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tv   Washington Journal Bradley Beychok  CSPAN  August 18, 2020 6:24pm-6:51pm EDT

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♪ ♪ ♪ ymca ♪ ♪ >> garlic coverage of the democratic national convention continues. like tonight was rep. alexandria ocasio-cortez pretty former president bill clinton, in the life of presidential nominee doctor joe biden pretty life coverage of the democratic national convention any 45:00 p.m. eastern on c-span, live streaming and on demand at
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or listen on the free, radio app. cspan, your unfiltered view of politics read. >> american 21st century, president and cofounder pretty good morning to you sir predict. >> good morning and things are having me . >> for those of you don't know your organization how you define he do pretty.hat >> it started ten years ago, research communications organization . organizes the super pack wee really started to win elections and the back the democratic electoral cycle. it these last two gears, we have really been focused on the next 77 days and defeating donald trump using local stories and of the people in the sort of ground zero battleground states of michigan, pennsylvania and wisconsin. >> was it's always intended for joe biden you hoping for another candidate emerged or how did that work. >> this a good question. so wegu were always going to spt over the democratic nominee was. when we started this campaign,
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his last november that we first aired it television ads in these battleground states . so i think that one big lesson from the 2016 election is that we cannot campaign against donald trump. we can't think that one piece of research or video will defeat him. so we really wanted to plant early seats with voters in these say starting this year and continuing through thear electin pretty. >> what are the names and emerge my science first night of the democratic convention was a young woman, and now americans features her in a new ad. is a connection there between the personal side and what you're doing. how does that work pretty. >> i was surprised to hear her. condolences to her, this is what we've have been doing for 18 months. we look for people who have peril for stories and her local people. the wind they may not be supporting trump. in her case, shoot run a very powerful obituary about a father
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to be found in local media in arizona. wein contacted her and a couplef weeks ago, were able to allow her to share her story and you will be seeing her story on airways in michigan, pennsylvania and wisconsin and digital it's really starting. i think this really crystallizes a donald trump field leadership under this pandemic has had dire consequences. and in chris's case, and her story, it's a very powerful message. >> i guess you are listed as a super pack. work boots your financial support come from predict. bradley: support higher levels,, grassroots and were really fortunate we been supported from all spectrums. but publicly available on the ftc for the super pack. were very thankful for our supporters of all levels. host: what about the rules that they are taking on a campaign 2020, calling for republicans or democrats. and independence.
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you can text is, you can post on twitter, you can post on facebook to pretty for all of the discussions of the politics. a discussion of money especially big money. how do you, justify the spending of this kind of money in the campaign season. bradley: whenpe we started thisn 2011, it was the first or ramp the first cycle that they made it where there were unlimited contributions in the politics at the end of the day, we think that is not a good thing for democracy. we would be rather plain by different roles. but until the changes, we had to make sure fight unfair battleground . on this case, this is on par, with the extensive campaign in history. we have to play by the rules that are set forth. so in our case, we are planning to spend close to $100 million to defeat donald trump inn the next 770 days. host: opposition research book
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featured on your ad, can you talk about that. bradley: i think that opposition research is been around for long time. basically everything knowable about your opponent that's in the public domain. and so as we live in the world of television, twitter, facebo facebook. there's a lot more transparency about where people stand and what they said in public and private so us, we try to compile everything on the republicans, running on a federal and state and local levelic and we share that with the media, the publican in this case, with donald trump. we've actually published thousands of pages of research on a website about donald trump for everyone to look into. because we believe in transparency and accountability. host: honey bounce for the validity of the research braided. bradley:o we stand by at 100 percent. we can't distort facts . facts are at the core of what we do pretty so we take it very seriously. host: so can a group like the democratic party and the use in that manner. bradley: on this case, with the
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trump research that we have posted online, believe it's trump research project, or to our website and obtain it there. once you make it available to the public, anyone can use it in this part of the goal. we think that we did the best research in the democratic party. we want to make sure that the biden campaign, the dnc and any local group, is able to use in organizing to predict because is no good to have information if people aren't using it. host: we talk about the states in theab concentrating on what s at the top of the latest predict. t:bradley: they are the winter o home states . if we when these, phone trouble go home wherever they may be arizona north carolina florida georgia texas, in ohio. in minnesota they are all coming online pretty could be competitive. but at the endan of the day, we really need to think about the 2015, we lost these three states by 77000 votes and change. so were really focused on voters who have supported obama and no support trump braided there were
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1.4 million of this people in those three states british good news is that democrats in 2018, go back over 40 percent of those voters . in the dubai talking about local issues, local economic issues and something that affects all of us like healthcare and prescription drug prices. we can't change trump tweets . we need to meet voters for their economic lives live . host: meeting those voters, done primarily through ads and digitalst media or some retail politics involved in it predict. bradley: process is mostly digital. earned media and obviously under the pandemic, retail politics is very hard thing to do . before it come over 80000 doors in these three states forti not asking people for money, not asking them for the bowsprit it simply asking them to share the story . without ever thousands of stories were people have simply said, i voted for trump in 2016 and i'm not going to again here's why. they don't really say they regret it. they just said that they are disappointed predict they thought they would see something different as wese sit here under
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this pandemic, with this field leadership, they know what is support joe biden we want to find as many of them as we can predict. host: 's american bridge .org, clinical fenris joining us. jack. in florida pretty you're on with a guest go ahead. guest: i've been very impressed with the anti- trump republican tax that have come forward. attacking trump. are you going to supplement their attacks are you going to take a different approach. bradley: i think very similar, the republican voters against comfort, is a strong ally of ours. a very similar style. youu seen some of their hats, which i'm sure you have, and someone from a local and in our case, targeting any counties in these three states talking about something locally culturally identifiable so the people out this person is from the area. theye are authentic in the natn of the why they're not
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supporting trump . >> case, we think a rising tide sort of lifts all boats . in the organizations like ours and others, is mission because we think it is one of the most important to defeat trump barnett. host: you have any alliance with them . bradley: they're great allies. during a nice job of the government has a certain length and when you look at the top ten - 15 independent groups this year there's a lot of coordination pretty think that donald trump has made a lot of cohesion of a lot of these efforts . they obviously have some strange bedfellows the cycle played were really happye to have them. we've been the largest spender and michigan pennsylvania and wisconsin this election cycle andhi we really made that are ground zero two defeat trump . christopher hi. guest: good morning you guys. i hope all is well. quick comments. that you think, i did tweet as
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soon as kamala harris dropped out early. i thought she was going to be the vp. i tweeteds that. but i always thought that michelle obama, it joe biden would've picked michelle obama as hisug vp, he would've created way more enthusiasm and be able to raise more money. so just wanted you follow that. i don't think joe biden is going to win pretty think he's going to lose pretty because he picked the wrong person. bradley: will number one, the former first lady michelle obama showed why she's one of the most admired figures in politics andi white she's one of our most powerful messengers i think o yu will see for more in the campaign trail. they shein also said she's not o it politics . out think the stage of her life she wants to be in public service. so are very excited about, harris being vp pick. it means everyone inne the grass roots level is very excited about her bring the pig pretty
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think that her divided make a very powerful want to team. so it would politely disagree that i think biden is going list . we take we had a really good. who is david #. bradley: founded of many matters from our american bridge pretty so far more conservative. and then to the democratic side. it's of long journey. but calling and cofounder of our organization . republican line. go ahead. guest: are you brad grade so i've a question for you. you're talking all about president trump, everybody knows who he is . i'm sorry sir . your guy, joe biden, he can't think. listen . son is a doctor. everybody can see, the sky, his faculties are going . feel sorry for him pretty really doing is very sad what you guys have done with this man.
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if he just should not have been the candidate . by the way sir. i think a party, is going to win if you're going to defend the police. you're pretending that there's a terrible scam with the mail and balance. if you want to vote. people can vote for two weeks previous to november 3rd sir. you are a scam. and you know what, your guises camp. bradley: you put a lot out there in a letter guess respond to its . obviously look. i think what you wills see. is that joe biden is very strong candidate. you seen him out there pretty saw him outside we will see him today and defeat donald trump. i would just break with everything that you sort of oncharacterized . but i do thin, you bring up some points that are what trump is trying to bench . that the mail in ballots are going to work . thank you so deeply disappointed because i think joe biden mike say, were
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going to be like a drum. host: we convinces you that joe biden is up for the task. bradley: only seen again jillian debates. obviously he won a very competitive primary with a field of very strong candidates . and simply pandemic, y'all act like since march, there's no campaign beforehand. this just that the case for joe biden has been out there, his strongest attributes are that he nhas experienced and compassionate leadership and people want normalcy. ornothing that we are in at this moment in an economic procession in a pandemic feels normal. and joe biden is going provide the vision and the leadership and i think that's where voters are going to go. host: teresa in florida pretty duca line. guest: think you for taking my call. i'm 76 -year-old fed democrats 50 some years . group in new york and knew all about donald trump. he's a liar and a kennecott art
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artist . but what despite it being a second the young girl, and she was right on pretty that had every right to talk about the justice death of her father did blame trump braided 170,000 people, the town is missing pretty we should have anger and trip trump brady has a criminal . andho some the people behind him. bradley: bullet, i share your frustration . in your compassion for the hundred and 70000 fellow americans we have lost this pandemic. i think kristen story is one of thoseha buried i think art democratic and certainly biden campaign are very motivated to defeat trump for all of that anger that you just talked about. this is 91 of the convention . but i thought they did a very strong job on very difficult circumstances. dias highlighted by michelle oba who did an amazing job and more importantly bernie sanders who
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made the sort of mvp of unity and when you hear about senator sanders. we have come together as a party . this the most important mission ten he has been on . i was really excited and enthusiastic about the performance last night . host: what convinces you that the policies and something that democrats can align themselves with . bradley: i got that senator sanders played out really well assigned. when he talked about climate change, and debt-free college. when you talk about fighting for the working middle class. all of these things that senator sanders fought very hard for that joe biden is decided that he will listen pretty joe biden is a unity candidate pretty willis and everyone to bring folks together . were all going to be better as a party and as a nation we can sort of bridge that divide. i think it when you see last night, this is a very strong team. host: texas on republican.
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you're up next. beloww . guest: medicare for all. bradley: i think it's a good question. i believe that we talked about medicare for all last night . a look . our deficit and spending are at record levels so what i continue now, is that what we spent the last four years have been out of control. so i think it would biden is elected you will see a sense of normalcy funneling the sort of tone of the country, but in the spending in the priorities of the country. i think that is a change is direly needed buried. host: you think is the best approach her perhaps joe biden's approach as farou as adapting te obama care the currently have . sue and and cleaning solutions the gifts people of affordable healthcare a special under this pandemic and recession pretty so obama care was a very strong start we need to build on and keep it in range of the trump
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and his allies, cannot rip it away and from americans in a time where all of us, many of us are party. we've got to remain positive the healthcare is a fundamental right in this country c needs to remain so. host: doris, go ahead. guest: good morning bradley pretty you're publishing everything about the republicans . to get to your advantage to publish everything about the democrats and when they haven't have not done. so we can do a comparison. you only one side. and we need really to compare both sides of this issue. bradley: certainly and i would agree with you that people need to see all of the information. we are openly democratic super back with the soquel of defeating republicans in all levels. transparentany more than that.
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hosthost: sam. guest: i think with the democrats currently are doing to biden, his elder abuse. because, i'm a senior citizen myself. i seen the same attitude toward seniors. you how people, they're a little slow. so we put them up where they're using him. i think in reality, using him more or less as a steppingstone to get another democrat in office. because joe biden, i am not a doctor but i have relatives and friends who are in the medical field read and they have all seem to think that the man is in the first stages of dementia. our alzheimer's.
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so i have no faith in what they are doing. and you have a guy who never asked the question, who stays in the basement for months and a time and blaming it all on this coronavirus crap. to me, it is a bunch of crap. bradley: what about this press access . but should they be doing more interaction with the press in these early stages. sue and i think they're looking plenty of action with the press. i think that you have seen him do these virtual events . no one is prepared for campaign where decisive here in my basement, and were working and trying to make do. this is nowhere we thought we would be. but i do think, i point people to prior to the pandemic, joe biden out on the campaign trail out of the country, doing cnn town halls of 15 million debates
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and is running up for this challenge . i think that trump and his allies may want to smack him pretty they sought ready for this challenge. they're going to be sorely disappointed as we move on in this campaign. hopefully get back to some normalcy so that we can see we all know is there which is an energized campaign.e energized him and it and nobody is ready to take on donald trump. host: republican. guest: i don't know if he's going to do everything on donald trump. he should be do this on biden two. any soon everything they can about this virus. in job biden, not saying anything about all of this stuff. this gun violence.
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[inaudible]. bradley: i would say that look under this pandemic, president trump has not followed the facts braided and is downplayed the severity. as we were talking earlier abour kristen, i think that she said that we are told to follow our leaders in the time of crisis pretty and her father did that breed it cost him his life. and so all you need to do to hold donald trump accountable is a camera and calendar. he said that it would go away for the heat was here and it was a hoax. all of these things have not been true. this is really serious matter. it's not a partisan political matter. it doesn't matter who you're voting for for president. we are all linked in arms this pandemic and we need to follow the fact. this is the experts again on the other side of the same. host: we saw the convention address the black lives matter. what about some of the cities who are experiencing riots
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pretty should be addressed by the campaign. bradley: donald trump has made a bit prettyy good he unmarked police into communities that he will further motivate his base . this awful to see. is this campaign goes on, trump was going to continue to press to divide and to distract from what is right in front of us which is fieldil leadership arod this pandemic. and ran his presidency. and hopefully now he is unable to do this and joe biden will provide that alternative. host: market democrat line good morning. >> i've been a democrat all my life. i'm mad with what is going on. coming worried about the
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president though. about vice president biden's health. and i don't see voting for present biden this year because i'm afraid we will have, a president i don't think he's qualified to be president or noa because i don't know how biden, i'd don't know if he will last four years or not. it seems like he's in bad health to me. bradley: another question about joe biden's health. we've answered the question about health. i strongly disagree with everyone. i think that all of the evidence points to that. i think secondly, senator harris, certainly qualifies to be president. and run a strong campaign to be ourpa nominee. and i'm excited about both of them under ticket. so i would strongly disapprove thei color. host: this frank and greenberg.
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tguest: i wish we could get mr. obama, which he would've met had a crowd. be honest with you. if they're going to start pushing this dementia issue with mr. biden. i hope, you should run the sequence the morning joe ran last week or so. showing mr. trump, not looking the best best light. in looking relatively people. they coparent. and i would start running that out right away. if they want to see incoherence as start dementia. it would appear to be much worse thanen mr. biden. host: ronald in florida . republican line.
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guest: i'm a korean for vets and i was in 51 and 52 and i'm now 92 years old. the democratic platform is strictly a socialistic program. socialism, does not work. can you tell me how it is going to work read. bradley: number one i think you for your service and number two, i disagree with you. that the democratic platform is a socialist platform pretty think the democratic party us money for the middle-class come for for the working class. and think they have done that in history of the party . and will continue to do so. so trump, they want from labels to her is good at the end of the day, the facts are facts braided certainly think they're very proud to be a member of the democratic party. until think is a socialist party. host: the website, and bradley is the president and cofounder. thank you for your time sir. suet thank you for having me. >> our live coverage of the democratic convention continues
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. life tonight with former president bill clinton, and presidential nominee, doctor joe biden. live coverage of the democratic national convention, tonight and he 45:00 p.m. eastern on c-span . live streaming and on demand at fortis on the free c-span radio app. it cspan, unfiltered view of politics. next current and former government officials dissipate in a virtual forum held by the aspen institute. this portion includes remarks from windhoek, use special rep. or iran. this runs half an hour. host: welcome. it it we played of the we've got a couple of calls for


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