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Nancy Pelosi
  Minority Leader Pelosi Very Confident of Support in Her Caucus  CSPAN  June 22, 2017 6:31pm-7:03pm EDT

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he's very thankful for the outpouring of support that he's received friends and colleagues and people from louisiana. and so he was just very, very taken and moved. just to hear him talk about bailey and krystal and his affection for them and thankfulness for them, it was something. it seemed like he was doing real well. thanks. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] >> house minority leader nancy pelosi also held a briefing earlier. she talked about the democratic agenda and her future as house democratic leader. after recent losses in special elections. this is half an hour. ms. pelosi: good morning, everyone. i just came from a speak out on the east lawn here of the capitol on behalf of voting rights.
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two bills, one introduced by john lewis, voter empowerment act. another introduced by terry sewell to advance the voting rights in our country to correct the mistakes made by the supreme court on that score. i always, always, always quote martin luther king in so many ways, but in this score he said, the ballot, the ballot, the ballot. legislation, legislation, legislation. your life, your life, your life. went on to say no one should underestimate the power of this method. we must continue to gain the ballot. so my statement there was, we would hope that we could get a voting rights bill passed in the congress. members like to show up for the unveiling. the republican leadership likes to show up for the unveiling of the rosa park statue or to go to selma, alabama, for the 50th anniversary and come home and
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do nothing. actually the day we unveiled the statue, we were on the steps of the supreme court earlier that day. that was the day a few years ago where they did the oral argument on the voting rights act and the court decided against the voting rights act. now we have to correct that. pretty exciting. voting is an important subject. we can talk about it in a moment in terms of what has happened in the last few elections. first i want to talk about what's really the most important thing is that we stop the harmful -- the republican legislation. they have finally released what they call a working draft that they worked so hard to hide all f this time. even their own members have criticized their process, but i'm more concerned about their substance than their process right now as we see the bill. it's still -- the president
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called the house bill mean after celebrating its passage. then changed to saying it's mean. he said that he hopes the senate bill will have heart. so sad, mr. president. heartless. mean and heartless. and this is the same thing. it's the same all over again. we'll do exactly what the house bill did. increase cost for fewer benefits. it will have an age tax. people 50 to 64 paying five times more. undermine medicare by reducing years of its solvency, and tens of millions of people we'll see what the c.b.o. comes down with, but millions and millions, and millions of people will lose their health care. in addition to that, it still takes await essential benefit package, leave it up to the states. it does serious harm to the states. it says a few problems in here in terms of medicaid and then clobbers the states.
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making it unable to meet the needs of their people. i'm very proud of our members. they understand that trumpcare nflicts great suffering on veterans, on seniors, on working families, on rural communities. and as i said working families. it is a job killer, too. it's estimated that the house bill would lose 1.8 million jobs. and we'll see what the -- what
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it looks like. this is a working draft. probably something where they put some terrible things in so they correct them. members say it's better now. but still has to pass the c.b.o. and we haven't seen what that is. the american people are shut out of the debate as they have been. we want to make sure they are not shut out of their health care. and speaking of jobs, as i said, 1.8 million jobs. many of them in rural areas. there are changes in medicaid. many hospitals will have to close. when a hospital closes in your area, it's a bad thing for the health and well-being of the community, that's for sure. it also is about reducing the attraction that community might have to attract business. why would you choose a place that did not have health care accessibility there? and when they talk about access, they talk about
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emergency room. they wouldn't even have that. we don't call that access. that's the most expensive kind and most detrimental to the health and well-being of the american people. back to the jobs that were being lost by their health care bill. it is a tendency in the budget, a budget we have seen from the president would lose 1.4 million jobs. some of that is overlap. not in addition to. we haven't seen the infrastructure bill. again, we haven't -- start with the budget. we know it's a health care bill. so this is a big problem. no budget, no infrastructure bill. no tax bill. we thought we could work together on infrastructure. we could work together on reducing the corporate rate. closing special interest loopholes. reducing the deficit. creating growth by working together. i fear that what they may do is ust get through this debate on health care to enable them to get on to the debate about taxes. and just, again, trickle-down economics to prevail. one other point i want to make is this, again, this bill that the republicans put out a
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working draft, is yet again a tax bill disguised as a health care bill. they need this in order to do their tax breaks in high end to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars. it's unfortunate. know you're -- you probably had some interest in georgia this week. the fact is we're very proud of the race that was run there. the candidate ran a great campaign. i was interested in some of the statements that the people from georgia saying, hey, we reduced by 20 points what the advantage ad been in that district for the republicans. this is good news for us. for legislative races. and congressional races. and also statewide. think chairman, mr. ben ray lujan, deserves credit for what was done in these four races. it adds up to over 71 points.
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25 points carved off the republican majority in kansas. another big chunk in montana. another big chunk in georgia. early 20 points. over 71 points. by all accounts, if you are a republican, this is not good news to you. it shows where the vulnerability is. on the republican side as we ome forward. we take pride in the candidates who ran their campaigns and the difference they have made. these would not have been districts that would have been our priorities just given the slate of races to be involved in. these are races chosen by the president to replace, when he appointed cabinet officers, when you do that, you choose districts that you know your party will win. but little did they know about the serious damage to their party in terms of reducing the
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majority. they now made these very competitive races, single digit, five and below for some, hese are opportunities for us. one of the prognosticators on this said this opens the way for about 80 seats to be in lay for the democrats in the next election year. as far as some of the enthusiasm in my caucus, i always listen to my members. i respect the ambition that exists in any caucus.
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it's a part of our life, but i am proud of the unity that we have had and frankly my leadership in terms of keeping everybody together on fighting the health care bill in the house of representatives, very proud of our success in defeating it the first time, moving them to the right -- to a place that i think is unsustainable but defines who they are very clearly. i'm very proud of our unity which gave me leverage to succeed enormously in the negotiations on the omnibus bill. when it comes to the issues, we are united in terms of our concern for america's working families. that's what unifies us. when it comes to personal ambition and having fun on tv, have your fun. i love the arena. i thrive on competition. i welcome the discussion, but i am honored by the support. every action has a reaction. i try to say that to them. very attack provokes a massive reaction that is very encouraging to me, from our members, from our supporters outside across the country. with that i will be pleased to ake any actions. reporter: leader pelosi, thank you so much. as you just referenced, some of your fellow democrats have
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blamed you for the loss in georgia, loss in the special election. they say it's time for a fresh perspective. is it time for you to step aside and allow for some new leadership? ms. pelosi: we always have this discussion. one is one, two is a couple. three is a few. some, some. but i feel very confident in the support i have in my aucus. no. my timing is not about them. my comments is about the issues we're here to fight and that's the health care bill. the expansion of opportunity in ur caucus has been great for people who want to take advantage and help us win. maybe they don't want to play in that arena, but i'm very proud of the members who o. they're going around the country listening. our 30-something is listening to the voices of young people. and my 30th anniversary is in june.
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at my celebration, i have always featured the young 30-somethings, 30-30, and they are so impressive. so we're paving a way for a new generation of leadership, and i, again, respect any opinion that members have. but my decision about how long i stay is not up to them. reporter: just to follow-up, democrats have lost 60 seats over the past six years. why should you keep your job? ms. pelosi: look, let me tell you something. we lost 54 seats, something like that, when president clinton was president. thank you for giving me the opportunity to say history is on our side. when president clinton was elected in 1992, in 1994, i think it was 54 seats the democrats lost with a democrat in the white house. when president bush was president, we won the congress, winning over 30 seats of the -- nearly double what we needed to win the congress. when president obama was president, again, the 60 seats you reference, so, again, we have a republican in the white house. we believe there's real opportunity.
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now, it's not a slam dunk. history is on our side, but it takes strategic, unified and disciplined -- to have harmony. it doesn't mean we have anonymity but we have unity hen it comes to that fight. should i sing my praises? well, i am a master legislator. i am a strategic politically astute leader. my leadership is recognized by many around the country, and that is why i am able to attract the support that i do which is essential to our election, sad to say. i am very pleased that the cooperation that we're doing working with all the social media and small donor community to change how we communicate but also how we attract resources, intellectual and financial to the party. i have experience in winning
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the congress. when people said to us in 2005, you don't have a chance, be prepared for a republican permanent majority, i said -- harry reid and i said we don't accept that. we proceeded. we took the president from 58 o 38, president bush won the election. but the fact is they will always make a target. senator reid was a target. enator daschle was a target. tip o'neill is a target. i am a target. they always want to choose our eaders and usually they go after the most effective leaders because they want to take us, diminish the opportunity that we have. we have a democratic caucus where members participate in
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the decisions, and right now the members are putting together our messaging as we go forward. i could have written something down on a page and said, this is what i think. but we don't do things that way. we listen to members. we're very proud of our policy and communication committee. hakeem jeffries, david cicilline and cheri bustos, elected by the members to put this together and work with the senate so that we can have something ready pretty soon. reporter: leader pelosi, you did get some support from the president this morning. he tweeted he hope you stay in that post because he feels you're helpful to republicans in the race where they tie into their democratic opponents. how do you respond to the president saying that and there are other republicans who believe you're helpful to them? ms. pelosi: it's not about me, necessarily. they like to target my district, the city of st. francis, the song of st. francis is the anthem of our city. make me an instrument of peace, where there's darkness i bring light, hatred and love -- you know the song "st. francis," it's a classic beyond eligion. i am very proud to represent san francisco in the congress.
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it was always about, do you support gay marriage, do you support this? yes, i do, and i'm proud to do so. so that's what they play off of. it would be interesting to say if i were from -- some other place, but i take their insult against my city as a bankruptcy of value from their part not to recognize the greatness of the ity i represent. i am a progressive. they use that as well. but i don't think that members of a party should pick up the line of republicans and that's what my members are coming back o me saying. why are these people using heir line?
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let's just -- we don't agonize, we organize. so let's get started on winning the races where we really do have a chance, where the numbers are more in our favor. but i think -- this is what i think. i heard that tweet and said, he didn't write that. that's the first one i think he didn't write. [laughter] he didn't write that. the republicans gave him that nd then he added the chuck schumer line in there as well. he may have added that, but i think they wrote that for him. it's a classic republican line. the fact is we have to redistrict our country so that when we get the majority of the votes in the country it is reflected as the majority of the votes in the congress. and that's what we're setting ut to do as well, as you know,
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the leadership of eric holder working with president obama, the governors association, leadership of terry mccullough and house democrats and to end voter suppression. these will be in the court. end voter oppression, redistricting, injustices and the rest. so we know infrastructure-wise what we need to do. we know message-wise what we need to do, and our chairman in terms of dccc in terms of redistricting, he understands the value of the mobilization, that mobilization cannot help. you need inspiration to do that. our inspiration was there at the grassroots level. we have to communicate it to a broader audience. he understands the motivation message, money. expand the amount of people who are contributing and $10 is having a wholesome effect on politics in general in our country and i am proud of that. and then you have the messenger, the recruiting of the candidates. sometimes they self-recruit and come from their own districts and sometimes we reach out to say to someone, would you consider running? this is what is at stake. this is a year where people see the urgency, want to take responsibility and we have a lot more self-recruitment going
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on. es, ma'am. reporter: thank you. a few weeks ago you said we need to be responsible stewards of god's creation and that it dishonors god -- the paris accords. heartbeat protection act would prohibit aborting a baby with a heartbeat. does it dishonor god to abort a baby with a beating heart? ms. pelosi: obviously you want to get into that discussion, what i say is i completely respect a woman's right to choose. i'm a mother of five children. nine grandchildren. my five children were born within exactly six years of each other. when our baby came home from the hospital, our oldest child was turning six. she's not allowed in the room, i guess. turning 6 that week. i come from a very strong talian catholic family and
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many of my friends and family members do not share my view. but it is my view. it is up to a woman to have her own right to choose the size and timing of her family. god gives us the free will and holds us responsible and accountable for her actions. yes, anybody else? reporter: madam leader, do you think former attorney general loretta lynch should be subpoenaed before the senate judiciary committee pursuant to senator feinstein's comments last week that she wants to explore the matter further? ms. pelosi: i am not familiar with that. i don't think she should be subpoena on the strings of the president saying hello. but nonetheless. here's what i do think about that subject. there's a lot of -- there are meetings going on to deconflict in terms of -- special counsel mueller is going to be doing his investigation.
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at the same time the house and senate intelligence committees should in a parallel time frame do that. one doesn't have to wait for the other. same thing with the judiciary committee. my comment to all of them -- and you give me an opportunity to say it here -- is that there may be information that special counsel has that may not be incriminating from the standpoint of the wall but might be useful in terms of the investigations, what might be obstruction of justice. i don't know. they need to get the facts. but abuse of power is different so any information they may have should be made available to the investigative committees in the house and in the senate judiciary, intelligence. and it shouldn't be a situation, well, we collected this information so we're not making it available to you while we curtail the ability of
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other entities to give you the same information because it was under justice department investigation. yes, ma'am. reporter: back to 2018. do you have any plans to when the ads come out saying don't vote for the democrat because pelosi will become speaker of the house, do you have any strategies for how you're going o approach that? ms. pelosi: let me say this. they spent over $100 million demonizing me in the 2010 elections and all the rest. i believe one of the reasons they did it because i am an effective leader. i passed the affordable care act, dodd-frank. all the things they were unhappy about. whatever role of government is in protecting a consumer, protecting the good health. so having said that, at the same time the speaker was a candidate for vice president of the united states. speaker ryan, hundreds of
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millions of dollars were spent to promote, to promote the icket. of romney-ryan. so he's got hundreds of millions on his side. i have $100 million or so spent against me and his members are no better than mine. the difference is we don't engage in the politics of personal destruction. the fact is that if we just talk about the issues, for example, i think it will be interesting to people in these districts to know that speaker wants to take away the guarantee of medicare. so i think talking about issues is where we should be. what is the difference in one person being speaker than another? but i don't think that any party should allow the opposite party to choose their leaders. and i think the analysis is showing that these districts were very hard districts to win and they were not resolved because of the attack on me.
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think of what they did last week. he was going great. in the last week -- i leave this for our chairman to resent to you, but they had an ad that had steve scalise coming in a gurney and saying that the democrats were responsible for that. i mean, that is so beneath the dignity of the debate in our country and yet they had president obama reading from his book quoting someone from an earlier time talking about the black community and they ut that forth as a, shall we say, suppressor of the vote in the black community. i don't think they proceeded with it but they were able to go to that racist, and i call t racist, place. democrats, we have to have the strength of our economic argument, and that's really our power and to make sure people know, as martin luther king aid, what legislation means in
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your life. but i think whoever the leader is is going to be their target if the leader is effective. that's what i said about tip o'neill. in georgia, look what they did in georgia to some of the candidates there. i mean, really, hopefully we'll go down a different path. the public is more aware of it. the public is very smart. elections have results. we respect that. but then we get ready for the next because nothing -- one in five children live in poverty and that's ok with them. that god's creation, whether it's our children, clean air, clean water, the planet, whether it's medicare as a guarantee for our seniors, whether it's job creation for the middle class, good-paying checks and reducing the cost of people of their livelihood by affordable health care, paid leave, childcare, things like that, there's a difference
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between the two parties. that's where we should take the debate. they don't want to go there. they'd rather go to san francisco in a cable car and by the way, just in case that wasn't enough, go to new york with two hipsters. i didn't see the ad but they tell me they have two hipsters at the end making it look like -- i don't know, a hipster. i don't know how that plays. apparently wasn't -- it was considered a negative, a negative ad. reporter: is it worth it oto try, i guess rehab your image in some of these republican istricts which would prevent what you've done or are you more focused -- ms. pelosi: people say you raise more money than anybody. maybe the obamas and the clintons. why don't you spend some money on yourself? go out there and say what you said, this, this and this? maybe i should but the fact is what i want to do is have these
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members present themselves. because basically at the end of the day that's what people are interested in, their representative and what their epresentative is going to do for their district. republicans are afraid of that contrast in a race. because they're going to go there to be involved in trickled down economics, shutting down hospitals and rest of it. so they don't want them to see that contrast so they focus on something else. and it's a diversionary tactic. it's a self-fulfilling prophet. you demonize -- we call it the wrap-up smear. you want to talk about politics. it's a wrap-up smear. you smear somebody with falsehooded and then you merchandise it and then you write it and nell' say, see, it's reported in the press that this, this and this so they have that validation that the press reported the smear and then it's called a wrap-up smear. now i am going to merchandise the press' report on the smear that we made. it's a tactic.
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it's self-evident, but i think i'm worth the trouble, quite frankly. i love the fray. i'm not -- i'm not disrespectful of people's views. i respect positive things people want to see or even negative as long as it's onstructive. when it's blatantly self-serving and beyond the normal competition that the press so enjoys focusing on instead of wouldn't it be better if all the press were focusing on the senate's heartless, mean-spirited bill that hurts seniors and veterans, working families and our country, terrible damage to our children? i hope all the people are concerned about our children in terms of the health care ill. but it is an interesting time. it is an opportunity. it's what campaigns are about. i serve at the pleasure of my caucus. my caucus is overwhelmingly
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supportive of me and this is not the time. at the end of a two-year time, we'll see what happens then and every year it is a time. many times i have not really wanted to run again when they called upon me to do so. this time i did. the election of donald trump. this takes the knowledge and experience that i have to make knowledge and experience that i have mod essentially to make this fight and unify our members around the facts. progress for the american people. urgency, responsibility, opportunity. i love it. thank you. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] nick nick nick
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>> the superior secretary to coordinate the state permitting process relating to surface water projects. the house returns tomorrow to help welfare recipients get jobs by providing cash assistance for up to 60 months for poor families with children. you can watch it at 9:00 a.m. eastern. senate republicans released what they are calling a discussion draft of their health care law replacement. c.b.o. will score the bill when senate floor debate is expected to begin. coverage low live next week. and from the white house today on the topic of former f.b.i. direct or james comey, president trump has been tweeting with all of the --
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>> c-span's "washington journal" on issues that impact you. friday morning, pennsylvania republican congressman glen thompson and illinois congressman will discuss their bill. the hill's alex bolten will talk about the new health care bill. watch it live at 7:00 eastern. join the discussion. >> senate minority leader held a briefing on the republican health care law replacement and