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tv   Tom Price Sworn in as Health and Human Services Secretary  CSPAN  February 11, 2017 3:48am-3:57am EST

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these the protest and i will not be deterred index getting the vital mission of the department of education. " health and human services secretary tom price is the latest cabinet member to be sworn in after being confirmed this week by the senate. the swearing-in was administered by vice president pence and took place at the executive office building, not far from the white house. >> ladies and gentlemen, the vice president of the united states. vice-president pence: good morning. on behalf of president donald trump, it will be my great privilege to administer the oath of office to america's new secretary of health and human services. dr. tom price. [applause]
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i'm grateful to be joined by colleagues and friends to mark this occasion. the american people can be proud of having the finest health care in the world. the american people can be proud we all know the challenges in recent years since the passage of the affordable care act. president trump has made a top priority to repeal and replace the affordable care act. with health-care reform that will lower the cost of insurance. finding someone to lead a health and human services who brings a
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background in medicine, a background in health care, a background in budgetary issues in the congress of the estates. he understands the unique challenges of state officials and programs like medicaid. it was easily met when he made the decision to name the new secretary of health and human services. dr. price is uniquely qualified to step into this role during this time of reform in light of health care in america. for nearly 20 years, he worked for nearly 20 years, he worked in private practices in the atlanta area. you pass on your wisdom by training rising generations at a for nearly 20 years, he worked in private practices in the atlanta area. you pass on your wisdom by training rising generations at a local hospital. it is an impressive career in health care. your patience or not the only
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ones who benefited, by your leadership and example that you would carry your leadership qualities to the georgia state senate where you served for eight years and became the majority leader of the georgia state senate to helping steer a time of renewal in the state of georgia. and it was on to congress where i first met dr. price. he would start in the congress now for more than 12 years. chairman of the budget committee, without question, emerging as the most principled expert on health care policy in the house of representatives, if not the entire congress. now president trump has transformed you with leading the department of health and human services on behalf of the american people. we are both confident that you will bring that experience as a position and the state level and that singular experience at the national level to ensure that president trump's vision for health care in this country works for every american will
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become a reality in the years ahead. with that on behalf of president trump it is my great privilege to give you the oath of office. place your left hand on the bible and raise your right. >> i, thomas price, do solemnly swear that i will defend the constitution of the united states against all enemies foreign and domestic that i will bear true faith in the leaders and take this obligation of freedom without any mental reservation's for purpose -- and that well and faithfully discharge my duties upon the office i'm about to enter. so help me god.
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>> congratulations. [applause] >> we are going to sign some official documents, but would you join me in welcoming betty price. [applause]
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[applause] thank you, everyone.
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>> thank you to achieve with me from day one. >> c-span's washington journal live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up this morning, benjamin johnson, executive director of the american immigration lawyers association, will discuss the legal challenges for president trump's executive order restricting travel by immigrants from seven muslim majority countries. then, political magazine reporter ben shrekinger will discuss his piece entitled the alt-right comes to washington. on willey wilkins an discuss his book in which he asserts the antiestablishment politics of today have roots in the 1960's political climate. be sure to watch she stands
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washington -- c-span's washington journal coming up 7 a.m. this morning. join the discussion. >> connecticut senator chris murphy set down with the washington post to discuss democratic priorities in congress. on e first days of the trump administration. this is 45 minutes. mr. hohmann: thank you to everyone joining us online and on c-span. before we get started, we will take a few questions from twitter. thanks to chris murphy for joining us. he has been in the senate since 2012.


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