority should be a health and welfare of the north korean people, not continuation of the nuclear program. we continue to urge the dprk to return to credible and authentic multilateral talks on its nuclear and ballistic missile programs and to abide by its .bligation under the u.n security council resolution. the united kingdom has some of our investor in london
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condemning in the strongest use this reckless behavior. we will also be redoubling our efforts with partners enforcement of measures to bring the dprk to the right path. increased vigilance is needed. encouragentinue to partners globally to take effective action to understand, and when necessary, disrupt the dprk's illegal proliferation and couldsanctioned activity we will also work with allies and partners around the world to consider the fullest range of measures to increase the amount of pressure -- increase diplomatic pressure. the primary responsibility lies , but all members of the international community must further strengthen their resolve to enforce existing measures, fully and effectively, without delay. we all search all states to comply with the security council's requirements for
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reporting on a limitation of measures. own statements of defiance make clear, even these steps will probably not be enough. faced with provocation, we must toughen our resolve. the united kingdom supports new binding measures to raise the cost of further of the illegal action. the security should start work immediately on a new security council resolution to achieve this. thank you. i think the representative of the united kingdom. i now give the floor to the representative of sweden. thank you very much, mr. president, and thank you to japan, the united states, and the republic of korea for convening and asking for this meeting this afternoon. mr. president, the missile test yesterday of possible intercontinental range illustrates the dprk's determination to continue the
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development of its ballistic missile and a nuclear weapons program. this is, of course, a great concern for the region and indeed for the world. sweden condemns the latest test in the strongest possible terms. we once again call on the dprk to cease all development of its listed missile and nuclear weapons programs and take immediate steps towards the complete, verifiable, and your inersible dismantlement accordance with security council resolutions. the continued unity of this security council in the face of blatant violations of this council's resolutions is of utmost importance, as is effective in limitation of relevant council resolutions by all countries. implementation of the sanctions against the dprk remain insufficient and highly insufficient. we iterate that all -- we reiterate that all member states must do the most in this regard.
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there is an urgent need for redoubled efforts to build confidence, avoid further escalation, and take steps to prepare for a peaceful, diplomatic, and comprehensive solution to the situation on the peninsula and the wider region could almost contribute to this end and we welcome all initiatives to continue dialogue could the potential for mistakes and misunderstanding is high. regional security mechanism should be full. we remain fully committed to the jimmy butler rescission of the korean peninsula. -- denuclearization of the korean peninsula. we reiterate our solidarity with the people living under the dprk ' fetching behavior. to again call on the dprk reengage in meaningful dialogue with the international community. in the meantime, sweden will stand united with council members in condemning any action
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that jeopardizes international peace and security. i thank you, mr. president. ank the representative from sweden for his statement and i now give the floor to the representative from egypt. >> mr. president, at the outset yankld like to thank mr. her for hi technical and used jenker for his breathing we stress once again that the situation on the korean peninsula continues to be one of the main challenges of the nonproliferation regime. grave concern at the continued escalation and tension on the korean peninsula. nuclearult of the dprk program, which represents one of
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the main sources of threats to international peace and security . the dprknce again on to comply fully with all its commitments according to relevant security council resolutions. to eliminate all its nuclear arsenal and to rejoin the nuclear nonproliferation treaty as a nonnuclear state, without delay and without any conditions. to make fully committed every possible effort at the national level to implement also pretty council sanctions -- all security council sanctions on
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the dprk. president, egypt supports fully all efforts aimed at reaching a peaceful solution to nuclear program issue, to achieve a durable peace on the korean peninsula, including all reunification efforts. especially in light of the special and historic relations between egypt and the countries .f the region egypt calls on the international community and the security council to deal in a comprehensive manner and without -- with all challenges facing
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the nuclear nonproliferation preserve theder to credibility and effectiveness of the nonproliferation regime and the relevant security council resolutions. this is important, especially in ionht of the continued eros in credibility of this regime, represents the main pillar of the broader international security architecture. such an aversion is a result of the non-universality of the treaty and the double standards applied when dealing with the challenges facing the treaty. enclosing, my country -- in closing, my country encourages all countries to exercise self-restraint and to resume discussions aimed at reaching a peaceful settlement as soon as possible. of some of the
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positive proposals made by china in order to achieve a gradual detente. urge oncegard, we to cooperate with all dialogue efforts and to lead any measures that may to further escalation and tension. we call on all international parties to provide the necessary conditions to reach a mutually agreed settlement that guarantees regional and international peace and security , in line with the purposes and principles of the united nations and the nonproliferation treaty.
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egypt stands ready to make every possible effort, every possible support a peaceful settlement to this crisis, in a manner that will preserve international peace and security. thank you, mr. president. the representative of egypt for his statement. i now give the floor to the representative of italy. >> thank you, mr. president. mr. president, italy condemns in the strongest terms the missile .est conducted by the dprk this latest provocation confirms once again that the north korean regime continues to pursue its nuclear and ballistic missile program, in flagrant violation of the security council resolution, and therefore, in open to fines of the international community -- open defiance of the international community.
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the last launch in intercontinental range is deeply worrying, deeply worrying that the dprk appears to have reached its objective of acquiring intercontinental ballistic missile faceted. -- capacity. the advancement of capabilities by the dprk is undermining our collective security. the destabilizing activities pose a clear, serious, and growing threat to international security and the global nonproliferation regime. we call on the dprk to take immediate steps to abandon its provocative, illegal, and self isolating policy, putting a verifiable and irreversible stop to its nuclear and missile program, and embark on a different path. this objective continues to
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concerted multilateral effort to maintain a high level of pressure by the international community on the north korean regime. italycussing, stands ready to work with all relevant members and stakeholders of the council to provide additional and significant restrictive measures. maintaining unity will be crucial. we must also not forget that the civilian population of the dprk continues to be highly vulnerable. we must therefore in short as we did in the past -- therefore ensure as we did in the past that you restrictive measures to not have a negative unintended consequence for the humanitarian situation in the country. the ultimate objective of our pressure must continue to be a -- by of behavior i the
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the dprk, framing a path towards the denuclearization of the korean peninsula, and the achievement of a peaceful and comprehensive diplomatic solution for dialogue. full anddent, effective implementation of relevant security council , italy continues to be the united nations continues to be italy priority. maintaining dialogue with member states, specifically through regional outreach meetings is proving to be an effective way to engage membership and facilitate national efforts to enforce the sanctions regime in place. in this respect, i want to point out that the rate of simitian of ofional -- submission national records has increased. as of today, the committee has
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received 94 national implementation forth on resolution 2270, and 70 on resolution 2321. moreover, paul national reports the lateston 2321, adopted, were received in the last few months, showing the highest submission rate than under previous resolutions regarding the dprk. while encouraging, this is still not sufficient. therefore, as chair of the sanctions committee, make an appeal to all member states to continue to provide necessary solutions to this urgent matter. i thank you. the representative of italy for his statement and now give the floor to the representative of senegal. >> thank you, president. first and foremost, i would like to thank the u.s. and japanese
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delegation for having called for the holding of this emergency meeting. i would also like to thank you, sir, for having accepted this request. i would also like to thank the assistant secretary-general for political affairs, who has given us a factual and clear briefing. terms, youropriate have expressed our words of thanks on behalf of the security council members as a whole, including my delegation. to the chlorine national state of bolivia, thanks for the high counciland outstanding in the past month. i endorsed the statement made by you. , it is telling that the first formal meeting of your
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presidency on yet another act of defiance to the international community, in particular to the security council -- i'm talking, of course, about the launch by the dprk of an intercontinental ballistic missile yesterday. when, withat a time our american friends, we were salivating the holiday in the united states -- celebrating the holiday in the united states. my delegation condemns in the most firmest terms yet another icbm, by the dprk of an which landed in the sea of japan. without a doubt, this is a game because it demonstrates
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that north korea, after methodically continuing its nuclear and missile programs, today is more determined than ever to acquire a nuclear deterrent power. as mr. jenca has stated, this launch comes after previous ones from pyongyang, which we have all condemned in this room, is a threat not only to the people of is a hard, but also blow to the nonproliferation intentionth a claimed of developing a nuclear weapon, significantly fanning the flames of tension in the region and beyond. it is a grave threat to maritime and air security, as there was no notification nor warning regarding the launch could this
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is a densely populated region come with one of the most traveled air spaces in the world. yet again, the security council credibility has been called into question. indeed, in spite of all sanctions and measures taken , the dprk has hardly abandoned its nuclear ambitions. it has gone as far as questioning the spirit of counsel's -- security council's credibility regarding its illegal nuclear program. in this manner, it has continued security council resolutions and appeals, meaning that the council must take action. we have made continued appeals to the dprk to come back to dialogue and renounce provocation. sanctions could go hand in hand with dialogue come in a discreet
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manner as mentioned by the various resolutions, by way of conclusion. and since there is no military solution to the problem on the korean peninsula my country would like to reiterate the importance of the maintenance of peace and security in this region. we call for a comprehensive, peaceful, diplomatic, and political solution to be found. it is in this spirit that my delegation intends to work with other council members on the drafting of a resolution regarding additional measures that would be appropriate to take. thank you. >> i thank the representative of senegal for his statement and now give the floor to the representative of ukraine. >> thank you, mr. president. we thank the united states, japan, and the republic of korea for engaging the council on the
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north korean missile launch. i also thank assistant secretary-general jenca for his briefing on this alarming issue. another unprecedented in terms of a destabilizing and unlawful action. the recent intercontinental postings lunch on the 4th of july is a growing threat in the region. despite international diplomatic efforts to halt the program, we have seen no signs whatsoever of the dprk's intention to change its behavior. the irresponsible policy has undermined the nonproliferation regime as a whole. the development on the korean peninsula lead to principal questions. are the signals strong and clear enough?
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how much time is left before a north korean icbm is equipped with a nuclear warhead and successfully deployed? the council should use every instrument at its disposal to ensure full of limitation of its decision. at the same time, we must recognize that the sanctions regime appears to be insufficient in preventing the from acquiring materials and financial resources for further development of its nuclear program. i wish to recall the previously stated position that the council should find ways to increase international pressure on the north korean regime to response to reckless behavior which continues unabated. we believe that only robust decisions and steps that the council will put an end to the systematic violations of international law and eliminate the threat on the continent. we fully share the necessity of defense capabilities against the threat. we cannot wait until the next test or missile launch.
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challenges related to the dprk nuclear missile ambitions should be addressed collectively, decisively, and without any further delay. toshould not allow pyongyang continue in the context of global nonproliferation. ukraine remains ready for issue,ctive work on this including a new resolution with more robust operational measures to ensure positive changes in the current situation and to move closer to denuclearization of the korean peninsula. i thank you, mr. president. >> i thank the representative of the ukraine for her statement and i now turn the foot to the representative of uruguay. >> thank you very much, mr. president. we would also like to convey our theks to the delegations of united states can japan, and the republic of korea for convening this meeting. thanks also go to the assistant
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secretary of political affairs for his briefing, and thanks to you not only for the way you reacted quickly to the request japan, anded states, the republic of korea, bofi holding this open format -- but for pulling this open format ensuring transparency. worth expressing our view on this very serious issue before the entire members of -- membership of this house. we condemn in the strongest possible terms the recent launch of a ballistic missile allegedly intercontinental in range carried out by north korea. once again on north korea to abandon its existing nuclear programs completely, verifiably, and you reversibly, that you reversibly, including launches -- you reversiblyl -- i rreversibly. north korea's bombastic
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posturing constitutes a blatant violation of the myriad resolutions of the security council. north korea must respect all the resolutions adopted by the body and give up its nuclear pretensions. such a step would contribute to fostering peace on the korean peninsula and would help to pave the way to a resumption of dialogue with the overarching goal of achieving denuclearization of the korean peninsula. president, the threat -- or the actual use of nuclear weapons constitutes a crime against humanity and a major violation of international law, including international humanitarian law as a of the charter of the united nations. the sole guarantee against the use or threatened use of these weapons is the express prohibition and elimination. we sit here in this room
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contending with the conduct of nuclear weapons liberation, the wider united nations is racing against the clock to adopt -- this coming friday, we hope -- a treaty to ban nuclear weapons. regrettably, neither north korea nor the nuclear powers are participating in those negotiations. a more is to achieve secure and safer world, a world free of the effects of these weapons. goalmust be seen as the and responsibility of all those gathered here today to guarantee the security and survival of humanity. korea's ongoing defiance and inability to find a peaceful simplyn to the situation serves to ramp up the tensions in the korean peninsula, and
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might inflame the situation further come with serious consequences. in order to change the situation to make headway, there is a need to correctly and fully implement the sanctions regime, responsibility borne by all member states of this house. toguay underscores the need seek out new options for action, including new approaches to resolve the situation, which gets worse and worse with each passing month. the spirit of counsel find a new course of action to put an end to the provocation by north usher in a resumption of dialogue for denuclearization of the korean financial. call foreiterates dialogue to take place as there is no more viable solution that face-to-face negotiations and political determination to be shared by both parties.
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uruguay urges the members of the spirit of counsel to come together as one on this particular issue. we must affirm our commitment to finding a peaceful, diplomatic, and political solution paving the way for denuclearization of the korean peninsula. at times of great tension, cool heads must prevail. we must refrain from taking unilateral action and put all our energy into solving this problem. thank you very president. >> i thank the representative of uruguay and now give the floor to the representative of the russian federation. >> thank you very much, mr. president. we would like to thank the assistant secretary general, mr. jenca, for his briefing. launch of ae dprk's ballistic missile, the situation requires thorough clarification an investigation. -- since there has been a
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ballistic missile threat it showed up on the russian system of warning of rocket launches. objective technology monitoring of the situation, it has been established that the parameters and data regarding the target of the missile are in line with the tactical criteria of midrange philistine missiles. we are carefully -- ballistic missiles. we are carefully following the situation on the korean peninsula. we would like to call your attention to the joint russia and chinese statement about the july.made in moscow on 4 this was immediately following the missile launch. we find this action from the and to be inadmissible
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running counter to relevant security council resolutions. russia and china has urged the dprk to firmly comply with provisions of said resolution. we share the concerns regarding the situation, the evolving situation in the korean peninsula. an escalation of military and political tensions on the fraught with the risk of an armed conflict. they mean that the international community must take corrective measures for a peaceful settlement of the solution through dialogue and consultation. we are against any statement or action which could lead to an escalation and hardening of antagonism. we call for all interested states to act with restraint rather than provocation and demonstrate a readiness to engage in dialogue without preconditions, as well as make active efforts to de-escalation tensions.
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the russian federation and china put forth a joint initiative. it is based on the chinese proposal of a dual suspension and parallel progress for the denuclearization of the dprk, as well as establishing a piece mechanism on the peninsula. plan the russian phased for settlement to the conflict. we call on the dprk, as a voluntary political solution, to declare a moratorium on the testing of nuclear explosive devices and the testing of ballistic missiles. though the u.s. and the korean republic at the same time should refrain from conducting full-scale joint training exercises. in parallel, there could be talks with general principles for relations with the affirm, including nonuse of force, not using aggression, ensuring
3:59 pm
peaceful coexistence, as well as efforts for the denuclearization of the dprk for a conference of settlements you all issues -- to all issues, including the nuclear one. all interested parties in the negotiation process, in their chores and format -- chosen format, could deal with creating on the dprk and northeast asia peace and security mechanisms. this would lead to normalization of relations between relevant states. we call upon all states to support said initiative, which offers a true window of opportunity for resolving the issue in the korean peninsula. we reaffirm our strong commitment to the international regime of the nonproliferation of nuclear weapons, and intention to cdd nuclearization of the --to cdd nuclearization of the dprk and full of limitation of the resolutions of
4:00 pm
the security council we expect our attention with other interested states to continue efforts to ensure that through dialogue and consultation, there is a balance addressing of all existing concerns. we call upon all sides to strictly comply with obligations put forth in the joint statement from 19 september 2005. a swift relaunch of dialogue for a comprehensive solution to the issue of the korean peninsula. the possibility of taking military measures to resolve the problems of the korean peninsula the idea of north and south korea engaging in dialogue and consultation, demonstrate good will, improve relations, carryout cooperation for a and playsolution,
4:01 pm
their do and accountable role in the escalating the situation on the great peninsula and resolving all pending issues. to theseu attention important for striking of international and regional stability. alliances between certain states should never be made to the detriment of the interests of third parties. and the deployment under a pretext of countering -- under a pretext of countering the military and missile program of the dprk. the deployment of that system in northeast asia is a serious hit to the strategic stability of the region, including for russia and china, and certainly doesn't thee to de-nuclearize
4:02 pm
penicillin based on the principle of ensuring peace and stability in the region. dr against the deployment of fat systems and call upon relevant size to swiftly halt and cancel the deployment process. all measures should be taken to ensure and protect the interests of the two countries' security, by strengthening -- striking strategic balance in the region. it is of utmost importance for us, rather, it is utterly clear for us that any attemps to j ustify a military solution lead to unpredicted consequences for the region. in the very same manner, attempts to economically strangle north korea are equally unacceptable, as millions of people are in great humanitarian need. .the u.n. faces its role here. there must be a de-politici zation of humanitarian efforts.
4:03 pm
all must acknowledge that sanctions will not resolve the issue. in that matter, we simply rush towards a stalemate, just as any attempt to resolve a situation through force are inadmissible. we must take into account dpr concern for security. at this time, it is important to leave behind the dangerous logic of confrontation and together seek a solution on the basis of a comprehensive political solution to the dprk issues, including the matter of a dprk's nuclear and missile program. here, china's proposal for dual aspension and parallel focus well as the russian roadmap for dprk solution, including the gradual establishment of a piece mechanism for the region, and de-nuclearization of the dprk
4:04 pm
re-think is an appropriate launchpad for such talks. we call upon all to participate in this work. thank you. >> thank you. i think the representative of the russian federation will now give the floor to the representative from bolivia. >> thank you very much, president. would like to think the assistant secretary-general from .olitical affairs bolivia would like to once again express in the strongest possible terms condemnation of the launch of the holistic missiles and the nuclear program pursued by the dprk. that includes the launch yesterday on the fourth of july. we call on this country to abandon its nuclear program and
4:05 pm
abandon its ballistic missile program and a complete, verifiable, any reversible way. we urge all parties to take step s to refrain from escalating the tensions in the country and to avoid fanning the flames in the penicillin, which would pose a risk to international peace and security but most particularly the posts such a risk in korean peninsula. we call on all the parties to refrain from any act of provocation, to refrain from taking unilateral steps, and to refrain from taking measures that fall outside international law, and run counter to the principles of the charter of the united nations. as the initiatives such dual suspension suggestion, which is one we fully back. the fourth suspension initiative would be the suspension of north
4:06 pm
korea's nuclear activities with the suspension of military exercises by the republic of korea and the united states of america. we call for an understanding that there can be no military solution to this conflict and are must be and to the threat of use of four straight people must once again sit around the negotiating table for dialogue to find a political and diplomatic solution with the overarching goal of achieving the de-nuclearization of the korean peninsula. thank you very much. the representative from bolivia for his statement. and now, to the representative of ethiopia. >> we would also like to thank the delegation of the united states, the democratic republic of korea for convening the session. i would also like to thank mr. jenca. mr. president, we join others in strongly condemning the latest lunch of an intercontinental ballistic missile by the democratic republic of korea in
4:07 pm
violation of the security council resolution. we counter with the secretary-general that this constitutes, and i quote, a dangerous escalation of the situation, end quote, threatening the general peace and security in the korean peninsula. it is absolutely important that ceaseees these -- these provocative actions and prevent the further escalation of the situation. we would like to once again underscore the need for finding a political and diplomatic solution to dialogue and negotiation. this requires that the dprk returns to its international commitments on denuclearization and fully comply with relevan ce. it is important that we maintain the unity of the council and speak with one point in addressing this issue which is
4:08 pm
becoming extremely dangerous. one thing makes us not lose hope. while there might be differences , thethod and approach substances related to denuclearization of dprk, there are none. this should never be understated. finally, the latest amount of ballistic missile of the dprk is a reminder to all of us that the full implementation of the council resolution by all member states is much more political now, more than ever before. i would like to reaffirm the commitment of ethiopia to continue to work towards the full implementation of the security council resolution. thank you. >> i think the representative of ethiopia for her remarks. i now to the representative of has extend. >> mr. president, let me thank assistant secretary-general
4:09 pm
miroslav jenca for his report, as well as the u.s. and japan for calling these consultations on yet another flagrant violation by dprk. classic stan -- kazakhstan condemns north korea's launch of ballistic missiles, possible intercontinental range that undermine our international towards peace and security. today once again we see how north korea continues developing -- the expansion of nuclear power's club is totally unacceptable for the wider international community. pursuere, pyongyang must a contrary approach to the stance it is taking. and common task to make north korea to comply with the international will. all caps on members are united in comprehending the full
4:10 pm
seriousness and complexity of the situation in north korea. let us use this unity to develop a comprehensive and balanced approach to create conditions for nonmilitary solutions by maintaining the section's regime and opposing the barrier to dialogue. kazakhstan calls upon north korea to follow its political example of willingly abandoning nuclear weapons, to lead in peace and harmony with the entire world. we stand ready to share our own gyang ande with pyonyan seoul if needed. i thank you. >> i thank the representative of kazakhstan. --
4:11 pm
resolutions contain explicit provisions against any launches by the dprk using ballistic missile technology. the launching of a ballistic missile by the dprk on july 4 was a flagrant violation of the council resolution and flaunting of the will of the entire international community. at the same time, we call on all the parties concerned to avoid provocative action. demonstrate the will for unconditional dialogue, together to diffuse the tension. the head of state of china and russia exchanged views on the situation of the korean
4:12 pm
peninsula and agreed that the issue of the korean peninsula should be resolved through dialogue. the foreign ministries of our 2 countries issued a joint statement which expressed the positions regarding the issue of the korean peninsula. the joint statement put forward the joint initiative of our 2 countries based on a two track approach and suspension and proposal and the russian's step by step. on therent situation peninsula is complex and sensitive, and the dialogue process is in the sense still. initiative isian addressing those symptoms and root causes and taking steps to strive for a solution.
4:13 pm
it is objective, fair, reasonable. that it will get the support of the international community, and help open a realistic route towards the solution of the problem of the korean peninsula. china has always been firmly opposed to chaos and conflict on the peninsula. military means must not be an option in this regard. the deployment of antimissile system in northeast asia seriously undermines the security of regional countries, including china. in use the's not realization of the denuclearization of the peninsula and seeking peace and stability pretty china urges the countries concerned to halt
4:14 pm
deployment immediately. denuclearization would cause peace and stability on the korean peninsula in the interest of all parties. we the parties concerned will work together with china, playing their due roles, and to show their due responsibility with a view to returning the issue of the korean peninsula to the right track of a peaceful dialogue. i resume my function as president of the council. i now give the floor to the representative to the republic of korea. >> thank you, mr. president. i would like to thank the chinese presidency for convening today's meeting. my delegation is grateful for this opportunity to participate in this emergency meeting to address the serious and urgent issue of the dprk's launch of a ballistic missile of intercontinental range on the third of july.
4:15 pm
it is deeply regrettable that the dprk responded with yet another, even more serious provocation to the repeated message from the new government , emphasizing the need for peaceful resolution of the issue, and its willingness to engage in dialogue under the right circumstances. it is also a source of our profound disappointment that the dprk once again is chosen the wrong path, by firing another long-range missile just a few days after the summit meeting in 2017,gton on june 30, during which the two leaders called upon the dprk to refrain from provocative, destabilizing actions and rhetoric, and to make this choice to fulfill its international obligations and commitments. the republic of korea condemns in the strongest terms the dprk provocation as a
4:16 pm
flagrant violation of relevant security council resolutions. dprk we urge the -- we urge the dprk to no longer test, as well as internatioal community, to achieve denuclearization on the korean peninsula. the dprk's repeated provocations in defiance of multiple security council resolutions will only strengthen the resolve of the international community and be met with a more resolute response. pyongyang must realize it's obsessive pursuit of nuclear programs and continued provocations will only serve to worsen its diplomatic isolation and deepen its economic plight. mr. president, even the urgency and gravity of this issue, we the international community must demonstrate our strong resolve not to tell it right the dprk nuclear and ballistic missile programs, which have become a global threat that requires global action.
4:17 pm
i would like to refer to the security council's previously expressed determination that it will take significant measures in the event of a further dprk nuclear test or missile launch. indeed, we must take stronger measures, including a new security council sanctions resolution, to stop the dprk's provocation. at the same time, the need for swift, full, and thorough implementation of the sanctions resolutions cannot be over emphasized as a tool to bring the dprk back to credible negotiations for the nuclear reservation. -- denuclearization. this is the last opportunity for dprk to charter new territory and korean relations as well as relations with the international community. the dprk must renounce its nuclear brinkmanship and step back from the point of no return. pyongyang should awaken from its illusion that ballistic and nuclear missile development can
4:18 pm
assure its security and instead resulted choose the path to denuclearization. thank you very much. >> i think the representative from the republic of korea. the representative of the u.s. has requested for further statement. i now give her the floor. >> thank you, mr. president. i want to thank you for holding this meeting and the public and allowing us all to voice our concerns. i first wanted to tell my russian friends that not only has the secretary-general said this was an icbm, and the u.s. has had this is an icbm, north korea has said this is an icbm. if you need any sort of intelligence to let you know the rest of the world sees this as icbm, i'm happy to provide it right secondly, in reference to being opposed to sanctions on north korea, this council on those we have done repeated resolutions and nothing has happened.
4:19 pm
if you're happy with north korea's actions, veto it. if you want to be a friend of north korea, veto it. threat,ou see this as a if you see this for what it is, which is north korea showing its muscle, then you need to stand strong and vote with the international community to strengthen sanctions on north korea. and if you choose not to, we will go our own path. but it makes no sense to not join together on this threat against north korea. they have not had any care for russia or china in this. they have not listened to anything that you have said. they are not going to listen to anything that you say. it is time we all stand together and say, we will not put up with this action. sanctionsre and code or go in defiance of a new resolution means you're holding the hand of kim jong-un. thank you. thank the representative of
4:20 pm
the u.s. for her statement. the representative of the russian federation has requested for the comment. >> thank you very much. i'd like to thank my colleagues from the u.s., ambassador haley. we two are proposing to work together. the point of my statement was to say that a solution on the korean peninsula we think only exclusively through calibrating regional and international efforts. set forth, not just sanctions but first and foremost work on a political must be done for a solution to the situation. this is the goal. cannot be a cure all. and this has been demonstrated by history. so here, what we need is to seek a political solution and be creative in our diplomacy.
4:21 pm
we've proposed as i said in my statement, work collectively. thank you very much. i think the representative from the russian federation for his statement. there are no more names inscribed on the list of speakers. the meeting is adjourned. >> president trump tweets today, trade between china and north korea grew almost 40% in the first quarter. so much for china working with us, but we had to give it a try. the chicago tribune writes that s chinant trump chastise
4:22 pm
in the tweet as his administration's finding that some of the most obvious tools to increase pressure on north korea have already been tried and failed. on air forceland one today. mr. trump spoke by phone about the north korean threat with the egyptian president, emphasizing the need for countries to implement u.n. security council resolutions. c-span, time here on arizona possible in court justice on the debate between judges over how to interpret the constitution. here's a portion of what you will see. >> what the framers did warn in thefederalist papers, that judiciary could become a very it ever tooky if on the powers of the executive or the legislative branches. and indeed, when it has done so, and it has done so in many instances, it has been a very dangerous branch of government.
4:23 pm
so there is a constant battle going on, in the judiciary, between those who believe that evolvingitution is an document, that is a document that the judges should look at and say, really, in our time, how should this read, not how does it read, but how should it read. and the judges in our system who believe that the constitution is eternal. there is a way to amend the constitution, and it's not by judicial legislation, it's by the amendment process that the framers set out in the constitution, and it's illegitimate for judges to themselves amend the constitution. and the resolution of that enduring battle is absolutely vital to the future of freedom in our country. >> you can see the entire conversation with the arizona
4:24 pm
supreme court justice tonight at 8:00 eastern. he talks about the role of the judicial branch, the impact of supreme court rulings in areas such as property rights, racial preferences, and juvenile sentencing. i will be live tonight at 8:00 eastern here on c-span -- that will be live tonight at 8:00 eastern here on c-span. eastern,at 7:00 p.m. joint american history tv for a live tour of the museum of the american revolution in philadelphia. the museum's president and ceo and collections and exhibitions vice president will introduce artifacts and exhibits throughout the museum, including george washington's war tent and aps of the old northbridge from the battle of concord. hear stories about the american revolution, and you can participate in the live program with your phone calls and tweets. watch american history tv, live from the museum of the american revolution trade thursday, starting at 7:00 p.m. eastern on
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c-span3. "q&a," --on asking anyone to compromise their values and believes. i'm asking them to open their eyes to other people's, so you can figure out your place in this infinite world. >> brooke gladstone, cohost and managing editor of wnyc's on the media. ms. gladstone discusses her book, "the trouble with reality, a rumination on moral panic in looks at" in which she what constitutes reality today and how that criteria has changed over the years. >> i set up the beginning of the iok on biological wiring, and wanted to show how we had evolved a culture that was designed to validate us and not to challenge us. certainly not to contradict us. it gave us the illusion that our realities were watertight, when
4:26 pm
really they were riddled with weak spots and places that would crunch in. >> sunday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span's "q&a." emmanuel president macron delivered his first major speech during a joint session of the french parliament. marcron'sy after mr. 90 minute address, france 24 panelists analyzed the speech. >> thank you. mr. president, you have the floor. macron: distinguished president of congress, distinguished presiden