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Mike Pence
  Campaign 2020 Vice President Pence Speaks in Saginaw MI  CSPAN  December 18, 2019 12:11pm-12:50pm EST

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understand this endorsement. even if they're supporting another candidate, they want to see a veteran who is young and who has served overseas as part of the conversation. so i think we're really excited across the board. >> let's let our viewers take part in this conversation. we're going to open up special lines this morning for this conversation. so, our first line is going to be for veterans. if you are a veteran of u.s. armed forces we want to hear from you especially 37 your number is 202-748-8000. we're going to open another line. this line is for active military. if you are an active member of our u.s. armed forces, we're going to open up a special line to you. that line is 202-748-8001. if you're not a veteran and you're not in active military service, we still want to hear from you -- >> we're going to leave this recorded segment of "washington
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journal." a reminder, you can watch all of our programs online at we take you live to saginaw, michigan, where vice president pence is holding a rally. live coverage on c-span3. >> give another round for laura cox. and to terry bowman who is leading on behalf of american workers all across this nation, thank you, terry. thanks for your great leadership. it's great to be here in the wolverine state. with one of the most important coalitions of the 2020 campaign. it is great to be with workers for trump. so, thank you all for coming out today. on a blustery michigan day. and the day when there's a lot of bluster in washington, d.c.,
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as well. i've got to tell you, i'm here for one reason and one reason only. and that is because michigan and america need four more years of president donald trump in the white house. [ crowd chanting "four more years" ] >> like all of you, i'm here because i stand with president donald trump. when this president stands up for american jobs and american workers, i stand with president donald trump. when this president stands up for faith and freedom and law enforcement and our armed forces, i stand with president donald trump. [ applause ] and when this president stands up to the do-nothing democrats,
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their endless investigations and their partisan impeachment, we stand with president donald trump! >>. [ cheers and applause ] >> it's great to be with so many friends today and to be out of washington, d.c. truthfully, friends, what's happening on capitol hill today is a disgrace. the first day of this administration, democrats in washington have been trying to overturn the results of the last election. and they're back at it again today with their partisan impeachment vote. you know, the truth is, they're trying to impeach this president because they know they can't defeat this president. they're trying to run down this president because they know they can't run against our record. they can't run against our results. they're pushing this partisan impeachment because they know they can't stop you from giving president donald trump four more
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years in the white house. [ applause ] and they know what you know. what began four years ago has grown into a movement. a movement of everyday americans from every walk of life. here in michigan, you believe we could be strong again. you believe we could be prosperous again. we could get michigan working again. michigan said yes to president donald trump in 2016 and he and i both know that michigan is going to say yes to president donald trump in 2020. you know, when you think of the last three years, i think there's only one way you can describe it. you spend three years of action, spend three years of results, it's been three years of promises made and promises kept. but we're just getting started, michigan. that's why we need four more years of president donald trump in the white house!
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think about it, this president rebuilt our military, restored the arsenal democracy, giving our sailors, airmen, marines and coast guard, the resources they need to accomplish their mission and defend this nation. this president expanded veterans choice to every veteran in america and brought accountability to the va. he's confirmed more than 170 conservative judges. and get this, in eight years of the obama administration, president obama saw 55 court of appeals judges confirmed. we're right on track in our first three years to have this president appoint 50 principaled conservatives to our court of appeals around america.
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and i can tell you, they're all strong conservatives who will uphold all the god-given liberties enshrined in our constitution. like the freedom of religion. the freedom of speech. and the second amendment right to keep and bear arms. it president promised to secure our borders and end the crisis of illegal immigration and i'm proud to report that apprehensions on our southern border in the last six months are already down by more than 70% and we've already started to build that wall. but what brings us here today is that for all this president has accomplished, against unprecedented opposition every day of our administration, what's most remarkable is what this president has done for the american worker. president donald trump loves
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hard-working americans. and from the first day of this administration, president trump has been fighting for more jobs, better jobs and better wages for working americans. i've seen it firsthand right out of the gate in our first year we worked to cut taxes on working families and businesses large and small. we rolled back federal red tape at an historic level. we unleashed american energy. and this president has fought every day for free and fair trade that puts american jobs and american workers first. [ applause ] and i don't have to tell you here in michigan, thanks to the leadership of this president and our allies in the congress, the american economy is booming. the stock market is soaring, pensions and 401(k)s are going
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off the charts. the president told me just the other day, he said, stopped by a guy at a grain elevator and the guy stuck his hand out and said, mr. president, i want to shake your hand and i want to thank you because my wife thinks i'm an investment genius since you became president of the united states. i'm telling you what, you watch that stock market, it's grown by more than 50% in the last three years. that's a more certain retirement for working americans across the land. the truth is for all we've accomplished, this actually is the best economy for hard-working men and women in my lifetime. over the last three years, think about it, businesses large and small across michigan and across america have created 7 million new jobs. 75,000 jobs right here in michigan. unemployment is at a 50-year low and the unemployment rate for
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african-americans and hispanic americans is the lowest level ever recorded. [ applause ] the american green is working again for every american! we're celebrating more jobs but it's also about better jobs. you all see this in the paper as well and i know you're feeling it in your pocketbooks. since president trump was elected, and we moved our agenda forward, the agenda of the people of michigan endorsed three years ago, the average american household has seen your disposable income go up by more than $5,000 a year. that's after inflation and that's after taxes. i mean, we set records, i guess, just the other day on black friday and cyber monday and everything, right? that's because people have more money in their pockets, more takehome pay.
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and wages are rising at the fastest pace in more than ten years. i know what means most to the president, is that when you look at wages finally rising across the board, they're actually rising most rapidly for hard-working, blue-collar americans. the forgotten men and women of america. what a difference. what a difference three years makes. the last president in the oval office saw our country lose 200,000 manufacturing jobs. i come from just south of here, the state of indiana. it's a state just like this one where we do two things particularly well. you make things and you grow things, right? and i remember, i was governor of the state of indiana at the time. we actually had a president in the oval office who was basically saying that manufacturing was never coming back. that we lost 200,000 jobs. remember what he said?
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the summer of 2016? the last president actual 4ri said, when he was asked how are you going to bring back manufacturing jobs? he said, quote, what magic wand do you have? well, we didn't need a magic wand. we just needed president donald trump in the white house. [ applause ] >> coming from a great manufacturing state, i couldn't be more proud to say under president trump's leadership, we haven't lost 200,000 manufacturing jobs, in three years businesses have created 500,000 manufacturing jobs, including 30,000 automotive jobs. in fact, i just heard getting off the plane, ford announced
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new jobs at two manufacturing factories here in michigan that are going to create 4,000 more jobs. null this economy is rolling and it's rolling on everything that's made america strong and prosperous, centering on that manufacturing economy and the strong and vibrant heartland. i don't have to roll off statistics. i can tell from your faces, workers for trump all know what's happening in this economy. karen and i slipped away for a couple days for spring break. but it was more like a day and a half. true story. we were sitting on the beach, ball caps on, sunglasses. we were down there -- the president goes to palm beach. we go to ft. myers. we were down there sitting on the beach. true story. these two big guys came walking by wearing budweiser shirts and one fellow saw it in the paper that i was there. he stopped and said, hey, you're pence. and i said, yes, i am.
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he said to me, well, listen, you got to tell the president to keep doing what he's doing because i made twice as much money last year as i made the year before. [ applause ] i told him i would. i told him i would tell the president word for word and i did. he started walking away with his buddy and he turned around and said, i don't know what you do, but keep doing what you do, too. i told him i would. and all the great hard working americans gathered here today, all the people that will be with us tonight, when the president arrives back in michigan this eveni evening. the president donald trump is the best friend working americans have ever had in the white house. just because he loves people --
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he loves people who work hard. i see it every day. as we travel around the country. maybe it comes from growing up in a small business family, maybe it comes from being out on job sites over the years. he just has tremendous respect for men and women who work hard, take pride in their work. and people sense that. they know that. but for all we've achieved under this president so far, i'm here to tell you, the best is yet to come for american workers under president trump. since the president signed that tax cut into law, companies have literally brought back into our country more than $1 trillion from overseas to invest in property, plant, equipment and more, more and more american jobs. and last year, the president launched what we call the pledge to american workers to encourage businesses in every field to expand opportunities for training american workers.
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through apprenticeships and internships. and when we launched the pledge to american workers, i'm proud to report, our first year goal was to have 500,000 training opportunities and apprenticeships established across the country. but i have to be honest with you, we didn't hit that number. as i stand before you today, one year in, the pledge to american workers has secured 15 million training and apprenticeship opportunities. [ applause ] president trump and i believe all honest work is honorable and we want to make sure apprenticeships and training opportunities are there for everybody. whatever your calling is, whatever you want to make a living and support your family. this president has been fighting for trade agreements and putting american jobs and american workers first. president trump after years of enormous trade deficits and intellectual property theft,
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president trump put china on notice that the era of economic surrender is over. we just secured phase one trade deal with china. it's actually a big win for agriculture all across this country and it is the beginning of the step in the direction of releveling the playing field with china. but we also kept hundreds of billions of dollars of tariffs in place to make sure china knows we mean business and we're going to stand up for american workers. we're working on a new trade deal with japan. we're in discussions with the eu. once the uk gets done with that brexit thing, we'll have a trade deal with them. it's all going to put american jobs and american workers first. but i think all of you know closer to home, it was right out of the gate three years ago this president said that we could do better in our trading relationship with canada and
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mexico. and he took decisive action to renegotiate the nafta agreement. and after two years of negotiation and one year of delays on capitol hill, this week the house of representatives will vote to approve the usmca. it's a win for michigan. it's a win for america and american workers. i don't have to tell all of you here in the heartland about the experience we all had in the wake of nafta. back in indiana, we literally saw not just factories but entire communities shudder over the last 30 years. as nafta has the structure of nafta essentially, intentional or unintentional, created an incentive for companies to move jobs south of the border. but under president donald trump, those days are over. the usmca puts american jobs and
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american workers first. [ crowd chanting "working for trump" ] >> the usmca they tell us could create more than half a million new jobs across this country, including 50,000 manufacturing jobs, and the people of michigan deserve to know it actually includes a projection of 28,000 automotive jobs. [ applause ] that's because under of the usmca, if you haven't heard about this yet, 75% of auto parts and duty-free cars have to be made in north america and 40% have to be made by workers essentially earning what is the average wage here in the united states. the president drove a hard bargain to end nafta's old
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incentives to move factories to the south. and now businesses just like ford's announcement today, are creating and opening jobs and factorying right here in the united states. after they get done with today's activities in the house, i'm told they're going to bring up the usmca. and i expect there will be a lot of people taking credit for this thing. but i've got to tell you, i was there through every step of the way. tough negotiations with mexico and canada. make no doubt about it, when it comes to the usmca, president donald trump got it done. so, the president's delivered for american workers because he knows the american workers are the best in the world. when we level the playing field, president trump and i know american workers can compete and win against workers anywhere in
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the world. and thanks to the president's leadership and the strong support of michigan's leaders in congress and all of you, the truth is in three short years, we've made america great again. to keep america great, we have to decide right here and right now that michigan is going to vote for four more years of president donald trump in the white house! [ crowd chanting "four more years" ] >> four more years means more jobs. four more years means more judges. four more years means more support for our troops. and it's going to take at least four more years to drain that swamp.
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you know, the choice of this election couldn't be clearer, the stakes couldn't be higher. today you have a president who loves this country, who stands by our military, our workers, law enforcement and freedom. he never quits. he never backs down. he believes in you. and i see it every day. he fights for you every single day. you know, like many of you, i actually started in politics as a young man, as a democrat. my grandfather was actually a proud member of the transportation union in chicago for 40 years. and i've got it to tell you from my heart, my grandfather wouldn't recognize today's democratic party. today's democratic heater has been taken over by radical leftists who want higher taxes, open borders, late-term abortion and socialistist policies that would actually crush the american economy.
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and we're still -- tonight after a sham investigation, do-nothing democrats are actually going to vote on a partisan impeachment seeking to overturn the will of the american people. i said it before, i'll say it again. today's vote in the house of representatives is a disgrace and it sets a dangerous precedent for our country. and i remember when nancy pelosi said months ago she would never bring impeachment, unless it was overwhelming, compelling and bipartisan. and is already unfolding on capitol hill today, the only bipartisan vote will be a vote against the articles of impeachment against president trump. you know, i know people here in michigan -- i read an article just yesterday. a group that was interviewed right here in saginaw.
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they brought together a group of people that voted for president trump and voted for president obama. and every single one of them said they were opposed to this sham investigation and partisan impeachment. every single one. of your neighbors here in saginaw. there was a man named michael who was quoted. he said, instead of working on policies and things that will help the people, democrats are just working to preserve their own position and they really don't care about you and me. mike was right. they think they know better than you. they think michigan made the wrong choice in 2016. they're afraid they're going to make the same choice again in 2020. just remember, michigan, the choice is yours, not theirs. and if you doubt politic, one
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democrat congressman even said, and i quote, i'm concerned if we don't impeach the president. he's going to get re-elected. let me tell all of you here in michigan, neighbors and friends, enough is enough. the american people deserve better. it's time for democrats in washington to put partisan politics aside, end this partisan impeachment and get back to work on the issues that matter most to the american people. whatever democrats in congress want to spend their time on, president trump and i are going to keep on fighting for you. we're going to keep on delivering our agenda of a strong national defense, secure borders, conservatives on our courts. and we're never going to stop fighting for jobs, jobs, jobs in michigan and all across america.
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we're going to keep america working because this president stays focused. he stays focused where you elected him to stay focused, and that's on hard-working americans. you and your families. i promise you, working americans are never far from our hearts and our minds. the people across this country who make things, who grow things, who spend their days building more than a facebook page. people that read the saginaw news, not "the new york times." people who put on uniforms. and wear them courageously at home and abroad. we're talking about people who put faith and family and freedom first. [ applause ] you love this country. just like this president. and you know what a blessing it is to be a citizen in the
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greatest nation of the world. you're the people we're fighting for. every american regardless of race or creed or color who wants to work hard and live the american dream. that's who we're fighting for. we'll never stop fighting until that american dream is a reality for every american. because it really -- it really comes from the president's heart and mind. you know, some people think the president and i are kind of different. i mean, the truth is, the truth is we have a lot in common. i mean, when we first met, we were talking about our families. his grandfather em freighted to this country. my grandfather emigrated to this country. his dad built a small business, built a small family business up into a great success in new york
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city. my grandfather had a gas station in southern indiana. he followed work across manhattan island and built countries all over the country and all over the world. i followed a career into public service. that was the calling of my life. you know, i tell people that other than a whole lot of zeros, president trump and i have a lot in common. and it's a belief in the american dream because it's not a bumper sticker for us. it's our lives. i mean, i see the pictures on the credenza behind his desk in the oval office. they're just a family, his mom and his dad and his kids, melania and the family. i hear the way he talks in hushed tones about his mother and his father and about his family. and i feel the same way. and that's what we're fighting for every day.
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we're fighting to make sure that dream is available for every american. and with the result we've been able to deliver together, we're making the american dream a reality for more americans than ever before. [ applause ] thanks to all of you and the confidence you placed in this president in 2016, michigan. hard working, blue collar americans are winning like never before. and workers for trump, let me tell you, we're going to keep fighting for 50e67 one of you every single day. because you have a president who fights for you. before i leave, let me challenge you. as he's fighting for you every single day against unprecedented opposition, now it's your time to fight for him.
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make no mistake about it, the other side is coming. they want nothing more than to undue all the progress we made. all that we've achieved together and one bad day in november and michigan will help make that decision. i think the choice facing this country has never been clearer, the stakes have never been higher. we've made incredible progress in the last three years but now it's time to redouble those efforts. strengthen the conservative principles underpinning our courts, constitutional foundation of this country, standing up for our ideals for family and freedom, strengthening our military. we look at the agenda of democrats, medicare for all, the
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green new deal, advancing socialist policies. the choice has never been clear clearer. so men and women of michigan, i know you've got -- you've got a great great holiday season coming. and i want you to enjoy it with your family and friends. come january first it's time to go to work. you have to be ready to turn out and vote. i'm told with absentee balloting, it's never been easier to vote in michigan. vote early. where a flend and go to work. after you've made arrangements to be out there and talk to your neighbors and friends -- i mean,
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the truth is, we have an incredible story to tell. in 2016, i heard the vision that our president articulated. i saw the energy of his personality, his unique connection to the american people. it's a whole different thing when you're telling your neighbors and friends what somebody is going to do versus what they have done. we've got a great story to tell michigan about president donald trump and we need you to go out and tell it. and workers for -- you have to tell them what this president has done. he's done more for hard working blue collar americans than any president in this lifetime. finally as we go into this special season of the year and we begin to enter an election year, i'd encourage you to have faith. have faith in this president. who i marvel at every day.
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i talked to him this morning. i told him i was going to beat him to michigan. i can tell you he's excited to be with all -- many of you tonight. it's going to be a tremendous rally. but i just -- i marvel at his resilience, at his strength and his ability to just keep going forward. sometimes people tell me -- they grab me out of the rope line and say, tell the president to just keep going. that's something you never have to tell president donald trump. as we say in the hoosier state, all the reverse is stripped out of that pickup truck. it only goes forward. so, have faith in this president, in his energy, his vision, his determination. [ applause ] as we go out and tell our neighbors and friends in the next year, have faith in the american people, have faith that when we tell our story, we show how we put the principles that have always made america great
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in the past and have made america great again into practice. that it all still works. if we hold strong, unapologetic leadership, if we hold the banner of freedom high, our friends and neighbors will rally to our cause in 2020 just as they did in 2016, so have faith in your family and friends when you go out. timely in this special time of the year, i'd encourage you to take time to renew that other kind of faith. faith that has always been the wellspring of the strength of the people of this nation. i just truly believe -- i truly do believe that -- christmas is a special time of the year. there are many traditions we have. our youish friends celebrate hanukkah and the president and i had a great hanukkah celebration at the white house just a few days ago. but for me in my house,
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christmas isn't about presents under the tree. it isn't about stockings hung by the chimney with care. it isn't even about another heavyset, white-haired guy. it's about something much deeper. and karen and i will slip away when our work is done and we will take time to reflect on that. but it was a few years ago that we had a special moment. we actually -- when i was governor of indiana, we made our way to israel to the holy land over the christmas season. and on christmas eve, we went to bethlehem and we stood in a place called shepherd's field, which is still there to this day. and it's marked by grottos, one after another. as you walk up the hill, you can hear "silent night" being sung in every different language that you can imagine. we stood on the very top of the
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hill and we thought of those words where shepherds were watching our flocks by night and an angel of the lord appeared to them and the glory of the lord surrounded them and brought them good news, tightings of great joy. and then in the city of david was born to them a savior, who was christ, the lord. and as we recited those verses on that starry night, we could literally see the church and the nativity five miles away on another hillside, well-lit on that christmas eve. and i turned to my kids and i said, how little has changed in 2,000 years from this same starry night. same hills, the same sky and for our family, the same faithful promise kept. so take the time this season to renew your faith if you share that. be strengthened by it and be
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encouraged by it. and know that as long as we keep our faith in him, who's always kept his promises, the people of this great nation and the faithful around the world, the best days for america are yet to come. [ applause ] that's for coming out here today. i leave here with renewed confidence that you came out on a blustery day to be with so many good friends, to be out of washington, d.c., today. the president and i are so grateful for your support. and i leave here today with renewed confidence. with your continued support and efforts, between now and election day, november 2020, with renewed republican leadership at every level, with a new republican majority in the
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united states house of representatives. [ applause ] president donald trump in the white house and with god's help, we will keep america working. we will keep america prospering. and we will keep america great. thank you very much. god bless you. god bless america. and merry christmas! [ cheers and applause ] live campaign 2020 coverage from saginaw, michigan, with vice president mike pence. the house is debating two articles of impeachment against president trump today. with votes expected later this evening. you can follow live house
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impeachment coverage on our companion network, c-span. coming up this afternoon, senate judiciary committee chair lindsey graham will talk to reporters when the impeachment proceedings in the house and the expected impeachment trial in the republican-led senate. we'll have live coverage at 2:00 eastern here on c-span3, online at or listen with the free c-span radio app. dr. steven wolf is the center on society america health society aameritus, a lead author on a report on the life expectancy in the u.s. charts as working age americans are dying at higher rates, especially in economically hard-hit states, the new vcu study identifies a distinctly american phenomenon as americans among 25 to 64-year-olds, as mortality increases and u.s.