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tv   Canadian Prime Minister on COVID-19 Restrictions  CSPAN  February 11, 2022 12:04pm-1:03pm EST

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anything. comcast support c-span as a public service along with these out of television providers giving a front row seat to democracy. ♪♪ the canadian prime minister justin trudeau responding to questions during a session of the house of commons. he talked about protests are covid restrictions and blocked trade routes of the border with the u.s. calling them unacceptable. he defended masking and vaccine requirements intended to slow the spread of the coronavirus. this runs about one hour. ,. [applause] >> the leader of the opposition. [applause] problems are beginning to lift restrictions, restrictions and getting life back to normal.
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why? because they are following the science. they are ready to get their life back but it seems like the prime minister wants to live in a permanent pandemic. doctor tom, doctor henry, doctor moore, doctor henshaw, they all agree it's time to ship out of restrictions and back to normal life. why is the primeif minister so outside not only withy assigned but was seems with a growing number of his own stampede? >> the honorable prime minister. [applause] >> wehe intend to follow the sis and work closely public health officials to ensure we get through the pandemic as fast as we can and that's with vaccination, not out of ten canadians have been vaccinated is one reason why we are able to get through this and why we've been able to prevent our health systems from being completely overrun. vaccinations are the ones who
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think through this andnc why we continue to encourage canadians to get vaccinated and why unfortunately the conservatives are against vaccination is frankly -- [cheering] >> the signs and the evidence is simply not on the prime minister's side. many of the reasons previously used to keep canadians under restrictions for our rights. other countries are opening up, provinces are opening up. as he just said, 90% of canadians have the vaccine. the prime minister to put his ego aside, he needs to do what's right for the country. he needs to end the mandates, he needs to end restrictions. he needs to listen to his own caucus. [cheering] >> the honorable prime minister. [applause] >> canadians have made it through the pandemic manyy than other places because canadians
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stepped up. they were there for each other. their government had therapy facts. we work closely with territorial leaders. every step of the way we focus on vaccination, public health support and business support that's allowed us canadians are continuing to get vaccinated, 60000 canadians were vaccinated with their first dose this last week. we are continuing to make sure canadians get vaccinated because this is how we get through the pandemic. >> the honorable leader of the opposition. >> we know prime minister private politicized pandemic. summer afghanistan was falling and we were in the fourth wave of a a pandemic, prime minister all unnecessary 600 million-dollar elections to capitalize on this crisis. according to a senior level decision made to watch, divide and stigmatize.
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the country is more divided than ever before, can the prime minister tell canadians why politicized the pandemic try to stigmatize canadians, why would he do this to our country that's already suffering deeply damaged by sos many of his policies? why? [cheering] >> the honorable prime minister. >> talk about last year's election. an opportunity for canadians to weigh in on the path forward for our country on how to continue to fight the pandemic and what we saw from the conservative party of canada was a refusal to step up on vaccination. a refusal to follow the size talking about how we get through the pandemic, they couldn't and sure there own got vaccinated. canadians hold loudly and clearly in the last election signs and vaccination was the way through gave us the mandate to move forward on that and we
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did. >> the honorable leader of the opposition t. >> prime minister is clearly trying to strategically and selfishly divide and stigmatize canadians. mr. speaker, we live in a beautiful country but our country isy suffering from a divided. our country is tired and they need leadership song going to ask the prime minister, is senior and peace at their strategic decision made on that side to stigmatize, these are words, stigmatize, divide and watch, this is what the prime minister did, why? >> the honorable prime minister. [applause] >> and what the government provided has been responsible leadership, putting the health and safety of the canadians first.
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that's exactly what we talked about in l the last election campaign and what we are going to continue to do and following the science. supply chain disruptive, canadians in their homes worried on walking their streets because they continue to support blockades hurting businesses across the country. for the leader stand up and condemned the blockades? mr. speaker, yesterday i asked a simple question, the former leader of the caucus expressed the government's handling of the pandemic, he said during the last election, a positive and unifying approach was not supported, they chose stigmatizing divisive approach. is it the prime minister who made the decision to divide and
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stigmatize for his own gain? the right honorable prime minister. [applause] on the contrary, during the last election, we were there to unite canadians around vaccine mandates and we saw canadians vote in favorfa of a government that would put signs first and reject conservative party that couldn't get its own members vaccinated. during a difficult time with barricades on our borders and the city of ottawa, the conservative party does not even bear to condemned the blockades and impact on citizens throughout the country losing their job, who can't even include the honorable member, thank you -- we have to come back to leadership issues during this crisis. the criticism is severe and
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internal issues of the liberal party are customizing fees abilities to act. do they recognize the need to communicate better less pride? perhaps change the tone without the fundamental objective. do they recognize is urgent and needs to be done before this weekend? the honorable prime minister. mr. speaker, i recognize and we have recognize this for over a week the siege is unacceptable. the impact on small businesses, manufacturers and supply chain are ongoing whether barricades at the border or siege in ottawa, we have to do everything we can together at any level of government and it what would really help is for the
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conservative party to tell supporters to stop blocking our economy and go home. the member. he's not a political commentator, he is the prime minister. international press is making fun of canada leadership canada to multiply the fronts. congratulations. canada is back. it's canada image being compromised. fortunately, so is both province and its government. full of the prime minister need to do to start acting? when is heng going to do something, when is he going to act? the right honorable prime minister. when there were protests for the the provincial government and municipal government managed the
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situation exceptionally well. however, who were there to offer support as necessary. however, they could not eat it. in other locations the situation was handled well, challenges here in ottawa we are here to support localal authorities to o the work with the provinces and to make sure we resume order and home here. we are calling for an end to the barricade and stop encouraging supporters of a blockade blocking canada and the economy. >> we have robbers stuck at the border, robbers stuck other crossing in windsor, and occupation as hit the citizens and residents and small businesses extremely difficult week and we know a significant portion of funding is from
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foreign u.s. dollars. you have anything to stop the convoy of protests by contacting u.s. officials and investigating where the funds are coming from and working with them to stop it? >> honorable prime minister. >> mr. speaker, we are working hard with partners at different levels of government to makehe sure we are ensuring flow of funds to criminal activities is interdicted from we are going to continue to do that while at the same time ensuring there is right for free and open protests, it's important this country. i will highlight the irony they brought up which is a harsh one, when the convoy was about truckers protesting, now it's truckers being protested prevented from doing their jobs of putting food on the tables and supporting manufacturers.
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>> theab honorable member. >> have truckers on the border in windsor who are blocked. there is a siege and occupation in ottawa. the impact of the convoys resonated throughout the country it is clear they are funded at least in part by foreign money. will the prime minister contact his counterparts in the united states to stop the flow of funds? the honorable prime minister. mr. speaker, we work with our partners including international partners to make sure we are monitoring funds going to organizations and businesses and activities terminal in nature and will continue to do so. it's interesting to think about the fact that the convoy at
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blockade which were supposed to be five truckers are nowor negatively impacting truckers in their work. they worked to deliver groceries to the store, to deliver merchandise and product to manufacturers. truckers are now victims of this. >> mr. speaker, last year end all mitty's urging the prime minister to promise he wouldn't call on elections. at that time, the prime minister himself said he had no interest growing election during the pandemic. canadians were misled. instead of prioritizing health and safety of canadians, forced election. this begs the question, why did the prime minister save his own job? [applause] >> in that election, canada had
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extremely important conversations how to move forward through the pandemic and partially because of the -- >> i'm sorry, i will have to interrupt the prime minister.r. i'm sure he can't show the answer with all of us going on, i will ask him to come down so you can hear the answer. >> mr. speaker, canadians were presented with a clear choice movingnt forward with strong vaccination policies to ensure canadians were safe and the proposal to not suffer from vaccination, not even sure their members were vaccinated and not the leadership what they want. a clear choice and partners that supported vaccine mandate,
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through this with lower death rates than other countries around the world despite the tragedies we have faced. >> the canadian suffering, we suffer financially socially and morally, mentally and physically. according to the misery index, we are a miserable nation. almost two years now, canadians have bore the y yoke of loss uncertainty and lack of hope. the backs of canadians are about to break. canadians are miserable because of primele minister, who want to know what date the mandates will and. >> the reality is vaccine
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mandates and the fact that canadians step up to get vaccinated almost 90% entering this pandemic didn't hit us hard here in canada is elsewhere around the world. canadians stepped up in their community, they stepped up for the frontline health workers and for each otheror canada has nevr been so together as we are now. >> mr. speaker, the prime minister spent the top priority remains to ensure safety of canadians and public science. today we understand he didn't basis on site. at least two of the members indicated the prime minister's response happen politicized by canadians. a dozen developed countries
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developed restrictions but the prime minister wants to control the public, can the prime minister tell when he will remove federal covid restrictions? the honorable prime r minister. >> from the beginning of the pandemic, all canadians have wanted to know when it would and and when weer would go back to what we were doing before and every step with had to adjust measures. we pack to put forward proposals and programs to help canadians and based on what was happening at the time. with lowering rates of omicron, who will be able to change things throughout the country but always guided by science, data protection canadians at every step as we have from the beginning. mr. speaker, what we found out yesterday as under the guise of
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fighting the pandemic, the prime minister has deliberately played with canadians mental health, many related public to get votes in the last election, finis might activities from scrutinizing his decisions and stigmatize any canadian who had opinions that were like his. his strategy was to divide canadians. for the prime minister admit he used the pandemic for electoral purposes to save his job? [applause] every step, we have put health and safety of canadians above all, that's what we did by following the signs by supporting giving support to those obstructing our supply chain supporting this protest, when fully finally show
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leadership themselves and be responsible? >> two liberal mps set the prime minister purposely politicized the pandemic. that means for political gain in order to save his own job. the prime minister deliberately divided canadians, we have federal mandates still in effect stifling industries like travel and tourism while countries around the world with the same information finding ways to live with the virus. on what date this month will all federal mandates be lifted? >> the honorable prime ministere [applause] >> a government that listens to science, follows data and doesn't listen in blockading our borders, that is not the way to make public policy or bring
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canadians together. we will stay focused on keeping people alive safe and healthy and prosperous they refused to condemn the blockade party our supply chains and driving up prices and limiting manufacturers to bring in their press across the country, it's a shame on them. >> speaker, they've announced restrictions from canada's chief public health advisories calling for normalcy to mps all their own for divisiveness. canadians have done everything for thean last two years. while other countries offer a plan of hope, the liberals continue to siebel industries like travel and tourism for little benefit. it seems prime minister has gone too comfortable using force of
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government rather than trusting canadians so on what day this month will travel advisories be lifted? >> the honorable prime minister. st[applause] >> the realitynd is support of e conservative party of canada for people barricading our streets is harming businesses, harming canadians putting food on the table, driving up prices causing instability and frustration on top of people who have suffered too much because of the pandemic the past two years. it time for the party to show responsible leadership and condemn the blockades and all of us to move forward together. [applause] >> mr. speaker. >> the prime minister's position on health transfers is
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untenable. the prime minister must increase of funding over the long term, it's essential if we are to deal with the backlog, hire nurses and increase it so we never again have to lockdown the entire population to protect the health system, 85% of citizens demand the prime minister increase health transfers toco cover 35% of costs, where the prime minister listen too them? it is there money, not his. from the beginning of the pandemic, we have been there to increase transfers, increase investments in health. the 43 billion transferred every year whether health systems, $63 billion was added during the
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pandemic to bolster all systems. we will continue to be there in the medium andg- long-term increases to ensure canadians are safe. the federal government will be there for them as it has been for two years. we can't take it anymore. the prime minister is alone in his stubborn refusal to increase his share to 35%, even the number processed him like the parties in the national assembly, all the governments upper back and back territories, 85% of canadians, 86% directors. mr. speaker, when you are all alone on thee right, it's often because were too stubborn to realize you are wrong. instead of being obstinate with everyone else, one for the prime minister finally do his fair share when it comes to health? [applause] >> i don't know what else i can
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say for the member on the other side to accept yes as an answer. yes, we will be there to continue to increase health transfers because yes, we have been there with 63 additional 53 billion additional dollars for the healthcare system and will continue to be there. we know how much we need to work together to deliver better healthcare systems to the public, the federal government has been there with eight out of $10 for support payments during the pandemic and will continue to do so. >> mr. speaker, there are people across the country asking for clarity, leadership and help. people are frustrated there are protests nationwide. canadians are asking just for respect and to be listened to. with continued uncertainty and disregard for concerns around the state of our country, i asked the prime minister simple question, can you share with uss
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what evidence he has to justify implement think trucking mandate? [applause] >> mr. speaker, you can't and a pandemic with blockades. you can't and a pandemic decreeing, you can't even and it by legislation. you need to end it with science and public health. [cheering] >> when the honorable member ask his questions, it was silent. i believes you deserves the same respect, please proceed.
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>> you cannot stop a pandemic with blockades, you cannot and a pandemic by decree, you can't and a pandemic by legislation, you need to and that by relying on size, public health measures and vaccination. that's exactly what we focused onst through the past two years even as canadians are tired and impatient to end, we are going to continue to be there for them and support them through it make sure we do everything necessary to enter the pandemic. >> mr. speaker, the prime minister demonstrated what canadians are so frustrated with, he doesn't listen, i asked him to show me evidence signs around the trucking mandates and ignoredd back. my question would be, navy a redo m because will maybe get it
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right the second time, how high do they have to go asked how empty to grocery stores have to be for him not to implement the trucking vaccine mandate? [applause] >> first of all, it's something we haven't even gone but secondly, he talks about empty grocery store shelves and disruption to supply chain. the reality is right now, people in windsor are suffering and losing their jobs because they can't get auto parts across the bridge. people in alberta are seeing shops empty because i can't get eldeliveries across the border crossing and party supports the blockadesde won't even stand up and say enough is enough, time to go home. >> the honorable member for
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mckenzie. >> israel, czech republic, denmark, all moving restrictions including vaccine mandates even though they have a lower vaccine rate than we do here in canada. the provincial governments have announced plans to remove restrictions. when will the primeme minister follow international allies follow the signs? all expert advice and give canadians a plan to when he will move the federal travel restrictions here in canada? >> the honorable prime minister. >> different jurisdictions from the panelel differently every sp of the way brother jurisdiction's across thens country we've been there to support or different countries that have had much worse outcomes in some cases, many restrictions in other cases. the reality is, we will continue
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to do what's right for canadians and keep people safe as we get through a pandemic and i understand how frustratedic canadians are and how much we need to see an end to the pandemic but we can't do it by decreeing, we can only do it by trust signs in getting people vaccinated. >> that's the, problem, he's refusing to answer the question, wedged and stigmatized canadians. canadians are better than that. sick andat tired of the divisive games. they've done their part and deserve to know when canada will follow our allies in and instructions. on what date whether restrictions and? [applause] >> canadians have done their part and continued to step up and get vaccinated, a higher percentage than the conservative and have continued to follow public health advice continued
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to be there for each other now we see the conservative party continuing to on supporters, shut down border crossing and encourage supporters to blockade downtown ottawa because they lost an election. we are going to continue to focus supporting canadians keeping people safe and on vaccination. >> the honorable member -- >> canadians have done their part and got vaccinated, they follow public health measures now they want too plan to get us past the pandemic. the plan will made we have to work with public health officials and means we have to make sure our healthcare system is never pushed to the brink of collapse again. will the prime minister put forward a plan that will chart the course to get past the
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pandemic thatge includes propery funding our healthcaree system was there for our loved ones when they need it most? >> mr. speaker, we know our healthcare systems have been stressed the past two years and that's why theme federal government have continually stepped up every other federal government spends $43 billion to the provinces for supporting their healthcare systems. the past two years on top of the regular transfers we've invested $63 billion in healthcare, everything from vaccines to transfers to provinces and other measures to keep canadians safe and we will be there increase healthcare transfers immature have a stronger medical system in the future.
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>> mr. speaker, canadians have gotten vaccinated. they follow public health measureses. now they want a plan to get us through the pandemic. this w will mean public health expertst but it also means makg sure our healthcare system is never pushed to the brink as has happened several times through the pandemic. will you commit toit investing n our healthcarein system to ensue it's there for people when they need it? yes, mr. speaker, who will be there to invest further in our healthcare system. the last two l years, we've invested 53 billion additional dollars in our healthcare system and healthcare answers. to ensure canadians could get through the pandemic, we are in discussions with the provinces
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and we will continue to collaborate because we know it will take further investment to get the best results from our healthcare system and make it more resilient. we will be there for the territories. >> whether it $10 for child care or is dark investment in affordable housing, our government is committed to making life more affordable for canadian families, we know traditionally speaking, canadians have paid the highest in the world, with the prime minister update this on actions taken to make plans more affordable? >> the honorable prime minister mark i'd like to begin by thinking and first important question. we promise canadians who would reduce the cost of their cell phone bills. i'm happy to announce with met 25% price reduction targets. we've done so remote to have schedule. it's wonderful news but there's
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still more work to be done and will continue to push to approve self coverage and make life affordable for canadians. >> the prime minister continues to try to commit canadians all is well but the economy and why she doesn't seem to understand the majority of canadians don't see it that way. what they do the is that family can afford the same groceries biggest you and they will try just one more trip back and forth to pick up the kids from school before having to buy another tank of gas. canadians are facing cost-of-living prices. when will the minister take the inflation crisis seriously and provide solutions? [applause] >> the honorable prime minister. >> you know what's driving up the cost of living this week? the cost of groceries and parts for manufacturers, the blockades continues toparty
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support. what crossing from ambassador rich downtown ottawa. canadians have struggled to euros because it was pandemic and in so many different ways they step up made sacrifices and we been there toto help their backs. why right now does the servant of party not have canadian and instead supports those blockading their neighbors in our economy? >> mr. speaker, it's been six years and the liberals failed to make life better for canadians. they've delivered the largest cost price increases we've seen in 30 years pluss. ottawa anti- canadian energy policies added to the pain and the economy. the rising prices energy set prices for virtually everything else in the economy. why isme the prime minister ters of seniors, working families and
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small businesses? >> the honorable prime minister. [applause] >> small business downtown ottawa are struggling the past two weeks because conservatives are supporting the people blockading that. businesses in windsor are suffering because goods can't get acrosse the bridge because supporters are being encouraged to continue blockades. in alberta, groceries are getting extensive because border crossing is blocked and the conservative party will not condemn or ask the protesters to go home. >> mr. speaker. >> in québec, gas is costing over $1000 a leader.
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that's unprecedented. this will have repercussions on everything transported in canada. the prime minister seems to not know what's going on. what will the prime minister do to help low income families? given this increase everything people eat and use in their everyday lives from the honorable prime minister. mr. speaker, the global inflation crisis due to covid disruptions in our supply chains are due to covid and also partiallypo do to barricades supported by thehe conservative. we will continue to fight covid-19 with vaccination and public health measures to ensure soon canadians can get back to what they enjoy the most. being together, being with their loved ones are what we are
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working hard to reach. >> columbia, mr. speaker, gasoline is up 34%, housing up 24%, sugar up 20% in canadian bacon is up 17%. inflation increase to two times faster than the wages of those working. families in canada are being stretched too far. when will the prime minister get off his cottage and fix skyrocketing home prices, supply chain shortages and cost of living crisis? [applause] >> we recognize we are in a global inflation crisis because of covid and the best way to get through is to enter covid pandemic.. unfortunately you can't and that with legislation, you can't and it with barricades. that means vaccination. if the conservative party is truly concerned about our supply
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chain and the cost of living canadian, they should tell their supporters and windsor to stamp down the barricades in the goods flow to canada. >> mr. speaker, eight-month the prime minister has been cutting, people who received this legitimate the, these are low income seniors for medication. after several months, prime minister realize it's unacceptable and will compensate them. compensation will only arrive and make and he will continue to cut benefits every month until june. does the prime minister agree they deserve better than to continue struggling financially until the end of spring?
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the pandemic has been difficult for seniors and our government has been there to help them. we did through a one-time payment for seniors whose benefits are pandemic supports. today we brought forward bill the 12th to exclude pandemic benefits from cancellation, asking all parties to support us and get this adopted quickly. our government will continue to be there for seniors, the honorable member shows up, mr. speaker among the seniors have fallen victim to these, there people who can't get enough to eat selling their possessions and move losing their homes. h they can't wait until the end of spring for all apparatus to get started. the prime minister showed he's able to send up checks quickly
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when he wants to. the prime minister was able to serve millions within ten days after the application. if you could, he's clearly able to compensate low income seniors before the end of spring. what's preventing him from taking action? the right honorable prime minister. we've been there for f canadians for two years with unprecedented support for all canadians including seniors. we help with additional funds for the pandemic because we know it's hard on them. thanks to that money or rather because of that money some seniors are in dangerhe of losig benefits this year and that's why we sent out a one-time paymentt weekly and why yesterdy the bill insurance we fix this challenge once and for all. we help all other parties will support us with the bill.
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>> two weeks ago liberal committees and agreed to postpone to stop the liberals from secretly collecting mobility data until we can be sure the t privacy rights of canadians were not being violated but yesterday in an unbelievable move, there liberal caucus including the same members who voted for it voted against the rfp, what a disgrace. why would the prime minister vote against this recommendation and maketh sure the privacy of canadians were protected? [cheering and applauding] >> we believe signs and evidence needs to inform our response to covid. it's crucial to inform this. the public health agency of canada used the identified data without personal identifiers to inform the government to the pandemic and also public you
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provided data to canadians to keep them informed. we remained focused on canadians health and safety and continue tond uphold privacy standards ty rightfully expect. >> why was the boat so important yesterday? is liberals with their no vote signaled they will continue collecting data without consent of canadians. a pattern has developed by the liberals using destruction of the pandemic is an opportunity for massive expansion andof overreach to abuse the rights and freedoms of canadians including privacy rights. why he thinks puttingse opossum this was a bad idea the privacy protection rights were protected. >> mr. speaker, the global pandemic right out in every step
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of the way, we been informed by science and data to do that. we've been protecting privacy rights always important but we will use the tools we have to keep canadians and defend their rights and values. we do see the pattern of conservative party to try to scrap his sentence possibly against data and evidence against signs and data. we will bewe informed by the fas and science and what we do. >> yesterday topic safety committee i asked for deputy chief of police at the liberals plan to spend a billion taxpayer dollars on a firearms buyback to have any affect on improving public safety. his answer, which has been echoed by law enforcement across the country as gun buybacks don't work. my question to the prime minister, why is he ignoring law
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enforcement efforts, why won't he scrap this wasteful ideological scheme? >> the honorable prime minister. >> the conservative party of canada is asking us to bring back, re- legalized assault weapons. it somethingng debated during te election campaign. [cheering] >> order. order. i want to remind the honorable members to watch their language. [applause] [inaudible] i'm going to have to ask the honorable member to stand and apologize or withdraw.
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>> i will cite -- >> i'm not asking for a long -- i'm asking for an apology. >> i apologize for saying we live for the 1977 -- >> no, it's over. that's it. please sit down. apologize, that's all we need. [applause] the honorable prime minister please continue. let's get the honorable member the opportunity to hear the answer. >> last year we banned 1500 different models of assault stylest weapons, the conservatie government, the conservative party is proposing to reverse that plan. they don't think it will keep canadians safe. the head of elections including backso, they were soundly rejecd an argument. canadians want to see their communities safer and that's why we a are for strengthening gun control and pay unfortunately and inexplicably for weakening
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it. >> thank you, mr. speaker. resulting from break has impacted the economy in my constituents.nd small multigenerational producers, packers shippers nearly every aisle has been affected by i this issue. i know i work government has been working on this and yesterday was a huge step forward. in the prime minister update onn how the government is progressing toward exports of the best petito's in the world? >> mr. speaker, i would like to thank my colleague for this question, his heart w and continues. restoring market access for fresh petito's to the u.s. supporting farmers continues to be top priority for our government. thanks to the work of two of our colleagues who went to washington and their science -based approach, porters
12:52 pm
petito's to puerto rico can now resume. we continue to defend farmer and science -based approach until petito experts are completely restored. >> mr. speaker. august 13, prime minister announced vaccine mandates federally, he triggered elections february 8. despite what he's claiming, a member from his own caucus unveiled a decision taken by his own party to knowingly approach divisive stigmatized approach for electioneering purposes. the prime minister's may say he's following signs butut we kw that is relative. why has the prime minister turned his back on canadians? when he make the decision to stigmatize and divide to
12:53 pm
preserve his reign? mr. speaker in the last election, we had a clear vision to get through the pandemic. thatat included vaccine mandates for those who want to to take the federal public service. canadians were able to speak out on this election. large majority voted for members from parties that support vaccine mandates from about is a reality crucial for the country to moverw forward with clear mandates to ensure the end the pandemic through vaccination and exactly what we've what's more clear, according to him we need leadership to end thean pandemic you cannot do tht by dividing and stigmatizing the
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population and by hiding and refusing to take responsibility, ultimately it was a member of his own caucus, the president of the liberal caucus member denouncing him for coming out of hiding. the prime minister admit his mistakes and apologized canadians and work with leaders parties to end thend protests ad fist division? mr. speaker, the governments choices during the pandemic to follow science and support small businessesrs, workers and senios to encourage vaccinations for everyone to bring mandates for travelers f at federal public service, these are all things that have saved lives and enabled us to get through the pandemic better than other countries. canadians have been there for each other and will continue, i
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would encourage conservatives to be there for canadians e and ask for this. >> let me be clear, conservatives want to protest and fair case to end. we want people to get back to work and go home knowing that been listened to and respected. the prime minister holds the key, i've asked the prime minister and sent a letter and asked if he be willing to meet with other leaders, with myself to weaken work constructively and this. will he meet with us? can work together to find a solution? >> the right and honorable prime minister. [applause] >> the conservative party knows well we spoke after her election as leader to work together and the pandemic. unfortunately we see conservative members continue to
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encourage and support the blockades going on in downtown ottawa and border crossing the bridge, when will conservatives stand up for canadians putting food on our shelves, when where they stand up and condemned the barricades? >> the honorable member -- mr. speaker, this week is international development week. i'd like to thank the workers and partners and volunteers in the international department sector working hard to help people in many different countries. this year i would like to draw attention to women and girls facing unique challenges exacerbated by covid. can the primed? minister tell us what canada is doing to support women and girls abroad?
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mr. speaker, i would like to thank my colleagues for the question and her hard work. she is right. that's why we have transformed working abroad to be leaders in the global effort. thanks to our international policies, we are working closely with international partners to reduce poverty and inequality. in order to confront unique challenges that face women and girls. we will continue with efforts in this regard. >> one of the busiest in all of canada and vital to the people of windsor and surrounding areas. the surrounding region relies between the border, residentssi and businesses and manufacturing
12:58 pm
sectors, all require it. right now because of the protests, truckers are blocked and it impacted the region. what is the prime minister doing to end that shut down and open the floor for truckers to get back home and live replicas in the surrounding region? >> the ambassador bridge is critical for trade and blockade posing significant risks to the supply chain. illegally blocked trade route means empty shops, higher prices and layoffs and trucking manufacturing and retail sector. it's ironic a protest and blockade extensively by truckers not blockades truckers themselves. canadians have the right peaceful protest but they don't have the right to illegally block our roads, or harass resident so i want to thank 90% of truckers vaccinated and workingac hard every day to keep
12:59 pm
our economy moving. >> thank you, mr. speaker. i like to extend to the prime minister my thoughts on hopes he and his children are recovering well. this week marks two years since we have financial updates from the corporation, one that we own after foolishly buying the climate pipeline. it appears to be five times above. for the prime minister agree we need a full transparent view of the alleged cost and benefit for single additional penny is wasted on this project? >> mr. speaker, canadians no we need to make sure week d carbonized our economy and reach zero by 2050 but in the coming years will continue to rely on oil and gas as we move forward in our economy and that's why we
1:00 pm
get the best possible price for oil resources so we can invest in the transformation of our economy is important.on that's why the pipeline which allows us get product countries other than the united states is important for our economy. ... call in the numbers, call the tv. >> washington unfiltered.
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