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Charles Schumer
  Secretary of State Pompeo Sen. Schumer Rep. Mc Carthy Others at AIPAC...  CSPAN  March 2, 2020 6:04pm-6:38pm EST

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apologetically. (applause) i guarantee each and every one of you this. as long as i am in congress, i will never be silent about my support for israel. here (applause) to each and every one of you the 18,000 citizen and activists in the audience, i want to say thank you. thank you for your passion, thank you for your dedication. i know aipac does not give a rating on endorsement, but i endorse you for what you are doing. (applause) the people in this room a come from different backgrounds and support different political parties, but each of us share a common goal. that is why we are here. tonight i want to focus on america special relationship with israel. despite the growing influence of the vocal minority who would
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abandon it i believe our special relationship is unwavering, precious and worth protecting. let me address several of those pillars. the first pillar is that it transcends political ideology. a friendship with israel is rooted in national security concerns, but it is also rooted in share value says such as sovereignty. for some reason, the violation of all common sense. israel has condemned more than any other country but his so-called global community. let me say that again. i responsible democratic nation, with the rule of law, is rebuked more than dictators. simply for serving its unquestionable right to be safe in his homeland. if it is morally backwards nothing is. this may sound obvious, but it needs to be said. israel has the right to defend itself from missiles, and bombs, and tunnels and night attacks.
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(applause) the united states should let the world know where it stands. but how can america be sure we can never been our closest friends in the middle east. it's up to congress first. we have a responsibility to understand our alliance from every angle. the best way to do that is to go to israel with members, including from other parties. that is why i have visited israel five times in ten years, with 189 republican members of congress. (applause) steele it is also were closely with my good friend, the majority leader skinny hoyer are trips a bipartisan. i am proud to report that last
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year strip brought over 15% of the entire house of representatives to israel at the exact same time. think about that for one moment. 15%, as you see this picture, of the entire house is in israel at one moment. republican and democrat. understanding the value of our friendship. you are (applause) these trips bill commodity across the aisle in israel and beyond. they benefit decision-makers and decision-making. this is its greatest value. members tell me it is the most impactful trip they have ever taken. the second pillar of our special relationship is that it is mutually beneficial. we see this not only in the realm of national security but also in domestic values.
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in california, navigating water shortages is a reality for our residents, our livelihood and our productivity. our friends in israel faced similar circumstances, until recently israel was considered to be water deficient country. it was not uncommon for residents to hear regular reminders of the need to preserve water. this probably lasted for decades until the people of israel broke through. smart technology and policies transformed israel from one of the driest nations on earth to what some described as a water superpower. during my last trip, our members were asked to pick an issue to go to. i sat there and i watch california republicans, and california democrats in a delegation meeting coming together to learn hopefully, how to bring that technology back to california. (applause) sewer it was
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actually the first time i've ever seen california members talk about our water issues without fighting. it seemed a little like a miracle. but as we all know, from the first prime minister reserve ill once quipped, if you do not believe in miracles you are not a realist. my point is this. united states and israel are united more by just military cooperation. working together on science and technology is another way our relationship is beneficial to american interests and provides for greater security. i think the coronavirus is also going to bond us together to show the world what we can do with technology and others. to save people who even disagree with us or you. you are (applause) that is why congress is working to expand security assistance to israel to include miller israel military cooperation. a third pillar of our special relationship is that it is a priority.
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the trump administration has proved the sentiments time and again. weeks before his inauguration, president trump announced his intention to relocate the u.s. embassy to its rightful home in jerusalem. (applause) and i made sure to take every member of congress to that embassy for our picture here. as we know, previous presidents talked about, it at this president acted in so the embassy moved. some predicted the move would lead to chaos. they were wrong. the president recently announced middle east peace plan as another example of our unwavering commitment. past administrations have shied away from this complex issue. president trump leaned in. his plan offers a pathway to a brighter future. it is a significant step towards the universe so the desire goal of peace and stability on just unfair terms. it should be seriously considered by everyone.
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then there is the un arms embargo and iran which expires on the 47th anniversary of the october war. if that happens, the consequences would be steep. it is the interest of preventing more violence embargo must be extended and once it is america, and all peaceful nations must redouble our efforts to ensure it is vigorously enforced. (applause) all these actions send a simple message to our israeli friends. america will never said conditions on israeli security assistance. idiot (applause) america will always have israel's back on the world stage. america will not revoke our commitments, or announcer values, and most importantly, america reaffirms our unbreakable bond.
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(applause) the final pillar of our special relationship is that it is enduring. our ties began only 11 minutes after israel's independence. when the united states was the first nation to recognize the state of israel. (applause) since then we built a bilateral relationship almost without comparison. today we built a robust security alliance to protect our citizens and stabilize the middle east. together we build new technology to grow our economies and strength in the middle class. together we build vibrant democracies to practice our beliefs and pursue happiness. americas grateful for our friendship with israel we are a better nation because of it and we must never shy away from defending it. it is our responsibility to pass it along to the next generation this is the only way
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will survive and that is why we need the 4000 students who are here today to hear it doer. to them and the others i said ronald reagan said that freedom is never more than one generation from extinction. we did not pass it to our children in the bloodstream. it must be fought for, protected, and handed on. that same applies to her bond with israel. (applause) friends we cannot allow those who accuse a backpack of bigotry and do loyalty to smear us in the special relationship we fight for every day. our mission is too important to let them succeed. now is no time for silence. more than ever, we need your strong voices walking the halls of congress. more than ever, we need your clear support for israel and your opposition to anti-semitic is and make clear to any
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candidate who seeks support. more than ever, the future of your special relationship depends on you. our task is to maintain american support for israel in both parties. (applause) and know this. you have my complete and unshakable commitment. long live the relationship of america israel and democracy for the rest of the world got less. ♪ ♪ please welcome senate republican leader please
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welcome the speaker of the u.s. of the house of representatives please welcome separate interim state, i'm honor to introduce vice president of the united states, the president of the united states, welcome back to the aipac stage the prime minister of israel, the alliance between israel and the united states of america, we are support for the. this strategic ally are unbreakable friendship. america is safer when we stand with israel. we care about american security you must care about israel's security. who my friends america,, may god bless israel, may god bless the united states of america?
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. i'm hello please welcome senate democratic leader chuck schumer who. i ♪ ♪ thank you everyone. it is good to be here i just got here mccarthy did not speak as long as i thought he would. i had to rush out they said you want makeup? i said no. do you young people know what that means? it is great to be here thank you for having me at the largest gathering of americans who supports the united states israel relationship. thank you for coming and supporting israel. it let me begin by a happy note, at least some jews can play
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basketball. the issue for you diversity basketball team, they are known as the macca bees. they won their conference in just qualified for they aca the. now i wasn't that good i wasn't one of those jews who could play basketball i played at madison high school. and our tree ms. motto was, we may be small, but we're slow. anyway i want to thank here great leadership, your new president xi is going to do a great job with, more friedman the board chair, esther currents, and my dear friends
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and fellow new yorker bob cohen. all of whom have dedicated themselves to strengthening the bonds between the united states and israel. i want to recognize all your distinguished guests and all of the members of aipac. all of you who keep the organization so strong. especially my fellow new yorkers. raise or hand new yorkers. which i love all of you from all the other 49 states to. i want to thank you all for what you do to strengthen not just israel but the united states. i am so proud, i have been told that there are many students here, students stand up, there are more than 4000 students here supporting aipac the. god bless every one of you the week. you know students, i have a grandson noaa the, he is one
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year old. he learned how to climb up the stairs and crawl back down. he's obviously a genius. but when he is older, i hope he is like you the students that are in the crowd today. you come here, and do what you are doing educating the world about the history of our people. as we all know many of your peers do not know the long history, the struggles, the persecution of the jewish people. and why it is so important to all of us to have a strong israel and a strong american israel relationship. but you students will teach them and one day god willing, my grandson noah will be with you doing the same thing. tonight's i wish to speak about
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the need to maintain strong support for israel a strong bipartisan relationship and the threats to jewish communities that we are facing around the globe. there is no question that the state of israel has come a long way in the past 70 years. but threats to the land of israel and to the jewish people are growing. unfortunately they have been for sometime. the international community at the united nations never misses an opportunity to sing allowed to israel for condemnation. a moss is still intent on killing is citizens. iran plots to undermine israel in every way. iranian proxies are operating in, yemen syria, iraq. and the chaos in syria and the middle east, sits on israel's
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doorstep. a little over a week ago rocket landed, on a playground that's where they sent rockets. my friends, the safety and the security of israel must always be a priority. a very high priority for the united states. as long as i am a leader in the senate, support for israel will be non negotiable we. but we can only hope to defend israel from these threats so long as we maintain a united front. democrats and republicans together. we all know that the winds in politics are changing. they blow fiercely during the election year like this one. no matter how fiercely the winds way blow we must not let
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support for israel because up in the maelstrom. the friendship between the two countries must be unshakable. the friendship between and the bonds must be unbreakable. support for the friendship between our countries does not depend which party you belong to. that is plain and simple no matter what we must keep the u.s. israel relationship bipartisan. this is been a mission for me and it must be for you and all the friends of israel. so whenever i have led a piece of pro israel legislation, even when democrats had a majority in the senate, i always make sure i had a republican equal cosponsor. the foundation of a
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relationship must remain bipartisan as it has been for decades. i am proud very proud that the overwhelming majority of democrats support a strong u.s. israel relationship the. we have and we always will. now we know those who seek to use israel to score political points. they treat israel as another talking point. another way to stroke and stoke resentment between the two parties in washington. my friends these voices do a disservice to both israel and the united states. our politics may be more polarized than ever but it's incumbent on all of us, who care about the u.s. israel relationship, to keep it bipartisan the relationship between that two transcends any single party, every single
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election, any single president. as you know well, the security assistance that aipac champions every year is passed by both democrats and republicans in congress. both parties believe that israel must be detained qualitative military edge to maintain herself. david sling, errol three missile defenses systems, all of which defend israel from attack, are funded by both democrats and republicans. the tailor force act which stops funding that directly benefits the palestinian authority -- was passed by both democrats and republicans in congress. i helped lead the way. a resolution, opposing bds and
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efforts to delegitimize israel passed a democratically controlled house by over 300 votes democrats and republicans united. that is how it is and that is how it must continue to be. americans from across the political spectrum, liberals conservatives, independent's, democrats, republicans must continue to stand united inner support of israel. it is in the u.s. interest to band to stand with israel. our support for israel does not mean you lose sight of the goal. supported by israeli prime ministers and presidents of both parties to states living side by side in peace and security. i have no illusions of peace at this moment in our history. i've spoken on the stage many times. every year i'm proud to speak, i've spoken about the history
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of intransigence by palestinian leaders and too many in the arab world, to recognize israel's only jewish state. some progress has been made, but those days are not yet behind us. the possibility of a two state solution must still be maintained. as two-state solution that ensures a safe and secure and democratic israel that can live side by side with a demilitarized palestinian state that provides dignity in determination for the palestinian people. the only way, i know that your position and that is mine as well. the only way a solution can be achieved is through direct negotiations between israelis and palestinians, not by international pressure campaigns that by the bds movement, not by solutions imposed by foreign capitals. it needs to be unilateral
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action taken by either side to diminish it the prospects of future peace. unilateral actions may even -- that has always been the position as it should be. real diplomacy, through direct negotiations while along an arduous road is the only path for a durable peace between the israelis and palestinians. we must not shut the door on the piece. all of us on the's room want to see it. we must keep that prospect alive. the administration should resume funding to organizations that bring out israelis and palestinians together. i joan aipac and i'm so proud that it's -- by senators coons and cain ram and garner republicans known as the partnership for peace which supports joint economic ventures between israelis palestinians and americans.
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israeli and palestinian together i'm proud that aipac supports these efforts. the extremists on both sides to pretend that the other side doesn't exist or are just going to disappear, are living in a state of denial. together we must try for secure peace. (applause). the haim. now just as we must continue to support our friends an ally to israel, so to where we called on to confront a greater and more ancient threat to the jewish people. antisemitism. the poison that chased countless jewish people from europe, including my family, and killed so many who remained,
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including many of my relatives. the same poison that scattered the jewish people to the winds, and made us foreigners in our own countries, that poison, that seem poison, unfortunately, tragically, is beginning to fester here in america, over the holidays. usually a time apiece and rest with family and friends, there were several vicious attacks on jewish communities in america. a kosher deli in jersey city was the target of a mass shooting that wounded seven and claimed the lives of three tunes including a prominent rabbi, and a home borough of brooklyn. i just saw his father yesterday. when i visited the community. not two years later, not two weeks later, on the seventh night of hanukkah, a man attacked a gathering of orthodox jews in monsey new
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york with a machete. these are only the latest examples of the rising tide of open and anti-semitic violence that has visited synagogues from pittsburgh to probably california, anti-semitic violence on our streets and in our schools. anti-semitic violence at the home of the rabbi, on the quiet fighter tonight. my friends, the rise of antisemitism in the united states, is a national crisis that all americans must fight. (applause). i do not use those words likely likely. so antisemitism has taught us to appreciate what america has meant jewish people and how much better things are here then elsewhere in the world. but the people of our faith have learned the hard lessons about how antisemitism and
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violence against jews walk hand in hand. we have learned hard lessons about how antisemitism thrives and society where bigotry goes unchecked, where the idea of truth this questioned, where propaganda and conspiracy theories flourish. we have learned the hard lessons about how when people of goodwill, good faith are silent or dismissive. antisemitism grows and gathers force. in germany, in the twenties and thirties, when the nazis began their long campaign of violence in dehumanization of jews in germany, to many in europe, and too many, many of them jews, here in america, were silent. too many called them isolated incidents, and did not speak out forcefully. we all know what happened. there are so many differences between our age in the twenties
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and thirties. thank god. but we have learned that anti-semitic them, and challenged and unbridled will grow and gather strength. we cannot and must not allow antisemitism together anymore strength, and we must do all we can to protect our vulnerable institutions. so on this stage, surrounded by friends of israel and the jewish people, i call on congress to quadruple, quadruple funding to protect at risk synagogues, at risk tools, at risk you she bus and other houses of worship where our families gather, to provide the hardened security we need so this will not happen again. (applause) i need your support to tell members of congress how important this is. my friends who you heard from a little while ago, chairwoman
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louis, has been a strong supporter of this program. i want to thank her again tonight. in a time of moral emergency in the twenties and thirties. too few spoke up and did what was necessary to face down antisemitism. we are in our generation will not make the same mistake. (applause) we will educate the next generation about what can happen when forget the past. a genocide not properly remember can lead to another, and that is why i am proud to support the never again education act led by senators rosen inland furred in the senate, which expands and authorizes new resources for holocaust education in our schools. i will use my powers as minority leader to pass this bill through congress and show the world that america will
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never forget the painful lessons of the show up. (applause) we all know this will be a difficult year butters and partisanship will burn brightly a national election will doused fuse on those flames. but we must never never never let that partisan let that partisanship poisoned the bipartisanship support that is real. we must never never never let support for israel be sharpen into just another partisanship another tool in the arsenal of political peddlers and partisan strategists. that is a past, surely to ruin. the state of israel has been able to count on the support of the united states from the days it true it's very first breath, when president harry truman
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became the first to recognize as a member of the family of nations. president kennedy, who said that quote friendship for israel is not a partisan matter, it is a national commitment. these words, that national commitment, has inspired me my whole life. from the time i listen to my translator radio, to the newscast of at the six days war, praying to has sham that israel would survive. to the time i listen to my predecessor predecessor in the senate senator moynihan before the united nations azar and best sitter to defend zionism and condemn the hypocrisy the united nations. up until this very moment i have never once doubted the commitment of our nation to support israel, and i intend to continue the great work those in the past have done to keep
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it that way. now we're going to have a hard work to do. israel, a small sliver of land that is represented the hopes and dreams, the aspirations of the jewish people for over two millennia, is worth the effort, and i swear to you, that as long as i am a democratic leader, as long as has schembri their into my lungs, i will do everything in my power to maintain the unshakable unbreakable friendship between israel and united states. the jewish people live. long may they live here and in israel. thank you aipac. ♪ ♪
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this concludes our program. for your safety in the safety of those around you please follow the guidance of the events staff to your nearest exit. ♪ ♪ speeches and presentations from the american israeli public affairs committee conference are all available online at they include vice president pence and michael bloomberg who addressed the conference today along with secretary of state pompeo, heisman already leader kenneth