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tv   U.S. House Meets for Legislative Business  CSPAN  March 10, 2017 11:59am-1:08pm EST

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then lets spend hours on it, we believe in the process and defend your right to have that process nor will it help one constituent of minor yours. but you want to spend time doing that, we'll do that. and we did do that. but we will not give up on the american people. that's why we are doing what we are doing. and i thank the gentleman for yielding. mr. hoyer: mr. speaker, i appreciate the remarks of the majority leader. i presume that he has heard from, but i don't have the quotes in front of me, but maybe i'll bring them next week of the thousands of people who said their lives have been saved by the affordable care act. of thousandses of parents who have a child with a pre-existing condition that if the republicans had succeeded in their 65 votes to repeal it,
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would not have been protected. of the millions of seniors who are paying less for their prescription drugs because of the affordable care act. i can read all those letters. why do i read the letters of mr. walden and mr. brady and speaker ryan? because they are in charge. all our constituents on either side had no opportunity to testify on this bill. but mr. ryan, the speaker, and mr. walden and mr. brady, could have given them that opportunity and chose not to. and they rationalize it apatiently because, we had hearings in the past. but this bill was offered on the -- does it have the subject matter of the a.c.a.?
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it does. but this bill was offered just some, as i said, 90 or so hours ago. the leader says, well, that's ok. it's all based on all those hearings we had. but the fact is, this bill has not been brought forward for the last seven years. while there was repeal for a.c.a. why? we all know why. mr. speaker, because the majority could not come to an agreement and they're not in agreement now. and perhaps if this bill stands out there a little bit, it is so flawed they won't be able to get the votes on their side of the floor. i was here, i'm not sure, i don't think the majority leader was here when we adopted the part d prescription drug program. it was called up by the majority, the republican party, voted evening hour and we
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from 3:00 a.m. until 6:00 a.m. when i say we voted, that vote was kept open for three hours while -- while they importuned their members, you've got to vote for this, president bush wants it, you've got to vote for this. we voted against it. the vote was held open three hours. that was not regular hour. our side has held the vote open from time to time, never for three hours, but from time to time. that's why it's being rushed. not because they had a lot of hearings before. not because witnesses had testified that they didn't like the affordable care act. we understand that. the issue is not whether people like or dislike the affordable care act, it's how are we going to provide what the president has promised? access for everyone to health
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re at a lower cost and a better price. i told the majority leader last week and i repeat my comments, mr. speaker, to the majority lead they are week. if they bring such a bill to the floor i will support it. his bill does not do that. so what president trump promised during the election and what he promised from that podium just a few days ago is not what this bill represents. it's not what they promised to the american people. when i asked the -- what i asked the majority leader was, they're apparently going to have additional bills, whether or not they will also be rushed through without hearings on the premise that there were hearings in the past. and i repeat, there are a lot of new members of this body that
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didn't have the opportunity to have those hearings. weren't in this body. i don't know how many because i don't know how many congresses were talking about it, we adopted this bill seven years ago. there were hearings subsequent so i don't know where we're going, mr. speaker. but i think the american people expect an opportunity to be heard. and yes, i'm -- i may quote some next week. but the people who were elected by the american people to do their job and who have the power to open up the doors and open up the windows and put back the curtains so that the american people can come in and testify, all those witnesses that testified in the last congress, the congress before that, i'm talking about the people who testified during a congress in hich we considered the bill. we haven't had an open rule this
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year, mr. speaker. we've had structured rules, we had no open rule. so in terms of the minority leader telling me, mr. speaker, that we want everybody to have their opportunity and care kaczurs one amendment that was, i think i would agree with him, more to show that not a single republican would vote and mr. brady, as i pointed out, didn't vote for his own amendment that he offered when the affordable care act was marked up to say read the bill. time was not given to read the bill. mr. speaker, we're not going to come to any conclusion, i understand, today. but i am hopeful that the process that was perpetrated on not only the minority but also the majority this week will not be repeated. and that the representations
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that have been made by the speaker, by the young guns, and by so many others would be a process that is in fact open, thoughtful, and democratic. unless the majority leader wants to speak, ewill yield back the alance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentleman from california seeng recognition? mr. mccarthy: i ask unanimous consent that when the house adjourns today it adjourn to meet on tuesday, march 14, 017, when it shall convene at noon for morning hour debate and 2:00 p.m. for legislative business. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, so ordered. the chair will now entertain requests for one-minute peeches. for what purpose does the
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gentleman from pennsylvania seek recognition? >> i ask unanimous consent to address the house for one minute and revise and extend my remarks. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. thank you, mr. speaker. mr. speaker, i rise to continue discussion on the agriculture committee's on findings from hearings discussions on snap -- that snap, the supplemental nutrition assistance program, is meeting the needs of those it's intended to serve. snap is critical to supporting nutritional needs. the program integrity within snap is critical for both the functioning and long-term sustainability of the program. jessica shaheen of the usda food and nutrition service, emphasized in testimony, and i quote, as vital as the program is to so many and as well as it
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operates, we can all agree it can co-even better. it is up to all of us, the federal government, the state, and local providers to work together to improve it by holding ourselves accountable. f.n.s. is committed to continually improving the integrity of snap. end quote. opportunities for snap program integrity improvements includes defining clear program goals and met recks that generate program improvement and reduced snap fraud rates through innovative state and federal strategies and technologies. thank you, mr. speaker, i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentleman from washington seek recognition? >> unanimous consent to address the house for one minute. the speaker pro tempore: without objection wok -- without objection, the gentleman is recognized for one minute. >> i rise in strong opposition to the american health care act. for the past several weeks i've held six town halls where i've discussed health care with more than 00 of my constituents, thousands more have called or contacted my office.
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erica from my hometown of arlington told me thanks to the affordable care act, hear if lay hi can keep their house and pay their mortgage. nancy tells me she works with families who rely on medicaid to avoid bankruptcy when caring for babies with disabilities. so many benefit from the affordable care act. and those who oppose the affordable act, none of them them, ed me to support none have asked me to take care from the poor or give the rich a tax break. this bill will hurt people. mr. larsen: women, seniors, middle class families. it will result in universal chaos, not universal coverage. i strongly urge my colleagues to to po -- to oppose this measure. thank you, mr. speaker, i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentleman from florida seek recognition?
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without objection, the gentleman s recognized for one minute. >> thank you, mr. speaker. the republican plan to repeal and replace the affordable care ct is an exercise in smoke and mirrors. the proposed tax breaks to wealthy americans while burdening the working families with higher health care costs. the republican plan also allows soaring new health care costs for seniors, shortening the life of medicare trust fund, endangering seniors and disabled americans who depend on medicare, medicaid coverage. mr. lawson: this is completely unacceptable to floridians. we need to hear from the
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congressional budget office about what the bill would really, really mean in numbers. the american people deserve to understand what the republicans are trying to do with their health care. i would continue to -- i will continue to fight to ensure that floridians with pre-existing conditions don't have to worry about losing their health care coverage and young adults can stay on their parents' insurance until they reach age 26. and that we are going to do all we can to make health care affordable and acceptable for l americans and not just for selective -- selected few. with that, i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentleman from tennessee seek recognition? without objection the gentleman is recognized for one minute. mr. cohen: thank you, mr. speaker.
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president trump when he was campaigning said these were the worst of times for african-americans. conveniently or ignorantly forgetting slavery and jim crow. he said it couldn't get any worse. it's getting worse. a justice department that's already retreated on voting rights and that's empowered private prisons to take dispartyly people proportional to african-americans. a h.u.d. department where the secretary said slavery was akin to immigration and where $6 billion is to be cut from the budget. an education department that doesn't believe in public education that's given african-americans a chance for the american dream. and a health care bill that takes away health care from the poorest and makes it where many people will not have health care and medicaid will be decimated and perhaps eliminated. these are the worst of times and president trump, mr. speaker, is
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showing african-americans things can get worse and they are and they are on a daily basis. i yelled back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentleman from california seek recognition? without objection, the gentleman is recognized for one minute. mr. lamalfa: thank you, mr. speaker. we see more and more that obamacare, the affordable care act is indeed unsustainable. today i rise once again to share another story or two about some of the highlights from think constituents are feeling back at home. last night i hosted a telephone town hall and had the opportunity to hear from people in my district. once again, some of the unsustainable horrible stories they have to tale tell about the experiences they've had with the a.c.a. sky-high premiums, poor access to health care, the options that are less and less, especially in rural california and rural america. deductibles that have risen so high insurance isn't affordable
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for them to use at all. recently, a fi decision within my district said after more than 3 years of a successful practice he's no y clients, longer able to provide the type of care his patients need due to the over he's no longer burdensome paperwork requirements. this is providing less choices for people, including for middle income families who have to choose between saving for their futures an their dreams, having higher pleem yums an less choices and a deductible that makes their insurance almost useless to them. the american health care act will give back more options and other americans that need desperately this help and meet all the goals that we're setting out to do. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentlewoman from nevada seek recognition? >> i ask unanimous consent to address the house for one minute. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, the gentlewoman is recognized for one minute. >> thank you. mr. speaker, i rise today to voice my opposition to the
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repeal and replacement of the affordable care act. i'll be the first to admit that obamacare has its flaws, but we should mend the law, not end the law. because of the a.c.a. we've seen the uninsured rate in nevada and in my district reduced by half. the g.o.p. replacement would not only drop 15 million americans from their insurance and raise health care costs on hardworking nevada families, but it would end funding for planned parenthood, taking away affordable health care services that so many women in my district rely on. ms. rosen: recently i received a letter from a constituent whose family has a history of breast cancer. she's so concerned that she and her daughter will stop receiving the regular cancer screenings that they need to survive. mr. speaker, it is unconscionable to vote on a life and death situation that
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will affect millions across the country. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentleman from nevada seek recognition? >> permission to address the house for one minute. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. >> mr. speaker, i have a new name for the process republicans are using to destroy the affordable care act. instead of repeal and replace how about we name it cut and gut. ut taxes for millions -- and gut coverage for hardworking americans. it would undermine the medicaid expansion in the affordable care act. in nevada, our own governor, a republican, made the decision to work with democrats and expand the medicaid program because we expanded medicaid 320,000
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residents of nevada have health coverage and their uninsured rate has dropped from 23% to 12%. one of the largest declines in the entire country. so, mr. speaker, i would ask my republican colleagues, do you really want to turn your backs on hardworking families just to give billionaires a tax cut that they don't need or deserve? mr. speaker, the silence is deafening. yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the chair lays before the house the following personal requests. the clerk: leaf of absence requested for mr. jones of north carolina for today. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. he request is granted. under the speaker's announced
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policy of january 3, 2017, the gentleman from texas, mr. gohmert, is recognized for 60 minutes as the designee of the majority leader. mr. gohmert: thank you, mr. speaker. . d of another week in session mr. speaker, i want to revisit an important issue. it seems that what some of us were trying to point out for eight years under the obama administration fell on deaf ears. et -- if there are radical islamists who want to destroy our way of life in the united
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as s who look at us infidels and not just christians, jews, secularists and others, but even muslims who accept the and radical islamic ways. nd that works to the advantage of some because we have seen for ght years care, muslim brotherhood affiliated groups, groups that were listed as co-conspirators in the holy land foundation trial back in 2008 where the named defendants were
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convicted of many counts and they were supporting terrorism. they have ties all over the united states and they have ties to people who constantly had access to president obama's white house, the state department, so many other areas. d we saw time and time again the obama administration looking mattersr way as serious arose involving radical islamists both in the united states and abroad. and the obama administration's approach was, if we can just each these racist, big on thed all islamists ve
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-- wouldn't point it out, but they didn't want to point out that there are radical islamists and are part of islam and many of them are experts in heads ke baghdadi, who p the islamic state. has a degree in islamic studies. it's kind of difficult to say that he has nothing to do with islam where that's the basis for everything he said and did. if one goes and looks at the pleading that the judge of assified from 2008
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stimony given by kalid sheik muhammad in the court at guantanamo bay, he makes very ear he's not insane and very ouis i had and files a very -- lucid and files an impressive document explaining himself. -- for everything that he from the koran where members of congress, if you bring something p on the floor of islam or koran, it's amazing. hasn't happened in a while, but members who bring something like that up, they frequently find themselves being presented a
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koran. somebody drops off a koran. but as an expert in the field pointed out to me when i showed him the koran that was dropped off at my office, he said it's a koran, it's not a holy koran. because what they've done is they have taken what they call the holy koran and they've eliminated the versus us that supports the killing of jews and christians. the koran from over to cover, you don't see the sentences they rely on for their killing, beheading and their lies and they believe it is ok to lie if it ends up
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supporting the cause of their radical beliefs about islam. one of the reasons that i contend with so many others here that egypt ought to be one of our dearest friends is because they have an elected president -- yes, he was a former general, ike eijssen haur, like -- like eisenhower, so many who had been generals before they became esident, they understand warfare, but the radical islamists in the united states, o many of them, muslim brother-related groups, they pointed out time and again, we know we are going to have to get
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to violence at some point, but for now, we're making so much progress in taking over the united states without using violence, right now violence distracts from what we're trying to do. and some of us continue to point out that what the obama administration constantly used as their fight against not radical islam -- they couldn't say that like president trump does -- but they would say against violence extremism, we've got to spend hundreds of millions of dollars fighting violent extremism and they lieved what the often muslim brother-affiliated individuals would say that yes, if we spend hat money teaching people to
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love and accept islam, then the problem goes away and there's no more violence, which is in and of itself a complete lie. so the obama administration has been spending money on things. i'm told by someone who was looking at the ways that the obama administration spent hard earned taxpayer dollars paid to the government and then the obama administration would turn around and spend it, i'm told by someone in homeland security -- i haven't seen it, but they had a project of spending taxpayer dollars to fight radical islam by teaching school children pro-islamic songs to sing.
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it's one of the reasons i'm so glad we have had a change as president. and i know that there are so many people across the aisle -- not necessarily people here in this body, but across the oh, y who keep saying, there's so much prejudice against muslims. and that's the whole problem. if we can eliminate the prejudice against islam, against muslims, there will be no more violence. and there are those that are in this body here who have gone so open-minded they re and how much they embrace the ideals of islam and are in
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no way big on thed, that they to exposed this body criminals to hacking and who knows just how far the security breaches go. mr. speaker, we brought this up, but it is important to take note that this body -- there were no epublicans that hired him, but and in a eader, jamal ll yeah sova each making $160,000 plus from the house of awan entatives, the
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brothers of pakistani descent and i'm told the leader is now back in pakistan while they're being investigated. but their immigration status appears unclear right now. i.t. ey had been hired as specialists, computer specialists to help some of my democratic friends with their computer systems and as suspicious activity continued to , itt over the last 12 years was dismissed -- i'm reading from an article, march 8 "daily aller wrote" was dismissed
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because these five individuals were being unfairly picked on because they're muslim. well, some of us don't care what their religious beliefs are, unless the religious beliefs happen to cause them to believe that our constitution needed to by liminated and replaced nothing but shari'a law. and and our elected leaders need to be replaced by what they believe a holy appointment of caliph or an imam. this article from march 8 says congressional staffers suspected of improperly accessing
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sensitive data allegedly controlled their stepmother with violent threats in a plan to use access ss -- use her to assets stored in the middle east in their father's name. so just when we thought this whole matter could not get any more bizarre, these five, according to one of their employers here in the house, he says, no reason to doubt him, that they are muslim, but i know my friends they don't want to ever be perceived as being bigotted because they're not. they've gone so far overboard in trying to show how open minded they are, they've exposed this body to security breaches that are really unbelievable. and i understand from my friend
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devin nunes that these individuals were not, as far as they can tell, ever given access to the classified material in the separate classified system that the intel committee has. but this article says days before u.s. capitol police told house members three pakistani brothers who ran their computer networks, talking about running members' ats' house computer networks, may have stolen congressional data their stepmother called fairfax county, virginia, police department, to say the staffers were keeping her from her husband's deathbed. a relative described her situation as being kept in captivity by the brothers for months while they schemed to take their father's life insurance. the brothers, who as i.t. professionals, computer experts
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for congress, could read house members' emails and also have full access to their calendars, who they were meeting with, where they were meeting. anyway, article says allegedly use wiretapping devices on their own stepmother and threaten to abduct loved ones in pakistan if she didn't give them access to money stowed away in that country. on february 2, house officials and jamaal abid, awan from the house network as part of a capitol police investigation into house computer security. longtime employers include, and 's been in the news, a -- my friend, congresswoman deeb bee wasserman schultz, and others, they're named -- debbie
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wasserman schultz and others, they're named, have stood by these suspected criminals. but they did say they had access to their data, they say, we've seen in evidence that they were doing anything that was nefarious like steal or hack. but we're being unfairly picked on for being muslim. but a fairfax police report obtained by the "daily caller" news foundation investigative group says separately from that investigation on thursday, nuary 5, 2:00 p.m., samani galani called police after her stepchildren were denying her access to her husband of eight year, muhammad shaw who is currently hospitalized and police responded to the springfield home she shared with him. i made contact with her stepson
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abid who responded to the location, was obviously upset with the situation he stated he has full power of attorney over his father and produced an unsigned, undated document as proof. the officers wrote. then the officers say he refused to disclose his father's location, so he didn't even have a signed power of attorney, yet again, d to assert, and this is someone who was given access to the privileged here on material people pitol hill and i'm told by other i.t. professionals that do work here that if you know what you're doing and you have access congress congress member's
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computer which means their calendar, their emails, notice taken and stored on the computer out meetings, then it's very easy, you're good -- if you're good, to access virtually anybody else's information here in congress. i was told some time back by one of my friends in intelligence that at one time there was had rn about positions i taken like in support of egypt against the muslim brotherhood and that there were those who were monitoring people that came to my office. they knew, i was told, they know everybody that walks into your office. so when you see these kind of reports, mr. speaker, it's a little disconcerting and it's
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disconcerting that people are not more concerned here in this body about the potential for the kind of breach that's being stated here. anyway, the article goes on, the father died days later with his children denying him a final moment with his loved one and the body was take ton pakistan where there were significant assets in their father's name. galani was shocked to learn that his death certificate, that of her husband, listed him as divorced according to a relative of galani's. the relative spoke only on condition of anonymity. quote, they kept their stepmother in sort of illegal captivity from october 16, 2016, to february 2. unquote. the relative said.
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telling her they were in charge of her life and said she was not allowed to speak to anyone. the fact that she did not speak i think learn made it easy for them to take advantage of her. as shaw lay hospitalized, they would not let the father communicate with the wife. they would say he'd be meeting with her when they said so. the brothers bugged her house with hidden listening devices and told her her movements were under constant surveillance and conversations within the house and over the telephone were being listened to. they would repeat what she had told people to prove that they were really listening. this happened in the united states of america. the relativeve it, asked. galani obtained a secret cell
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phone and stood in the yard to communicate with relatives who encouraged her to call the police. after she did, abid threatened her very severely, made her fearful. they told her they were going to abduct or kidnap her family back in pakistan and she had to apologize. imran, an that's the individual that was doing computer work here for -- had done some for so many of our democratic friends here in the house, but he tried to manipulate her. she said to him, if you say you're my son why are you keeping my phone conversations listened to? so he said he would remove the devices, he came to the house, she saw him remove a couple, including under the kitchen counter. so it's interesting, we have these guys who members of congress said they don't need a background check. we can trust them. we're open minded.
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you know, they're muslim but we're not prejudiced. we don't even require a background check because we know we can trust them. we don't know what they did here in the house. but in their stepmother's house hey planted listening devices, apparently they knew where to get them. they knew how to use them. in the home. it still leads one to wonder, what all did they do during the 12 years they were working on computer systems here on capitol hill? and still, we know the allegations have been talked about at length in the media about the hacking of the democratic national committee, thei keep asking, are these
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guys that set up the democratic ational committee's computers? guys that are good at planting listening devices, they're good at setting up cameras to monitor movement and what's going on. did these guys help the democratic national committee set up their system without any background checks? these guys that made it so vulnerable to being hacked by russians or most anyone else who ared to try. galani learned from a life insurance executive that a few days before the father's death, the beneficiary was changed and abid became the beneficiary,
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relatives said. on top of that the springfield house where she lived would go to abid. galani fled from the brothers and has filed a second police complaint with fairfax county over insurance fraud and other abuses. abid did not return a request for comment from the "daily caller." well -- oh and it also pointed out that after mr. shaw passed away, these people that were doing computer work for members of congress without background checks, they came in to her house, she said whatever dumonts were there, they stole, along with a couple of laptops that were their father's property and they left for pakistan. now i heard somebody that should
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have known that the ringleader here that headed up the computer company that serviced so many of the -- well, this article talks about a handful of democrats but i've been hearing that at one time over the years over the last 12 years, they may have serviced as many as 80 different democratic members of congress' computers. but the relatives coming forward now, according to the article, because members of congress have attempted to downplay the brothers' potential crimes and have limited the investigation to just the capitol police who lack the ability to investigate cyberbreaches and international crimes and despite naming the brothers as suspects have not even arrested them. and this is apparently a muslim woman who says, i'm fighting to
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protect the country. talking about the united states. these are very bad people. kind of reminds one of the father who came forward to point out that his son had become radicalized and was a terrorist threat. and because under the obama ministration they purged the training documents so f.b.i. agents, state department officials, intelligence officials would not know what to look for to spot radical islamists. we know most muslims are not terrorists. they're not radicalized. most are loving people, want to hi in peace. that includes friends of mine ho live all their lives in
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afghanistan and were glad to fight against the taliban in afghanistan because they didn't want radical islam, they're muslim. they didn't want radical islamists running the country. radical islamists hate moderate muslims as much as they do so this lady says she is trying to protect our country because members of congress are not realizing how exposed congress has been. as she says, she's the stepmother, these are very bad people. politico reported that he and his wife are personal friends ith the former d.n.c. chair,
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ms. wasserman schultz when she was subject to an email hack that was blamed on the russians. and let's see this article is ated march 8 and apparently, amwan wasn't fired even though banned from the house network. but that was circumvented by appointing him as an adviser. and soon after, his two brothers and two of their wives appeared on the consal payroll collecting more than $4 million and that's over this period of time. the brothers had numerous additional sources of income, all of which seemed to disappear. while they were supposedly working for the house, the brothers were running a car dealership full-time that did
12:47 pm
ot pay its vendors after one person threatened to sue them. he began receiving a paycheck from another democratic member from the house of from ntatives, also florida. while they were working for house members and should be pointed out, not any republican members, they were working for house members including members of the homeland security and foreign affairs committees. the dealership took and never a aid a $100,000 loan from doctor who is a fugitive from u.s. authorities and is linked to hezbollah. i mean this is consistent with what was going on for eight years under president obama.
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you had a president of an organization that was listed as a co-conspirator. so whatever happened to all of those co-conspirators named by he u.s. department of justice. well, i had understood from a former member of d.o.j. in the bush administration, that they took this first case and that if they were successful in getting convictions, then they would turn around and go after the other co-conspirators. but the interesting that happened immediately after that conviction in late 2008, we had a new president and eric holder became attorney general and eric holder had no interest in prosecuting the named co-conspirators of those convicted of those convicted of
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supporting terrorism. so we spent eight years with this -- the obama administration listening to people who identified, not just being part , co-conspirator groups in supporting terrorism. american urse, an citizen by birth, his parents were both from yemen. they came here on visas. he was born and went back and trained him to hate america, as i first pointed out had been occurring seven years ago after in an international setting advised me that this person knew of radical islamic
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leaders who sent their wives to the united states to have babies so they could bring them back, teach them to hate america and they would be american citizens and could come in and out at will. and i know cnn refused to do proper investigation. they like name calling better than do proper investigations. and our nation is threatened by people that hate us. but different countries had what birthright to as travel programs. china was bragging they had the best birthright travel programs. you pay money to this travel group. they would get you a visa to
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come to the united states and of course you would want to come during the third trimester of pregnancy, so you could have a child in the united states. then the child, some of them would advertise, we'll even help you that your child has an american passport before he or she leaves the u.s. so your child can never be denied entrance, whether it's for college, for work, whatever, they can come in and out as they please and that's how a man anwar alacky, helped the clinton administration, bush administration and working one time for the obama administration advised me that the obama administration was really upset because they
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thought alaki was helping them as maybe a double or triple agent. and when they found out that he was not actually helping the united states, he was still helping radicalizing individuals and was behind some of the radicalization of people that went on to kill americans in the united states, with all of those ties -- in fact there's photographs of him leading right here in this building in which i stand, mr. speaker, leading iday prayers with muslim staffers here on capitol hill, leading those prayers. so president obama thinks that with all his ties to people in his administration, people on
12:53 pm
capitol hill, this guy, american citizen, free to come in and go as he wishes, who was so dangerous, we could not possibly allow him to come back and have a trial where he could testify about all of his connections to people in the obama administration or bush or clinton administration. this guy's so dangerous, we yemen, ow him up in silence him forever. don't want to give this guy a trial. silence him forever, the first american citizen to be ordered killed by a president without a trial with a drone strike. alaki. there's so many others. muslim brother -- former president of egypt who was
12:54 pm
removed by the large -- well ordered removed by the largest gathering of peaceful demonstrators in the history of the world. these were incredible egyptian ople, muslims, christians, ws, secularist ordered the removal of corrupt the president of egypt, even though we had senator mccain over there that they release this muslim brother and put him back in charge. he was on his way in becoming what chavez was to venezuela, he was about to be that for egypt. so it wasn't just democrats that were fooled. but thank god -- i do, thank god that the egyptian people would not have it. he claimed to have had 13
12:55 pm
million or so votes, but the egyptians told me when i go there visiting with friends, they said they knew there was a lot of fraud and probably didn't get elected with the majority of votes but the muslim brotherhood made clear to his opponents and those who wanted him removed, if you try to remove him, we will burn this country down. and when he was removed, the muslim brotherhood tried to do that. they burned many churches, dozens of them. attacked synagogues and then tried to blame this on the army in egypt and others. but it was very clear, this was the muslim brotherhood carrying out their threat that if you remove the muslim brother leader
12:56 pm
from presidency before he took control, while he was taking his commands from an imam, a religious holy radicalized islamist, i'm told they had him on video taking orders from such an imam. well, he didn't get back into power. nd they recognized, the muslim brotherhood is a terrorist group. and my friend ted cruz has filed a bill and we filed one here in the house to recognize the muslim brotherhood as a terrorist organization that it is. and i know that replacing obamacare is a system for taking care of people's health is a priority for so many of us.
12:57 pm
but we have got to multi task and not lose sight of the fact that we're still under the threat of radical islam. they still want to kill us. they still want to eliminate our way of life here in the united states. so while we are hopefully about to create a better health care system in the united states, we got to make sure the united states is protected. and for those who are so open-minded that they want to make sure that no muslim ever suspects them of being prejudice , they would allow people to get into our computer systems constantly without a background check, we are being put at risk.
12:58 pm
we were put at risk when the obama administration listened to care, council on islamic relations and the group you hear from after a terrorist attack basically challenging people how re you say it is a radical islamist. i kept hearing from people inside homeland security that we were spending more time and effort training our officers to pot islama fobes than we are training them to identify. that's why starnyeff was never stopped and picked up and prevented and killing people in boston is because the f.b.i.
12:59 pm
agents doing the best that they uld were deprived of kim ensen's 7-00 -- 700-plus pages that they did not want the f.b.i. trainees to see and to know and brought it back toward the end. but most f.b.i. trainees never got any training on what radical islam looks like. they never knew what questions to ask. they neefer knew what questions to ask at a mosque. and yes, if somebody is suspected of being a radical islamist, you should go to the mosque and talk to their friends and find out what their new religious practices were because there are people that understand and have studied radical islam, they know. kim jensen knew. so i'm very hopeful people like
1:00 pm
kim jensen will be given free rein to fully train our justice department officials, people like filt hawaiiany and phil had so much information that was deleted under secretary napolitano establishing ties to terrorism, they wanted them deleted because many of them had ties with the white house. . and it would make the white house look bad. but when secretary napolitano talked about, yeah, we get pinged and then we connect the dots she oversaw the elimination of dots, she oversaw the elimination of the ability to ping, as she said.
1:01 pm
and she exposed ore country to dangers that were completely unnecessary if proper training had been given to our people in the justice department. and our homeland security department. and our intelligence agencies and groups. and it really is clear from what's been going on, i've only been here under two presidents, president george w. bush, president obama, now the third, president trump. but under the first two administrations i served with, we were told repeatedly that use or he section 215 program he 702 program that allows wiretapping of foreign agents, we were assured, you know, that if an american citizen were picked up, nobody knows the
1:02 pm
name, it's immediately masked. the conversation is minimized so you don't have access to that. we were told a lot of things that turned out to be lies. and it does appear that snowden was guilty of treason from what we've seen. but nonetheless, what he was released, and he should be tried and if convicted, punished severely. but we -- i sure learned a lot from what got released. i learned that we were lied to ring the obama years about int was or wasn't being done surveiling american citizens. and at least the last part of the bush administration, and it could be the president's -- it could be the presidents didn't know. somebody knew.
1:03 pm
nd if we do not in this body give president trump the ability to do what he became famous for, and that's say, you're fired, then this country is not going to get back on a sound basis that will continue to be -- there will continue to be people who will monitor others illegally, improperly, unconstitutionally. and use that information to get rid of leaders that don't play ball with them. and that is dangerous. and we hear of foreign intelligence people who are corrupt, spy on their own people, and they are impressed with what was going on under the obama administration and feel like that was a dream come true
1:04 pm
for anyone in intelligence to be able to monitor the people of a country like has been going on. it's got to be cleaned up or we lose our freedoms once you have the ability to reach in to people's private lives, that ompletely, you don't even have to have a case. you can destroy their lives. good example was senator ted stevens of alaska. somebody should have gone to prison for what happened to that man. as a former prosecutor, judge, chief justice, we prosecuted people as a prosecutor, i sentenced people who were convicted and i was -- when i was a judge. i ruled on convictions when i was a chief justice. we had to make sure due process was followed.
1:05 pm
and that people got a fair trial. evidence was not obtained illegally. but in ted stevens' case, i know when i read that hawaii had had this addition, i can't remember now, going strictly off recollection, but 700,000 or so improvements to his home and i thought, oh, come on. you've got to know, senator, you can't have that kind of improvement free to your home. can't do that. but they came in with search warrants, took all of his documentation, they got all of his bank records. they got all of his computers, his flash drives, anything that had memory on it. they took all of his documentation the man could not defend himself. he had, as it turns out, proof that he overpaid. maybe by half a million dollars,
1:06 pm
overpaid. and that the prosecutor, the -- had material, a note, as i recall, note saying something like that, from the contractor, look, you're overpaying me. senator stevens saying, yeah, i've got to overpay you because they'll look closely at everything i do and i guess i'm overpaying you, but i want the addition and i got to do this so i can never get in trouble, don't even cause the least suspicion. i've got to overpay you. so just take the overpayment he didn't have those documents and he was not allowed to testify about documents that were not producible he couldn't produce them. because the prosecutors, or the f.b.i., somebody, kept those and refused to turn them over which is a violation of the law and it's a crime to unfairly
1:07 pm
prosecute somebody when you know they have evidence to prove their innocence. you don't even give it back to him so he can use it and show the truth? thank god there was a whistle blower that finally exposed, if i recall correctly, i believe it was an f.b.i. agent, and the judge hit the roof, of course. any judge, i would have. you deceived us? you caused this prosecution, had the trial, right before the election so he would lose, you changed the election, you talk about the russians for heaven's sake, that was an intentional invasion and it wasn't by russians, it was by americans. and they ran the republican senator out of his office, basically destroyed his life, and if he'd been in the senate he wouldn't have been in that airplane when it went down.


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