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tv   Washington Journal Cristina Marcos Discusses Michael Flynns Resignation  CSPAN  February 15, 2017 8:34am-8:38am EST

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valley. thank you for your time. guest: thank you, great conversation. your we want to give thoughts on if congress should investigate russia ties to the trump white house. we'll her various forms of --sent and the disagreement we have heard various forms of consent and disagreement on the issue. especially in light of michael flynn. for republicans. (202) 748-8000 for democrats. (202) 748-8002 for independents. you can call the line now. we will get a sense of what is happening in congress. christie marcos of the hill joins us. can you tell us where the senate is on an investigation? guest: that they have been sending mixed signals of the last 24 hours. in the house, the leaders that
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are charged with oversight not expressing a lot of interest in investigating what trump new and what led to the circumstances that resulted in michael flynn's resignation. chan chase is deferred -- ffetz deferred. they said they were more interested in the underlying story. speaker paul ryan said he wants to withhold judgment until he knew the whole story. some republicans are saying you need investigation to know the facts. on the senate side, you are send more prominent members who are expressing interest in pursuing an investigation. possibly you will bring in michael flynn to testify before congress. host: why do you think there's such a difference and looking at the issue from both the house and the senate? guest: for the past two months
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since the issue of russia's ties to the trump campaign, you see more progressive interest in investigating from the senate side. you have senators john mccain and lindsey graham as you may recall, they joined with the democrats in calling for bipartisan commission to investigate this. on the house side, they are a little less eager to pursue that route. host: on the house side, for democrats, among the leadership, is there some kind of plan or proposal to make the message a known on their interest of a hearing? guest: democrats have been holding a blitz of press conferences and sending letters and doing everything they can to keep the issue in the spotlight. this is something they argue if it were the underwear around and this were the obama administration or clinton administration, people like z would have issued
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terms of subpoenas by now. that if there a sense we get a hearing on the senate side, when they would take place? republicans of the who showed support for an investigation called for keeping it within the intelligence committees which are already revealed how russia tried to influence the election, the scope of that review includes campaign communications with russian officials. effecte in fact -- one is those panels are both very theetive and limits opportunity for public televised hearings to air this out in a public setting. host: this is cristina marcos from the hill talking about the reaction into what michael flynn and other issues. you can find her reporting on the hill website. thank you for your time. again, your thoughts in


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