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tv   Review-- Shutdown  CSPAN  December 27, 2013 8:00pm-8:51pm EST

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>> tonight, the year in review continues with a look at the federal budget and the government shutdown. and, a look at the life times of first lady jacqueline kennedy. and >> the beginning of october 2013 was a perfect storm of politics and policy with implementation of many elements of the health care law and the beginning of the new fiscal year. there was a 16 day government shutdown as a result. on the next hour of c-span's year in review, we bring you some floor debates. ofshow you senator ted cruz texas and his filibuster in the u.s. senate. we will begin with a conversation with a woman who covers issues on political hill. how did the health-care lobby,
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this linchpin for -- at least on the house side -- for the shutdown in october? >> that was a big part of this year. republicans have tried multiple stop come delay, or defund president obama's health care law. in website was coming online the health care exchange coming online. effort tore last best try to prevent the affordable becomingfrom taking -- -- coming to fruition. they stall the government spending bill as the best vehicle as her last best chance to make a stand. they did. this is a continuing resolution to keep the government funded until the new fiscal year. >> exactly.
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there have been some of the disagreements over how to fund the government. this has been a long-running difference of opinion over what level to fund government at and how far to cut back in different programs. they're unable to resolve that. they decided to punt. this is a fairly routine bill. political stand was to delay the implementation of part of the health care law. when october 1 came around, republicans kept trying different tactics to change the health care law. is that correct? any traction in the senate? >> that is a good question. in the senate, it was interesting. he saw attended -- senator ted cruz from texas make a stand.
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engage in this long filibuster campaign. that strategy was something that house republicans latched onto. others john boehner and thought that it was not going to be a winning strategy. you have divided government right now. even if they could pass out of congress, which seemed unlikely, the law would be defunded or delayed, president obama would probably never signed that kind of a bill. it was a strategy without a complete end to accomplish the goal up. >> you mentioned house and republicans -- to accomplish the goal. >> you mentioned the two parties. manystarted introducing appropriations bills. funding veterans programs and the national parks. why did they try to go that route? >> as much as people love or
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hate the government, shutting down national parks and routine government services was not popular. workers are getting furloughed. it is having an economic hit. people can come to the national mall to see the museums or go to the national parks or have family vacations. what the house decided to start doing this to pass as many appropriations bills. let's fund the part of the government that provides money for veterans national park service. small, individual bills that would be the focal for democrats to vote against. it was difficult for them to vote against it. many voted for them. use off bipartisan votes coming over. it was one after the other everyday during the shutdown.
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harry reid let them sit because democrats were not willing to play that sort of strategy. if i would be better to let the shutdown work its course -- they thought he would be better to let the shutdown work its course. >> some of the house floor debate and comments from the of the this is late in september. president ahead of the shutdown. this is in late september. >> millions of americans across the country are struggling to find good paying jobs and their struggling to pay their bills. their frustration with government continues to grow. working middle-class americans are counting on their elected representatives to show
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leadership. this continuing resolution will keep the government funded at it current level without increasing spending will congress finishes working on a real budget. americans are tired of seeing the government continue to spend more and more of the hard-earned .ax dollars for the first time since the korean war, it will be possible to have two consecutive years of discretionary spending cuts. this resolution will also protect the working middle class from the devastating effects of obamacare. ofh week, we hear stories how both major employers in small businesses are cutting back benefits and hours. the president health care law is turning our economy to a part- time economy.
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these are the heads of major unions that were once so supportive of obamacare want to see this log drastically changed to avoid further -- law which is to avoid further -- let's protect the american people from the economic calamity that we know obamacare will create. americans are fighting for their families. they were sent by our constituents to fight for them. they have put faith in their leaders to do what is right. for this congress, the house has led on restoring faith in our economy and trust in our government. we should pass this continuing andlution so the senate finally begin to do the same. thank you to the gentleman from kentucky for his work on this measure, along with the help of
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,he gentleman from louisiana for their hard work on the issue. i urge my college to support this resolution. -- my colleague to support this resolution. >> the gentlelady is recognized. >> i'm pleased to yield to mr. steny hoyer. >> he is recognized for three minutes. >> thank you for yielding. adam speaker, today we are considering a measure to fund government only -- madame speaker, today we are considering measure to find government only that will help millions of americans access affordable care. is a blatant act of hostagetaking.
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the republican cr lays the groundwork for a default on our that. a unthinkable act instituting pay china first provision. fully embraces the dangerous and irrational policy. this confirms the descent into an economy destroying, national security undermining, and ineffective rendering of our country and our people needs. majority party with its destructive obsession with the repeal of the affordable care act in its unrestrained hostility toward government has -- the republicans hollow claims of irrationality of its quality -- the majority does so notwithstanding the chairman. of sequestertion
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and ill- "unrealistic conceived." his words, not mine. a policy that chairman rogers to an"must be brought end." his words, not mine. opposite.e they will vote to continue a policy that will lead to american decline in retreat. that hist be party to investment in america's greatness. today's bill undermines the education of our children, the security of seniors, and the present and future health of our people and the strength and readiness of our forces and the growth of our economy and the creation of jobs. the quality and volatility -- the quality and health of our
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environment and respect for those who labor in the public sector and most certainly the honoring of america's debt and obligations. today's bill undermines all of those priorities and more. i will not support it. i urge my colleagues to oppose it. it continues us on the path so aptly described again as chairman rogers as "this lurching path from fiscal racist to fiscal crisis." wisdommy colleagues with and courage on your side of the out to oppose this bill. , the americaner people are accounting on us to do our jobs, to work together, to create jobs, to keep the government open and to keep the
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economy running. the billot the time or for relitigating health reform or for holding up the administration's ability to protect the full faith and credit of the united states of america. with the great suffering in the wake of a natural disaster in colorado -- my heart goes out to all of those families who lost lives and loved ones and property -- this is not the time to limit the ability of the united states of america to give relief to those losing loved ones, homes, and livelihoods. republicans refuse to work together with the senate and the white house to bring a construct to piece of legislation to this floor today.
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bill that consider a we know is destined for failure in the senate and would be vetoed by the white house. for months, the majority has they refuse to appoint members to work with the senate on a top line spending number. they cannot even pass their own spending bills in this chamber. we remember how the important transportation bill had to be pulled off of the floor because they could not find the vote. they risk halting government services and functions vital to the american people and our economy. you wonder on appropriations chairman, mr. rogers said that end the sequester and find a balanced forward. they are still--
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playing political games. i urge my colleagues to oppose and support the responsible replacement of the sequester with a balance plan to create jobs and keep our economy moving. i know we can do it. i would be pleased to to be part of that partnership with the chair, mr. rogers. >> the gentleman from kentucky is recognized for two remaining minutes. >> thank you. madam speaker, we are doing a cr even though the appropriations committee on the house side past 11 of the 12 bills through the committee. four of them across the floor in the house. for aforetimeones
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as we run out of time. consequently. this continuing resolution will continue the government passed the september 30 and of the fiscal year. unable to pass the appropriations bills singly on the floor because of a lack of time, but also because the house and senate never agreed to an overall number of which we could mark. consequently, we were not able to bring those bills out because of that limitation. until december 15, with were given a number the senate in which we need to mark the individual 12 bills. we will do so.
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this is a hard-working committee. we are pragmatists. we know that we have to pass the bills to fund the government. we are intending to close down the government and shut it down. here.ld sit this is an effort by the majority party in the house to continue the government and avoid a shutdown what we work out differences on these funding bills for fiscal 2014. speaker,eaker -- madam this resolution is straightforward, clean, short term, continues reduction and federal discretionary spending. we have cut discretionary spending the last two years by $120 billion, the first one that
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has occurred since world war ii. we are trying to be responsible. this bill is responsible and i urge a yes vote. unfortunately there is a faction on the far right of the republican parties -- party. they convinced the leadership to threaten a government shutdown and potentially threaten not if theye debt ceiling cannot shut off the affordable care act also known as obamacare. think about this. they're not talking about spending cuts. they're not talking about entitlement reform. they are talking about something that has nothing to do with the budget. right? they are willing to plunge if wea into default cannot defund the affordable care act.
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put this into perspective. the affordable care act passed and wasses of congress an issue in last your posse election. the guy running against me said he would reform it. we won. [applause] the voters were pretty clear on it. republicans and congress try to repeal or sabotage this more than 40 times. every time they failed. place isthat is in .roviding people benefits it is helping millions of americans, including some of you or your family members that you may not be aware of. beer job.
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don't be the other guy. be the guy who is doing your job . no obstruction, no games, no holding the egg to nominate -- i'm sorry, economy hostage -- if you do not get 100% of what you want. i do not know how may people are married, but you know not to expect when hundred percent of what you want. otherwise you will be divorced really quick. especially you man, i'm telling you. men, i'm telling you. [laughter] you should expect some compassion and compromise. you should expect the condition of leaders to wake up and go to work everyday and not to tear something down, but to build something better. that is my conviction and
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commitment to you. it to get you back to the point where this country is where we want it to be. >> at this point we have seen small businesses all around this country who are losing their ability to compete, who are not expanding and staying under 50 employees, who are not hiring or who are forcing employees to move to part-time work. businesses,of small half of small businesses eligible for the employee mandate are either moving to part-time workers are forcing full-time workers to go part time. this is not a small problem. it is not a marginal problem. it is a problem all over the country. are talking millions of small businesses.
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they are not growing. that means they are not hiring people. everywhere in america where they are struggling to find a job, small businesses are trying out that obamacare is killing them. unfortunately, the u.s. senate is not hearing their cries. the millions of americans being .orced into part-time work the u.s. senate is not hearing their cries. billions of americans are facing skyrocketing health care premiums and facing the reality risk of losing their health insurance. the u.s. senate is not hearing their cry. the people who are facing this are not wealthy or powerful or the millionaires and
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billionaires. there are young people who are being absolutely decimated by obamacare. in are single moms working diners and finding their work hours been reduced to 29 hours a week. single moms are crying out to .he senate to fix this trainer fix this disaster. i'm fortunate, the u.s. senate is closed for business. , the u.s.nately senate is closed for business. rollinghutdown is about back our efforts to provide health insurance to folks who don't have it. it is all about rolling back the affordable care act. this is to what the republican party stands for these days.
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it is strange that one party would make keeping people unsure the centerpiece of their agenda. that is apparently what it is. where is strange is shutting down our government -- passed.rdable care act it was a central issue in my election. it is settled and here to stay. it is not impacted by government shutdown. americans are with me today because of the credit affordable care act is now open for business. -- a big part of the affordable care act is now open for business. it has been a long time coming. americans who have been forced to go without insurance can
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gov admin rolere. in affordable coverage. people have six months to sign up. it -- and enroll in affordable coverage. people have six months to sign up. making it covered they desperately need. coverage theyt desperately need. as reckless as a government shutdown is, and economic shutdown that results from default would be dramatically worse. social security textile go out on time. and economic -- social security checks go out on time. in an economic shutdown, they do
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not go out on time. and the government shutdown, millions of americans -- everyone faces real, economic hardship. pensionsic shutdown, and home values and rising interest rates on student loans, all of those things could send us into a bad recession. it would affect all of you. that is not my analysis. out therey economist saying that. we have never done it before. the u.s. is the center of the world economy. if we screw up, everyone gets good to the whole world will have problems.
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everyone gets up, screwed up. the whole world has problems. would be the height of irresponsibility. -- there will be no negotiations over this. did not come here to shut down the government or to fall on our debt. limit, comes to the debt 27 times the debt limit has been used to carry significant policy changes that would reduce spending and put us on a saner fiscal path. reagan's said down with o'neal in the 1980s. with o'nealt down in the 1980s. clinton went through the three
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times in the 1990s. 2011 and i sat down in had a serious negotiation. while he suggested i walked away from the deal, i have to remind him that i was in the oval office along with the majority leader eric cantor when we had an agreement in two days later the president walked away from it. negotiationnother that resulted in the largest deficit bill we have seen in 30 years. in 2010, what happened was a group of moderate democrats would not agree to raise the debt limit without a negotiation. there was a negotiation amongst democrats. --re is going to been alone
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going to be a negotiation here. we need to do something about what is driving us to our own more money and to live beyond our means. borrow more money and to live beyond our means. i would rather be 4000 miles away from here. this is the first time in 28 years i have not been in the bering state. i'm here today on behalf a fisherman. armored talk specifically about the impacts of my fisheries. -- i am here to talk specifically about the impacts of my fisheries. there's a lack of personal to perform routine, administrative functions. it will result in millions of lost revenue. willederal reserve program be impacted the longer the shutdown continues.
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many fishermen coastal communities are facing tough times. this at them may be the tipping point if the situation is not resolved soon. -- situation may be the tipping point if the situation is not resolved soon. king crab stock is healthy. results in hundreds of millions economic timothy that provides thousands of jobs for fishermen, processors, and support businesses such as welders, shippers, distributors, retailers. -- they fundclear the costs through government programs.
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we are taxed to cover management costs. money thatleft over could be used to pay for the personal we need to issue permits. -- we asked fact, the secretary of commerce to find the authority and direct employees to do the task we have paid for. a delay in the opening of the fishery would have significant impacts on alaskan coastal kenyan 80s. docs, notied to the cost them thousands more. the short-term impacts are relatively easy to measure. the longer-term impact of the scary part. the majority of our craft, we rely in the holiday market, both in the u.s. and japan.
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andhe crab is not caught processed and shipped out by the second week of november, we stand to lose access to that market. we cannot afford to lose anymore to meet that deadline. in the case of the japanese markets, we stand to lose market share. if the japanese buyers do not have a lasting product on hand for the new year holiday, they will get their crops from russia . market watchers are noticing uncertainty in the japanese. unsustainable -- unsustainably managed and subject to pirate fishing. pirate fishing is causing us an estimated 500 million. if the shutdown continues, that amount will only increase. time is critical. there are many small family run
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businesses that make up the alaskan crab fleet. my brother is on the boat with me. i could depend on me to be their families. we have a racking up bills to get ready to go fishing. if we are tied to the docs and waiting for the government, we cannot pay those bills. on behalf of all fishermen, i'm asking congress to shut the -- end the shutdown now. i need to go fishing. >> the shutdown of the government for the last 16 days evolved -- al has deal has evolved. are some key details of the deal? >> congress did what they often do when they can agree. they sort of punted. because there were such a difference between the spending ,evel that republicans wanted they agreed to temporarily fund
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the government for another short atle until january 15 current operating levels. it was not as high as democrats sought and not as low as republicans sought. in the interim, have the house budget committee and the senate budget committee but the two budget plans together in a conference committee and try to negotiate an agreement. that group headed by republican paul ryan and you be vice president joel convery -- vice theydential candidate -- had six weeks until today. these number 13 was there deadline the cutoff with a deal. as you can imagine -- december 13 was very deadline cut off for a deal. as you can imagine, expert
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haitians were low that they could come up with something that expectations are low that they could come up with something. >> they a deal a couple of days ago. that has since passed the u.s. house. in the senate, it is to be determined if it gets past. >> absolutely. will suck you probably will have to senate in the coming days. -- it looks like you will probably have -- in the senate in the coming days. called them very modest deals. very different from the big bargains that president obama and other people had tried to negotiate over the years. bring the nation's fiscal picture in a better place.
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they came up with a plan. it passed the house. there's a strong, robust majority. it is heading to the senate. conservative republicans are not on board with this. the most conservative, hardliners are not on board. there are some who gave their boat to this. ote to this. some democrats gave their vote. democrats, they will still need republican support to get to that 60 votes threshold to overcome a possible filibuster. >> that is one third. the amid the deadline on the conference report. whichy 15 is the date by
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the current temporary spending ends. in early february, the debt ceiling. >> right. they got the package through the senate. cap to pass this one more time in january when congress on -- they have to pass this one more time in january when congress comes back. they need to keep funding for the government or it would shut down again. they have got to take this agreement and put it into the spending bills. looking ahead, is this a new era in congress? a cycle of lurching from crisis to crisis come to a close? the majority is still out on that. raising that nation possible limit has been a difficult
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issue. it is uncertain if that will happen again. they have every seven to raise that limit. more than $17 trillion in debt right now. that is something not a lot of people want to do. they also don't want to default on accrued bills that the nation needs to pay. the treasury department could probably keep thing the bills and stretch that out a bit. i think that will be the next --dle and when that arrives we will see how they handle that. >> we are bound to see a similar debate we saw from harry lead in the senate and mitch mcconnell from earlier this fall. world hass of the been on washington. that is a gross understatement.
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they witness great discord. so see congress reach a historic -- theyan agreement will also see congress reach a historic bipartisan agreement. a it is never easy for two sides to reach consensus. it is really hard. this time it is really hard. ater weeks spent facing off divider seems too wide to cross, our country came to the brink of disaster. we prevented that disaster. i thank the republican leader for his effort to reach this agreement. the cooperation was essential to pass both chambers of congress and also be signed by president
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obama. there'llslation says be a conference committee that will set our country on a long- term, fiscal sustainability. some say that will be hard. what we do is hard, but we can get it done. the committee members selected will serve no matter how painful . this conference committee led by chairman murray and chairman for me in december as an appropriate place to chart a course for economic growth.
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it averts default if every seven. congress can work toward a long- term agreement to fix this crisis and perhaps most this is not a time for pointing fingers or blamed. this is a time of reconciliation. with myward to working colleagues of both parties of -- avertat capital and h a default on our nation's debt. is send ave done message to americans from every that ther 50 states u.s. lives up to its obligations. its mostst return to
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important job -- fostering economic growth and protecting middle-class families. return to the most important job -- fostering economic growth and protecting middle-class families. i do know this -- senator inonnell and i have sat serious discussions the last few days. we will do everything we can to change the atmosphere in the senate and accomplish things that need to be done for our country. president. >> republican leader. >> this has been a long challenging week. it is my hope we can put some of those issues behind us. after yesterday's advance, the
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majority leader and i began a series of conversations about the way to get the government reopened and to prevent default. i'm confident we will be able to do both of those things later today. we willy, i'm confident be able to announce we are protecting the government spending reductions that both parties agreed to. it has been a top priority for me and for my colleagues on the republican side of the throughout this debate. it has been worth the effort. some have suggested that we break that promise as part of this agreement. some have said washington needs to spend more and that we need and tax our way to prosperity. what the -- showed is that washington can cut spending. that is just what we have done.
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for the first time since the since war, the first time the korean war, government spending has declined for two years in a row. the first time in 50 years. we are not going back on this agreement. there is a lot more we need to do to get our fiscal house in order. once we have gotten over the drama the moment, we can get to work on it. let's understatement importance of the budget control or the importance of the fight. this is the largest spending bill of the last quarter- century. preserving this law is critically important to the future of our. throughout this debate, republicans focused on obamacare for good reason.
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this was ravaging our economy and killing jobs and driving opinions and driving people off of the health care plans they had and like in droves. it is a disastrous rollout any sign of things to come. to -- it will do untold damage to our country. republicans remain determined to repeal this terrible all -- law. for today, the relief we hope for is to reopen government, avoid default, and protect the historic cuts we have achieved under the budget control act. this is far less than many of us have hoped for, frankly. it is far better than what some sought.ped -- had it is time for republicans
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tonight behind other crucial goals. i yield the floor. rise tonight in support of the senate compromise legislation being considered to end this unnecessary government shut down. this legislation reopens the government and prevent a catastrophic the fall and credit downgrade that would spur another recession. i'm pleased that cooler heads have finally prevailed. it is disappointing we are in the situation. after more than two weeks as the government shutdown and on the eve of default, we have reached an agreement. this legislation must be supported. it should not be celebrated. no hive man -- high fives are spiking of the football. it is a temporary bill. anyone.t a win for
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the bill represents the conclusion of a difficult period of which many can draw important lessons. we must keep the government the out-ng and address of-control debt and the many challenges resented by the health care law, obamacare. i work tirelessly with find an senators -- to the senators and many others in his conversation. i hope this lays down a
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foundation to reach an agreement on issues that need to be addressed. i urge my colleagues to vote in favor of this legislation and to join with those of us who share an obligation to govern and seek bipartisan solutions. >> the gentleman from kentucky reserves. the gentlelady from new york is recognized. >> i'm very pleased to yield one minute to the gentleman from pennsylvania a member of the appropriations committee. >> the gentleman is recognized for one minute. >> thank you, madam speaker. pathe to urge an expedited . this is critically important. in israel and met with the
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president and with the whole group of researchers from around the world. we can be -- happy that the sun is active in such an overwhelming way. 81 bipartisan votes. restore ourouse to andrnment to pay our bills to get on with our responsibilities as the most powerful nation in the world and the wealthiest country in the world. we can conduct the affairs of government in a way that danes us respect around the world rather than befuddlement. thank you. there has been a lot of discussion lately of the politics of the shutdown.
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let's be clear -- there are no winners here. you last few weeks have conflicted completely unnecessary damage on our economy. we do not know yet the full scope of the damage, but every thatst out there believes families have gone without paychecks or services they depend upon. we know the potential home buyers about fewer mortgages and business loans have been put on hold. we know that consumers have cut back on spending and that half of all ceos say that the shutdown and the threat of shutdown has set back their plans to hire over the next few months. we know that the threat of default of americans not paying all other bills that we owe on time increases borrowing costs that adds to our deficit. we know that the american people's frustration is what higher.has never been
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that is not a surprise. american people are completely fed up with washington. a moment when our economic recovery demands more jobs, more momentum, we have got yet another self-inflicted crisis to set our economy back. for what? no economic rationale for all of this. inas we wrap up our year review series, a reminder that all of the programs we showed you in all of the video is available on our website at c- [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] >>


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