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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  June 10, 2017 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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affecting the ability of schools. washington journal is next. ♪ host: good morning. a defiant president donald trump shot back at fired fbi director james comey yesterday, accusing him of lying under oath in his testimony before congress when he said the president pressured him to drop the investigation of former white house aide michael flynn. the president said he would be 100% willing to testify under oath that he did not tell james comey to let the flame probe go. on this saturday morning, we are asking our viewers, food you believe, james comey or president trump -- who do you believe, james comey or
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president trump? if you believe james comey, call 202-748-8000. if you believe president trump, call 202-748-8001. if you do not know or do not believe either of them, call 202-748-8002. read just on social media on twitter -- reach us on social or facebook atr responsys james comey testimony is on the front page of the washington post, he said president trump accused james comey of committing perjury in his blockbuster senate testimony and said he was willing to share his version of events under oath with a special counsel overseeing the expanding russian investigation. donald trump declared his innocence yet refused to solve
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the mystery of his own making by stating whether he has case of es of his one-on-one conversation with james comey. let's look at the present yesterday. >> on twitter you referred to the testimony of james comey vindicating you. hisyou tell us why you feel testimony vindicated you went it is his word against your word. exist?o, do tapes president trump: i will tire you about that in the near future but no collusion, no instruction, he is a leaker -- obstruction, he is a leaker, and we want to get back to running our great country, jobs, trade deficits, we want them to disappear fast. north korea is a big problem in the middle east is a big problem. that is what i am focused on and
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what i have been focused on. yesterday showed no collusion or obstruction. well. doing really that was an excuse by the democrats who lost an election that some people think they should not have lost because it is almost impossible for democrats to lose the electoral theege, you have to run up whole east coast and win everything as a republican than that is what we did. it was just an excuse. but we were very happy. frankly, james comey confirmed a lot of what i said. and some of the things he said were not true. host: columbus, ohio, you believe former fbi director james comey, why? caller: first of all, court tv came out with a book on a in,aican who said -- hr mank
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who said he will never go broke betting against the intelligence of the average american. i would like to see brian lamb interview the author of that biography because most people have never heard of him. it is so true. look to you have in the white house. -- who you have any white house. he live for five years about obama -- lied for five years about obama not being a resident of the united states even though president obama was born in hawaii. how can you believe that guy? he is a pathological liar. he is in love with himself. his parents sent him to military school when he was 15 years old, why the rich parents send their children to military school? because they cannot control them at home.
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he did not serve in the military. that are inear-old of the korean war and donald trump got five deferments from the military, those guys are so bellicose and have never heard a shot fired. thank you for taking my call. host: fort lauderdale, florida, you believe president trump. why is that? him and ivoted for follow everything when he is talking on the tv. i believe in his texting. more than the tv nes. -- news. he is my president, i vote for him and he deserves respect. i think he is a good met and think he will be a good president, if the other side lets him work. host: the former fbi director
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james comey testified under oath , sworn to tell the truth, that does not affect your opinion at all? caller: he is a liar, he is linking information -- leaking information. the problem with the president news.cause he is leaking they reverse whatever he said they reverse. i do not believe in this other guy. i believe in my president. virginia, you believe james comey. why is that? caller: i believe james comey is the atticus finch of our time. wonderfulout the character in the novel, "to kill
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a mockingbird." and jamesperfect comey was fair during the obama administration and now fair during the trump administration because he was caught in between two attorneys general that were politicizing or perhaps politicizing the things he had to deal with as an investigation. with attorney general lynch, he directiong perhaps a not to call it an investigation. of course he was getting from this current time, some problems with the -- mr. sessions. with his having to recuse himself. he did not have an avenue to go make his presence known,
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make the facts known, other to do what he did, conducted the investigation about hillary's emails, and conducting an investigation with the things that were going on with the president. i would like to make one final comment, please. what i think we have to be careful about is to do our best not to politicize it, because we are missing the point that russia did its best to interfere isour democracy and our vote the most sacred thing we have is a citizen and if we do not come together as a country to demand that our investigative agencies figure out what happened exactly, and prevent it in 2018, none of us will be certain our votes will be the votes we cast. host: more from the washington
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post about the president's plan to rebut the testimony of james comey, it says donald trump and his allies followed a two-pronged rebuttal strategy, hanging onto snippets of the testimony as categorical evidence of his innocence. by using other elements to try to impugn the former fbi director's credibility. the president following advice of his lawyers not to comment thursday was put mencius in his progression -- presentation friday and offered broad side rather than addressing the details of the testimony. columbia, south carolina, you believe james comey, why? caller: of course i believe james comey. our president has been lying since he has been in office and anyone who challenges him, he gets rid of them.
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i do not know anybody that lies as much as he does. point blank. common sense. every time he opens his mouth, he lies about something. he says himself that he did such a thing and turns around and says i did not two days later. host: what did make a difference to you if president trump testifies under oath as he said he is willing to do? caller: no, he will lie anyway. he will put the sand and swear -- his hand, and swear, and then lied, i do not believe he knows he is lying he is such a habitual liar. , calling it from massachusetts, you do not believe james comey or president trump? caller: i think it is a moot point.
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noncommittal in his response to michael flynn. michael flynn will be the harry potter series silver sinks of the investigation in russia. when he is put in front of a committee, that will be the climax of this political saga. host: why do you think james comer, a private citizen now -- james comey, a private citizen disclose theto contents of the memos he took and testified before congress? some point hek at judgment of ethical calls of his own to make.
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those were his to make. host: ok. some reaction from former attorneys general to james comey's testimony. the hill reports one x attorney general said james comey was failing to do his job, alberto gonzales said attorney general jeff sessions, and james comey have been failing to do their jeff sessions, maybe he did, maybe he inquired as to what was going on but i fault jim comey, gonzales served under president george w. bush radio on cosby on wabc friday, the inspector general general at the department of justice will write a report which i think will be a scathing report condemning both the attorney general and former fbi director for failing to do their .ob protecting the fbi
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in the daily caller, another former attorney general, who former attorney general lynch amounted to the trail at the doj, and says loretta lynch made the department of justice "an arm of the clinton campaign by instructing then fbi director james comey to mislead the public about the clinton you mail investigation -- email investigation. i think the attorney general of the united states was adjusting the way the department talked about its business to coincide with the way the clinton campaign talked about that business." some reaction from former attorneys general to the news. frank from tolls are come oklahoma, you believe -- tolls are, oklahoma, you believe the
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, oklahoma,- tulsa you believe the president. caller: i choose to believe the president, james comey said i sensehis, since this, -- this, the specific language he was alluding to and everybody chooses to believe comey because of their hatred for donald trump, i believe. you just have to look at james s interaction with loretta lynch in favor of the democratic party and changing the wording from an investigation to -- i forget what they call it. i simply choose to believe president trump and we americans need to get behind them to make our nation functional and why would the democrats hand such a victory to the russians that
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have interfered with our electoral process. host: can i ask you a question? caller: let me say one more thing. the united states is not a democracy. we are a constitutional republic. with a democratic form of voting and such. what was her question? host: does the fact that james comey was critical of former attorney general loretta lynch's behavior, it made him queasy, she suggested the investigation into hillary clinton should be called a master instead of an investigation. sway hat swear you -- you? caller: he went along with what sue suggested. suggested, it just shows his weakness and inability to resist measure from the democrats. that is the hallmark of his
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tenure. host: janice's calling in from clinton, maryland. why do you believe james comey over president trump? caller: good morning. the main reason is because our current president has been proven repeatedly to be a habitual liar. he cannot tell the truth if it saved his life, i do not believe. here we are talking about whether or not we believe comey more than the president. the biggest take away i have, especially when i call congressional offices on the hill, either mr. ryan or mr. mccomb who i have a problem with the slow walk of the russian question. why aren't we concentrating more on the russia question? why are we thinking more about how far they went. ?
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we are told repeatedly it went farther than we know. this president does not seem to care or acknowledge that it is happened. we have 17 agencies that have confirmed. certain that this happened. this president does not want to work aggressively to do something about it. they knew about this early last year. what is being done to take care of that? we are chasing a rabbit down a whole talking about who lied about what. this president lies. he lies from sunup to sundown. there is no way i would trust anything he says. even if he goes under oath and he does testify, i hope he tells the truth, for his sake, because there would be consequences. supporters will
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finally deal with not fake news, please listen to what the truth is. take off your partisan hat. we are under attack by russia. host: let's look at an exchange between the senate intelligence committee chairman senator richard burr and james comey thursday during the testimony where james comey talked about his conversation with donald trump about -- senator burr: when the president go,ested you let flynn had an plan -- flynn unreported contact with the russians, which is an offense. if press accounts are correct, there may have been discrepancies between facts and his fbi testimony.
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in your estimation, was general flynn in serious legal jeopardy? in addition to that, do you sense the president was trying to obstruct justice or seek a way for michael flynn to save face, given the fact he had been fired? was in legalynn jeopardy and there was a criminal investigation to his statements in connection with the russian contacts and the contracts themselves. that was my assessment. i do not think it was for me to say whether the conversation i had with the president was an effort to obstruct but i took it as a disturbing and concerning thing but that is a conclusion the special counsel will try to determine, whether that was his intention and whether that is an offense. you --enise from maine, did you believe anything president -- director comey said?
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caller: yes, i believe he was truthful when he said he has leadkked, and i think yes triedo leak other things and tried to sabotage the president. the president has never been in political office, and if he was uncomfortable, he should have said something and then or him to say he was -- i did not understand, i was scared, that is ridiculous. he and other people are out to sabotage the president. that is what he was trying to do. there was no reason he could not have said, mr. president -- that the president was not under investigation, he let that go and everybody in the news speculate about it. and tried to make it worse. host: stephen is calling from louisville, kentucky.
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you believe the former fbi director james comey. why? caller: thank you. i wanted to address the last caller. interesting when i hear donald trump supporters who claim that this man is not a career politician. in one breath. in the next breath, when confronted with his shortcomings , their standard response is always, other presidents have done it also. you cannot have it both ways, madam, i was addressing before caller. -- the former caller. i think that he needs to be put under oath. , then he will finally have to face the consequences for his actions. he has been getting away for this for years where he thinks he is above the law that he is not here it is time somebody say
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enough is enough, we have already been made a mockery of by this man. back saidf callers that we should get behind this man. i am sorry, i do not did behind traders to this country -- trai tors to this country, i hear people say they need more evidence but this man was in the oval office obviously talking and russian operatives giving away secret intelligence information. how can you say that is not enough evidence? he does lie at the drop of a hat. it is sad. he is obviously mentally ill. what bothers me about this is that people keep mentioning hillary's emails. comey, iwith james
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tend to agree with him more on this issue but the point is that i have heard -- i do not know if you heard -- i heard james comey went on fake information about hillary's emails. host: i do not have a story about that in front of me. caller: something on cnn about that that they were doing an investigation into that that he was given false information the russians. apparently, he investigated this. this week'st with back. my thing is that i do not understand why there was no balance. it is good he investigated hillary, she needed to be investigated but we needed to investigate donald trump's connections. he should have started that last year. host: mike calling from
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annapolis, maryland. what are your thoughts? know, you is hard to want to believe what the president of the united states says. comey -- i am a retired former law enforcement officer and a veteran. you want to believe what this man has to say and what -- believe in what both say. i am in the middle. there was a lot of good information that came out. i look at director comey and i see information that he is releasing, as a law enforcement never embellish anything unless the question is asked. you do not offer information unless it is requested. , healked about the comments said what president trump said
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about -- jim comey was a good guy. i am not sure why he would offer that into evidence at that time. tapes worried there are that may come out which would show he had a conversation? someone will say, why did you agree with the president that he was a good guy? he said it to placate the president. your earlier caller made a good point, i have had private conversations with deputy chiefs thee i was not certain what -- what direction they wanted me to take. rather than feeling what precluded him from saying to president are you ordering me not to continue with this investigation?"
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not to continue on with be michael flynn investigation? are you ordering me to drop it? it would have been cleared up at that point. the other thing that struck me is that mr. comey said he had a meeting with president obama in 2015. in reference to information they had received that the russians had in hacking our processes in this country for a number of years. comes tosudden, this light in 2016. hard for me to say i am totally on james comey's side. the president said, i did not say that. hard for me not to believe what he is saying. then again, he has, like many
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president, i will not say he is the only president, many presidents i can remember have been caught in lies. this is where i am. i think we need to wait for it to play out. the last thing i would like to say, in light of all this information, from my perspective, having dealt with this for a number of years, the leak from where we are now with this information to any kind of impeachment or criminal prosecution on the president of the united states, you will have a better chance of going back and having evoke and evil make the jump across snake river. host: let's take a look at one of the people who is part of donald trump's messaging team, his attorney. on the front page of the washington post, the hardcharging new york lawyer the president chose to represent him in the russian investigation has
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prominent clients with ties to the kremlin. a striking picked for the president trying to escape the persistent cloud that has trailed his administration. oleg, ants include russian oligarch close to president putin and who has done business with a trap former campaign manager. represents the russian largest state-owned bank. audry calling from macon, georgia, do you believe the president or former fbi director? caller: i believe the fbi director. i refuse to call him president, he is the biggest liar, the biggest bully, his base and his supporters are afraid of him. i do not know why, he is a man like anybody else, he believes
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and pees.leeds i think he is mentally ill. i do not care how you wash it, that man cannot be trusted. this country is going down in flames behind him. this mentally ill child is what he is. he has a lot of supporters that are just as sick as he is to believe everything that comes out of his mouth. no, i do not believe nothing he says. he don't know -- host: thomas is calling in from new york state, do you believe -- you believe president trump. why? caller: i am a trouble --trump supporter, the liberals and media have destroy this country. even before james comey testified, things were coming out, possibly point he would
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say, what he is going to say. limited, note very on every conversation he met with trump. funny how the liberals are on top of trump from day one but for eight years allowed obama to call himself the first black president when he is biracial. you do not hear one liberal say, he is not black, he is biracial. that is what they should be concentrating on. jobpresident trump do his and make this country great again. host: do you think the president should testify under oath? we lost them but go to michael from new york city. what are your thoughts? caller: i think it is crystal clear that trump is lying. the man has no skills except lying.
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he has been lying every day since he got into office. i think he is mentally ill. they cannot do anything except lie. ishe says that right now day, it is night. he has been lying every day. we do not have any confidence in our president. our representatives and senators should start stepping for his impeachment. thank you. host: a new york times has more about what may happen ultimately with this investigation. it says the ultimate outcome may boil down to a simple judgment with mr. trump criminal or clueless? the president actions and comments during the oval office session on february 14 or a focal point of james comey's
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testimony. the president said he "hoped that comey would see fit to end inquiry." james comey took it as a -- and asked why he kick everyone out of the oval office? barbara from florida, you believe the president, why? caller: good morning. i believe both of them. i looked at mr. comey and it seemed like he was telling the truth. i voted former president and i want to stand behind him -- for my president and i want to stand behind him, we tried to establish justice to establish a perfect union and someone is trying to destroy our country. there is no republicans and the andcrats, we are together
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this is what we need to do to stay together. host: we lost barbara. we are taking your calls about whether you believe the president or you believe james comey, after the former fbi director testified thursday before congress. if you believe the former fbi director call 202-748-8000. if you believe president trump, call 202-748-8001. if you believe neither or are not sure, call 202-748-8002. michael on the line from connecticut, you believe james comey, why? caller: why is that, he is under of damages testified, not -- he is under oath, he has no reason not to and donald trump said he will shoot somebody on 5th avenue, grubbing women, you know how he is grabbing women and
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this proves republicans have small lines and do not know how to think -- minds and do not know how to think for themselves. have a good day. host: the president's comments yesterday from the rose garden at the white house. he claimed that james comey lied under oath. >> let's get back to the james comey testimony, you suggested he did not tell the truth in everything he said, he said, under of, you told him to let nne -- you hope to be fly investigation -- president trump: i did not say that. there would be nothing wrong if i did say it, according to everybody i have read today but i did not say that. >> did he ask for a pledge of loyalty? >> he did not. >> would you be willing to speak under oath with your version? >> 100%. , i will know the man
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not say i want you to pledge allegiance, who would ask him man to pledge allegiance under oath, i hardly know the man. it does not make sense, i did not say that and i did not say the other good. >> if robert mueller wanted to speak you? >> i would talk to him. tapes.-- the >> i will tell you in a short time. >> are there tapes? >> you will be disappointed when you hear the answer. erick erickson gives his take about who he believes piecen them, he says in a , donald trump is a serial liar, that is a real problem after the comey testimony. he says i do not believe donald
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trump obstructed justice, i think he is a loyal guy who expects loyalty and michael flynn gave it to the president -- so the president inquired as to whether the fbi could go elsewhere. the fbi did not and the investigation is ongoing. from james comey's own mouth, we know the michael flynn investigation was not central to russia and the president trump told james comey to pursue the rush investigation, ending a democratic talking point. we know that james comey think president trump is a liar and president trump lies regularly. he will contradict himself within two clauses of a single sentence and demand you believe both, mutually contradictory things. that matters now more than ever because the president says he never asked james comey to shut down the flynn investigation and james comey says he did. who are you believe -- do you believe? don calling from tennessee, who
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do you believe? he is a trump, developer, a promoter, they will blow things up but by and large he is not a liar that people are claiming. think about comey. , this isting hillary back under obama, what about smashed cell phones and stolen computers? he is willing to overlook those things. he has a laundry list of hillary's wrongdoings and says there is no reason to pursue this any further. [laughter] i have to have a laugh. this is not a republican or democrat thing. a caller said all republicans have small minds and cannot think on their own. how many democrats call this morning and said, i am like the
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other guy and say he is mentally ill? they have a mindset also. is morearge, trump's correct than james comey. he is trying to please everybody. host: do you believe the president should testify under oath? will that clear things up? caller: i do not think he should but if he wants to, that is fine. he is not on trial. no, i do not think he should be forced to testify. host: ok. kelly calling from west virginia, do you -- you believe the president, why is that? caller: i just think that the country needs to get on with the business of the country. this stuff that is going on now, all it is doing is smoke and
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mirrors and costing the taxpayers more and more money. just like the thing with hillary. trump needs to make a statement, what does it matter? get on with the business of the country just like hillary did. let's get on with it and stop all of this stuff. it is just keeping things going. i just wish it would stop. the opinion of the majority of people in america. thank you. host: stephanie calling from ohio. you believe the former fbi director, give us your reasons? caller: yes i do, and i hope mr. trump testifies under oath. the reality is this -- this is a not about liberalism and conservatism, there is a certain standard we expect of our leaders. for some reason, they are moving
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the parameters under donald trump. mr. trump is not new to the ballgame, he may not have been a politician but he has been the public scene for most of his career and has always said things and deny things and said things that were not true. director comey, no matter what you think about what he did with clintonton r, -- emails, he has a track record, working for the justice department and a track record of working with republicans and democrats. when he says he is uncomfortable about conversations he has had with somebody, i believe him. he is a professional. donald trump is not a professional. host: on that point, people like paul ryan pointed to the fact that donald trump is new to politics. caller: it does not matter.
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he has been elected to do a job, the presidency, there is a certain standard you have to uphold. republicans are so starved for power they are willing to overlook everything. when they went through the debates, all donald trump did was bully and ridicule his peers. republicans. they ignore that. this idea that he does not know what he is doing, what, i will go to work and tell my boss, i do not know what i am doing and that is why i'm make mistakes. has of the problem trump are completed, nobody is telling him to tweet or make statements which is why he has a communications director. that is why they have to press briefings. but he cannot stand it, he has to be the center of attention in i am not saying he is anything
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but not able to do the job. is it because he doesn't want to or does not take it serious enough? the president of the united states is a serious position. there is a standard that needs to be upheld. host: we saw in the video the coy when being coin -- asked whether or not there were tapes with his conversations with james comey and the head of the house intelligence committee conducting their own russian probe want to know and want the white house to produce a tape, if it exists. -- shows theweeted letter that was sent to the white house demanding that they produce the tape by june 23. republican and democrat announced they sent two letters
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regarding the investigation, the committee wrote the former fbi director james comey to request notes or memorandums in his position memorializing his discussion comey had with the president and a letter to the white house counsel requesting that he informed the committee whether any recordings or conversations the exist or have in the past. and ask them to produce that. george is calling from tennessee. you believe the president, why is that? caller: yes i do. mainly because, if donald trump had done something wrong with ,he russian so-called matter the obama administration would have had him arrested. this happened under obama. everything you are talking about
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happened under obama and if donald trump had done something wrong, obama would have had him arrested unless he did not want hillary president. that is where you should start. trump was in the campaign and 2016. obama want answers, ask how he let this go on. one thing about comey, he says he was stunned when told trump wished theo -- he investigation would go away, the opposite of what the fbi is trained to do, they are never stunned, they are trained to be anti-stunned, if somebody is robbing a bank, i was stunned, fbi agents are trained to never be stunned, just the opposite. hard to believe, unless he was just behind a desk the whole time.
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virginia, who do you believe, the president or the former fbi director, wilber? caller: i do not believe either one. i believe in the constitution. the american people need to wake up. this is why they elect people in the house and senate. to stand up for the constitution and put this man under oath. if he lies, impeach him. get him out of office. the truth will come out. click your seatbelt on, if you believe in the constitution, it is the right way to go and he will be impeached, he cannot lie. something everybody has to stand up and watch. watch the constitution and play. have a good day. host: new york city, you believe
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james comey, janice, you believe everything he said when he testified? caller: absolutely. i have lived in new york city 50 something years. has always been around but has a bad reputation -- he has always lied. he has always been the bully. he has always gotten away with things. he always thought he was above the law. his entire family is the same way. i am looking at these people who talk about donald trump, i do not know what they see in this man. it makes me nervous. it is not a democrat, a liberal, republican thing, this man is going to run us into the ground. he is so embarrassing to this entire country.
7:47 am
-- in myver in my life whole life seen someone like this. he said that he could get in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and they still would believe he did not do it. and a lot of women are so mesmerized by this man. after all the things he has said . i do not understand what is going on. this man is sick, mentally -- not capable -- not capable, i think he has a form of dementia because there is no way that someone could say something one minute and turn away two minutes later and say something different. you are supposed to forgive him, unbelievable, that is all i have to say. host: larry calling in from florida. you believe the president. give us your reasons. caller: i think president trump seems to be more credible. his version of events. abouting that concerns me
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the united states right now is that we will end up destroying our democratic institutions, if we continue down this path. i am very convinced of that. as a christian, i can accept that that could be god's ultimate plan, we have seen empires throughout the history of the world and centuries rise and fall. the thing is, as far as the democratic party, they are pushing this impeachment issue and i see nothing that rises to the level of impeachment. democrats -- democrat partisans talk about being mentally ill. we are heading down a dangerous path, the country and our democracy, look at the obama administration. you had the irs scandal, , a false narrative of
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the hands of don't shoot issue -- hands up don't shoot issue, susan rice, samantha power, it goes on and on. danger that we may not have a democratic institution, if we go down this path and there will be no winners. is donald trump perfect? of course not. i do not see any human being is perfect and we can pick and pick. that is just you a you this. -- that is just the way it is. i am convinced the irs suppressed and delayed the tax returns on some of these groups that were conservatives during the mitt romney 2012 election. --t: let me ask you this talking about impeachment, would
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it be concerning to you that, if the head of the fbi, supposed to be independent, even if it is not a crime, if the president is hinting at what he would like for them to do. does that bother you? caller: not in the sense that there are always politicians -- we live in an internet age where information is instantaneous. this has happened under a lot of institutions. we have to follow the rule of law, if we do not we are just out the door. we have had some people who have gone on trial, in this country, there has to be a reasonable doubt that somebody is convicted of a crime. if i am on a jury and said i isnk this is got -- this guy guilty but only a 60% certainty, i would not find the person
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guilty and we cannot read into the intent of what donald trump said. i think we have to get on with the business of the country, we have a lot of problems, the opioid crisis, we are suddenly, the press is not talking about the fact that the stocks and 401k have gone up. we as a people have supported trump, hillary did not get in, she has issues. this is the way our democracy works and i do not complain when obama was in office for eight years and i have problems with his policies. that is all i am saying, time we respect the democratic institution collectively as americans. host: in other news, congressman guilty to plead charges he assaulted a reporter. the billings gazette says that
7:52 am
the congressman elect will plead guilty to assaulting a reporter the day before the elected, the states only congressman last month, a prosecutor said on friday. republican technology entrepreneur will enter his plea in court on monday when he is scheduled to be arraigned and sentence on a misdemeanor charge. gianforte requested the court hearing after reaching a civil settlement this week and issued an apology to the reporter. bruce is calling from charlotte, north carolina as the continue to talk about who you believe -- the president or former fbi director? what about you? caller: this is washington, i do not believe anybody. minor political work for both parties and, when you have the sectarian violence, going on in the capital, i just
7:53 am
believe that you cannot believe anything going on. informationre more that you would want to hear to figure out what happened? there were only two people in the room when they discussed michael flynn and they are saying different things happened. what it help if the president went under -- would it help if the president went under oath? too much have seen infighting for too long. i do not believe that either party gives us the full truth on anything. for the first time in about 45 years of voting, i did not vote for a white house candidate.
7:54 am
i did my other voting. after watching the nominations and debates, i could not devote for any of them -- vote or believe any of them. host: that a calling from green bay, wisconsin, who do you believe? caller: i believe comey. there is no question. over the years, he has gained credibility and so many people saying that they did not like trump because of his actions. i do not respect a person who criticizes the national intelligence agencies, that calls them nazis. i do not respect a man that says that pow's are not on his list.
7:55 am
i cannot understand how he thinks. if he thinks. tapesot believe they are or that he will testify. how come he is never wrong and he blames somebody else? all these little things that add up. what really got me was the fact that -- how can a man allow his sons to go to africa to kill baby elephants for the fun of it? that is sick. host: let's look at what rex tillerson said when he called up arab nations to moderate their efforts towards qatar over concerns of terrorist activity. >> we called on saudi arabia, united arab emirates, bahrain, and egypt, to ease the blockade against carter -- qatara.
7:56 am
there are humanitarian consequences to this blockade with storages of food, families forcibly separated, and children pulled out of school. we believe these are unintended consequences. especially during this holy month of ramadan, but they can be addressed immediately. the blockade is appearing u.s. and other international business activity in the region and has created a hardship on the people whosear and the people livelihood depends on commerce with qatar. it is henry u.s. military actions in the region and the campaign against isis. host: the president had a slightly different message, according to the washington post . he began a rose garden news conference with the visiting president of romania and said that he decided, along with rex tillerson, and our great generals and military people,
7:57 am
the time had come to call on qatar to stop the funding and its extremist ideology. had called on saudi arabia and the united arab , toates, bahrain, egypt ease the blockade, warning it was caused -- causing humanitarian hardships. vicki from florida, you believe the president over james comey, why? caller: to begin with, let me say it like this. we need people of the united states of america voted president trump in, not we the people of russia. number two, i am 63 years old. born and raised in west virginia and moved to florida. two, threndmother of e, four-year-old toddlers.
7:58 am
grandma made me do it! you can laugh at a little toddler. but adults that whine. that hillary did not make it because of this or that and they will not take the responsibility? old host: vectorial calling for more oregon,ria calling from you believe the fbi director, why? caller: you have to look at the history of lies that are documented. i heard a lot of them and did research. things the president said when he was a candidate and then after as he becomes president. when theymbering brought him that loyalty pledge that he was supposed to sign when they were all up on stage
7:59 am
and people were talking about, youhis person -- wins and do not, will you pledge to support them, he said it was just a piece of paper. oath isld he say, an just a bunch of words and there are so much documentation about him lying under oath in past cases when he was being deposed, that i do not think an oath means anything to him. james is calling from south carolina, do you believe the president or the former fbi director? really donestly, i not believe any of them because i do not have the facts before me. people calling in our making judgments based upon their emotions of what is going on and not factual. we as americans do not know the facts. they will come out during the
8:00 am
investigation but i think we need to hear both sides. we need to look at the facts from both sides and let the investigators do their jobs, and wait and see instead of all of us jumping to these conclusions and making rash decisions that make us as americans, to other countries, look very foolish as we are criticizing our own president which we should not do, in my opinion. comey should be given the respect of the position that he , the directorest of the fbi. that position was the highest of its authority and he should be respected. we need to let the investigators do their work before we go out here talking and making all of this noise about what we feel about who is right and who is wrong. host: coming up, house republicans voted to end


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