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tv   Today in Washington  CSPAN  September 25, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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oh it's timely friday. good morning to you. i'm natasha curry in for robin meade today. an american accused of planning to blow up a federal building is now under arrest, that as security agents break a completely separate plot to use weapons of mass destruction in the u.s. and kids across the country may be drinking water full of arsenic and lead. a new report that may have you packing bottled waters ayou send your kids off to school. and -- >> i really don't think she would have made it. i think the smoke would have overtook her. >> total strangers ran into a burning house to save an elderly
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woman. what nearly stopped them from getting to her. today's top story, two alleged terror plots targeting two u.s. cities and federal agents say that the suspects in both were ready to pull the trigger. the arrests were in illinois and texas. counterterrorism authorities say the plots were unrelated and neither case is connected with the third alleged plot based in colorado that we've been talking about all week. first in illinois, in springfield, michael fenton is charged to trying to detonate a bomb outside the federal building. he tried to blow it up with a remote control. he was arrested as he pushed the button. in dallas, a 19-year-old jordanian man was arrested as he tried to set up a homemade bomb at an office tower. both plots are considered home grown. >> they don't have to blend in. they already are in. don't need fake i.d.s, don't need to find a way to live or
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make money, so it's much more difficult for us to find these homegrown self-radicalized terrorists. >> fbi agents prevented both aacts going undercover. in about ten minutes richard lui explains how they outsmarted the alleged terrorists. drinking wanter at many schools across the country is tainted with toxic levels of lead and pesticides. a new associated press association finds kids in all 50 states have been exposed to the water for the last ten years and many schools aren't fixing old pipes because providing bottled water is cheaper. the epa says the number of safety violations has spiked in the last decade because of stricter standards. if you have children's and infant's tylenol at home pay close attention here. some of the medicine is being recalled because of a possible bacterial contamination. jennifer westhoven is looking out for you on this one. is this a danger to kids in. >> johnson & johnson, when you
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look at how this works, saying it's almost impossible that any kid would get hurt or sick from this but they want to be absolutely sure so they're recalling nearly two dozen tileal liquids, children's and infants products, found bacteria in an inactive ingredient that wasn't used in the product. they're calling it an apun dance of caution. to see the list of the recalled lot numbers so you can make sure everything in your medicine cabinet is okay go to the website, and look at important links. you check the lot numbers to the bottom of the tileal box or on the sticker around the bottle. >> jen, thanks so much. president obama reportedly is preparing to accuse iran of having a secret nuclear fuel facility. the "new york times" reports the president, along with the leaders of britain and france will make that accusation before the opening of the g-20 sum nit pittsburgh this morning. mr. obama is scheduled to make a statement in about two and a half hours from now but we don't know if iran will be the topic.
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in another big announcement today the g-20 is expected to announce that it is taking over the role of coordinating global economic policy from the smaller g-8 and president obama is pushing for it. that means that countries like china, brazil and india would have a say on things like trade policy and bank regulation. >> by order of the city of pittsburgh chief -- >> reporter: police fired pepper spray and rubber bullets at protesters outside the bullet. they said some protesters threw rocks and broke windows. they arrested about 20 people. everyone who wants the. -vaccine will be able to get it. that's what health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius announced yesterday. 6 million doses will be available in the u.s. during the first week of october. then 10 to 20 million doses each week after that. now most of the initial doses will be in a nasal spray.
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vice president joe biden will get a firsthand look at the flooding damage in georgia today. he's going to see scenes like this near atlanta as people return home to a massive cleanup. nine people died in the state. president obama has pledged federal relief money for several georgia counties. for some people it's just a relief to get home. >> last night, dealing with a lot of it, i hit a point where i was like, i wanted out of here, you know, i want my house back. >> and if you want to help flood victims, check out, click on the "impact" button for details on where donations are needed. more storms are expected in the atlanta area today so bob van dillen joining us right now. how much rain are we talking about here? >> it will be scattered thundershowers today, natasha. good morning. and over the weekend another one to three inches of rain on
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saturday through early sunday as the cold front mofds on in. we don't see anything popping up in north georgia or eastern parts of alabama and that got hit the hardest. as the cold front does edge over it's going to pull that rain coming in. notice the heavy rain around iowa, stretching back in towards kentucky, and it's getting back across a cold front which is right now by d.c., so look at temperatures beyond that cold front, right now 74 in washington, only 51 degrees up in albany. 63 degrees in new york city. take you live to nyc, a decent day save for the wind, winds gusting up to 20 miles per hour later today. high 72 degrees, a beautiful shot at midtown, predown hours. down the south farther, humidity is up. 74 degrees in charlotte, a soupy day for you and the south, 71 in birmingham, 72 in atlanta. dallas only 56. another look at the radar and flash flood watches in a couple of minutes. >> 56, okay. thanks so much. >> all right. so a man using a metal
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detector in a rural english field hit a gold mine literally. terry herbert uncovered the largest anglo-saxon gold horde ever found, 11 pounds another a long with another 5 1/2 pounds of silver. experts haven't said how much it's worth but when the loot is sold he'll split the money with the owner of the field. look at that. good news out there if you're trying to buy or sell your house. these historic mortgage rates will be sticking around for awhile. plus -- >> what about the star? the star? >> is this the smartest horse in the world? see what else it can do.
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brand new morning, we have video of terrorist suspect nagibullah za dee buying large
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amounts of a chemical used to make bombs. he made several purchases recently. experts say he could have done major damage with the chemicals. we'll have more about what investigators know about this man. first more details on the alleged plot to blow up a federal building and a courthouse in illinois. 29-year-old michael fenton is charged with attempted murder of federal employees and attempted use of a weapons of mass destruction. correspondent richard lui is joining us now. how long has he been on the fbi radar in. >> good morning to you, natasha. agents have been tracking him for two years. the sting operation started in february. according to the fbi aft david an undercover agent posed as a low-level al qaeda operative and gave finton a van supposedly filled with one ton of explosives. the bombs were fake. finton didn't know that at the time. agents arrested him yesterday after he parked the van outside the federal courthouse in springfield and tried to detonate it with a cell phone.
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>> richard source why would he want to do this exactly? is the fbi talking about a possible motive in. >> what we know right now a federal affidavit is saying finton is an ex-con who converted to islam in prison and called himself talib islam. >> i'm very shocked to hear this about him because from what i know about him, this isn't in his character at all. this element of what's on the news about him, this is, i don't really, didn't know him to be that kind of guy, and this could be a mistake. >> authorities say it is no mistake. they say that finton told agents he identifialy iay aiay aial id walker lindh and wrote to him in prison. there's another terror plot foiled in dallas. >> a lot of things going on, on
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the terrorism front, this morning. charles manson follower susan atkins has died. she admitted to killing actress sharon tate 40 years ago. atkins had been suffering from brain cancer in jail and recently transferred to prison hospice care. earlier this month she was denied parole for her role in the brutal manson murders. a california man is accused of taking stalking to new heights. new for you in 20 minutes, the stunt that got him tossed in jail, and what neighbors say about an airborne tirade against an ex-girlfriend. another big bank is cutting at no the annoying and some say exc s excessive overdraft fees. >> this is u.s. bank, one of my favorite stories of the week. some of the nation's biggest banks said they would eliminate some overdraft fees. the question is, is that going
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to be enough? a lot of outrage had been building against the fees, they'd become a huge source of profits for the banks so what the banks want to do is they want to try and tamp down the outrage, they want to cut them down just enough so that congress stops looking without giving up all of that revenue all together. u.s. bank will limit the number of overdraft fees to no more than three a day, usually around 35 bucks each, which you probably know if you've been dinged by them. they're also looking to say we would only hit you "x" many times in a year and eliminate overdraft fees when a customer's account is overdrawn by less than ten bucks so a little mistake, we'd forgive you for. keep in mind a lot of this because they're kind of, this is my, how to put it in simple terms view. don't look over here. nothing to see here, move along so that's what they're hoping congress will do.
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some mortgage rates are at record lows, good news in a bad economy. this is according to the freddie mac. i'm not necessarily talking about the 30-year fixed rate mortgage, the regular mortgage, not frills, the basic that most people get, that's a little more than five percent. look at 159-year, if you can make those payments, 4.5%, that is the lowest since records were first kept in 1991. >> wow, nice deal for people. thanks so much, jen. what are you doing next tuesday night? we have an exciting edition, "the joy behar show" will air every night at 9:00 eastern on hln, tuesday september 29th so make sure you tune in. federal authorities raided a warehouse and say they found steroids in something they shouldn't have. you know why i sell tools? tools are uncomplicated? nothing complicated about a pair of 10 inch hose clamp pliers. you know what's complicated?
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people grabbed steel bars off a window to save a 93-year-old woman surrounded in thick smoke and men who just happened to be nearby fortunately they smelled the smoke, broke into the house, and found her upstairs. >> turned around, came back, i
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didn't think too much about it, jumped out of my van. >> i was just trying to gain entry into the house to see if there was anybody there n there. >> an electrical short in the air conditioning unit started the fire, firefighters say. lawmakers are having a hard time making health care reform more appealing to senior citizens. they have to calm their fears that medicare will be severely cut back while getting their support for new options that are different proposals. yesterday senators voted against an amendment that would have closed a coverage gap in medicare drug payments, because it would have come at the expense of drugmakers. they say you can't teach an old dog new tricks so why not try teaching a horse? a woman in california has turned a retired racehorse here into a math prodigy of sorts. >> how about two? good. i'm just about out of tricks. i'd like for him to add and subtract someday.
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>> the 16-year-old horse can also fetch, catch, and pick out letters to spell his name which is lucas. his owner calls him the world's smartest horse. sure is a pretty one. a company has been accused of selling supplements that contain steroids over the internet, and that company has ties to a major league baseball team. oh, yes. here's rafer weigel with the story. what's the connection in. >> the connection is through ownership, natasha. the "new york times" is reporting federal agents raided a warehouse for for allegedly selling dietary supplements that contain steroids and designer steroids. the raid was part of an investigation by the fda. the site sold controlled substances that are illegal but here is the site owned by the sane company that owns the atlanta braves. liberty media also own a stake in directv and ticketmaster, we have not heard from liberty media about the story. it was a picture perfect day
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of golf in atlanta. a sight for sore eyes for so many reasons. the first round of the pga fedex cup, tiger finished second behind sean o'hair probably because of advice tiger gave him. evander holyfield going from the real deal to the lean, green fighting machine. he's getting back in the ring for a bout in south korea in november and building a 40-acre suburban farm on his atlanta estate and neighborhood garden used by neighborhood kids. this is american cyclist kristen armstrong. the 36-year-old won the timed trial at the world championships to go with her gold medal from beijing. she took up the sport later after running triathlons gave her osteoarthritis in her hips. after saturday's road race in
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switzerland she's going to retire because she and her husband want to start a family. no relation to the other cycling armstrong by the way. >> i was wondering. thanks so much, rafer. we told you earlier about new video of nagibullah zazi, denver terror suspect. you can see him buying large quaupts of a chemical used to make explosives. federal prosecutors say zsa zsa was planning one of the most significant terror attacks in the u.s. since 9/11. >> hydrogen peroxide bombs of a signature of somebody trained in an al qaeda training camp on the afghan/pakistan border. zazi admitted to attending a training camp. he's not just buying household products. fess' got the right turning he can turn these into effective bombs. >> zazi has been charged with conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction. prosecutors say they still haven't figured out where and
6:21 am
when he wanted to stage his attacks. also, he was putting together chemicals that he and three other men were buying. investigators don't know who the other men are. zazi denies being a terrorist. you've been hearing a lot about mackenzie phillips' shocking claims about her famous dad. there's fallout from her story. a.j. hammer has the latest. >> happy friday to you. coming up on "showbiz tonight" at 11:00 a.m. eastern there's been overwhelming reaction to ma kenzie phillips claiming her father had sex with her. why her family members called her a liar and oprah winfrey is even under attack. we've got the great cougar debate. cougartown made its debut and is there a double standard for men and women? "showbiz tonight" fires up at 11:00 a.m. eastern, happens right here on hln. natasha? >> thanks, a.j. jaycee dugard, the woman held captive for 18 years has made up her mind about what to
6:22 am
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30 minutes past the hour. kids across the country may be drinking water full of lead and pesticides. a new associated press investigation finds that 100 school districts across all 50 states violated federal water safety standards. the epa says stricter standards have caused safety violations to skyrocket. ruth bader ginsburg spent the night in the hospital. the 6-year-old became ill in chambers yesterday afternoon shortly after receiving treatment for iron deficiency. in february she had surgery for pancreatic cancer and was back on the bench 18 days later.
6:31 am
firefighters in southern california believe they'll have a wildfire in the mountains of ventura county here, contained this weekend. low humidity and a break in the heat helped slow the flames yesterday. the fire started tuesday, and has charred about 27 square miles. about 75 homes are still threatened right now. and those are some of the headlines we're following for you on this friday. welcome back. i'm natasha kacurry in for robi meade. hosam smadi is accused of trying to blow up a skyscraper in dallas, one of two terror plots uncovered yesterday. >> two separate plots uncovered yesterday, smadi and this person posted violent comments in an extremist chat room. undercover officers contacted him posing as an al qaeda
6:32 am
sleeper cell, they gave smadi what he thought was a bomb. he drove it into the parking garage under dallas's fountain place tower and tried to detonate it with a cell phone. people who work there are just glad it was not real. >> it's very alarming, yeah. oh, yeah. that's my safety. i work on the 21st floor so if anything happens, then i'm gone. yeah. it is alarming. >> my stomach flipped. it turned. it's scary. it's like you hear about it but you never think it's going to happen to you. >> the skyscraper houses wells fargo. smadi said he selected that later because of the united states weak economy and perhaps that could be another blow. >> that's creepy to hear. i have a lot of friends that work right next to that building. what else do we know about smad sni. >> the 19-year-old is originally from jordan. he entered the united states illegally and living in italy, texas. people knew there, people that he knew there are saying he
6:33 am
seemed like a standup guy. >> he was really good friends with a lot of people, and none of us have nothing bad to say about him. this comes as a very surprising shock to us. >> he worked, went home, hung out with just friends, and knew, he would call his family in jordan and that's about it. >> this is video of smadi's neighborhood, area well-known for these dome-like houses. >> richard, thank you so much. we'll talk to you later in the morning for more details. we have learned that five u.s. service members were killed yesterday in afghanistan. the military says three were killed by a roadside bomb. another was shot and the other was killed on patrol. this all happened in the southern part of the country where american and nato forces have stepped up operations against the taliban. a new autopsy report says an illinois family killed in their own home was beaten to death. a couple and three of their children were found dead monday. the only survivor? a 3-year-old girl. she is in the hospital right
6:34 am
now. no one has been arrested so police are telling people in the area to be cautious. a california man is accused of stalking his girlfriend by airplane. police say several people called to complain about a low-flying plane over the past few weeks. once the plane dropped leaflets referencing a person and included racial slurs. wednesday night the plane was over the neighborhood, so neighbors called the police. >> psychoboyfriend is about it. >> it's a little loud but i mean, just sounded like a small engine on an airplane that was buzzing the neighborhood a little bit. >> the pilot, tom hughey, was arrested on suspicion of stalking and violating a restraining order. more rain on tap today for atlanta, after storms flooded parts of the area earlier this week and bob van dillen joining us now. bob, what can you tell us about this now? >> it's going to be that spot that gets hit again over the weekend, north georgia, the
6:35 am
mountains, tennessee, alabama, too. you want to see some good @ú weather? we have to show you this. starting out with new york city sunri sunrise, it's a live shot from columbus circle on top of our timewarner building. >> gorgeous. >> you want to see a nice shot? temperatures about 72 degrees feeling more fall-like. temperatures tomorrow into the 70s once again. should be dry for most of the day. east window in new york will slow you down at the airport. the east side waking up to beautiful skies. as for the rest of the country not so nice. low pressure south of chicago, upper level low stationary across western parts of kansas, nebraska, eastern colorado, too, getting more rainfall around denver this morning and you get down to the south farther, you can see memphis, showers coming up out of the south taken pools on in quickly around the nation's capital. it looks like the rain is basically halting right around that mason dixon line but it's moving due east and going to drift down to the south later today, too. rain is going to be heavy at times around washington. watch for delays.
6:36 am
at the airports, reagan and dulles, too. off to the west you can see the rain stretching down the mississippi valley and picks up in intensity around des moines, back in towards the lower parts of minnesota and that's going to arc back in towards the dakotas for the morning and more showers are a possibility later today. for the weekend as the cold front steers over to the east, watch the rain pile up specifically around northern parts of alabama in towards north georgia, tennessee, the carolina mountains as well. unfortunately, more flooding is possible, that yellow shaded area computer models think three inches of rain might be undercut a little bit, might be more across the mountains. we'll have more details in a little bit. >> more flooding, all right, bob, thanks. here's some stories to watch out for today in your "morning express" planner. at 3:15 p.m. eastern paul kirk will be sworn in as the interim senator from massachusetts. he was appointed yesterday to serve out the term of the late senator edward kennedy. at 4:40, president obama will hold a news conference at the g-20 sum nit pittsburgh and 6:30, a candlelight vigil held
6:37 am
in washington to mark the national day for remembrance for murder victims, one of several events being held across the country. parents can help mold safer teen drivers. we'll tell you what simple things they can do to rev up their kids' driving skills.
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go ahead. you're the boss. i'm the boss of savings. more like the c.e.o. oh, oh. no glass ceiling. the freedom to name your price. now, that's progressive. call or click today. 39 minutes past the hour. the woman charged with the death of an 8-year-old california girl may learn her trial date today. melissa huckaby is accused of kidnappi kidnapping, raping and killing sandra cantu in april. prosecutors are seeking the death penalty against her. sandra cantu was found dead in a
6:40 am
suitcase. president obama reportedly is preparing to accuse iran of having a secret nuclear fuel facility. the "new york times" reports the president along with leaders of britain and france will make that accusation before the opening of the g-20 sum nit pittsburgh this morning. mr. obama is scheduled to make a statement in about two and a half hours but we don't know for sure if iran will be the topic. we'll let you know for sure. in another big announcement today the g-20 is expected to announce it is taking over the role of coordinating global economic policy from the smaller g-8, and president obama is pushing for it. that means countries like china, brazil and india would now have a say on things like trade policy and bank regulation. police fired pepper spray and rubber bullets at some of the protesters outside the summit and say some protesters threw rocks and broke windows. they arrested about 20 people.
6:41 am
turns out parents play a significant role in putting the brakes on bad teen drivers. that's according to two new studies in "usa today." teens with parents who are actively involved in setting rules and boundaries cut their risk of drinking and driving by 70%. researchers also say that teens are less likely to get in a crash if they don't have their own car. hmm. a woman in indonesia has given birth to a baby boy, most folks would probably have trouble picking up for real. here's what this is. a 19-pound bundle of joy. oh, mama mia! looks like a near normal sized baby there. the giant baby was delivered by cesarian section and this big boy did not set the world record, can you believe it? currently held by a 23-pounder, a baby boy back in 1879. god bless that mother.
6:42 am
oh! that's whey said! look out for flood damaged used cars. it comes after severe flooding in georgia and jennifer westhoven is looking out for you so used cars post-flooding >> this is something where i really don't want people to be taken advantage of. we saw it a lot after hurricane katrina where unscrupulous people are going to try and sell these cars, those cars you've been seeing in the footage that are stranded without ever telling you the truth that they were stuck in water. even if that car starts you try it, floods can do a lot of damage, corroded wires, corroded metal, it can basically mess up the whole interior and the guts of the car. be careful. go over any used car you're think being buying with a fine toothed comb. if you see any signs of mud, rust or water damage, get out of there. buy a vehicle history report like carfacts. it's worth it in this case and look, the better business bureau says if it's from a state that
6:43 am
has floods you probably shouldn't even buy it. they think it's too great of a risk. that is not good news if you're interest a state like georgia and trying to sell your car but the bureau says it's too much of a risk to buy one of those. you saw that segway, it's weird looking. honda has a new way of getting around, not a car. you tell me if you think this looks comfortable. they're calling it the u3x. i guess it's kind of like a uniical. you lean on it and apparently it balances it for you. it's just a concept, not selling it. write in and tell me what you think about. this is ripe for comedic comments, i think. good news out there if you're trying to buy or sell a without. looks like the lower mortgage rates will be sticking around for awhile. first two north carolina men are accused of planning atacks in other countries and face new charges. the horror authorities say they
6:44 am
wanted to unleash here in the united states.
6:45 am
good morning, everybody. a couple delays we're watching
6:46 am
for right now. they're not there yet but i think give it a couple of hours and we will see rain showers pile up around chicago. you get about an hour delay right there. half-hour to hour-long delays, new york city metros, gusty winds, watching for that to pop up later today. atlanta some showers, strong thunderstorms once again, half-hour delays, in san francisco last three days has had about a 45-minute delay first part of the warning. you'll see that once again today. tiger woods gives some guys some tips, that guy goes out and beats tyinger. what's the deal? >> it's like you and me. >> except you didn't beat me. >> i got you, but it's an amazing story. tiger believes in helping his friends out, that's what he says even when ten million bucks are on the line. he and his friend sean o'hair were practicing for the last leg of the fedex cup championship. that's tiger there. o'hare is a top gulfer but one of the worst putters in the game. a 55-yard putt for birdie, that
6:47 am
is o'hare sinking this thing that goes on forever. is he your leader after day one, one stroke ahead of tiger, here was tiger's response. >> i thought i could offer a little bit of help and insight to how he could change that, and now as i said we'll go chew him out. >> phil mickelson had an up and down year and up and down day. he fell apart on the 14th hole. this looks like a shot i would make. goes into the gallery and right back where we started back into the bunker. let's try it again. he shot an 8 on the par 14 14th, a quadruple bogey or as they call it a snowman. he still finished at 1 under, tied for 26th. south carolina has a controversial year, mark sanford, joe wilson, but they are celebrating in columbia after south carolina beat its first top five opponent in 28 years. the gamecocks shocked fourth-ranked mississippi with a 16-10 win last night. the last time they beat a top
6:48 am
five opponent, 1981, when pacman was popular and mtv debuted. lastly, dads out there, you got a son, want to get him interested in sports? "sports illustrated" just turned out an "si" edition for kids, the "wow! jgs pop-up book. the red sox winning your first world championship, my personal favorite is danny wade jumping the great wall of china. >> oh, my goodness. >> and david tyrese miraculous catch in super bowl xlii last year. >> nothing swimsuit related of course. >> we'll show you this all morning long. >> thank you, rafer. have fun with that. two north carolina men accused of planning a holy war overseas are now charged with plotting an attack on a marine base in virginia. prosecutors say daniel patrick boyd and hyson sharivi had maps of the base.
6:49 am
they had weapons, thousands of rounds of ammunition. is he the alleged ringleader of seven men facing other terrorism charges. we're already seeing big crowds getting in line in l.a. to buy tickets for the michael jackson movie and the tickets don't go on sale until sunday. the documentary "this is it" begins a two-week run at theaters around the country october 28th. some hard core fans are hoping to get tickets for a grand opening october 27th, the day before. who do you turn to if you're a victim of domestic violence? a new york woman is raising awareness of the problem in the islamic community. meet rabina niaz, our hero of the week. >> abuse cuts across race, religion, culture. i'm a muslim, born and raised in
6:50 am
pakistan. migrated to new york in 1990. within the muslim community, there's a lot of denial about the issue. koran condemns i was condemned of abusive behavior of women. i'm rovina ruiz. we do a lot of community outreach. this affects all of us. we need to talk about it. >> i was afraid for my life. i didn't have a place to go. my family would disown me. my father even said to me you're lucky you live in america, because if you lived back home, you would have been dead by now. robina is the new cultural. there are issues. >> we tell them how to get into a shelter, what their rights
6:51 am
are. >> she really made me understand that i'm not alone. >> we are here whenever you want to come to us. >> there have been threats to my safety. i know that god is protecting me because i'm doing the right thing. >> to find out more about any of our heroes, go to sla/r and click on heroes. find out which heroes have been selected as the top ten cnn heroes of 2009. former congressman tom delay has made the cut on "dancing with the stars," but do his former colleagues think delay has all the right moves? you're going to hear their critiques.
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