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Trump Administration
  Secretary Mattis Remarks at NATO  CSPAN  February 15, 2017 12:02pm-12:09pm EST

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>> thank you, guys. >> president trump with retailers, the president and first lady welcoming israeli prime minister benjamin natten y -- netanyahu to the house. jim mattis meeting with the 27 other defense with nato. he thinks the trump administration will quote moderate its commitment to them. we will show you some of what he had to say again as we wait for the news conference to get
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underway. >> so good afternoon. secretary mattis it's great to welcome you to nato he headquarters, we spoke on phone the first day when you have taken up your new position as secretary of defense, but it's great to welcome you to nato headquarters and congratulate you on your appointment and say that i really look forward to working together with you. you are an accomplished leader. you know nato very well. you served as supreme ally
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commander for transformation and you made sure that nato adapted to a new and more demanding security environment. but nato has to continue to ado adapt. how nato to continue to adapt to a new security environment. this is a crucial time for our transatlantic alliance, the challenges we face are the most complicated, neither europe nor north america can tackle them alone. a strong nato is good for europe. a strong europe is good for north america. and therefore, i welcome the u.s. commitment to the transatlantic bond. this is a commitment which we see not only words but also in
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deeds. u.s. troops and equipment are now arriving in poland and to the baltic countries. this is a clear demonstration of u.s. determination to stand with europe in these troubled times. at the same time, the u.s. has been clear that we need more defense spending and fairer burden sharing. this has been my top priority since i took office in 2014. after many years of cuts, i'm glad to say that we have turned a corner. our latest figures which were published yesterday show that the defense spending among european allies and canada increased by 3.8% in the real terms in 2016. that is roughly 10 billion u.s.
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dollars. this is significant, but it is not enough. we have to continue to increase defense spending across europe and canada. so we need to keep the momentum. at our meeting we will also assess more nato can do in the fight against terrorism. this is concern of our people on both sides of the atlantic and nato must play a full part. we have been fighting terrorism in afghanistan almost 15 years. we are training iraqi officers and -- with surveillance planes, today we will set up a new hub in the south at the command in
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napeles. it will allow new intelligence here at the headquarters, so secretary mattis, this will be an important meeting. we have a lot of work ahead and i really look forward to working with you and once again, welcome or i should rather say welcome back to nato. it's good to have you here. >> thank you secretary general, thank you for a warm welcome back to my second home. it is an important meeting as you pointed out and we are hear to chart the course of the alliance and the future. the events of 2014 were sobering and we must continue to adapt to what's being revealed to us in concern to our security challenges. nato continues to be a bedrock, as president trump stated he has strong support for nato.
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nato is in the midst of transformation. it has always been adapting to security challenges. this is nothing new. what happens the pace has picked up a bit but it's something we can deal with and absolutely appropriate as a european minister of defense said last week, it's a fair demand that all who benefit from the best defense in the world carry their po portion nat share of the necessary cost of freedom and never forget ultimately it is freedom we defend at nato and i have confidence once again that we can react to the changing circumstances. we have done so in the past and there's every confidence we will move out purposefully once again. i am hear to have a open conversation among friends and allies about where we're going and our share


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