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tv   U.S. House Legislative Business  CSPAN  February 27, 2017 2:00pm-2:11pm EST

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said they were not. most of you probably saw chairman nunes' comments this morning. he was clear that, number one, he reached out to us to say i have been telling reporters that the allegations and descriptions in "the new york times" are not accurate and then we shared that information with him. he came to us to share that he equally had that issue fwraut up to him. he was -- brought up to him. he was briefed and said that was not accurate. >> take you now live to the floor of the house. gaveling back in and debating several bills debating with national parks. hen you were eedf hope and vision. may h words propheticords guide us still. nd your spit upon this nation and this congre that we may b opened to hearing your word andctively seekhe salvation you alone can bring. make of us a peop of compassionnd holiness.
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pursuing the avenu of justice for all, may b -- may we be a sign to the community of natio help us to workowahe completeulllmt othe epest human hopes and your inspiring promis. with humility, let us embrae our calling to be truly prophetic as ur servas of old by earnestly fulfilling you commands now and forever lord, bless the members of the people's houseoday andll day and may all that is done be f your greater honor and glory, amen. the speaker pro tempor the the last das proceedings l and announces to e house his pproval thereof. pursuant to clse 1 of le 1, the journal stan approved. the plge of allegiancwill be led byhe gentlewoman from california, mrs. walters. mrs. walters: pledge alliance to the lag of the united states of america anto the reblic for which it
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tands, o natior god, divible, with liy d stice for all. the speaker pro teore: the for one-minute speeches.uests mr. poe: i ask unaimous consent to address e house for one nute a to revise and extend my remar. the eaker pro mpore: out objtion the gentlem is recognized for one minut on which furtheproceedings were postponed mr. speaker president ama has sign an execute order to revive the cann keystone x.l. pipeline. if keystone does not go throh, it does not me they wilnot buy it fr them. canada gett. it will bring thousands of jobs
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tmy home state of texa this iwhere the pipeline ends at t refineries in southeast texa at peak capacity, the pipeline is expected to deli30,000 barels a day to the lf coast. that is much fuel we get from saudi arabia. at peak capacity, this will be better for the united states and for our self-reliance on our oil. transcanada has reapplied for this permit and the state department needs to approve it. pipelines are the most economically safe and way to move fuel. it's time we make this happen and it's just the way it is. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. for what purpose does the gentleman from pennsylvania eek recognition? without objection, the gentleman is recognized for one minute. mr. thompson: thank you, mr. speaker. mr. speaker, i rise today to identify an important wrung on the ladder. supplemental nutrition assistance program, or snap, can help pave the way for
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recipients to climb the economic ladder through work training. skills gaps can prevent access to jobs with family sustaining wages. underemployment and unemployment are leading causes of poverty, and promoting pathways to employment is the best way to help individuals climb the economic ladder out of poverty and into self-sufficiency. combined with other welfare programs, snap recipients may face a welfare cliff when they are just above the income eligibility level which will create disincentives for getting jobs. enforcement needs to be coupled with more effective snap employment and training programs. as the house agriculture and nutrition subcommittee chair i'm committed to reforming the employment and training parts of snap to serve the nutrition needs of today and greater opportunities for tomorrow for all americans. thank you, mr. speaker. i yield back the balance of my time.
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the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. for what purpose does the gentleman from california seek recognition? -- for what purpose does the gentlewoman from california seek recognize snigs without objection, the gentlewoman is recognized 1. >> paul's career in public service began in the 1980's when he worked for the republican caucus in the california state assembly on business, transportation and ousing issues. mrs. walters: i contied serve two california governors in the codes and standards and the department of transportation. he then served on the board of the orange county transportation authority and later as the board's chair. notably he served two terms as mayor. paul was a true public servant and he will be missed by everyone in the orange county community. our thoughts and prayers are with his wife, janice, his daughter, molly and the rest of his family.
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we join them in their mourning and hope they will find comfort in knowing paul's legacy of leadership will be known for years to come. i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlewoman yields back. for what purpose does the gentleman from california seek recognition? without objection, the gentlewoman is recognized for one minute. >> i rise as we close out black history month. last night we saw "moonlight" win the best picture which was a real milestone for black filmmakers. we saw viola davis, the first african-american woman to win an oscar, a emmy and tony. we've come a long way from the civil rights era. as a kid i was intrigued by the period. ms. barragan: it was when i first learned about standing up for people, for equality, against racial discrimination and injustices. the struggle is real and it continues today.
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i'm looking forward this weekend to going with one of my civil rights heroes, congressman john lewis, on a faith and politics trips to selma, montgomery and birmingham. may we learn from history to end the hatred, divisions and the injustices that continue. thank you. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady yields back. for what purpose does the gentleman from texas seek recognition? without objection, the gentleman is recognized for one minute. >> mr. speaker, a recent poll shows that the american people agree with all of president trump's major executive orders, though they are not likely to learn about it from the liberal media. revoking 50% approve sanctuary cities. 55% approve refugees from seven countries from entering the u.s., only 38% disapprove. by wide margins, the american people side with the president on freezing regulations and
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federal hiring, building pipelines and constructing a wall on the u.s. border with mexico. as favorable to the president as this poll is, think how much more favorable it would have been if the media had not insessantly criticized his xecutive orders. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. the chair lays before the house a communication. the clerk: the honorable the speaker, house of representatives, sir, pursuant to the permission granted in clause 2-h of rule 2 of the rules of the u.s. house of representatives, the clerk received the following message from the secretary of the senate on february 24, 2017, at 9:54 a.m. that the senate passed senate 442. with best wishes i am, signed sincerely, karen l. haas. the speaker pro tempore: the chair ahundredses the speaker's appointment pursuant to 20 u.s.c. 231-b and the order of
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the house of january 3, 2017, of the following individual to the board of trustees of the american folk life center in the library of congress on the part of the house for a term of six years. the clerk: ms. amy kitchener of fresno, california. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to clause 12-a of rule 1, the chair declares the house in recess until approximately 4:30 p.m. today. >> his objection was to going into warming centers or schools where officials might frighten children. your response to the governor on that? >> i was asked specifically what his -- what the comments were with respect to sanctuary
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cities. again, i would reiterate with all due respect to the governor. i'm not here to pick a fight with the governor. i enjoyed my time going to school in the state of connecticut. i kind of -- the reality is i think that there is a difference. whether or not what he wants to do is state funds, maybe -- without knowing the exact nature of how he's funding what he's funding, it's difficult. the question i was asked at the time was on how we would be handling it. i think the answer whether it's connecticut or california, is the president's executive order and the president's commitment is to make sure that tax dollars are not used to supreme court programs that are helping people who are not in the country legally and who are not citizens entitled to them. referee: one more question, sean. --years presidents have gone going back to when president


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