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Trump Administration
  Members of Congress React to President Trumps Address  CSPAN  March 1, 2017 5:35am-5:38am EST

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>> thank you for stopping day. we get set to welcome the new environmental protection agency director, and administrator, scott pruitt. >> thank you. >> not a lot mentioned about the environment. did you get a heads up before the speech and with the president say? >> oftentimes people talk about roads and bridges only. one thing the white house is talking about is infrastructure spending outside of the budget the share. is to be a major part of that discussion. that is something that's ongoing, we need to improve within our quality standards. the president has shown great leadership to make sure that we improve our quality and investor water infrastructure. the president wasted no time in
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signing executive orders. the other clean air rule as well. was sort of direction as the white house give you same focus on this first. >> what i think he denied in his speeches that he's keeping his promises. his talk about regulatory overreach and regulatory burden. the regulatory uncertainty that has existed. farmers and ranchers, gas producers, people who want to use the land locally in towns and cities, these are always a problem of the states and local level. when the epa several years ago change the definition the pa became the arbiter of that. they want to provide certainty to make sure the state federal government know the balance.
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>> last year this time a lot of anger about the flints, michigan tainted water situation. lots of blame to be passed around between the epa, the the state and the town of flint itself. what you see your role as helping to prevent those things. your role your colleagues? >> you have a situation with the state drinking water act where the epa should've been more proactive in making sure the source of that water in the corrosion control is still being used, the status of the infrastructure was being monitored with local officials. this is not pretended he to look at communities across the country, rules in particular. >> i appreciate the presence
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mentions night that were gonna rebuild america and focus on roads, bridges and airports and water infrastructure to ensure that doesn't happen in the future. >> was this your just a week in office, was this your first joints s session? >> i've attended before but this was my first as a cabinet official. i thought he did a very wonderful wonderful job. very inspirational. there is a lot of substance. i think he's keeping his