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tv   Medgar Evers House  CSPAN  July 13, 2014 5:36pm-5:41pm EDT

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of stuff. bitcoin had its place. my, when i first heard of bitcoin i thought this is great of a way to buy a newspaper from japan over the internet. hold it in a wallet and you do not have to worry about the exchange rate. you can buy it that way. i never looked at it as a big money thing. by something,cked i would not be that confident in bitcoin. if anything, you should issue bitgold where some company is holding the gold behind it and you trade your in electronic wall for gold. time.observed it oerver that's my -- did you have a question? any more? thank you very much for coming.
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[applause] you are watching american history tv. of programming on american history every weekend on c-span 3. follow us on twitter @cs panhistory to keep up with the latest news. eek american artifacts takes you to historic places. street a visit to 20th in new york city. the theodore roosevelt national historic replace. >> his legacy still impacts us today. whether it is conservation or federal regulation and trust bus ting. or foreign policy which we do not debate whether it has -- but the panama canal. america, given
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his time, was extremely progressive. and is something that i think affects everyone, 95 years after his death. i mean, there are still tons of documentaries, tons of books written about him because he was endlessly fascinating and dynamic. he is a guy who overcomes the tragic death of his wife and mother to go on to achieve great things. and that's a story that somehow never gets boring. we give tours of the rooms. ranger and docent guided tours only. we give them throughout the day at 10:00 and 11:00 in the morning. in the afternoon at 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, 4:00. on, we have the nursery and master bedroom. you have a chance to look at our beautiful view.
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you got to remember the 20 story building was the fire escape. but a piazza, a porch area. his was a home gym father had built for him to help theodore roosevelt overcome his asthma. major not think of the city, frail, when the kid who had to overcome his severe illness at an early age. doctors recommended various remedies. they would tell his father to read black coffee. or let him inhale cigar smoke. havead told roosevelt, you the mind but the mind is limited without the body and challenging you t.d. to build his body. that transformation from sickly kid to barrel chested, athletic, robust guys starts off the
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nursery on the porch area. here is a great historic photo. when he was a student at harvard. this is one of the more iconic of theodore roosevelt as a ranch man. his father's motivation, inspiration to help roosevelt overcome his illness. baseball does strike me -- i do not want to get metaphysical -- the antimissile physical -- anti metaphysical -- it is a good sport to be the national pastime of a democratic nation


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