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tv   Sen. Martha Mc Sally R-AZ Dare to Fly  CSPAN  September 8, 2020 6:25am-7:01am EDT

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that the purpose of the institution was not to inform them but to mold them. and build their own grant and elevate themselves. there's been a steep formation from politics to the profession and the media where people think of the institutions they are part of his existing as
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platforms for themselves rather than mold the character of their behavior and recovery of what it means to be part of an institution to be shaped by the institution, important to the recovery of societal life and we see that powerfully in politics to be so performative so people who run for congress to get a social media following, get a better time slot on cable news rather than think of how to work within an institution to change our country for the better. >> to find other episodes of "in depth" visit our website, and click on the index have at the top of the page. >> welcome to another mcnally jackson virtually event. i manage the new jackson which opened inside downtown brooklyn, bringing events today. if you go to mcnallyjac.c


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