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tv   Washington Journal Spotlight on Performance of President Trump and Congress  CSPAN  June 2, 2017 2:22pm-3:42pm EDT

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bardr and barb college -- college. this morning on "washington journal," we asked how you think the trump administration and the congress are doing so far. we heard from radio hosts and .olors -- callers thoughts in a moment. first, what the president had to say yesterday in the rose garden when he made the announcement to withdraw from the paris climate change agreement. grade based on what the president said yesterday? do you have been opinion on that, or any other policy decision? let's listen yesterday in the rose garden. [video clip] trump: as president, i have one obligation to the american people. court would a
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undermine our economy, hamstring our workers, we can our sovereignty, impose unacceptable legal risks, and put us at a permanent disadvantage to the other countries of the world. it is time to exit the paris accord. new dealto pursue a that protects the environment, our companies, our citizens, and our country. it is time to put youngstown, , and detroit, michigan pittsburgh, pennsylvania, along with many, many other locations within our great country, before paris, france. it is time to make america great again.
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you. host: do you agree or disagree with the president? look great to get him based on what you heard? not only on this decision, but other decisions, as well as congress. on twitter, i don't understand why we want to become an isa isolationist nation. why is that a good thing. another saying i would give them an f, referring to congress, and i would give them an f before obstruction.r what grade would you give? fller: if i could go past that would be best. i give them an f, too. host: congress and the president? is the most idiotic
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presidency i've ever seen in my life and i am 64 years old. it is undescribable. it is like a cartoon. host: give us an example. caller: you have a president .onstantly lying you have the republican party backing up the lies on top of lies. do you think the american people are idiots? do they think we believe what they tell us? who is this man talking to? somebody in the hills with a second-grade education? theranddaughter understands stuff he is saying. she even knows better than this and she is in kindergarten. florida,ol in republican, what grade do you give the president and congress? .aller: i give him 100% he is doing what i voted him to do.
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i'm 77 years old and i have never seen anything like we see in our country today. the young people are totally out of control. i don't understand it. i guess they are spoiled rotten. host: did you elect him to get out of this agreement with 190 countries? caller: i think we can do a better deal with them. our utilities, could stay the way it was, our utilities would go beyond seniors being able to pay for utilities. republican, 77 years old in florida. "the washington post" their headline is trump to pull nation out of global climate pact. the decision to withdraw the united states from the paris agreement could make it difficult, if not impossible, for the world to reach the internationally agreed-upon goal or global warming. that would limit warming to well
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below two degrees celsius rising temperaturesstrial was already stretched before trump announced the u.s. exit a speech in the white house rose garden. the united states walking away from the accord. other countries will presumably have to ramp up ambitions if they want to avoid the prospect of damaging warming. they say it is possible that actions by states, like california, or even individual cities and major corporations could stabilize u.s. emissions no matter what the trump administration does. that is from "the washington post" this morning. toependent, good morning you. what grade you give congress? caller: a failing grade. host: why is that? is supposed tos
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provide a necessary check to executive power. they have not been. i noticed it right off the bat when child authorize the strike against syria. mcconnell, who had argued against a similar action during the obama administration veryflop and give a ridiculous kind of nebulous reason for supporting it in this case. we are looking at, and abandonment of any real rationale for or against, and siding the hind trunk. congress is not providing necessary checks on executive power. look at the supreme court nominee. notress changed the rule to require a super majority vote.
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you can't have this kind of whim.ility at a i give congress a failing vote. host: aaron talking about the confirmation vote for judge neil gorsuch. "the washington post pointed out many corporations parisue with the agreement. elon musk from tesla saying i am departing the president's council. climate change is real. leaving paris is not good for the united states or the world. tim cook from apple saying apple is committed to fighting climate change and we will never waver. we will double our efforts to fight climate change. saying, disappointed with
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this decision. climate change is real. industry must not depend on the government. saying as a matter of principle, i have resigned from the president's counselor over the paris agreement with draw. according to the new york times, the president data phone call to allies. wantedport to mr. trump to negotiate a better deal. the administration said he placed calls to the leaders of germany, and can add it to personally explained. he reassured the leaders that america remains committed to the transatlantic agreement. reaction from other world leaders were swept. here's the new french president with his statement. [video clip] >> the decision to withdraw from ,he paris agreement on climate
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i respect the sovereign it andon, but i regret hold the view that he is making mistake in terms of the of his country and people. also, a mistake for the future of our planet. i have exchanged a few words with president trump and expressed my views to him. climate change is one of the major challenges of our time, merely aseemed to be topic of discussion years ago is now an obvious challenge. biodiversity is under threat. climate change is reducing several continents and devastating many regions. france, every year we can see
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climateequences of change. if we do nothing, our children will face a world full of , and shortages. the disappearance of coastal towns and archipelagoes. this has already begun. host: the french president reacting to the u.s. president announcing the u.s. would no longer be a part of the paris joining onlyd, syria and iran who have not signed on. the canadian government claimant minister was asked about the president's decision. [video clip] clear that no one country can stop action on climate change. the world is moving to a cleaner economy. this is a huge economic opportunity. canada wants to create good jobs and grow our economy, create
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opportunities for business. we support the paris agreement because we want to provide solutions for the world. we know where we are going. i have seen in the united states that businesses support the paris agreement, states support and cities support it, everyone is moving forward in the united states and around the world. it is unfortunate the u.s. administration says they are pulling out of the paris agreement, but you can't stop progress. host: reaction from germany shows the president and earth with the caption, "america first, earth last." "the washington post" says the ji japanese minister says i cannot help but be concerned that the paris accord without
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would becooperation effective. haveountry's withdraw will a major impact in keeping the warming of the planet to below two degrees celsius of what it was in preindustrial times. do you have a grade for the president based on his decision on climate change or other ?ublic policy decision what do you think about the 115th congress? the members of the house and senators, what grade would you give them? dorothy, tennessee, democrat. good morning. caller: good morning. to know a lot, or understand exactly all of what is going on, but i would give congress and the president an f.
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i am not sure it has anything to isolationism. if you look at from the time running,n while he was and then when president trump got in office, it is all about undoing anything that the first african-american president did. this person, i want to say gentlemen, but this person got in office with no prior political experience, and has begun, and succeeded, in unraveling anything that the former president had his stamp on. the congress has not, as the other gentleman stated earlier, has not done its role oversight of his
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actions. i think our system of government fail. up to withu have a party, all the same ideology, the congress, senate, and president in office at the same time, their agenda will be pretty much the same. that is where the country is headed. once all three of them got in place, they can just push their agenda through. president trump should never have been allowed to even get as far as he did. there should be something in place where a person with the minimal qualifications, basically none, that he had to be able to run for president -- host: i'm going to leave it there so i can get in other
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voices. jim is a republican. good morning. caller: how are you? a week ago everyone was lambast saying natoor should pay 2% as agreed to in the treaty, but here we are facing another treaty where we are expecting other nations to in the for payments future. who is to say that will happen? what is thence, mechanism for making the country pay, and how will this affect the middle income earner with escalating utilities like in europe? is that going to help the world and science? i don't know, but are we going to be the only one that pays for this? that is a real problem. host: based on his decision on nato, what would you give him? passing, give him a
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and i give you a passing on your beauty today. host: what about congress as well? caller: i wish they would do the big government but back to the treaty, if we cannot enforce how willents, reinforce these payments. if the other countries don't pony up for that, how will they pony up for the paris? agreement deal interested int be this "business insider" opinion piece. it is performance isolationism. he writes i don't think this talking point means what people think it does. that the united states would be in the3 countries
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agreement. it was possible to get almost every country in the agreement because it doesn't do anything. it allows countries to set their own targets with no way to enforce those targets. it is fundamentally symbolic is a global intent to combat crime and change. the choice to withdraw is symbolic of intent for the u.s. to unencumbered self from international commitment. withdraw doing so will not enrage key republican constituencies and not produce much in the way of policy effects. as i wrote yesterday, he said the agreement may be more marginally effective without the u.s. involved. go ahead. caller: hello. can you hear me? host: yes. you are on the air. caller: i give the president 100. and all the other countries, for
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pelvis and we will pay you back. and that goes on, trillions and trillions of dollars. and the debt is on our children's children children and we will never get out of it. democratic need to shut up. .epublicans need to shut up congress needs to shut up and listen to the president, because he has the authority to fire anyone he can trust or will turn on their own country in office there in washington. that is what he is trying to do slowly. people can't see it. rich, poor, he is for all of it. all of the people that are mad, it doesn't matter. ise man is the same -- a man
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the same, but every day he changes, but he is still the same man. that goes for the whole united states. it better than ours. i've been to ohio for four years. everything is closed down. there are 2 stores. one in austintown, one in youngstown, for people to buy food. i have been there for two and a half years. people are so unhappy, crying and sad, in the heart of the city. host: and you believe president trump will turn that around? caller: yes. if they don't leave him alone, they will end up like what happened to john. twitter,r phone calls, and emails, facebook discussions, we are checking in across the country with radio
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talkshow host columnist opinion ists. andg back to figure out take the temperature on the new president, as well as the 115th congress. joining us via skype is arnie in concord, new n radio talkshow host. thank you for joining us. what grade would you give this president and congress? caller: grade? the problem is right now we have grade inflation where no one is honest about the grade. from my perspective, he gets an a, because he is living up to my low expectations. in a lot of ways i am not
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the truth is expendable. i'm not shocked that he celebrates public abuse. i'm not shocked that he doesn't own anything when he makes a mistake. if i were looking at what my expectations were, he gets an a +. congress, i am a little shocked. i know what i expected of donald trump, and he has excelled at that. what i can't believe is that republicans are still willing to walk away from their spine. i want to write a book entitled "a spine is a terrible thing to waste." i want to dedicated to the republican members of congress. they have tolerated this public abuse. instead of stepping up, they are almost heeling.
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follow theirogs master, but i didn't know that was true of republican members of congress. for them, it's an f. host: what about democrats? are they doing enough to stop the republican agenda? i don't think so. let me tell you why. if you look at the republican base that supports donald trump, it has remained stable. the democrats are coming and probably the media, are focused on the whole russian story. i talked to a lot of republicans who voted for donald and they are offended by the russia story. they will tell you they did not vote for donald trump because of putin, because russia manipulated the election. they voted for donald trump because they were disgusted with congress, didn't trust government, hated politicians, and finally someone talked to
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them about jobs. the democratic base and people who care about the democratic process, i am one of them, are totally offended by russia. if you want to talk to donald trump's base, you need a different conversation. donald trump is brilliant. comey because i care about you jobs. i walked away from the paris about youruse i care jobs. i treated nato leaders with this respect because i care about your jobs. everything he does, true or not, is through the lens of the economy, speaks to middle america, talks about creating jobs. he hasn't delivered on them yet, a b he never will but he understands the drumbeat. the drumbeat is jobs. whether it is true, whether it trashes the separation of power, everything he does goes to the "jobs."
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that is with the last colors are talking about. they're crying and desperate. if the democratic party wants to stand for something, they have to talk about economic justice, job creation, raising the wage. they can talk about russia, too, but if you want to look at why people are unhappy and the unrest, and frankly homegrown by economic fed insecurity. donald trump is good at working the divide. .ood at lying about jobs what democrats need to do is figure out what the agenda is to produce jobs. to make a difference in peoples lives. two major economic insecurity isn't what defines. host: who's the leader of the party? guest: that is an interesting question. can i make a composite figure?
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i want a little elizabeth warren, a little joe biden, who else do i like --a little bit of pope frak. nk. everyone,le, embraces excepting one think they are important, not he is important. i'm practically an atheist and i admire this you don't know who the democrat is, maybe the democrats haven't met yet. is a disappointment when it comes to creating events. he was a nice guy and a decent leader, but he didn't understand he wasn't going to be a leader perpetuity. you need to look at the next group of leaders, encourage explaint them talk, and to the american people that no
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one has cornered the market on virtue. that we will make mistakes. we have on those mistakes to fix them. the best thing about donald trump is that he never owns a mistake, so he will repeat them. to remind our viewers what you told us six months ago about your help for former president barack obama's post-presidency. [video clip] >> i will be snarky. what i will tell him is the last thing he doesn't do is he doesn't go to goldman sachs, jp morgan, and give big speeches for 350 thousand dollars for 45 minutes. if you does that, he gets a knuckle sandwich from me. i think his role is he is incredibly smart and he understands what people want. it is no longer going to be about making sure he is president again. he has done that job. he needs to use his eloquence
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and passion or go into communities in detroit and arkansas and remind them what they need to keep their families secure and homes stable. he is good at that. he can say, this is what they are not producing. you, youn't come to need to demand change. it may be what republicans don't want. there totally in control, they own it and broke obama can remind them what they own and the failures they produce. host: what do you say now? guest: amen. that is what i want. let's be honest, the problem with what happened in coal never coming is back. it ain't happening. they are not developing coal plants in india, they are shutting down coal plants in china, even in coal country.
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coaldid they do at the museum? they put solar panels on the top. our shtick is how to reset way from what isn't coming back to what may come back in the future . people don't need unemployment, they need -- and unemployment bill, they need an employment bill so they can segue. they are economically devastated because their industry is gone forever. how do we build that bridge to the next job? they are talking about using empty coal mines as a place to forhuge batteries alternative energy. that is something to do with an empty coal mine. one thing we can't do is lie about the path. we have to show them what the future looks like, invest in their education, make sure they are economically stable, make sure they have health care as they prepare for the next job and next life.
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it may not happen for the 55 olds, but they should not be expendable. no one should be expendable. we have a vibrant economy, and even if it doesn't trickle down, we can stabilize people as they move to the next generation of jobs. i want people to work, but i need to make sure we can figure out what that looks like and invest in that. radioarnie arnesen wnhn host in concord, new hampshire, thank you for your opinion. to our viewers. your phone calls. what grade would you give this congress?and edward in wisconsin, a republican. what are your thoughts? answeringank you for
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my call. i was listening to the lady previously. she is right on. she is right on. i am a 90-year-old veteran who served in world war i and world war ii. i am totally, totally, 101% for donald trump . the congress is gettinga b or b- because they're not holding up their end like they should, but i will give them a pass and hopefully they will get it together. host: what do they need to do? support the president more? caller: exactly. they need to get behind him, they need to get the bills through to congress. democrats are going to be obstructionists continually for the next 4 to 8 years. they will never get another vote to me or anyone that i talk to in our area. host: what is your reaction to
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this piece in roll call? house appropriators float 12 omnibusthe verse -- before the next congress. a 12bitious plan to pass bill package, all spending bills for the federal government, ahead of the august recess. it will be an instant omnibus written by the gop-controlled house committee. they would need to mark of bills at a breakneck pace to bring a full package to the floor before a tall order any time, especially when work on the budget appropriations has lagged behind schedule. lawmakers have 12 legislative days planned when both chambers will be in session in september. what you think, edward? i wish they could do it.
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i hope they can. i don't know if it is going to be possible. i cannot answer your question better than that. i don't know. host: democrat, good morning. caller: i think the previous gentleman for his service to the country, but i will give donald trump a t for tyrant. -- he'sd isn't just worried about the world laughing at us. the world is snickering at us. -- we don't have time for that. about howe talking donald trump has our backs, really? what about the 23 million to 24 million people who are not going to have health insurance? it is just unbelievable. weaken. frank.
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paid a $93 billion fine and deutsche bank paid a $630 all theirne for around thefeasance american consumer is. how is -- how are these things -- how can anyone say he has the average american's back? stewart and mechanicsville, virginia. stewart? greta. good morning, i must admit i have not heard anyone say it, but i must say you are looking very pretty this morning. goes, i am 67ress years old.
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i think i said that. i've been a wild a while. -- i've been around a while. when a republican is in charge of congress it is like a circular firing squad. there argue with themselves and don't get anything done. the president sai has done everything he said he would do, so i will give him an a. i don't agree with everything he does, but at least he has done everything he said he would do. for example, climate change, it used to be called global cooling. now it is a global warming. i believe in climate change. we used to call it spring, summer, fall, and winter. it is always changing. host: do applaud that move yesterday? caller: yes.
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he is not going along with the crowd. he is not really going to pull out of this. what he is going to do is negotiate and get us a better deal. host: germany, italy, and france issued a joint statement saying you cannot renegotiate this. caller: ok, then he just pulled out of it. they will renegotiate with us because they need us. host: let's look at the daily news. their cover, trump to the world, dropdead. the wall street journal editorial, trump bids paris a due. they have not gotten around to resolving the central contradiction, that it promises to be earth saving but fails on it own terms. that 100 94 nations volunteer their own carbon reduction pledges known as
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independent nationally determined contributions. china and developing nations account for 63% of global co2 emissions. they submitted pledges to keep the carbon status quo around later, ormay be never, since paris included no enforcement mechanisms to prevent cheating. the developed nations responsible for 55% of world co2 made unrealistic assurances that they knew they could not achieve. the obama administration never identified a tax and regulation program that came close to meeting its own pledge of 26% to 2025.ductions by the wall street journal editorial with that opinion. california, independent, good morning.
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what great to you give this president and congress? caller: i give him an a+. i think he is great. congress, maybe a 4. i think president trump is doing a great job. i can't believe what the press, the dems in hollywood, he being attacked by all sides. it hurts me what they are doing to he, his family, and i think he is doing great. i think he is a true patriot. i am proud of him. it breaks my heart what he and his family are going through. i know he is trying. he is a patriot. he wants to bring back jobs, he wants to release the american spirit of chugging away, doing great things for this country.
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the press just beats him up and implies russia, russia, russia. it is bizarre to me how so many people watching these news i am being attacked just because i asked a construction worker, thinking we will start building again, and he is a big contractor, and he said something about the tirerants and how he can illegal immigrants anymore -- can't hire illegal immigrants anymore. it seems the dems want the votes of illegal immigrants, and they are slowly getting that. -- theyt didn't want wanted cheap labor. is doingent trump
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stuff for the american people, trying to give us the jobs, jobs first. the i think he is a true patriot and i love him to death. host: two things i want to pick ussia investigation and the media, as you said, being obsessed with that. fbi director, james comey, will be testifying about his meetings with the president at 10:00 a.m.e 8, before the senate intelligence committee. we will bring a video from the room starting at 9:30 on c-span3. if you're not near a computer or television screen, get the free listen to the testimony. the other thing was congress. you gave them a 4, a low grade.
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i want to show you what speaker of the house paul ryan said when the accomplishments of the 115th congress and what he expects to add to the list by the end of the year. [video clip] speaker ryan: look what we have done already. 94 for obama, 103 for house republicans 100 days. laws signed into law the first 100 days. 18 h w bush. 24, clinton. 15, obama. , this congress in the first 100 days. congressional review acts. how many before this 1, how many 4. law, 1 we have been productive and i feel good about that. december 23, that is a date i
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will take. we will get tax reform done by then. >> you're confident you will have tax reform on the president's desk? rewiren you possibly w the economy in a couple of months? ryan: our goal is to not have tax reform slip into 2018. by the time the year closes, people will come into a new tax code. it is an ambitious agenda, but one we are focused on achieving. we want to get the appropriations process up and running, rebuilding our military . we have ambitious plans for reversing the damage to our military. immigration, border security, the biggest increase in border ars.rity in 10 ye
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we want to improve upon that work. not to mention the health care act. there's a lot we have on the plate. ome january, if we take 14 regulations off the books costing jobs and producing uncertainty, begun the process of rebuilding our military, cleaned up the tax system, and fixed health care from a collapse, that is a pretty good year. we are on track for achieving. the housespeaker of with his list of things to do for the remainder of the year and outlining what he sees as the accomplishments. do you agree? what grade would you give him? we are asking you to grade president, washington, and congress this morning. what to saynot sure about him. i will say if they don't get
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stuff done, tax reform and .ealth care, god help them god help them. see mccain, people can through your personal vendetta because donald trump makes you look small and ridiculous. i would like to comment on climate change. the europeans, everyone says we will stick together and go through with it without the united states. fine. the united states doesn't need a effect ourment to ecological system. we have been the leader forever in the world. the people who need to do something other people who say they are going to stick together and go through it. good luck, thank you very much. you're the ones that need to do something, not the united states. by 23%.ased emissions germany increased by 25%.
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if you want to stick together and get something done, fine. there are 2 fax that never come that never come up in the global warming argument. a million years ago, the earth was covered 2/3 with ice. it melted. people studied why did the ice age stop? they concluded there was a change in the orbit of the earth. that is what caused the warming scientistsh, so the to ourd, this is an end theory. they came out with an unexplained pocket of methane emitted at the same time. they never explained with his pocket of methane gas came from
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to explain the warming of the earth since the ice age. host: i'm going to leave it there. "the washington post" says while the president says the united states will not be a part of the paris accord, states and company say they will stick to it. 30 states and scores of companies say they will press ahead with their climate policies and pursue lower greenhouse gas emissions, breaking with the president's decision to exit the historic paris agreement. two dozen companies, including apple and morgan stanley, urge president trump not to exit the paris agreement. while the president cited concerns about coal jobs, andrew cuomo said the latest initiative combined with earlier measures would create 40,000 jobs by 2020, twice the number of mining and logging jobs in west virginia.
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andrew cuomo, who made renewable energy a priority cents hurricane sandy in 2012, expects it to double by 2018. he would provide new incentives for the installation of 125 rooftops on the top of of schools and government buildings. that there would be a consortium of banks to finance energy and solar projects. 2045,enewable energy by 60% by 2030. this from "politico" about governor brown defined trump on the world stage. the california governor will fly to china to rally support for his climate change policies. we are asking all of you to give the president and congress a great. diane, what do you think? caller: how are you this morning? host: good morning. dayer: i think it is a sad
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in america. i'm 63 years old that i have never seen a presidency like this in my life. host: what do you mean? ok, it has not occurred to you that millions of people will lose their health care. so many people will die without certain treatments. let's say we have been given a break through trump and the republicans, we have been given a death sentence in certain respects. i think they should be more for the people, not what kind of policies -- not how many policies, what are the policies? to end good programs. host: another note on the decision of the president to
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exit the paris climate accord. a complete departure will take years. president donald trump's decision to exit from the paris climate accord is the beginning of a multiyear process to extricate the u.s. from the deal. the countries can only exit three years after the effective date, november 4, 2016, 30 days after a sufficient number of countries ratified the deal. reached byccord was effect in 1994ok including 197 countries, including the u.s. could send amp written request to exit from the climate accord. the u.s. president could change his mind by late 2019, just as the 2020 presidential campaign heats up. more of your thoughts coming up
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on "the washington journal. " what grade would you give the president? are you basing it on the announcement yesterday or other decisions? what about the 115th congress? first, we will go to carolina. raleigh, north carolina, joining us via skyple. e. what is your grade for the president and congress? guest: you have to have a second grade for the substance. the stockpile for the substance, i give a good grade. probably a low b. certainly having a great supreme a,rt pick gives him a high
3:12 pm
including the decision to pull out of the climate deal gives him high marks. things he has been less good on, on style he deserves a lower grade. when he engages in things like the tweet storms that don't fit with what his administration has been saying he will do throws things into disarray and causes chaos. on the substance, he is doing well. may be a middling d. b. on the stockpile, on the c to d margin. congress has in recent years the too deferential to white house. that was true during the obama administration. i think this congress is still le at this point to give it ags. s. its sea leg at this point, give it a low c. host: why is that?
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caller: things they have a talking about, like the repeal of the affordable care act, they haven't gotten their act together on that. you are seeing a problem in the way they went about the appeal of the affordable care act. rather than saying let's pass the bill we passed during the obama administration and send it to president trump, they said let's see how we can go about getting a bill with 51 votes, meaning we can do this, but not this. except forn people, people who watch programs like yours and are informed, most do not follow the process of government. they just know they elected donald trump for partly the reason of getting rid of the affordable care act good when that doesn't happen, they blame the people in washington because they don't follow procedural maneuvers and the need to get 51 votes to stop the senate minority party from using the filibuster.
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they don't understand that, they just want to see things done. you don't see this congress getting things done. host: i would you say the president has handled the media the investigations into russia's interference into ie 2016 election? caller: think the president comes across as being thin-skinned. one of the problems you see for the president and for the media is that any time someone says something critical of donald by sayings responding "fake news" or blaming the media. sometimes, that comes across as warranted, such as when people are making so much out of the whole russia collusion argument when we haven't seen any evidence there is collusion, but sometimes it is unwarranted. people in the media trying to
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find areas where the government is not quite up to snuff. they will call out government agencies, the trump administration in particular, on items that seem suspect. rather than donald trump saying we will look into that, he uses the medias of blaming and calling it fake news. i think the president would be well served using the tactic of blaming the media when it is warranted, but when the media's working on particular issues and which you do see room where the trump administration to make improvements, he should say, you are right. we will investigate. we will make things better. we will make government grade try to make america great again. he can add that to his tagline. host: what do you hear from your fellow carolinians?
3:16 pm
caller: there is the range you are probably hearing throughout much of the country. because this is such a battleground state, you are hearing people in various ca mps. peoplee on one end thinking everything president trump does is a disaster and i can't believe he was elected. defenderser hand, the of donald trump, whatever they hear out of washington dc they say it is the fault of the media, the fault of the democrats, or the washington elite. they will stick by donald trump no matter what. me, and interesting stories at between the extremes. people who were republicans who were not particularly fans of donald trump during the campaign, many when he got the nomination went on board with donald trump and have either moved into the camp of
3:17 pm
supporting him no matter what, or more likely to give him the benefit of the doubt. others who remain critical of donald trump like some of the things he has done such massively -- has done are concerned but when they see things coming from the president that doesn't match what is coming from his administration. it makes them shake their heads and say, can we put up with four years of this? , thank you.kokai .ampbellsville, kentucky republican. good morning. what grade would you give washington? caller: good morning. +.would give trump an a the climate change business is a big hoax. because ithat, remember when our country stopped a lot of air pollution.
3:18 pm
i remember when they shut the stacks down. the counties in had to go by rules and regulations the government set out. now they are gone. what about the vehicles? the converters on the cars i bought. other countries didn't want to go along with us then. why should we give money out of our country to these foreign pollution.o stop air we need to stop it at home with our money. we can't keep sending money out of our country. we would it be so far in debt as they claim we are if the money was in our country. we are not in debt to ourselves. aboutthe president talked
3:19 pm
this being a campaign promise he made in the rose garden yesterday. [video clip] president trump: one by one we are keeping the promises i made to the american people during my campaign. regulations, appointing a tremendous supreme court justice, putting in place ethics rules, achieving a record reduction in illegal immigration on the southern border, or bringing jobs, plants, and factories back into the united numbers that no one, until this point, thought possible. have juste me, we begun. the fruits of our labor will be seen very shortly even more so. on these issues, and so many more, we are following through on our commitments, and i don't want anything to get in our way. i am fighting every day for the
3:20 pm
great people of this country. host: the president yesterday in the rose garden. we made the announcement the united states with no longer be part of that there is climate change accord. something barack obama signed along with 190 plus countries. yesterday saying it is the people of pittsburgh and other areas around the country that voted for him, not paris, france. the mayor of pittsburgh was on a local tv station. here is his reaction to the president's decision. [video clip] the two things that were amazing of using pittsburgh is a complete lack of history of how with the paris agreement calls for and were able to rebuild our economy and city by understanding the part ofce of being a with a future trends are going. the second part is he didn't come anywhere close to winning
3:21 pm
pittsburgh. host: that was the mayor of pittsburgh talking about the president's decision, reacting to it. "the wall street journal" frames it this way. the paris agreement is less than meets the eye. future greenhouse gas emissions may not be too different than what they might have been under a clintonmarket forces such as p natural gas little bigger effect than agreement would have. meanwhile, u.s. regulations aimed at meeting paris schools weren't burdensome at all. exxon mobil, for example, stood to benefit. rules may.s. climate have produced a slight drag on the demand for oil, a global commodity of which exxon is the sixth largest producer. but it would've been a boon to u.s. natural gas, a mostly black market wherecked exxon is the top producer.
3:22 pm
kevin in brownwood, texas, independence. good morning. trump and a plus. he's doing a great job. to me, getting out of this paris accord was one of the best things. it's nothing but going to hurt our economy. , ande already suffering they're wanting to send money to these other countries to help them out. we are up to debt in our eyeballs in a just keep getting our money away. ok, kevin in texas. marcia in pennsylvania, democrat. trump and the and ask minas. how dare this president quote pittsburgh without noting -- an f-.
3:23 pm
how dare this president quote pittsburgh without noting our history. we cleaned up our city and it took decades. you can't drink oil and coal. is promoting backroom deals for millionaires and the gas and coal industry. every scientist in the world agrees that this is a bigger threat than syria. a bigger threat than terrorism. if you don't take care of the planet, all the other issues become moot. host: you may be interested in this "washington post," front-page story about the pressure president trump received from those who want him to stay in this paris accord. from ashley parker, philip rucker, and michael birnbaum. the pressure to remain in the climate accord came from all sides. chiefim cook and teslas elon musk.
3:24 pm
banca trump, the president's daughter host: they also note that at g7 summit, those leaders putting a lot of pressure on the president they also note wanting him to stay in it. they reported in the washington post that there was a quote from the new french president
3:25 pm
emmanuel macron after his meeting in the g7 summit after he talked about that white knuckle handshake where the french president called it a moment of truth that he was standing up to our president. apparently president trump read that, that galled him and then that was part of his decision-making to withdraw from this paris accord. is the ceo of tesla. he was serving on the president's economic council. council, he said yesterday in response to the president's decision, he is departing it. climate change is real, leaving paris is not good for america with the world. timr ceos have this to say, cook, the decision was wrong for our planet, apple is committed to fight climate change and we will never wavered. disappointed, the industry must now lead and not depend on the government.
3:26 pm
disney, as a of matter of principle i resigned from the president's council. just some of the ceo reaction. let's hear from mario, it is your turn to tell us how is washington doing? this president from the first five months in this 115th congress. caller: i give the president a-. he's doing everything he can with executive actions and is learning on the job to deal politically with the congress. i think the congress was a bit surprised that they got the house and the senate, and they weren't prepared for health care to do any better. would like to share some thoughts on the paris agreement. and climate change in general. i'm trained as an engineer, but one of the best classes labor took was a philosophy class.
3:27 pm
,egarding the socratic method this question that came to my mind would be what is the earth's optimal temperature. you can't find it. anything i would say is i think people in the paris agreement are unserious, if they really were concerned about carbon in the atmosphere, they would have had a manhattan like project for nuclear energy and not the nuclear energy that we currently have, all you have to do is look in the sky and see that the sun actually has clean fusion energy and there are number of projects around the world, even here at home, look at a company like lockheed martin that has some projects trying to develop fusion. that is the ultimate solution and if they were really serious about it, they would a worldwide effort into getting towards fusion energy. host: so why not agree with the
3:28 pm
president to leave this paris accord? is nothing binding, it's an agreement, volunteering basically to reduce carbon emissions and there's no ramifications if you don't do it. caller: you are asking me to i agree, i fully agree. it's a badly negotiated -- i think everything obama did was extremely badly negotiated. look at the iran agreement and the tpp, just about everything he touched from an international agreement standpoint, he totally flubbed. i would say the scientific community and the political immunity was very serious about climate change and if they want their money where their mouth was, they would look at fusion is the ultimate solution. the "new york times," put together this interactive graphic, this is what the business as usual looks like. the global emissions continue at this pace, they could reach 69
3:29 pm
gigatons by 2030. there is redline at the top of the screen. in 2015, nearly 200 countries signed this agreement to set individual targets to reduce emissions, which would reduce to 56 gigatons, the blue line on your screen by 2030. the new york times says the united states is the second largest carbon polluter. other initiatives may help reduce american omissions and then they say china, the world's largest polluter that it would remain committed to the agreement regardless of how other countries climate policy change and encourage other countries to do the same. china is expected to emerge as the new global leader on climate. the european union remains committed to its pledge, the commissioner for climate action in energy has said the block will defend the clean energy transition and the new york times with this graphic, concern has risen over how much india,
3:30 pm
the third-largest polluter and other developing countries will be able to do without financial support. brazil, india, south africa, and china have asked that developed nations honor their commitment to give $100 billion a year. president trump has said he will cut payments to the united nations climate programs. the overall goal is to limit the warming to less than 2% celsius, most current pledges do not go beyond 2030. longer-term pledges will need to be stronger to reach that goal. on can find this information "new york times," if you are interested. let's hear from tony in arizona. good morning. planet i think that the is a self-cleaning entity. itself everyairs time something happens. cityman abandoned the
3:31 pm
throughout time, throughout history, the planet envelops itself and cleans itself, that's why we have rain, that's why we have wind. the weather has to happen, people. you might not like where it happens where you live, then move. as soon as you think that man is so powerful to stop or control the weather system that happens throughout the entire planet every second of every day, then this planet dies. that's all i have to say. aplus for president trump and congress, they are not backing him up and are not doing what has to be done to save our country. host: robert in texas, and independent. caller: good morning. trump an f.dent
3:32 pm
host: why's that? caller: backing out of this climate change agreement is close to one of the worst things -- themarshall plan marshall plan that we undertook after world war ii was a marvelous effort on our part. europe benefited by it, and so did we. we didn't just drop out of it. job of what presidents do. they have to be diplomats. this is the most undiplomatic saying he has done. climate change has been spoken about since the first earth day. i went to the first earth day in new york city.
3:33 pm
change --s of climate he doesn't happen all at once like a tornado like around here were i live. tornadoes happen, and suddenly, they stop. but the effects of climate change are just -- you can see it. but right now, the weather in north texas is miserable. it changes constantly. i think he just gets an f for that and everything he's done. on top of it, don't think he has the temperament to be the president of the united states. host: paulette in fort lauderdale, florida. your turn. caller: good morning. is -- because of and hisident from paris handshake, it is the president
3:34 pm
hold on to the man's hand and the man holds on back to him, the man pulled on stronger and that's why he dropped out of the pairs agreement. because theut of it man did that handshake. that's the kind of president we have. you'll have to look at that and see what kind of president you have. he's a reactionary president. that's what he's all about. anything president obama has done, good or bad, he's going to go through and try to stop it. host: all right, paulette. ian in new york. let's go you next. caller: i would like to say i plus.he got an a with paris, the extortion of these freeloaders can even reach
3:35 pm
2%, now they want to extort more money. i live in new york where to isis -- ice ages and it is. of course there's wilbur warning. -- global warming. we have sheepshead bay named after a fish you can't find north carolina anymore. ifngs are cyclical and even we were causing this, if we went back to horse and buggies, it would be real easy for china or russia or anybody to overthrow us, because they are not going back to horse and buggy. we have to rely on the russians to get into space. our would going to buy bullets from china before you go to war with them? that's real smart. host: ian's thoughts in oceanside, new york. let's go iowa this morning, , theng us is laura belin author and editor of a
3:36 pm
progressive blog. laura, you been listening to some of our viewers calling in with their thoughts. grade for washington. guest: the polarization is why here talking to folks in iowa that i hear a lot of democrats and independents giving the president an f, talking about almostdisaster and then a new scandal every day coming out of the white house and then republicans if they talk about him at all are still reflexively defending almost anything the president does. host: what do you think about -- what grade would you give democrats in congress? guest: it's difficult when the democrats don't have any power to do anything. inare in a similar situation iowa, where republicans have control over both chambers of the legislature.
3:37 pm
all the minority party can do is try to call attention to some of the problems or document the atrocities and i think the democrats -- i was pleased to see that nobody went along with the disastrous health care bill to i think democrats need avoid being co-opted and right now i don't see any chance the democrats are going to go along with any of the trump proposals on taxes or health care or anything major. host: do you think democrats are focusing enough, too much, not enough on the russian investigation? we were talking already artist , a liberalampshire saying democrats have to stop focusing so much on that and the need to talk about the economy like president trump does. guest: i think we can walk and chew gum at the same time. i think health care is a huge
3:38 pm
issue for people and democrats do need to focus on domestic issues. i think pulling out of this climate agreement, democrats should be talking about how disastrous that is for our potential to be a world leader in solar power and wind power and how many jobs in iowa, we have a lot of jobs in the wind industry and potential for solar. i think democrats could be putting an issue like that in that economic context of how the trump administration actions are working against our own economic interest. aboutear people talking the russian investigation, at least the politically engaged people i think it would be a mistake. this is really unprecedented who we have a president invited senior russian officials into the oval office and disclosed secrets to them and is giving them their compounds back secretly as we've just learned yesterday. was secretly trying to work on dropping sanctions and with at
3:39 pm
least 18 or 20 undisclosed meetings between trump associates and russian officials during the campaign and we still don't even know what financial or hisions the president enterprises have with russian entities. i think he would be a mistake for democrats not to be talking about that. has your opinion changed of this president and republicans and democrats over the last five months? caller: my -- guest: my opinion of the president hasn't changed. temperamentally, he is very unsuited for the office. very little grasp of policy issues and is very difficult to breathe. he doesn't retain information and is not interested in details. i have been disappointed and republicans, but i see republicans in congress, including our own senators from iowa joni ernst and chuck --ssley, the three islands republicans who represent iowa in the house, i've been disappointed to see them either
3:40 pm
say nothing or continue covering for the president when so many of these outrageous scandals keep coming out. and the conflict of interest, gottent that he hasn't rid of some of the businesses she is still profiting off the presidency. his sons are profiting off of his presidency. i've been disappointed to see senator chuck grassley, who likes to style himself as of a watchdog and yet i don't see him doing a lot of watchdog and on the trump administration. and when the president fired the fbi director, are senator, the chair of the senate judiciary peopleee just said should suck it up and move on. that's the president's power and now we find out that trump was concerned about the russian investigation and what was happening at the fbi and he told russian officials that he was going to be a little breathe easier because he dumped the fbi
3:41 pm
director. it would be far-fetched if it were in a movie i would think that would be beyond the point of believability, and yet we see republicans in congress either say nothing or normalizing this kind of behavior. laura belin, who should the democrats rally around? isst: i don't think there one person to rally around and i don't think there needs to be. i think we can have a strong voice on different issues that are not in a hurry to have a front runner for the next presidential campaign, in iowa we have a lot of democrats who are stepping up to run for governor and i'm not in a hurry to jump on any bandwagon. i think it's a good thing to have a a lot of democrats i don't think we need to have our party connected in the public mind with one face. laura belin, author and editor of the progressive blog bleeding heartland.


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