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tv   U.S. Senate Sen. Barrasso on Energy Policy  CSPAN  March 30, 2022 1:37am-1:50am EDT

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the senate this week considers nominees for a number of positions however many of the speeches have been on other topics. next a pair of republicans talk about energy policy and military assistance to ukraine. together, these are about half an hour. >> thank you madam president. i ask unanimous consent of the quorum colby officiated. i come to the floor to speak about unleashing american energy. earlier this month, we saw the highest price ever for a gallon of gasoline in the united states. inflation is over a high of 40 years. energy costs are driving the cost of everything else and there appears to be no end in sight. joe biden cannot hide from the fact that he is the president of
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high prices. meanwhile in europe, vladimir putin continues his own slot. the russian killing machine continues its assault on innocent people. thousands of civilians have been killed. this includes hundreds of children. vladimir putin's war crimes are all paid for with russian energy. energy accounts for nearly half of putin's budget. energy is the only successful industry in the russian economy. if you want to defend vladimir putin, you have to drain the tank. you have to defend him on energy. so, what do we see from the president of the united states? joe biden spent all of last year acting like vladimir putin was his secretary of the energy. he played right along. if putin wanted, biden did it.
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biden decided against sanctions on the north stream pipeline. people in this body on both sides of the aisle said sanction the pipeline, don't allow it. putin said i wanted, so biden gave it. actually, joe biden lobbied this body of the united states senate to not to do what we knew was the right thing to do in terms of sanctioning vladimir putin in the pipeline. biden caved to putin. biden also caved by extending the nuclear arms reduction treaty without any conditions. essentially he gave exactly what he wanted, a permission slip to build up the military. even after the invasion two weeks in, joe biden was still fine with buying russian oil. it took a bipartisan member of the house and the senate to stop
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it. he didn't ban russian oil because of the war. it was because of the bipartisan effort in congress that we finally forced his hand. democrats in congress were willing to stand up to the president of the united states and said they were willing to join the republicans and inoverwriting the president on this very matter. a bipartisan group of congress had to drag joe biden. every member of the body should remember what president zelenskyy had to say to us. he said if there had been sanctions, meaning in january, he said there wouldn't have been a war. in january i came to the floor and said history wouldn't be kind to those who ran interference for vladimir putin. it's even more true today. history will not be kind to those who stood by as vladimir
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putin planned, prepared and paid for the invasion. and every step in the crisis, congress has had to take the lead and of the president had to be pulled along. president had to drag him into banning seven banks from the swift payment system. congress had to drag joe biden into revoking russia's trade status and into sending legally needed to ukraine. two thirds still hasn't been delivered. congress signed a check for $3 billion in weapons. so far it looks like joe biden is providing to ukraine about 800 million. so where are the weapons? where are the weapons right now lacks no time to waste. innocent people are being murdered. so much of this he hasn't been
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just a day late but billions of dollars short. and he's leading from far behind. joe biden seems to be proud of himself. he went to europe and bragged about the sanctions with russia. there's still a lot of work to do. i'm here on the senate floor to tell you we have more work to do in terms of dragging joe biden along. friday joe biden announced an energy agreement with of the european union. at the white house listed 14 things that they would do. what was missing from that list, i will tell you. the one thing that would actually work. missing from the list was the thing that would actually work which is increasing the production of american oil and gas. under the agreement and an additional 15 billion cubic meters of natural gas each year. that's about 10% of what they
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currently buy from russia. so where's it going to come from? that's a legitimate question. they don't know. friday a biden official said this, said we can't speak to exactly where the natural gas is coming from. the white house also said that the united states well, quote, maintain its regulatory environment. in other words, no change to current policy. the war on american energy will continue. and if you take a look at the budget that came out yesterday, the 36 new taxes proposed, 11 of which are going to drive up the cost of american energy. at a time when the highest gas prices have a 3% inflation, the biden budget says we need to put more on the production of energy in this country. we need to produce more energy. we needed and we will use it and we promised it to them.
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joe biden's regulators want to keep it in the ground. now, secretary granholm waited until last week to approve two pending applications for the liquefied natural gas exports. could have approved them last year but didn't. waited until two weeks after russia invaded ukraine to finally approve two of six permits. it took weeks of bloodshed. there's still for more applications waiting on her desk. though they've been sitting there for well over a year. time to wake up and approve the applications. europe has woken up. they are wide-awake from their addiction and reliance on their enemies further energy. joe biden is still sleepwalking.
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now, russia is still exporting energy all around the world. we put sanctions in place but this is what the "washington post" had to say. they called the energy experts continuing today from russia the loophole that keeps russia, russia's economy alive. china is stocking up on russian oil at a discount. they were not doing a thing to stop china, not one. china can continue to prop up the russian war machine. as the senator said, we need secondary sanctions to stop the flow of cash to the kremlin. joe biden's banking sections sps explicitly avoided hitting russian energy. it is the key to the funding. five to $7 billion a week for the killing machine. from exporting russian energy.
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the banking doesn't go into effect until june. it's still march. april, may, june 204th. the war may be over by then but in the meantime thousands of people can die. and that the president's sanctions do russian uranium. they should, but they don't. as a result, our nation remains dependent on vladimir putin for one of the most important elements on earth. you want to defund the invasion, it's time to finish the job with banning of imports from russia to the united states, and we must band uranium and we need to do it now. earlier this month they i introd legislation to do just that. i'm grateful the senators have added their strong support. here in america we have vast
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uranium supplies and that is especially true in my home state of wyoming. there is no reason at all america should be buying uranium from vladimir putin in russia. joe biden is also helping cell russian uranium and other countries. right now joe biden is pushing the nation into a deal with iran that was negotiated by russia. you heard me right, negotiated by russia, don negotiated -- he led vladimir putin negotiate with iran on a nuclear deal. a deal with iran would mean billions of dollars for russia. you don't believe it, it's true. the state-controlled nuclear energy company would get about $10 billion out of the deal. more bullets, more bombs, more
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bloodshed. paid for by joe biden's uranium deal. when it comes to iran and russia, no deal is a good idea whether it's uranium, natural gas. the solution for russian energy is american energy. we have it in abundance. the administration will not let us get it out of the ground. today we still produce 1.3 million fewer barrels of oil than we were prior to the pandemic. the administration is still sitting on 4600 drilling permits. joe biden still hasn't had a single sale on federal land for oil and gas and just yesterday proposed a $43 billion tax increase on american energy. so who pays these taxes? clearly the hard-working families of this country in the form of higher prices.
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this is the last thing the country needs now in a time a 40 year high inflation and highest gas prices ever. energy security is worth a lot more than climate zealotry. our friends in europe were held hostage by vladimir putin will tell you that today. we are much better off as a nation selling energy to our friends forced to buy it from our enemies. president biden and the democrats don't seem to understand energy security is national security. for ourselves, our allies we need more american energy and we needed now. thank you, madam president. i yield the floor. i suggest the absence of the quorum. it's been more than a month since russia launched an unprovoked and unwarranted at


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