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tv   Washington Journal Viewer Calls  CSPAN  March 15, 2017 9:34am-10:04am EDT

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the book "block edge," the the most ring down wanted man on wall street. >> the two central characters at areheart of the story, they central characters in my book, two former portfolio managers cohen's fund, matthew and michael steinburg. artoma is serving fairly lengthy prison sentence, although his case is on appeal, was convicted,rg but his conviction was later verturned after an appeals court made a ruling that made it harder to convict someone for insider trading. sunday night, 8 p.m. eastern q&a.span continues. journal" host: we are back here in open phones this morning, taking on any public policy or politics issue you'd like to discuss, before we get to
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i want to share what is happen nothing washington today. his afternoon, 2:30 p.m. eastern time, we'll have judiciaryof the senate committee hear og russian interference and world is on c-span,, or you can listen your phone or other device with the c-span radio app. that. tonight the president is headed to nashville, tennessee, doing a rally there. coverage of that 7:30 p.m. eastern on c-span 2, the well,, or the radio app. his afternoon, people will be watching the federal reserve, the chair, janet yellen, will be from all accounts, news reports tell us about interest rate hike. 2:30 p.m.e coverage at eastern time on c-span 3, the radio, as well. finally, there is a hearing this
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the situation in hearing arning about, from doctors who have been involved in that situation in the human toll that has been taking. "u.s.a. today" front page from civil war to glol crisis, six week, a flame broke out in syria, now the world is engulfed., for more details about that. aren, lakeview, oregon, republican, open phones, you're up first, good morning. go ahead. good morning. i was almost reluctant to say i republican because i'm dissatisfied with both parties i have affiliated with republicans years. i'm almost independent, but i live in a state that is close forced to hold my nose and put me back on the ticket for the republican party. is about ment wikileaks. that the hey revealed urveillance through television
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and microphones, they are located in people's homes, i'm concerned with george bush signing the patriot act and from to gain support other people listening to your program today and for you, very because i'm concerned that the government overstepped their bounds, you think about when you go to you're being illegally searched and seizures without probably cause. this needs to be rolled back and i'm glad to have trump as our president because i he's the only one who and look into these things do the right thing by americans and lso protect americans charter the groups that are more ikely to commit acts of terrorism or have protests that get out of control. comment for taking my today and hoping to gain support. thank you. host: all right, karen.
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joanna, democrat. hi. caller: good morning. how are you? morning, doing well. caller: great. to the new in regard health care plan. pence, i'm from indiana, i had the pleasure of getting being ot getting, but refused by the health care plan of in indiana because readjustments mr. pence did when taking out from obamacare made a deal that i'll readjust the can income and qualities that allow those to get on it. adjusted it down to 13,000 a year. $13,000 a year, you whatsoever.ny health food stamps, nothing, okay. that is going to go clear across the united states. and i'm holding my nose the next
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years. god bless that woman that was on you.last, thank host: all right, joanna. ann.ort, independent, hi, caller: hi, greta, good morning, how are you? ann.: doing well, caller: bear with me, i have a chest cold thing. on before, number one, is not a democrat, he's a progressive. that in terms d of his language that he was using. the reason i called is for the sunlight foundation, what they o and he did indicate when talking about the states, is that each state does have information programs that you can go into and cutry information r regarding stories that he might esearch having to do with the federal programs, for example. the situation is some states some of the federal programs, not only privatized
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for profit, ehe llc's. and that does, it blocks disallows the regular citizens o apply for information under the freedom of information act, very, very difficult to do. host: okay. thing i want her you to ask him, would you be illing to come back and sit down with judicial watch representative and have a roundtable discussion. i'm pretty sure we've had ju additional watch on this you for efore, thank the suggestion. we're in open phones, that was the caller talking about accountability in government. call in on that or other public policy issues. take a look at what is dominating the front pages of country.s around the the chicago tribune, top story, republican struggling to keep bill below that, a story in many apers, donald trump income taxes in 2005, he paid $38 million. the first two pages
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of that tax return being leaked. president in a statement yesterday, blasted release illegal and this morning, sent out this tweet, oes anybody really believe a reporter who nobody heard of went to the mailbox and found my tax returns? referring to the reporter that went on msnbc on the show about ght and talked receiving the pages in his and the reporter pu prize winning author, by the way. he said it was from the trump of ce he received the pages the tax return. press, ttanooga free chattanooga times free press, trump pay homage to old hickory, president trump traveling to tennessee today to lay wreath at
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jackson's tomb. he'll be having a rally tonight there and we'll have coverage of that, go to our website for more details. the atlanta journal to health n, changes care bill senate republicans want more help for the poor and in the plan when they get a chance to look at the bill to ebate it when it comes the senate. the house this week is marking up in this house budget the plans they marked up last week in two committees expected that, it is to go to the house floor for vote and on to the senate. news out of xpress bipartisan adventure. san sentative will herd of antonio and representative roark paso took to the road, they are trading off driving make their way here. arkansas, onesboro,
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republican. you are on the air, good morning, go ahead. caller: hello. i'm angry with the political system we have completely. feel like we don't have representation. and they just don't care. i'd like to see somebody run for and say, i'll do what the people say, get on facebook, get feedback. you can know what the people think about a ball game before who -- howme starts, many people think it will go one way or the other. worse if the people made their own choices? necessary t trillion debt or be in state of endless war? i think we could do better. and true aountability and responsibility and get money out of it, no need for people to money to politician that is going to do what the people say get cebook or whatever and it done that day. be quick and true representation, that is what my would offer, true democracy. and it is a beautiful idea.
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all right. okay. all right. nan, youngstown, ohio. mind this your morning? nan, are you there? think i -- sorry. nan, good morning, go ahead, i pushed the wrong button. oh, i do that. healthcare, number one, long,kind of a little bit ut i'm on social security and supplemental. silk, okay.s and this is how they could do care, take the -- based okay, take the premiums. the ove to get rid of insurance companies in general, but take the money out of paychecks, if they want to keep medium and ave low
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ave them bid , gainst it and then award it to one or two or three companies, okay. the medical should e -- nobody should be making money on people's sickness and a news show about national security and let me one fwe have r f. people, they can't work we have people who have mental issues and they are not dealt can't work. they're not productive members of society. have these ng to people walking around under get es or that can't medical care that could be minor and they could be useful. now i think the rest of the orld thinks we're absolutely
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out to lunch because we have a based on profit and that is immoral. pass.that, i host: all right. nan's thoughts in ohio. north carolina, independent. caller: good morning, mrs. greta. host: good morning. on obama ne healthcare. i'm on social wife ty/disability, my works part-time. pelosi and them set up there and is guaranteed health insurance, that is not true. thesh people would bring up obamacare act, you have to make $12,500 per year obamacare and my wife just comes up short of that health insurance and nobody addresses this. hank you for your time, mrs. greta. host: okay. carol. buddy, democrat.
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caller: it is -- yes, ma'am. insurance now, life insurance for 11 years, now they now getting around to medicare because i an insurance policy. and for my children to bury me i'll have to drop it and let ohio state bury me. thank you. host: all right. all right. happening outside of washington washington times report new travel ban has day in court today. revised travel ban is set to go into effect 12:01, thursday, first executive order must survive legal hallenges slated to be heard today in courtrooms kroosdz the country. those challenging the order say refugee s pausing resetelment and blocking ssuance of visa from two
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perspective visitors from muslim ountries or similar to the original order. overnment attorneys defending the order say narrower scope coupleed with provisions th for those er process affected, address the concerns of challengers calling for the implementation. two hearings scheduled today in ases brought in maryland, hawaii, to r vised executive order. possible, ng is depending what action is taken by judge brought by the ashington state attorney general. that is happening today. you will hear more about that as on. day goes also, from pages of the "washington post," senator epa, snowballs, reference to senator going to years ago with snowball in his hand to say as that epeatedly says climate change is a hoax. it says in the story, half dozen the senator and
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counting have been hired top positions at e.p.a. and white of staff and deputy scott f staff to e.p.a. pruitt, fellow oklahoman and senator. friend of the from the "washington post," rump poised to order dismantling rules of power plants, the president could aimed at reversing climate policies, matter energy officials and environmentalists have been anticipating for weeks. the directive instruct members cabinet to rewrite regulation restricting carbon emission from plants, xisting power lift matorium on coal leaseing and revise the way climate ctedntfera decisionakg,eylentof the oba aintrioefrt are cma cng t'he fm me nessary viin. reblan jas, gahd. call: s,oorng,ha yove mh. er kru wl gh
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ppltainabt puinevyby mice. ty ale w ch mey ciz h tpaor meca? keysf. $30 eamo ou omy siaseri cck ov i an then eynlov 8 o hbis,ay0,o tt att . i20 i ntthhoit,nd hatoay $00 beforth ll p athg. ort out evyby gngn dire tt otre, iis stfotheolwi ts alca datin whito the math maupth haen lt ek hseudt commte takg t reblanrosatoepce thafrdlearac wh te teek followft tt heou d en iheene. the ahi lt gog,he hi nepar, hilco has i tirebtehe
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puicans ann obace n e pn d wn tie eyav lt o a 1ofblanth em trereccdi t t reblanth a ceaiorncarboow n isndhe whheilmas s y t hl terit n, e wspesa tres e fial nand th cos om trere 1 otr puics ore ceai s flo alg he as t washinon. wel have covage of the house budget committee marking up that tomorrow, as well. michael, rochester, new hampshire, democrat. hi, michael. caller: hi, how are you? host: morning. caller: how are you? doing fine, thank you. caller: listen, this is not a
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topic, this is general comment that i'm just horrifying what is going on with donald trump. feel that there is unprecedented situation with who doesn't seem to know the difference between a fact leading this s country. got to say, when i look, i'm 68, when i was a little kid, my irish grandfather was my babysitser. believe it or not, i remember lack and white t.v. and watch jog sef mccarthy and the hearings. apart, ed people everything he was saying was a farce. trump's counsel was teacher on how to handle manhattan politics of real estate. i just think that on a general created so guy has
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that i reallyions think it is unprecedented ituation that now we have this extremely divided legislative branch that has been divided for many years now on republican and democratic side, that i don't how to handle ow it, i don't know if anybody has courage to put the brakeos this guy. host: michael, i will leave it at that, we reached the top of coast.r on the east thank you for watching and calling in, sharing thoughts on "washington journal." enjoy the rest of your day.
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>> coming up in about an hour the first of two live hearings today. the first at 11:00 a.m. with the senate foreign relations committee looking at the syrian civil war and its effects on civilians. docts working in the country among those testifying this morning. and this afternoon at 2:30 p.m., the senate judiciary committee looks at russian attempts 20 undermine democracies around the world and some of the tools they use to interfere in government perations. president trump will be visiting the detroit area today. ahead of that "the detroit news" is writing the white house said the president will talk up his priorities of bolstering the manufacturing industry and taming the outsourcing of american jobs. the president, they write, is expected to visit the american center for mobility at willow run in yips lanny township around midday to announce the reopening of the midterm review
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of fuel economy standards. chief executives from major auto makers are expected to attend. the news writes, the american sent for mobility is a nonprofit testing site for future connected and self-driving vehicles. read more at detroit news dot-com. later the president heads to nashville, tennessee, to visit the hermitage, andrew jackson's home, and hold a rally in nashville. we'll have live coverage on c-span2. >> please raise your right hand. >> with the confirmation hearing for the supreme court nominee neal gorsuch starting next week, on thursday at 8:00 p.m. eastern, we'll look at the confirmation hearings of all eight current supreme court justices. starting with justice anthony kennedy in 1987. clarence thomas in 1991. ruth bader ginsberg 1993. steven bier 1994. john roberts, 2005. samuel alita, 2006.
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sonia sotomayor, 2009. and elena kagan in 2010. watch thursday at 8:00 p.m. astern on c-span2. and neal gorsuch's confirmation hearing will start on monday, c-span3 will kick off what's expected to be three or four days of hearings with judge gorsuch testifying on tuesday. live coverage starting monday at 11:00 a.m. eastern. now two segments from today's "washington journal." as the house democrat and republican look at the republican health care law replacement and recent c.b.o. scoring. washington journal con. host: joining us from texas, congressman gene green, democrat of that state who sits on the energy and commerce committee. he is the top democrat on the health subcommittee. thank you for being here. guest: glad to be here. host:


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