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tv   French President Macron on President Trump Climate Change Announcement  CSPAN  June 2, 2017 12:34am-12:51am EDT

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[cheering] >> one of the lines from the president's speech "i was elected to represent the people of pittsburgh not paris." the president of france reacted to the news less than an hour after the speech. >> the president is speaking now. reaction to president trump's decision to withdraw.
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president macron: this statement by the united states president, because the times are very serious. i duly note the decision by the u.s. president to withdraw from the paris agreement on the climate. i respect the sovereign decision as i regret it. and i hold the view that he is making a mistake in terms of the interests of his country and of his people and also a mistake for the future of our climate. -- future of our planet. i have just exchanged a few words with president trump, and i've already expressed my views to him. climate change is one of the major challenges of our time, and what was merely a topic of discussion a few years ago is
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now an obvious challenge. biodiversity is under threat and climate change is reducing several continents to hunger, devastating many regions. in france every year we can see the consequences of climate change. if we do nothing, our children will face a world full of migration, wars, and shortages, the disappearance of coastal towns and this has already begun. this is not the future that we want for our children. it's not the future. france's calling is to lead for humanity. that's the reason why france is at the forefront of the fight against climate change. france has committed itself in
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all international negotiations and december, 2015, france managed to get 195 countries to sign an agreement, a commitment, the paris agreement for the climate. yes, i say it very strongly. we will not renegotiate a less ambitious agreement in no case. france, this evening, calls on all the countries that have signed the agreement to remain within the framework of the paris agreement, to live up to responsibilities that we have, and to give up nothing. this evening i would like to say to the united states of america
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that france believes in you, the world believes in you, i know that you are a very great nation, that the united states were founded to foster liberty, freedom, reason, against ignorance. don't get this wrong. on climate, there is no plan b. because there is no climate b. we will continue. to all the scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, committed citizens that the decision of the united states president has disappointed, i would like to say this. you will find in france a second homeland. i issue an appeal to all of you, come and work here with us to work on concrete solutions to climate change. this evening the united states has turned their back on the world. france will not turn its back on the americans, i assure you, my dear compatriot. and to all of you who are listening to me, wherever you are in the world, france will not give up this fight. of course, we would have preferred to fight against the climate change at the side of the united states, because they are our allies and they would
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remain our allies in the fight against terrorism and the defense of security and our many economic and industrial issues. but that is the situation. the door is not closed. and will never be closed to this nation to which we owe so much. we are still very numerous to retain our dedication so france will play its part in the world because this is what is expected of france. from this very evening with germany and italy we have reasserted our commitment in favor of the paris agreement.
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i spoke a few minutes ago with the chancellor of germany. together in the next few days we will be taking powerful initiatives in this direction. on saturday, i will be meeting the prime minister of india in paris and i will be discussing this and in the next few days i will be talking about their commitment. and finally, france will propose a concrete action plan in order to increase this attractiveness for researchers and entrepreneurs involved in the ecological transition. it will take practical initiatives notably in europe and africa on this issue. i have asked the government to work on this actively and will hold a meeting of the government
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on this topic next week. we will not only keep our commitments of the past from this very evening france must be even more ambitious for the future. for our future. long live the republic. long live france. >> with more on the story, joining us from palm springs, california, is sammy roth, energy reporter for the desert sun "usa today" network. first your reaction. what does this mean for the u.s. and the paris climate accords? >> well, i think there are two ways to look at it. the first way and the main reaction i've been getting is
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this is seen as a pretty big slap in the face by the united states and by president trump to most of the other countries in the world who are lobbying very strongly for us to stay in this agreement. trump has been pushed by the leaders of the g7 nations and by china and by india and by major corporations in the united states as well including some oil companies, all of whom think it's important, one, to reduce emissions for climate change and, two, that the united states is part of that conversation. so i think that withdrawing from this it is symbolically very significant. you know, in terms of what it's going to do to the paris agreement, the major countries, other major countries like china and india and the eu have all indicated pretty strongly that they're going to continue to work hard to live up to the commitments that they made. it seems at least for now this isn't going to lead to a collapse of the agreement, though that is certainly something that people are afraid of. i would say the flip side of all that, the other way to look at this is in a way this is nothing really new from trump. since the day he took office he and his administrators of the various agencies have been working really, really hard to undo the climate policies that were put in place by president
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obama. in a sense they've already kind of withdrawn from paris because with the steps they're taking and trying to take there is really no way for us to meet our commitments anyway. in some ways this could be just seen as a formalization of what they've already been doing. >> you heard the president from the rose garden earlier today. he said he would like to renegotiate this agreement. walk us through that process if it were to occur. how would it happen? >> gosh, well, you know, personally i have trouble seeing there really being a successful renegotiation. the reason for that being, you know, when trump says they're withdrawing, his administration is coming from a place of, one, climate change is either a hoax or not that serious or just, you know, something we don't really need to worry about, and, two, they seem to be of the opinion that renewable energy is exorbitantly expensive, which is not the case anymore, and certainly they've made the case that they want to bolster coal
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and oil and gas, which is sort of totally incompatible with what the global climate targets are, so when trump says he is going to renegotiate, to me, that's, you know, not something that i really see happening successfully. i think that that is a little bit more of a, you know, way of trying to say to the world leaders that, hey, we're not totally walking away. we've heard you. we still want to be part of this conversation, but if i'm the leaders of those countries i'm not sure how much i buy that because i'm having trouble seeing what it is they're going to really be able to concede here that's going to be valuable. >> you have studied this agreement. is it fair to say the paris agreement includes benchmarks and goals that are not really enforcible? -- but are not really enforceable? >> that's correct. the way that paris was able to get sort of agreed upon by this 195 countries was to make it
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unenforcible and those are practical reasons a lot of countries wouldn't get on board if it was going to be sort of legally required. you know, it was an agreement that was enforceable and had mechanisms for that it probably would have needed to go through the u.s. senate, which was not going to happen. and so there is definitely a school of thought on this that says, well, paris was unenforceable anyway so maybe this is less significant than a lot of people make it out to be. that cuts both ways. there are clean energy advocates and supporters who say, paris wasn't enforcible anyway, so maybe this isn't so bad. and there are people on the other side who say, you know, paris wasn't enforcible anyway so we're really not doing that much, as much damage as the rest of the world says that we are by backing out of this. >> we are talking with sammy roth, the energy reporter for palm springs "desert sun" joining us from california. he also writes for the "usa today" network. so what happens next, if anything?
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>> well, you know, i think next we've already sort of, over the last few weeks and even now in the last few minutes are starting to get indications that other countries are coming forward and saying we're going to stick to our commitments. you know, it's a lot of people seem to think, and i think just, you know, that china is really going to be stepping into the global leadership role of, you know, the climate conversation. domestically there are still a lot of states and cities and companies as well that are working very hard to increase renewable energy and move to cleaner transportation and
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reduce emissions. california just yesterday the state senate passed a bill that would actually require 100% renewable energy by 2045, which is much more ambitious than anything anyone else has done thus far. in new york and illinois and companies like apple and google and facebook, which are signing huge contracts to be powered by solar and wind. so definitely emissions in the united states seem to be on a trajectory to keep going down. utility executives are not by and large investing in coal anymore. they sort of see which way the winds are blowing and what are the cheapest sources of power which are solar and wind and natural gas in a lot of places. i think we'll continue to see, for those reasons and others that emissions continue to go down in the united states. just not nearly enough to be part of a climate solution that avoids the worst levels of warming expected. >> that seem to be the president of former president obama this as it is now up to the states and cities to carry on the task. we are seeing that in a few key areas, correct? >> in chunks speech, he mentioned pittsburgh. governing for the people of pittsburgh, not the people paris paradise on twitter, it was the mayor of
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pittsburgh tweeted, 80% of us voted for hillary clinton and we are big supporters of clean energy and climate change. i thought that was amusing that that was the city he chose to pull out. you are seeing states and cities and jerry brown today is leaving is a trip to china where it expected he is going to be talking to some of the leaders about climate and clean energy. a lot of collaboration between -- you will see california trying to step in to the u.s. role on the world stage and the sure everyone else that we are not done. we are still a part of this pitch states and cities are going to keep that going good >> we will look for your reporting online. sammy roth joining us from palm springs, california. we appreciate your time. >> thank you very much for having me. >> the comedian minister who oversees the environment and policy change policy reacted to
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president trump's announcement. climateoal of the agreement is to try to reduce book -- reduce global emissions with the u.s. pulling out right now. how much does that affect the end goal? >> less be clear that no one country can solve action on climate change. the world is moving to a cleaner economy and this is a huge economic opportunity and canada wants to create good jobs and once to grow our economy and create opportunity for business and that was why we support the paris agreement because we want to be there, we want to be providing the solutions for the world because we know where we are going. i have seen in the united states that businesses support the paris agreement, that states supported, the city's support it and everyone is moving forward. in the united states and around the world.
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it is unfortunate the u.s. administration says their pulling out of the paris agreement but you cannot stop progress. >> former president barack obama wrote, i believe the united states should be at the front of the pack -- here is the list posted by cnn of the three countries not participating in the agreement. they included syria, nicaragua which felt the agreement did not go far enough and now the united states. here's some of the covers of the china, global television network. >> you just heard donald trump make the announcement that the united states will leave the paris climate accord.


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